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Puzzle of my heart episode 27 & 28

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 27
That niggi thinks he can run away from his past right? I’ll continue to torment him till his company goes bankrupt so my company can be the best among others.
He knows that I loved Amara, yet he went ahead to date her behind me. I’ll deal with him.
“Sir…here are the files you ask me to bring” Fiona, my personal @ssistant said as she drop the files on my desk.
“Yeah thank you…you may go now” I said
Note:This scene is rated 18. Don’t read if you don’t have a matured mind.
“Are you sure you don’t want something else?” She said and I raise up my head to meet her lvstful gaze. She was biting her l!ps like a prostitute should.
“Ahhhhhh….common” I gr0@n after getting an £r£¢tion from that little seduction.
She walk over to where I sat and remove her shoes. I place a call across my secretary to not allow anyone in my office before ending the call.
She unhook my belt and and brought out my £r£¢ted d!¢k and started s√¢king on it. She was doing the b!0w job perfectly.
“Ahhhhhh….bitch faster” I gr0@n and hold her head as i made it faster myself and release into her mouth. She smile and swallow it.
I crush my l!ps on hers, s√¢king everywhere in ger mouth. I started removing her clothes while she remove mine.
Finally…we were both n@k£d and I lie her on my desk and started s√¢king on her b©©bs as I caress the other one.
“OMG!… Ray…ahhhh”she m0@n
I klzz from her b©©bs down to her p***y and i place my tongue on it and started s√¢king her. I s√¢k her clean before placing my d!¢k at her entrance.
“Beg me” I said as I use my d!¢k to play with ger honey pot.
“OMG… Ray…please baby please” she said m0@ning and i push my d!¢k inside of her.
“Yes baby” she said already in heaven.
I started slowly but sooner, I started going faster, h@rder and deeper.
“Ahhhhh….h@rder baby…I love you” she m0@n so loud.
I fv¢k to a point and we change style. She was kneeling using her bum to face me – doggy style. I started fv¢king her from behind as i fv¢k her h@rder, faster and deeper.
We were already sweating profusely and I felt my org@sm building up and I release everything inside of her before pulling out of her.
“That was awesome ba….”
“Get out of my office” I said cutting her short and she frown and put on her clothes and started walking out of my office.
“And don’t forget to take some pills to flush that out” I said before she left and she eyed me and bang the door behind her.
She thinks I’ll date a slut like her….Nahh…
I took the files she gave to me and started working on them.
I walk to and fro in the office, waiting to the rest of my colleagues to come so we can talk about the sudden loose on the company. What the hell is going on in my own time as the CEO.
I know how h@rd I worked to become where I am today and someone wants to bring me down? I must fish out the person doing this today.
“So sorry I’m late Bryce” Beau said and went to get a seat for himself.
“OMG!…sorry for keeping you waiting Bryce…I was busy with something else” Blake said and went to get himself a seat too.
“Where’s Benjamin?” I ask
“I’ve not seen him since you called for this meeting.” Blake said looking at Beau.
“Well…we’ll hold the meeting without him then” I said frowning inside of me. Benjamin is a suspect.
“I called this meeting because of the happenings in the company. We’ve been going through one loss to the other and its getting too much. So I called….”
“I’m sorry I’m late” Benjamin’s voice interrupted me from saying further.
“Where have you been Ben?” I ask
“Somewhere sweet gentle men” he said smiling and i shook my head. Maybe he’s not a suspect. Maybe he went to fv¢k some whores.
“So as I was saying before the man whore interrupted me” I said and we all laugh.
But I was only laughing because I get to know the person behind all these bankruptcy in the company, I won’t spare the person’s life…
I got into Damian’s apartment and saw him klzzing a lady. It must be one of his flings. I cleared my throat and they both dis£ngaged from the klzzing.
“ didn’t tell me that you were coming” he said looking surprise.
“I don’t need to tell you before coming d!¢k head” I said and he rolled his eyes and turn to the lady. He mutter something into her ears and she smile and walk upstairs.
“You’re suppose to tell me that you’re coming okay. What if i was n@k£d?” He ask
“Oh please what’s there?” I ask laughing
“d!¢k…so what brought you to my residence?” He ask
“I came because of our friend – Ryan” I said
“What about him?” He ask
“Ryan has been acting weird these days Damian. Haven’t you noticed?” I ask
“I noticed it too Alex but I thought I was the only one that notice it” he said
“So what should we do?” I ask
“We should talk to him about it” he said
“What if he isn’t ready to tell us anything?” I ask
“Then we’ll leave him till he’s ready to talk. We shouldn’t force him to talk” he said
“So when should we go to him?” I ask
“Anytime you’re free” he said
“Alright I’ll think about it. I’ll take my leave now. You can go enjoy yourself with your newly found whore” I said
“Don’t you dare call her a whore @sshole” he said
“fv¢k you jerk” I said and left his house.
