Pl@ymy heart Episode 14

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 14🥀
I found myself nearly hyperventilating as Andre leaned in, cu-pping my cheeks as he did. I guess this is it. The bet will be null and void once we k!ssand that’ll be the end of that.
Then, just as I felt Andre’sl-ips brush mine, a loud blaring sound suddenly rang out in the room.
“What’s going on?” Melissa asked just as a waiter approached us and informed us to leave as there was a fire.
It took all my strength not to jump up and hvg the waiter when he said so. Instead I controlled myself as we were led in an orderly fashion out of the club.
Andre and I bid the guys good night and rushed to the car, driving away before they could ask us to k!ssagain or do anything of the sort.
Throu-ghout the ride home, the car was silent probably based on the fact that we didn’t know what to say. At least I didn’t.
Once we got back home, his home that is, I wasted no time in rushing up the stairs to my room and plopping facedown on my be-d. I rolled such that my back was now on the be-d and placed my f!ngerson myl-ips which felt rather cold.
Just then, an image of Andre’s face as hisl-ips brushed mine flashed in my head and I felt myself shiver slightly, my hand still on myl-ips. Makes me wish we’d actually k!$$£d.
Argh! What is going on with me?
I found myself turning around on my be-d unable to sleep despite how late it was and how tired I was. My b©dy didn’t seem to mind though. Rather I was thinking about another thing entirely.
“What if Cleo and I had actually k!$$£d?” I asked myself times without number, the experience at Chantell still fresh in my mind.
Despite the fact that ourl-ips had ba-rely t©uçhed, ba-rely clas-sifying it as a k!ss, I couldn’t think about anything else. I could still feel the feel of her cheeks against my hand, I could still scent her despite how ha-rd I tried to think about anything else and most importantly, I could still feel herl-ips against mine.
We hadn’t k!$$£d yet something in me wanted desperately to k!ssher. If only that stupid bet wasn’t there…if only Cleo wasn’t the ha-rd headed lady she was, maybe then I could have done that… Then again, her being ha-rd headed was one thing I liked about her.
I gro-an ed inwardly again as the sound of the thun-der reverberated throu-ghout the room.
“It is really pouring down out there.” I thought to myself, bringing the blanket up to my che-st as I stared at the ceiling, waiting for sleep.
Just after thun-der struck again, I heard my door slowly open. I felt my b©dy tense as I slowly reached for the lamp and turned it on.
“Cleo!” I muttered breathlessly as her face c@m£ in view.
“What – what are you doing here?” I asked, my eyes fixed on her face or specifically herl-ips..
They looked quite luscious, red and full as though they’d been bitten…several times. That didn’t reduce my de-sire to k!ssthem though, not one bit.
“Andre, are you listening?” I heard as I bounced back to reality, Cleo’s voice pene-trating my thoughts.
“What was that?… Sorry I zoned out.”
“I said I couldn’t sleep…”
“Why couldn’t you sleep?”
The next lightning/thun-der strike answered my question as I saw Cleo shiver in fear even though p@rt of her b©dy was still hidden behind the door.
It was obvious she was scared. That didn’t less£n my shock though. It was rare and shocking to see Cleo looking so vulnerable and scared.
“I guess you can sleep here tonight.” I said.
I saw her nod before nimbly ma-king her way to the be-d. She l@ybeside me and paused for a moment before placing her arms around me and her head on my che-st.
“You don’t mind if I hold you like this, do you?” She asked.
“No. Of course not.” I answered hoarsely.
Cleo had no idea what this much contact between us was doing to me and my alre-ady scrambled thoughts. It didn’t help matters that I was shi-tless.
I only hoped she couldn’t hear my heartbeat which had increa-sed more than I ever thought possible.
“Your heart’s beating fast.” I heard her mutter a while later.
“What did you say?”
“I said…your heart’s……” She mumbled halfway before dozing off, her breath tingling my che-st but I didn’t mind.
Something about this felt right and I couldn’t tell why or what it was exactly. It just did.
And so, after placing my arm around her protectively, I calmly waited for sleep to claim me and soon, I was snoring softly, a beautiful lady wra-pped around me………..
T B C 😌😌
Andre and Cleo are definitely getting closer despite the bet which brings up the question : Who will sl!pup first?
What do you think will be Cleo’s reaction when she wakes up?