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Puzzle of my heart Episode 25 & 26

[His Personal maid 👩🏻]
Chapter 25
After sweeping Mr Ryan’s room, I went and brought a mop stick and bucket and I came across the secret the room. I’ve never seen a maid or guard in this part of the house before.
The room was so close to Mr Ryan’s room and the other room was where the cleaning equipments use in cleaning Mr Ryan’s room were kept.
It’s been two days since the incident of Andrea stealing from the Greenvilles and everything has turn back to normal. She has been handed over to the cops.
Mr Ryan said she has to confess all her crimes to the cops and that the cops must make she does that early enough.
I was done with the cleaning of Mr Ryan’s room and i return the cleaning equipment back to their places. While coming back, my eyes went to the secret room and I walk close to it and try opening it but it was locked.
Mr Ryan isn’t around and no maid usually comes around this paet of the house. I can just check what is inside and leave before Mr Ryan comes back.
Mum do use her hair pin then to open my room door when i lock myself in the room and prevent anyone from seeing me because I was angry.
I pull out my hair pin and try it on the door but it didn’t open. But I do see mum use it sometimes so why isn’t it opening? I try it again but it was still the same.
I was about giving up when I heard the door click and I breath a breathe of happiness before fixing the pin into my hair.
I open the door and went inside and everywhere was dark. I use my hand to locate the switch in the room and i found it.
I switch it on and I saw a scattered room. I saw a bed at the other end with a blood stain on the white bedsheets spread on it. I saw a female shoe and bag and I went to pick it up.
I stare at it for a while before going deeper into the room. What could have happened in here? Why is there a blood stain on the bedsheets?
I saw a picture frame which was placed to to the bed and i went to it. It was a beautiful girl smiling in the picture. She was really beautiful.
I don’t think I’ve seen her before. There was something written attached to the frame. It reads *Happy birthday Amara*.
I get it now…the lady’s name is Amara and the frame was given to her as a birthday gift. I kept the frame back to where I took it from.
Why is Mr Ryan keeping this room as a secret?
I saw another frame and went to pick it up. It was a frame of Mr Ryan and the beautiful lady smiling in the picture. The way the both of them were holding each other, one would know that they were lovers.
I kept the frame back in its position and turn to go out of the room but my heart skip when I saw an angry Mr Ryan at the door stepof the room.
“How dare you Maya ??” He said with so much authority. My heart was beating so fast.
My curiosity has landed me in trouble…I should have stay clear from the room. Mr Ryan is not going to take it likely with me.
“I’m…I’m sorry Mr Ryan…I’m truly sorry. I promise not to come here again” I said shivering in fear.
He didn’t say anything. He started walking close to me very fast. Oh no…he’s going to skin me alive. I started walking backwards till my back touch the wall.
That’s the end…there’s no escaping for me. I’m doom.
He got to where I am and raise his hand to slap me and i close my eyes waiting for the slap to land on any part of my body but I didn’t felt anything and I open my eyes to see to meet his eyes staring at me.
I was confuse…why didn’t he slap me like he had wanted to do?
“What are you doing here?” He ask simply
“I’m sorry Mr Ryan…I let my curiosity to take the best part of me” I said very fast and bow my head but he raised up my head to look at him.
“This room was once mine” he said and walk towards the bed and sat down. He took the picture frame of him and the pretty lady and turn to me.
“This is Amara…my dead fiancee” he said and I saw a tear fell from his eyes.
“Wh…what happened to her?” I ask out of curiosity.
“Come sit with me…and I’ll tell you the story” he said tapping the bed and i went to sit close to him.
“Seven years ago…I fell in love with the lady in this frame but i didn’t know that my best friend then – Raymond was also in love with her.
He fell in love with her first but he told me about being in love with a girl but doesn’t know how to tell her about it…he didn’t tell me that it was Amara
I fell in love with Amara not knowing that Amara was actually the girl Raymond was in love with her.
I ask her to be my girlfriend and she accepted and we started dating. I showed her to Raymond and he got angry and i didn’t know why.
I went to him to ask why he left on seeing that i introduced Amara to him as my girlfriend and he told me that i stole the girl he ever loved from him and that I was going to pay for it.
He cut tiles with me saying that I was a back stabber. I try going to him to make him see reasons with me that i wasn’t at fault but he didn’t listen so I let the matter slide and went on dating Amara.
We dated from our secondary school days till we graduated from college. I proposed to her to marry me and she accepted. We snapped this picture the next day after i engaged her.
The picture was so beautiful so we framed it into two. She had one and this is mine. This blood on this bedsheets was as a result of her v!rg!nity she gave to me.
The night I made love to her was the last day I saw her. I woke up the next day and received a message that i should come and carry my dead fiancee from the hospital she was brought to.
I left immediately to the hospital to find my dead fiancee. She was dead Maya…she wasn’t moving. I called her name but she didn’t say anything. She was just there lying lifeless.
I ask the doctors and nurse what happened to her but they didn’t give a better reply. They said she was brought by someone and the person left her there and gave my number to them.
I almost went crazy because of her death. I mourn her for years and im still mourning her up tp date. Each time i try to forget her abd become focus, Raymond will give me a call and call me a murderer.
He said I killed Amara but I didn’t Maya. How could i have killed some I love so much? ” he said crying so bad right now and I was forced to cry too. The story is just so touching.