I hope we’ll be able to convince Ryan to open up to us….
. chapter 28
I walk into the hospital with Mr Ryan as we walk to the nurse at the reception. Its already the next day and Mr Ryan has shown to be determined about revenging on his ex fiancee’s death.
He was wearing a hoodie so no one would notice that he’s Mr Ryan.
“Hi…how may we help you?” one of the nurse ask Mr Ryan and I.
“Em….we’re here to see the doctor” I answered before Mr ryan could say anything.
“Does he know that you’re coming to see him?” She ask
“Not really” I said
“I’m sorry but you won’t be able to see him for now” she said
“But its urgent” Mr ryan said and I nod
“I’m sorry” she said and I held my head.
“Look…if you know what is good for you, better start calling that freaking doctor to come out and attend to me or this hospital will be locked up before the end of tomorrow” Mr Ryan said and i know that he must be really angry right now.
“Who are you to threaten an hospital like that?” The other nurse ask and Mr Ryan remove the cap of the hoodie and the nurses hold their mouths in fear.
“Are you going to call the doctor or you want me to lock this hospital up?” He ask and tge nurses shook their head.
“We’re sorry Mr Ryan” they said and place a call across the doctor. It feels so good to be on top of power.
“He’s waiting for you in his office. I’ll take you there” the nurse said and led the way. We got there and she bow at Mr Ryan and left.
We walk into the office and met a middle age man seated in the office and operating on his laptop. He raise his head immediately he knew that someone came in.
“Good day Mr Ryan…sorry for the misunderstanding at the reception. I was the one who gave the order….”
“Keep your explanation to yourself…I’m not here for all that” Mr Ryan said cutting him shut.
“Okay…what brings the almighty Ryan to my hospital?” He ask
“Actually…I’m here for some investigations” Mr ryan said
“Investigations? About what ?” He ask so confused.
“I know that a hospital do have some CCTV cameras and I know that you keep records of everything that has happened in the hospital for a decade” Mr Ryan said
“Yes…what about that Mr ryan?” He ask still confused.
“Well…I’ll like to see the activities of what happened on the 31st March,2014” Mr ryan said
“Why ? What for?” He ask
“My fiancee was brought here seven years ago and I’ll like to know who brought her” Mr Ryan said
“No buts…I need to see the cl!p for that day” Mr Ryan said and he nod before standing up to go get it.
“I like the fact that you’re becoming brave Mr ryan” I said
“You taught me to be so and I’m doing just that” he said and smile at me and i smile back before the doctor came back with someone.
“Here’s the guy in charge of everything about the CCTV and he’s here with the cl!p that happened on the day you’re talking about” the doc said and walk to his seat.
“So this was the activities on the 31st of March, 2014.” The guy said and we started watching it from his laptop.
“Please can you fast forward it to in the evening of that day?” I ask and Mr Ryan nod.
I felt so much pain from the beating I got from the hands of the cops. I couldn’t just bring myself to exposing the SERIEL KILLERS.
They were going to kill me anyways so why tell them when i can easily carry the secret to my grave?.
I know that we’ve done a lot of atrocities but its not our fault. There’s no job anywhere in the city. The wealthy people doesn’t want to help the poor ones. They think only about themselves.
Nobody wants to help so we did the things we thought would fetch us money. I don’t regret doing what I did to put food on my table – killing, stealing, fighting and so on.
I was never good in those areas but I really tried my best to impress madam selena but I think my best wasn’t good enough.
I’ll have to sacrifice my life to keep the secret of the SERIEL KILLERS GANG. Let my death at least impress madam Selena. I don’t think I’ll survive these torture from the cops.
I pray Maya gets on with Mr Ryan. They’re really good for each other. Charlotte….she’ll never succeed in her plan to hurt Maya.
I overheard her and her friend talking about killing the innocent Maya and they won’t succeed. Maya is a nice lady but I couldn’t see that because of my hatred for her.
“You still don’t want to talk right?” I heard one of the cops say and i smile at her. She was with an electric shocker.
“Are you ready to talk ? or you want me to use this on you? ” she ask
“Do your worst” I said and she was tempted to use it on me but i felt all my strength leaving.
Andrea started breathing heavily and the cop notice immediately and stop the torture. She called on the others but before they could get to the room, Andrea has already given up.
We watch as the activities of that evening went. Still, we saw nobody that brought the Amara in.
I was about giving up when my eye caught a guy bringing Amara. She was putting on a white gown.
That was her favorite gown and she always wear it when when coming to my place. The gown was stained with blood and she was almost giving up.
“Please pause it and zoom the picture of this guy” I said and he did what i told him. It was an unknown guy but what would an unknown guy be doing with her?
“Continue” I said and we continue watching. The guy handed Amara to the nurses and came back to the reception to meet…wait what?
T. B. C


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