Pregnant episode 5

Episode 5
Written by Simrah Saeed
♨️ Olivia ♨️
After I puked on Emily, she ran away shouting at©p of her voice while her sister followed suit ..
I can do anything to see the look on her face, as if she was going to die that moment…
Seriously I wish it happen more often so they will st©p treating me like trash thou I know I will face the consequences later .
I feel really stressed out, I should rest before mum comes waking me up to prepare dinner.
all thanks to the person that knocked on the door else, I’d be something worth not talking about.
And that, what if dad decides to throw me out?
I face palmed myself as my inner mind was telling me to st©p being pessimistic ..
I t©uçhed my stomach wondering how the baby is doing in there. I haven’t eaten since afternoon, does it mean that my baby will be hungry?
Oh God! How do I survive it? I do stay for 2days and not given food when I’m the one that prepares it but there will be a supervisor who is no one else but my step mum .
I closed my eyes ruminating over everything that’s happened in my life. The I’ll treatments to being pregnant for a stranger throu-gh r@p£.
What could be worst than that?
I still hope for the best not for me anymore but for my baby ..
♠️ Ethan ♠️
The shock on her face made me chuckle loudly..
What was she expecting? For me to fall for her sluts?
It’s not my fault but they look like one if that’s not what they are ..
Her Emily daughter walked away angrily..
” Uhh.. o.. Olivia?” She stuttered looking at me shamefully
” Yes Olivia ” I replied smiling wi-dely at her .
She looks disappointed and angry at the same time
” That’s my daughter, we actually didn’t know she was pregnant for you but that’s okay. You showed up which signifies that you are a responsible man ” her father said
All I could do at that moment was nod and smile ..
I don’t want to give any bad impression on my first day ..
” I . I will go get her ” her step mum said. My face turned sour immediately I heard that and my heart beat increa-sed…
I don’t welcome that idea of her going to bring her …
My spirit tells me she will hurt her
” You don’t have to Clarissa, just sit. I will bring her with me ” her father said while I sighed in relief. .
He’s a life saver and I don’t trust his wife a bit .
The aura sorounding her smells awful ..
She smiled in displea-sure sitting down while Mr Daniels stood up to the stairs ..
Many things ran throu-gh my mind one of which is my parents liking her and she turning me down…
I know it’s not easy to forget what I did to her but there’s no option either for both of us…
She has to marry me because she won’t be able to raise the baby alone and I have to marry her because she has now become my responsibility the moment she bec@m£ my baby mama .
The thought of her going throu-gh torture when her family might have found her she was pregnant flashed throu-gh my mind .
Did they hit her? . God!
I know she’s wise enough to keep the baby ..
She walked after her father with head hung down … She’s a shy baby
She was wearing the same dress earlier when I saw her at the hospital. She looks casual and not some kind of hooker or something
” Here is Olivia, my first daughter. I’m sure she’s the one ” he said while I nodded in response. She shyly raised her head staring at no one in p@rticular
” G.. good evening sir , ma’am ” she greeted nervously…
You can sp©t the difference between her and the other girls ..
They are sooo spoilt ….
I glanced at dad and mum and saw they were smiling… Thank goodness!
One thing with mum is that she loves shy, nervous and reserved ladies just like a nervous Olivia right now ..
” Evening pretty, how are you ” mum asked excitedly
” I.. I’m fine ma’am ” she stammered
” Well, this is the one we c@m£ for Mr Daniels and I think we’ve picked interest in her alre-ady ” dad said
” You are Olivia right? The one pregnant for my son ” mum chirped and she snapped her head towards us …
Her cat eyes met with mine and they almost bulged out … She stared at me with fear in her eyes …
I don’t know why she’s afraid of me . Does she thinks I will hurt her again?
She stared back at mum smilling f0rç£fully .
I can’t really re-ad throu-gh her but I think she’s confused. Maybe thinking of how I got to know she was pregnant for me..
Hey! What if she open up that I R@p£d her?
I never thought of that but I guess she hasn’t told her family yet.. ah!
I’m becoming sweaty
” Well then, you have to know why we are here Olivia. My son told us about your sh!pand the pregnancy and we c@m£ with a marriage proposal ” dad explained while I laughed in my mind. Sh!pindeed . We never had any relationSh!p
” Yes hunny ” mum seconded. Geez! What’s up with her?
” You made a right choice son, she’s reserved. I think I’m going to like her ” mum whispered to my ear while I smiled at her
” What did you say Olivia ? You know he’s the father of your baby and life won’t be better without him ” Mr Daniels said to her who stared blankly at him…
Imagine the only thing she’s said since she c@m£ was the greeting. Who does that?
She glanced at me and looked away immediatetly..
I guess the first thing I will do if she accepts my proposal is to make her to st©p being afraid of me .
