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September 19, 2021


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Puzzle of my heart episode 23 & 24

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[His Personal maid 👩🏻]

Chapter 23







I was walking down the passage that lead to Ryan’s room with a glass of pineapple juice in my hand. Mr Ryan just came back from work and he requested for it.

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Pineapple juice is Mr Ryan’s favorite juice since he always ask for it each time he comes back from work. I tried my possible best to avoid Charlotte today because I don’t want trouble.

I was almost close to Mr Ryan’s room when I bumped into Andrea that wasn’t looking at where she was going and the glass of juice fell from my hand.

Something dropped from her hand too.

“Are you blind? Why weren’t you looking at where you were going?” I ask her

“None..of your. .business” she said with fright in her voice. I look at what drop from her hand and I saw a diamond reflecting from the nylon on the floor.


“Mum…what is the meaning of this?” little five years old Maya said as she and her mum walk into the room where the statue of leadership was kept.

“Baby…don’t go there ever again. Do you want me to loose my job?” her mother warned and carry her in her arm to another side of the room. Maya’s mum was a maid in the Greenville’s mansion before they became rich.

She was sent to the leadership room to get a book because of the trust the Greenvilles has for her.

“But I just wanted to know it mum…I promise not to go there ever again if you could tell me about that thing over there” Maya said.

“Okay…that thing over there is the statue of leadership here in mexico” Maya’s mum said

She continue…

“It has always been in the custody of the Greenville to rule this big city. Except Ryan’s father dies without having an heir, that’s when the leadership will be taken away from them. But Ryan is a boy and he’s an heir so the leadership can’t be taken away from them” She explained.

“What’s an heir mum?” Maya ask.

“An heir is a next of kin is someone who’s going to take over where someone stopped. So as I was saying, if the statue is stolen before the heir is appointed,the heir will die” her mum said

“But who would want to steal from a place well secured with guards everywhere?” Maya ask.

“You never can tell Maya. The statue worth billions and people might want to steal it and enrich themselves” she said and take the book.

“Alright baby let’s go” Maya’s mum said and they left the room.


I remember where I have seen this now – the statue of leadership. What is Andrea doing with it? It is possible that she must have stole it.

“I know its not my business bitch…but mind you, your days in this house are numbered” I said to her face pretending not to know what was inside the nylon.

“Fuck you bitch” she said and walk away with the nylon.

Mum said that if the statue is stolen before the heir is appointed, the heir will die. Ryan is the heir and that means that Ryan’s life is in danger. I have to save him.

I quickly ran to his panting like I just run a marathon race.

“Mr Ryan….” I said breathing so fast.

“Maya…where’s the juice I ask you to bring? and why are you breathing so heavily like that?” he ask

“Mr Ryan…your life is in danger” I said

“What do you mean by my life is in danger?” he ask

“You have to come with me Mr Ryan” I said

“Why?” he ask

“Come with Mr Ryan please…it urgent” I said and grab his hand but he draw me back to himself.

“Tell me what happened” he said

“Mr Ryan…the statue has been stolen by a maid in this mansion and my mum said that if a statue is stolen before the heir is appointed, the heir will die and I don’t want you to die Mr Ryan” I said

“What?…we have to go now then” he said

“Yes Mr Ryan” I said

“Let’s go” he said and we left the room together. I quickly took him to the maid quarters.

I saw a maid coming and I stop her.

“Did you see Andrea?” I ask

“Yeah…she went through that way with her bag. Hope no problem” she said and Mr Ryan push her out of the way and ran towards the direction and I follow behind.

On our way through the passage, Mr Ryan alerted the guards with his phone and we kept searching for Andrea. Not that long, Mr Ryan’s phone rang notifying him that they got someone trying to escape from the mansion and we ran outside.

We got there and saw Andrea struggling with some guards.

“Let me go you moron I’m not a thief” she yell

“Make sure she doesn’t escape” Mr Ryan said with so much authority.

“How dad you steal from the Greenville?” he ask when he got to where they are. By now, everyone has come out to witness the scene.

“What did she do?” Charlotte ask

“This ingrate here, stole the leadership statue” he said

“I didn’t steal anything” she said breathing really hard.

“Then let’s give you a thorough check” I said

“Alright search me” she said

“Search her ” Mr Ryan said and the guards checked her things but didn’t find anything.

“Told ya” she said smirking.

“Where is the statue Maya?” Mr Ryan ask

“I thought I saw something like that…yes Mr Ryan I saw it” I said

“You’ve never liked me Maya thats why you wanted to frame me for what I didn’t do.” she said

“Is that true Maya?” Mr Ryan said

“I should have known that this is all a set up from this bitch. Ryan let’s send her away” Charlotte said with so much hatred.