Imagine loosing the one you love…the death of my parents brought me so much pains so I understand his plight.
I didn’t know what came over me…I hug him to myself petting him and mutter to myself
“I’m here to heal your broken heart” …..
Chapter 26
I was so angry when I came back from the office. Raymond was at it again. I canceled all my schedule for the day and came back home. I already had it in mind that I was going to rearrange that freaking secret room.
I was so tired of everything. Amara’s death really left a hole in my heart. The company really suffered loss then because I wasn’t myself and just when I was about leaving my past, Raymond won’t let it slide.
I became more angry to sew the door open. Who the hell broke my order and went into the room? I walk angrily to the doorstep and saw Maya in there.
She was so engrossed in looking at the picture of me and Maya that she didn’t notice my pres£nce. She kept the frame and stood up to leave the room when she finally notice me and was so shocked.
“How dare you Maya?” I said looking really angry.
“I’m…I’m sorry Mr Ryan…I’m truly sorry. I promise not to come here again” she said and I could see the fear in her eyes.
I felt like punishing her so she won’t think of breaking my orders again but when I got to where she was and was about to give her a slap, I saw Amara’s face in hers and I was shocked.
I started staring at her face to see if i would see Amara’s face again but i didnt. I was moved to tell her all that happened between me and Amara.
She hugged me after I told her everything. I couldn’t believe that she could cry after my sad story. I heard her mutter “I’m here to heal your broke heart”.
Is she really here to heal me? I felt safe in her arms. She dis£ngage the hug and look into my eyes.
“Mr Ryan…you have to forget about Amara. I know its not going to be easy…but you have to forget about her so that Raymond won’t have any reason to weigh you down” She said
“I can’t Maya” i said
“You can Mr Ryan…you need to be strong else that friend called Raymond, will forever haunt you” She said
“Will you help me?” i ask and she stare at me for a while before saying
“Yes i will” she said
“First of all, you have to try and forget about her and then…we need to visit that hospital where she died. They need to confess to us what really happened” she said and reason with her…she is making s£nse here. I should have done that years ago.
“You’re right Maya…they shouldn’t have kept her in the hospital just like that” I said.
“That’s the point I was trying to make” she said.
“I should have thought of that long time ago” I said
“Its okay Mr Ryan…everything happened for a reason. Let’s investigate more into this matter and let those who are behind her death be put behind bars.” she said.
“We’re going to start this investigation tomorrow because I can’t wait to be free from this guilt within me” I said.
“Yeah Mr Ryan…that’s the spirit but first of all let’s remove all the memories of Amara” she said
“No…I can’t take this frame away. This is the only memory i have with her left” I said holding the frame of Amara and I told my chest with tears in my eyes but she gently take the picture frame from me.
“That’s the first step Mr Ryan please…I’m here to help you okay” she said with a sympathetic eye.
“I don’t think I can forget about her. She left a hole in my heart Maya…”
“And you didn’t think of covering that hole Mr Ryan. You’re not suppose to be this weak. You’re the next ruler of Mexico and you’re suppose to fight anything thats going to make you be a weakling so that the city won’t move backwards when you are in power” she said but I just remain there.
“It’s okay Mr Ryan…I understand how you feel” she said and hug me to herself. Her scent feel my nostrils and i dis£ngage the hug and look at her. I clean my tears and said.
“I’m ready to stop being a weakling Maya. Let’s take all these out” I said feeling determined to fight Raymond back to back. He has dealt with me enough and I’m not gpimg to take it likely with him this time.
The battle line has been drawn between me and him.
I sat close to the window in the restaurant waiting for piper to come meet me there. She was taking so long because I’ve been seated for up to thirty minutes in here and she hasn’t come.
She was to bring the person we’re going to use to eliminate Maya out of the way. I check to the entrance of the restaurant again and i saw her walk in with a guy having dread lock on his head.
I hate guys with dread lock actually but I just have to manage this guy because of the look of things.
“Hey Charlotte…sorry I’m late” piper said and took a seat and the guy sat down in the seat next to hers.
“Its okay…apology accepted.” I said and wave my hand at her.
“Alright…this is Draco, the guy I told you about. He knows how to do a perfect and clean job” she said
“How sure are you that he’s going to do it perfectly? I don’t want a job that will leave a trace” I said looking so irritated by the pres£nce of the dread lock guy.
The dread lock was so unkept and I already know that its smelling already. Gosh…where did piper get this pig from?
“He has done a perfect job for me before and it left no trace till now so this Maya case won’t be different” she said
“Are you sure?” I ask
“I’m 99.9% sure” she said
“Hey…Draco all what ever. I need a perfect job and i promise you that your pay will be good.” I said talking through my nose.
“You can trust me on that ms.” He said with a serious tone.
“Okay…I’ll tell you when to start your job but before then, here is half of your pay and a picture of the person you’re to eliminate.” I said and place the money and the picture on the table.
He took both of them and stare at the pictures for a while before nodding his head.
“Make sure to do a clean job with no traces” piper said
“I’m on it” he said and took his leave. I turn to piper
“Why do you have to bring a guy with a dread lock when you know i hate them?” I ask her.
“It doesn’t matter for now Charlotte as far as he does a good job” piper said and i eyed her.
Maya should wait a little longer…she’ll soon be out of the way…
T. B. C😍


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