I Know I behaved like a monster but I’m not a monster itself ..
” Olivia?” Mr Daniels called
” We can give her time if she wants but we won’t ” dad said
” Uhmm I..I.. accept ” she replied after what seems like ages ..
Oh my! I nee-d to drink some champagne as a celebr@tion for this ….
It means a lot to me, I want to see her stomach grow in my house and will she agree to stay with me till she delivers?
” Thank you baby girl ” mum said and k!$$£d her cheeks .
She can be a drama queen seriously..
Her step mum excused us and left in anger. I mean she ought to be happy at least even if it means faking it since we are still here ..
This is one of the reasons I want her to stay with me , I don’t want any harm to reach her and my baby
” Thank you daughter, since you are going to be a p@rt of my family you are now officially my daughter and I think the engagement ring will be given to you by Ethan when you both are okay with it ”
” And it’s a law in our family that a first child shouldn’t be given birth to out of the father’s house so you will be moving in with your fiance. Is that Okay by you Mr Daniels?” Dad asked ..
” It’s okay, I have known your family for a long time and I believe you won’t hurt my daughter. It’s okay by me ” he replied as Olivia stared at him fearfully like st©pping him to disagree..
Am I that scary?
” Okay, let’s give the love birds some time” dad said
” Yeah we can go to my office and discuss some business ”
They all stood up leaving me alone with her ..
Did you believe she has been standing since she c@m£ here?
♨️ Olivia ♨️
Oh God! Why did they leave me with him? I’m so very scared of him hurting me again but I have no option than to accept the proposal.
Even if he’s going to hurt me, I believe it won’t be like that of this house …
I will be free from my step mum and her daughters…
I won’t be a maid anymore.. b..but how did he know I was pregnant? How did he know where I live?
” Olivia ” he called standing up to meet me.. Ethan! I think that’s what I heard his dad call him
I stepped back fearfully while he st©pped and sighed creasing his forehead together
” I won’t hurt you again I promise plea-se let’s just take a walk around your house” he said sincerely stretching out his hand to me .
I stared hesitantly at his hand before putting mine into his walking out with him ..
I’m scared, I’m still scared … I can’t risk getting hurt again…
He st©pped when we got to the garden bringing out a ring..
” Olivia ” he called and paused
” if there is anything to do just to prove that I’m sorry for what I did to you I wouldn’t mind if it will be my first. I’m de-eply sorry ” he said and does that mean he doesn’t apologize to people or what?
How ? Did he think it’s that easy to forget the pain I went throu-gh for days? I thought I was going to die ..
I stared at him , he looks so intimid@t!ngthat I just have to nod my head.
What do I say? It’s done alre-ady and looking at things, I think I nee-d him. I can’t raise the baby myself, I mean with what?
” I will wear this for you, that’s our engagement ring. I promise to make it better some days ” he as-sured me smiling at me
Maybe I can trust him but I don’t even know him
” Thank you for not telling them the truth ” he said while I smiled
” I want to hear you speak Olivia, st©p nodding plea-se”
I shook my head unable to say anything, I don’t even know what to say
” When will you like to move in with me, you know I will be happy if you say now ?” He said as he narrowed my eyes at him ..
Is that even possible?
” Uhmm, I will maybe next week when I cool off my head ” I replied
” I won’t persuade you Angel, anytime is okay with me but make it snappy”
I smiled at the way he called me angel.
” I will ”
” Okay, so how’s my baby doing?” He asked sitting down opposite me
” He’s fine ”
” A he? I want a she” he said ma-king me chuckle..
” Any one is a blessing from God ”
” Aww, my fiancee is so religious anyways that’s true. I will Love anyone that come and be the best father of the year ” he said proudly
” Uhmm” he said staring at me like he wants to say something
” What?”
” Can I ?” He asked referring to my stomach as I stared confusedly at him
” I want to see the protruding belly and see how my baby is growing ”
Really? The pregnancy is just a month and he’s talking about protruding? He can’t be serious
” There’s nothing like that Ethan, the pregnancy is just a month ”
” I know but I just want to see plea-se ”
” No” I said standing up.
I don’t want him to see the scars, what if he starts hating me because I’m not beautiful with it?
He ran after me till he caught up with me and in no time he raised my shi-t..
I stood frozen in my sp©t while his gaze was fixed on my stomach..
I quic-kly dropped my shi-t and began walking away trying not to cry
” Olivia who did that to you” I froze on hearing that..
” Answer me, who the hell gave you the scars ?” He yelled angrily
How do I tell him it was my step mum and my sisters that gave me the scars including my dad?
How do I explain to him about being hit constantly in my father’s house…
” I’m asking you Olivia answer the d–n question. Who is that idiot?” He shouted while I flin-ched…
Oh my God! He’s so pissed!