“I’m disappointed in you Maya” Mr Ryan said

“Nobody should believe this liar” we heard a voice and everyone turn to see Lydia with the statue I’m her hand.

“I saw Andrea hiding this close to the other exit gate” she said and Andrea widen her eyes…looking so speechless…


Chapter 24




“What evidence do you have to prove that she’s guilty?” Charlotte ask

“Here’s an evidence Mr Ryan” Lydia said and gave her phone to Mr Ryan

He look at the phone for a little while before turning in anger to the guards.

“Take her to the torture room”he commanded and walk away. I guess he’s going to deal with her himself in the torture room.

Charlotte walk up to me and eyed me before saying.

“You’ll never get away from this” she said and walk away. The other maids and guards went back to their duty post.

Actually, Mr and mrs Greenville weren’t around. I’ve always known that there was something about Andrea. She was here to steal from the Greenville. What a world!.

I walk with Lydia to the maids quarter and we went to our room.

“Thank you so much for coming on time Lydia. I wonder what I would have done to proof my innocence in front of everybody if you didn’t came on time” I said looking so grateful.

“Its okay Maya…what are friends for?” she said

“I know but I’m really grateful. Gosh! just Imagine how she was doing. Everyone would have believed her if you didn’t come on time” I said.

“Yeah…I’ve always suspected that girl right from the first day I saw her in this mansion. I knew that her motive here were of no good” she said

“Me too. After the day she spoke to me rudely when I ask her to show me where I can get pineapple juice for Mr Ryan, I really suspected something about her but I didn’t know she was a thief” I said

“It’s okay Maya…just be happy that you’ve been vindicated. She has fallen into the Greenville’s wrath and she’ll pay for it” she said

“Serves her right” I said and we both laugh.


“Gosh! that fool told me that she was capable for that job. I should have sent Romeo if not that Andrea told me to send her.” I yell immediately I got the news that Andrea has been caught.

Incase you don’t know, I always place a tracker on the body of all my workers so that incase anyone of them try to escape with my money, I would be able to trace him or her.

Andrea has fucked up and she has to pay for that. I can’t rescue her from the hands of the Greenvilles. I knew that the task was a dangerous task that was why I wanted to send Romeo but she boosted that she was equal to the task.

And now that she has been caught, let her rescue herself.

“Guys…I know that we do rescue ourselves when each of us is in danger but at this point, I don’t think we can rescue Andrea. We all know how the Greenvilles are. We wouldn’t want to feel their wrath? Let her suffer for challenging me” I said and raise up, then walk to my room.

I left them to their murmuring. Well they are free to murmur. I’m the leader of this gang and I’m free to place an order and everyone must obey it.

Andrea dared me and she has met her doom. She’ll have to suffer alone.


I walk around the torture room with a whip in my hand. Andrea or whatever has refuse to say anything even after giving her the beatings of her life. She’s fucking bleeding right now and I won’t hesitate to kill her if she doesn’t talk.

“You’re proving to be stubborn right?” I ask still walking round the room.

“I’ve told yo..u every…thing I know…please I’m sor..ry for try..ing to steal fro..m yo..u” she said coughing so bad.

“You think I’ll believe that lie? Try again bitch. Start talking before I move to my next of torture. You wouldn’t want to experience it”I said and walk to the other part of the room and I took the electric shocker.

I walk back to where I lay the bitch and turn it on. I place it on her feet and gave her the shock of her life.

[⚠⚠Note : This story is written by Faith Godwin. Everything is just a work of fiction. Do not copy or repost⚠⚠]

“Mr….Ryan…I’ll…I’ll …talk..”she said in between the pains and I stop immediately.

“Start talking…don’t waste my precious time” I said even though she started breathing heavily.

“O…o..ok..ay”she said still gasping for breathe.

“I’m an assassin from a gang call the serial killers. We kill, steal and do all sort of bad things to make money. I was sent by the leader of the gang to steal from you guys. I’m sorry” she said crying.

“Wow…you’re more dangerous than I thought you should. So…can calk the names of the people you’ve killed?” I ask

“No…I’ve never be sent to kill anyone before…not that I can’t kill anyone but because the leader thinks that I’m a weakling when it comes to killing” she said

I nod my head before turning to the guard at the door post.

“Get the cops right away. She’ll confess the rest when she get to jail” I said and the guard nod and left.

“Mr Ryan please…I’m sorry please” she said pleading with blood goshing out of her body

“You’ll expose everything in jail. You’re from a dangerous gang and you guys at threat to the society” I said before standing up and walk away to meet the guard.

She has to pay for her sins…



T. B. C

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