Pl@ymy heart Episode 12

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 12🥀
📱 Hey Reyna.
📲 Hey Andre. Why could you possibly be calling me?… I could hear the sm-irk in her voice.
📱 Oh cut the cra-p Rey. You know very well why I’m calling you… I mean, uh how are you doing today?
📲 I’m doing great. What’s the purpose of this call Andre? I’m kinda busy now.
📱 Well I just wanted to say I’m sorry for breaking up with you before and for talking to you the way I did in the restaurant. I’ve alre-ady ended things with Cleo and I’ll be very happy if you have dinner with me today…
📲 Gimme a sec to check my schedule…
I rolled my eyes, knowing fully well she was only doing that to seem like she had no idea what her dad had done…plus Reyna didn’t even have a schedule 😒.
📲 Oh guess what?
📱 What?… I asked doing my best not to sound bored.
📲 You’re in luck. I have an opening by…let’s say 6pm.
📱 That’s perfect. Be at my house by then.
📲 Your house? But I thought you’d want to take me out or something…
I breathed in.
📱 Look Reyna, do you want this to work?
📲 I do.
📱 Then be at my damn house by 6. Goodbye…. I said with a note of finality as I hung up.
“You know, you could have been nicer about that.” Cleo remarked behind me with a sm-irk on her face.
I turned around and gro-an ed.
“I know. I know. It’s just… Reyna just makes me soo mad! Makes me wonder how I ever managed to be around her.” I replied throu-gh gritted teeth.
“Well…I guess that’s why you should learn to examine a lady’s character before jumping in be-d with her.” She said pointedly.
I smiled. “Whatever you see, kitten.”
The expression on her face suddenly changed and she appeared lost in thoughts.
“Cleo, you alright? Cleo!” I said snapping my f!ngersin her face.
“Oh sorry. I’m okay. I’m okay.”
“You sure?” I asked still examining her.
“Yeah yeah. It’s nothing. I’m okay… I’m serious Andre.”
“Okay okay. If you say so… About your plan, are you sure it’s going to work?”
She sm-irked and said “Trust me Andre, no good Cleo-plan ever fail…”
“Then what if this is a bad Cleo-plan?”
She chuckled and leaned in, whispering “That’s the thing. There are no bad Cleo-plans.”
Herl-ips were so close and if not that I didn’t want to end up losing, I would have reached over and claimed them.
Thankfully, Cleo pu-ll-ed away before I had any chance of giving in to the temptation.
“Come on! Let’s get started. She’ll be here soon.”
I nodded and trailed behind her as she headed upstairs. I only hope she’s right and her plan does work.
“There ! You look perfect.” Cleo said smoothing my shi-t.
“Perfect enough for you to k!ssme?”
“Mmhm. Very funny Andre.”
Just then, the doorbell rang.
“Showtime I guess.” I muttered.
“Yup! You’re right. Remember though, don’t press her too much or else she’ll get suspicious.”
“I know. I know. You don’t nee-d to worry Cleona. I’ve got this.”
“You better… I’ll be on my way now. Once you nail her, I’ll come out and tell her what happened.”
“Go now.”
“I know. I know. Get in place, will you?”
She rolled her eyes at me before leaving the door. I sighed and went out of as well, gro-an ing when Reyna rang the be-d again.
I reached the door, exhaled again and opened it.
“Hey Reyyy…na!?” I exclaimed, unable to get over my shock at what she was wearing.
“Hey Andre… Aren’t you going to let me in?”
“Oh yeah…sure.” I replied, opening the door wi-de enough for her to enter.
I closed the door behind her and turned to find her staring at me with a s£dûçt!vesmile on her face.
“Um come right this way.” I said leading her towards the dining room where I’d prepared a special dinner for two.
“Aww Andre, it’s beautiful.”
“I knew you’d like it.” I managed to say as coolly as I could manage.
“Well I do.” She replied smiling. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” She asked, gesturing towards her seat.
“Yeah yeah. Sorry about that.” I replied smiling as I adjusted her chair for her.
She smiled and sat down.
“So…why’d you bring me here?” She asked staring at me.
I fought the urge to roll my eyes at her and instead I said “Let’s talk about later. Wine?”
“Of course.”
I nodded and poured some wine into two glas-ses, handing one to her.
She smiled before she ti-pped the glas-s towards her mouth.
I watched her do that before offering her some food. She nodded and I served her the meal I’d made.
“Wow Andre, this is delicious. I love it!”
“I knew you would.”
She smiled at me before taking another bite of the meal again.
“So…my question again. Why did you call me here?”
“Well your dad called me yesterday…”
“He asked me to marry you or risk losing him as a client…”
“Well what does that have to do with anything?” She asked as though she didn’t know.
I fought the urge to roll my eyes again and continued “Well I’ve decided to do the former and marry you.”
“Really? Well my answer is ‘yes’.” She squealed.
“I hope you do realize what that means right?”
“Yeah. We’re getting married.”
“That and that if your dad hadn’t threatened me, this wouldn’t be happening.”
“Ugh! So my dad threatened to st©p patronising your company if you didn’t get married to me? So what? Why do you keep revisiting the issue?”
“Because you do realize that your dad literally bribe-d me so I could get married to you?”
“Whatever! We’re getting married either way.” She said smiling like the fool she is.
“No you’re not!” I heard Cleo say behind me.
I sm-irked as I stared at Reyna’s surprised face.
“You! What are you doing here? In fact, what the hell is going on?” Reyna asked, surprise etched on her face as she looked at me and then Andre.
“What’s going on is that you just got busted!” I said smugly.
“What are you talking about!?” Reyna skrie-ked.
“I’m talking about this!” I said withdrawing a tiny recorder from the vase I’d placed on the table.
“What’s that?”
“It’s a recording of you clearly stating that your dad, the mayor of New York tried t0 bribe Andre to marry you, his daughter.”
“Wh…what are you going to do with it?” Reyna asked fearfully.
“Well it’s up to you what we do with it. If you insist on getting married to Andre, this recording will be uploaded on the internet… I can alre-ady imagine the headlines that will result into, the scandals… ju-icy ju-icy scandals.” I answered l!çk!ng myl-ips.
“You bit-ch! What are you planning to achieve with this?”
“How about you staying away from Andre? If you attempt to blackmail him again like you just did, this recording will be uploaded on the internet. You can be sure about that.”
“Argh! Whatever! I don’t care about him anyway.” Reyna yelled before stomping off, closing the door ha-rd behind her.
As soon as we heard the door close, we bur-st into laughter.
“You know, you should be thanking me Mr. Simmons.” I said when we st©pped laughing.
“I know. I know. Thank you Cleo…. Gosh! I’m so happy right now, I could k!ssyou.”
My expression changed at that point.
“Wait what?” I asked surprised.
“I can really k!ssyou right now.” He said again.
My jaw dropped and then I watched as he placed hisl-ips on mine……….
T B C 😳😳
OMG! What the heck just happened!? 😳😳😳
Did Andre really just lose the bet or did something else happen?