Pregnant episode 7

Episode 7
Written by Simrah Saeed
♨️ Olivia ♨️
” Welcome to my mansion Angel ” Ethan said as we c@m£ down from the car ..
Well, his parents left on the way .
The house looks very beautiful and well decorated way more better than dad’s .
I’m sure he’s extremly rich .
I stared around like a puppy, you wouldn’t blame me. I have never been to this type of a big mansion before
” I will show you around later but for now, you have to take some rest so let’s go in” he said taking my hands into his as we walked into the sitting room..
They are so many guards and maids around that’s creeping me out ..
The guards looks so focused and dedicated as they only bowed while we pas-s by keeping straight faces.
And the maids are up to 10.
I mean why will he keep them here in this mansion ? They are so much….
I’m not scared because they are much but because I’m not used to being around lots of people.
It looks more of a palace God!
I grip his hands ti-ghter as we reached the sitting room
” They aren’t going to hurt you Olivia st©p being a scary cat ” he chuckled
” as-semble at the sitting room immediatetly ” he said into the intercom and in no time, the sitting room was crowded with workers .
My eyes ran throu-gh them and together they were 30 . Geez!
What work are they doing?
I’m very certain I can do all the cleaning and everything in this house.
” As you can see, this is my fiancee. She will be staying with us from now on and I advice you not to disobey her, attend to her nee-ds even before mine. I shouldn’t hear any complaint from her and if I do, I believe you all know what I can do best ” he said sternly while I bowed my head as their gazes fell on me .
They all looks scared at the sight of him, even when he speaks, he does authoritatively.
” Am I un-derstood?”
” Yes sir ” they chorused
” You can dismiss now and Lisa stay behind ”
They all left leaving us with one of the maids
” You will be her personal maid, be with her or around her all the time in case she nee-ds anything okay? I can trust her with you right?”
” Yes sir ”
” You can go, inform the cooks to get dinner re-ady ”
” Noted sir and you are welcome ma’am ” she said smiling wi-dely at me which I didn’t fail to return . She might be fun to be with
I feel like a queen right now.
” Let’s go Angel ”
” This is your room, I can replace anything you don’t like here. All you have to do is to let me know about it ”
It’s exclusively beautiful. I can’t believe I have this room all to myself. Isn’t God great?
” I love it Ethan it’s beautiful ”
” I’m glad you like it. Everything you nee-d is alre-ady provided and again, you should call my name more often Angel. It sounds like a Melody to my ears ” grinned ma-king me chuckle
” Very funny ”
” I’m being honest with you, just call my name once again and I will leave you to freshen up for now ”
” What’s your name again?” I asked pla-yfully removing my shoe.
I feel so tired ..
Just maybe, I will have some peace here than home.
Wondering how mum and my sisters are doing…
Who prepared dinner this evening? Has the house been cleaned like the way I do morning and night?
Those girls, I bet if they can do anything….
” You don’t know my name again right?” He tea-sed while I shook my head negatively
” I will remind you then ” he drew me closer to him and held my tiny w@!st protectively
” W… what .a.are you doing?” I asked nervously..
He brou-ght his face closer to mine as his breathe fan the back of my n£¢k …. My b©dy heat up immediately
” Say my name angel, so that the baby will get familiar with it ” he whispered into my ear huskily
” Uhhm..”
” Say it ”
” E.. Ethan ” I stammered..
” I thought you don’t Know my name ”
” I should leave you to take a cold shower” he re-leased me and k!$$£d my forehead dashing out of the room ..
Wow! That was ….
” Ethan ” I called while he turned
” Thank you ”
Emily’s POV
It’s not my fault I’m rude , mum and dad trained me that way . They brou-ght me up to be a spolt girl . As the last child, I was given everything I wanted.
I was allowed to engage in any chores even when I wanted to because they believe Olivia will stay here forever ..
And now they want me to clean, scru-b and mop? Impossible..
I don’t even Know how to wash, to be frank. The only thing I can do is preparing a stirred noodles.
I don’t know how to prepare tea or coffee. It’s either there will be too much sugar or no sugar at all ..
Thou I don’t care what people might think .
I believe when I marry, my husband will have lots of workers around to do all the work.
” It’s ba-rely 5hours Olivia left and I’m hearing all sorts if reports from your mum? Why won’t you two help her in the chores? ” Dad asked glancing at Sophia and I
” How did you expect us to help when we don’t know how to do it ?” I questioned
” Are you seriously asking me that Emily ” he said
” Only if you were the one that spoke ” I replied arrongantly .
Dad clenched his hand and the next thing that I felt was a ha-rd sl@p on my face .
What? He didn’t just sl@p me did he ?
” Are you crazy? Get up from there and go wash the dishes right now if you don’t want me to kick you. It’s an order Emily. You both have to learn and the time is now”
” And Sophia, to the the laundry. You will wash the clothes with your hands including mine. If you dare t©uçh the machine, I will make sure I redesign your face ”
” Now get out of my sight” he yelled angrily while I flin-ched.
I haven’t seen this side of him in my entire life.
He’s scary ..
” Are you still here?”
I quic-kly took to my heels out of his sight before he hits me again ..
I’m beginning to be afraid of him.
Ah! My cheeks hurt …
♨️ Olivia ♨️
I stood by the window watching the trees outside the house as cool breeze rush in.
I feel so relieved and lightheaded. I wish I will live like this all my life .
A knock c@m£ on the door taking me from the window
” Good evening ma’am ”
It was Lisa. She bowed smiling .
She’s always smiling…
” Evening Lisa, is there a problem?”
” No ma’am, dinner is served and Mr Ethan is waiting downstairs ”
” Oh, let’s go then and feel free to call me Olivia ”
” I’m sorry ma’am, it’s against Mr Ethan’s order. He might fire me if I call you by your name ”
” He wouldn’t mind Lisa, I want you to be free around me plea-se and with that I can trust you ” I pleaded .
” Thank you ma.. I mean Olivia. You are such a beautiful lady in out ” she complimented
” Thank you Lisa ”
I met Ethan seated at the dinning table. He smiled at me and stood up drawing out a chair for me .
There was a lot of food on the table ma-king me wonder if it’s just for the two of us.
Anyways, this will be my first time if eating at the dinning table..
I was never opportuned
I was served veggies, smashed potatoes, Fri eggs, meatba-lls and sauce and so as Ethan
Wait! What do they call me? A foodie or what?
It really baffles me how they will serve one person all this foods. Goodness!
The maid was about giving me water when it sli-pped from her hand and poured all-over Ethan ..
” Are you mad ?’ he flared
” Have you gone blind? Is anything wrong with you? ” He roared angrily leaving the poor girl and I in fright..
His voice scare the hell out of me .
” I..I’m sorry s..sir ” she stammered fearfully
” You are a fool for saying that, how can you pour water all over my dress and tell me you are sorry. Are you nuts?”
Why is he this angry ? Oh my God….
” Ethan ” I called fearfully
♠️ Ethan ♠️
Oh my! I should have controlled my anger. I totally forgot Olivia is now with me .
Now I scared her again!
My face soften immediately my eyes met with hers .
She’s too innocent
” Uhmm, sorry I yelled. I will just go and change ” I said politely leaving the table as the other workers stared wi-dely at me . I guess they are surprised..
This lady is turning me into something else.
I’m saying sorry for the second time in my entire life…
Seeing her face alone is enough to change me ..