Pl@ywith my heart Episode 13

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 13🥀
“I know. I know. Thank you Cleo…. Gosh! I’m so happy right now, I could k!ssyou.”
My expression changed at that point.
“Wait what?” I asked surprised.
“I can really k!ssyou right now.” He said again.
My jaw dropped and then I watched as he placed hisl-ips on mine…
Despite the fact that everything in me wanted to push Andre away and hit him, I didn’t. Instead I stood there, still in shock as he worked his ton-gue throu-gh my mouth expertly, pu-lling me even closer to him.
I knew it wasn’t right neither was it meant to be but at that moment with Andre, nothing mattered anymore until….
“Cleo! Cleo!!… Cleo!!!” Andre yelled all of a sudden, bringing me back to reality.
“Wait what? What just happened?” I asked, staring at Andre unable to get over the fact that the k!sswasn’t real.
“Um we just saved me from an arranged marriage to a crazy bit-ch and we were just about to celebr@te.”
“What were your last words before I zoned out?”
“Uh I’m so happy right now, I could hvg you?…”
How could he have said that and I ended up dreaming about him k!ss!ngme? Does that mean… Holy sh*t! Am I developing feelings for Andre?
“Cleo, why are you asking? What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?” He asked staring at me, quizzically.
“Uh no. Not at all. I’m okay.” I replied, chasing all thoughts of feelings for Andre away from my mind.
“Okay?” He replied staring at me with arched eyebrows.
“What? I said I’m okay.”
“Okay. If you say so… So any ideas for how to celebr@te my freedom?”
“Uh I’m not really in the celebr@tion mood.”
“Aww come on. Don’t be such a killjoy.”
“I’m not a killjoy. I just don’t really feel like celebr@ting.”
“Oh come on… Okay, plea-se!”
“plea-se!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He pleaded with puppy eyes.
“Argh! Okay fine.” I gro-an ed in agreement.
“Yay!… What do you think we should do?”
“I don’t know… Watch a movie I guess.”
“No. No. No movies especially not one picked by you. I still have nightmares from the last one.” He said glaring.
I rolled my eyes at him.
“How about…we go out?”
“Go out where?”
“We can visit a club or something.”
“Okay. Club it is then. Maybe just give me a sec to get changed.”
“Okay sure.” He said.
I nodded and headed up the stairs to my room.
After Cleo left, I plopped on a sofa and dialled a number on my phone. It rang for a while before it was answered.
📲 Hello. Jordan Hill speaking.
I rolled my eyes.
📱 St©p joking Jay. I’m calling you for serious business.
📲 Okay. What’s up?
📱 Guess what just happened?
📲 What?
📱 I said guess dingus.
📲 Come on Dre. Just spill it.
📱 Okay okay… You know how Reyna’s dad was planning to f0rç£ me to marry Reyna or lose him as a client?
📲 Yeah. What happened?
📱 I don’t have to do it anything.
📲 How’d you manage that?
📱 It was all Cleo’s idea.
📲 Cleo as in your fiancee?
📱 No Cleo, my dog… Of course Cleo, my fiancee.
📲 But you don’t even have a dog.
📱 Ugh whatever! Back to my story, Cleo had this excellent plan to trick Reyna into admitting that her dad was trying to bribe me. She recorded it and told Reyna to tell her dad to cancel the deal or risk the recording being uploaded online.
📲 Whoa! Cleo thought of that? That’s so smart. You can’t let her go. You just can’t.
📱 I won’t….. I heard myself say before I could st©p and for whatever reason, it didn’t sound fake.
📲 Makes me wish I’d met her first.
📱 Don’t you dare!….. I warned.
📲 Geez! I’m only kidding lover boy.
📱 Oh! Yeah sure. I knew that….. I quic-kly replied wondering why I’d reacted so strongly to Jordan’s obvious joke.
📲 Well, are you?….. I heard Jordan say interrupting my thoughts.
📱 What?
📲 Geez! Andre, zoning off on me? I asked, are you planning on celebr@ting?
📱 Yeah yeah. That was why I called you. Cleo and I were planning on going clubbing and I wanted you and the guys to come so you could meet Cleo.
📲 Sure. No problem. I’ll tell them. Where do we meet?
📱 Um let’s meet at…… I trailed off as I c@m£ face to face with Cleo who was on her way down the stairs.
“Whoa!” I exclaimed as my eyes swept over her features.
