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Pregnant episode 6

pregnant episode 6
Episode 6
Written by Simrah Saeed
♨️ Olivia ♨️
” I’m asking you Olivia who is that fool that gave you the scars ” he asked again for the nth times .
He looks so scary with his angry face. Should I open up to him?
What will be his reaction?
” Uhmm… It’s nothing Ethan ”
” Don’t d–n tell me it’s nothing when I’m seeing fresh scars on your stomach ”
” Either you tell me now or I do something worse ” he flared while I kept quiet
” Alright ” he said walking away with so much anger..
He’s burning with fury …
” Its my step mum and sisters ” I blurted and shook my head.
He st©pped abruptly turning back to me
” What did you just say? Your step mum and sisters?” He asked furiously .
” I knew she was no good, how dare she [email protected] filthy hands on you?”
” Is she mad?”
” Is she a s¢vmbag?”
” Is she not afraid of death ?”
” What in the world will you do to her that will make her injure you this way?”
” I will show her and her stupid daughters how it is to be maltreated” he yelled angrily walking inside the house …
♠️ Ethan ♠️
” Ethan plea-se don’t confront her, she will kill me plea-se” she pleaded almost in tears ..
I really need to get something clear. Why will that old cram give her so many scars? And those skinny things too ..
How dare them t©uçh what’s mine? Is it a crime not to have a mother in your father’s house?
From the very beginning, I loathe that witch of a woman. She’s evil..
I stared at Olivia who held my hand fearfully and chuckled
” Confront her? I’m more than that Angel. I will torture her and her children. Just watch me do it ” I said angrily..
I’m pissed.
I don’t want to imagine what she has been going throu-gh because it will only increase my temper..
” Don’t plea-se just let her be. I’m fine and used to it ”
I’m seriously trying to control my anger right now. She’s infuriating me with what she’s saying still, I don’t want to scare her, I don’t want to show her the very h0t tempered side of me.
I can’t let this slide because of her plea-se, that woman has crossed lane with the wrong person. A totally wrong person.
” You have to move in with me today and we are going right away. Period! ”
I said walking away without waiting for her response..
I can’t risk her staying here . They might even kill her this time around if I let her stay here for a day. Hell! I won’t allow that never…
She has to come with me and that will give me a chance to deal with those good for nothing empty [email protected] fools .
I will make them pay for everything, its very easy to get the daughters.
If I don’t retaliate, seeing those scars on her will get me angry. It will rise my temper at a very high rate..
” We should be going alre-ady Ethan you can see her some other times” dad said as I entered into the house
” No need for that dad, we are leaving together with Olivia ” I announced looking at her daringly..
I just have to do that else she might refuse to follow me home .. Have you re-ad Coolval stories today??
” Really? Why the change of plan?” Mr daniels asked as Olivia was fidgeting with the ti-p of her dress
” We just concluded its best we leave now, right Olivia?” I asked while she nodded . Not that she have any option
” Okay, since she’s okay with it. I don’t mind but let me at least let her mum and sisters know about it so they can bade her goodbye and equally pack her things ” he said ..
I wish they are all as cool as Mr Daniels. He doesn’t seems to have any problem
Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
” You don’t have to sir, she doesn’t need to pack anything. All she need will be provided and for her mum and sisters, you can inform them later. It’s getting late” I said convincingly and Dad and mum nodded giving me a ‘ what are you up to ‘ look ..
They so much un-derstands me and they have to cover up for me
” Okay, pleaee give me a minute with my daughter ” he said
” Its okay Daniels, let’s wait for her by the car ” dad snapped his f!ngersand and both mum and I followed up
♨️ Olivia ♨️
I nervously stood beside dad waiting fir what he has to say .
” Olivia baby ”
” I know I have wronged you beyond reasonable doubts. I can not stand with my mates to boast about being the best dad. I’m a bad father who doesn’t deserve your forgiveness ”
” I even failed to keep my wife’s dying wish which was ti take care of you. I promised her but failed to do just that ”
” I know hating you for the mentally of you killing Gabriella because she died at your birth isn’t enough reason and I’m sorry Olivia forgive your father ” he apologized.
” I hated seeing you because you reminded me so much of your mother but I discovered everything wasn’t your fault and now I ask for your forgiveness ”
Wow! I can’t believe Dad just re-ad all this speech just to ask for my forgiveness .
I really went throu-gh hell but not like that of my step mum..
And who am I not to forgive my father who literally changed over the month?
God forgives us right?
” I forgive you Dad ”
” Thank you so much Oli, I promise to make up for the years I maltreated you baby ” he said hvgging me tearfully. This is the first time I’m seeing him cry in my whole life . Its ma-king me emotional too
” I have known you as an obe-dient and competent child and I believe you will handle every situation wisely. There are ups and downs in relationsh!pand only the [email protected] will scale throu-gh. Be a good girl for me ”
He said while I nodded, this is how it feels to have a fatherly love…
” I’m always here if you need me ” he said lastly hvgging me as tears threatening to flow
I’m moving in with someone I ba-rely know.
I’m going to start a new life..
And the happiest thing is that I will be free from being a maid in the hands of my step mum.

🎗️ Sophia 🎗️
” I can’t do the cleaning mum, i just fixed my nails plea-se ” Emily said with her gaze fixed on the phone
” Are you really saying that Emily? Who did you expect to clean the house? It’s looks so unkept ” mum yelled while I stayed watching the drama
” I don’t care, you shouldn’t have allowed Olivia to go or maybe you had the plan of doing all the works yourself ” she replied arrongantly, wore her fl!pflops and left while mum shook her head in disappointment..
” And Sophia? How about the food I asked you to prepare ?” She asked .
Is she serious right now?
I stared at her and chuckled..
” Is it my own Sophia? You and I know I don’t know how to cook. You never thought me so let me be plea-se . As you can see, I’m having a chat with my b©yfri£nd. If you can excuse me ” I replied.
Everyone now knows the worth of Olivia in this house .. in the quest of maltreating her, she s£nt her into good hands.
Imagine she’s with the guy I always dreamt of having just a night with..
Hell! Who wouldn’t want a ruch handsome guy like him?
It’s all mum’s fault …..
I turned to her who took the broom and began sweeping the room..
” Before I forget mum, get a maid because I’m not re-ady to do any chores “

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