She was wearing a black knee length dress with gold designs on the upper p@rt of the dress and her black hair l@yin waves around her shoulders. nee-dless to say, she looked gorgeous.
“Andre, you’re staring.” Cleo pointed out just as Jordan’s voice blared out into my ear.
📱 Ah! Jordan, what gives?… One moment Cleo.
📲 What gives is that I’ve been calling your name for the past two minutes. How couldn’t you have heard me?
📱 Huh! Sorry about that. I um got distracted for a while there.
📲 Distracted you say? I don’t nee-d to ask by who? The answer’s pretty clear… I could hear the sm-irk in his voice.
📱 Shut up Jordan….. I growled.
📲 Whatever you say lover boy.
I rolled my eyes.
📱 Just tell the gang that’ll we’ll meet up at Chantell.
📲 Kk. Talk to you later lover boy.
📱 Why you….. I started but he’d alre-ady cut the call.
“So…what was that all about?” Cleo asked once I put the phone in my pocket.
“Oh nothing. Just Jordan being Jordan… He’s my friend who you’ll get to meet along with the others.”
“Ooh I get to meet your friends. Isn’t that sweet?”
“You’re being sarcastic aren’t you?”
“Yup.” She replied wi-nking.
I sighed. “Come on.”
“Here we are. You re-ady?” Andre said, turning off the car.
I rolled my eyes. “You make it sound like we’re actually engaged.”
“Well my friends think we are so we have to act the p@rt.”
“Yeah yeah. Whatever you say.” I replied, unbuckling my seatbelt.
I opened the car and stepped out of the car, the same time Andre did. He locked up the car, c@m£ to my side and extended his arm with a “Shall we?”
“Yes we shall.” I answered sli-pping my arm into his.
He smiled as we began to make our way to the club. Andre was obviously a regular there as we didn’t have to wait in line like most. We skipped the line and were even esc-rted to a pri-vate p@rt of the club where only a handful of people were allowed into.
Andre led us to a p@rticular table where three men and two ladies were seated. One of them sighted and walked over to us, he and Andre doing a bro hvg thing when they met.
“Hey Cleo, this is my best friend Jordan Hill. Jordan, meet Cleona Reynolds, the woman of my dreams.”
I knew it was all fake but that p@rt kind of got me.
“Nice to meet you Cleo. May I call you that?”
I smiled. “Of course. Nice to meet you too Jordan.” I replied accepting his handshake.
Afterwards, Andre introduced me to the other people seated at the table.
“Lovely to meet you Cleona. I’m Melissa.” One of the ladies said to me.
“Nice to meet you, Meli-ssa.” I replied, shocked when she hvgged me instead of accepting my handshake.
The other lady, Sierra was however not as receptive.
“I don’t think your friend likes me.” I whispered into Andre’s ear when he took his seat beside me.
“Who? Melissa?”
“No, the other one.”
“Oh Sierra! Pay no attention to her. We had a thing in the past and I guess she was kind of hoping we would get back together or something. Seeing you here definitely destroyed that hope.”
“Oh!” was all I said.
Conversation went out around the table and I seemed to flow with everyone with the exception of Sierra of course. They all seemed especially impressed with the idea I had that saved Andre from marrying Reyna.
All was going good and well until Sierra ruined it.
“So…how long have you been seeing each other?” She asked all of a sudden.
“A few months.” I quic-kly answered.
“So…have you two sle-pt together yet? Is that why you’re getting engaged?” She asked, sm-irking.
“Sierra!” Melissa yelled.
“What business of yours is that Sierra? Does it hurt you that much that your fake bo-ob s weren’t enough to make him stay or that you weren’t good enough for him? Tell me, does it?”
“Ooh! Burn!” Travis, one of Andre’s friends muttered.
“Well if you two are so close and all that $h!t, how’s about we see you k!ss?”
That wiped off the sm-irk I had on my face.
“We don’t have to if we don’t want to.” Andre cut in.
“Oh come on. It’s just one simple k!ssor is that too ha-rd for you two to do?”
“I agree with Sierra…not her bit-chy attitude but let’s see you guys k!ss.” Jordan interjected and soon everyone was asking us to k!ss.
“What have I gotten myself into???” I wondered to myself as Andre met my gaze, his eyes as worried as mine.
Stupid Sierra……………
T B C 😏😏
First Reyna, now Sierra… What do you suggest Cleo and Andre do?
Come clean? Call off the bet for this one instance?