(💙When two players fall in love💞)

🥀Episode 28&29🥀






“Sierra! What the hell are you doing here? I never hurt you. Heck I barely even know you.” I yelled hysterically.

“True but you stole Andre from me and I’m going to make you pay!”

“Damn you Sierra! All this for a guy who doesn’t love you!?”

“He doesn’t seem to love you that much either if he kisses your best friend.”

“How do you know about that!?”

“Because…dearest Ariadne is on our side.”

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“You’re lying!”

“Oh no! On the contrary Cleo, I’m actually telling you the truth. In fact without her, this plan would have never worked.”

“Ariadne would never do that. She wouldn’t, would she?” I asked, more to myself than anyone else.

“Well she would and now we can do anything we want to do with you. We’re gonna have so much fun.” Ian said with a devious smile on his face.

Sierra left, leaving only Ian, Raphael and I together.

“I say we have some fun, don’t you think so?”

“I do.” Raphael replied.

Ian nodded and began to walk towards me. He stooped and attempted to steal a kiss but I didn’t give him the chance to. I hit my head on his hand and bit his ear when he turned around.

“You little bitch!” He yelled, his hand covering his bloody ear.

He proceeded to hit me across the face several times before I eventually went unconscious……….



It’s officially been 24 hours since Cleo went missing and they have been the worst hours of my life. Since it’s been twenty four hours already, the police are already searching for her but there have been no signs of her.

I have no idea what to do as of now. I feel lost, incapable and I’m this close to losing my mind.

“Cleo! Where are you?” I muttered to myself for the thousandth time that day as I ran my hand through my hair, my mind reeling with thoughts of her.

At this point, I was quite sure that she’d been kidnapped but who could have been behind it? That was what I had no idea about.

Both Cleo and I had left a trail of broken hearts before and after meeting so there were a lot of possibilities but I couldn’t see anyone who would go as extreme as kidnapping her.

“Think Andre, think!” I muttered to myself but nothing came.

Then for whatever reason, my mind went back to Damian. He was the one girl who seemed to be connected to Cleo and he vowed to get her back but what if after realizing that we were serious, he’d decided on taking Cleo by force instead…

It sounded a little farfetched but I could as well pay him a visit. Last I heard he was still in New York.

With that settled, I grabbed my car keys and headed outside.



I stared at the television, rhythmically tapping my fingers on the table as the reporter went on about Cleo’s kidnapping.

On cue, I heard a knock at the door and in came my private investigator.

“Do you have what I need?” I asked, skipping pleasantries.

“Yes I do Sir.” He replied, dropping a brown envelope on the table.

I picked the envelope up and checked it. They were some pictures and documents inside. I smiled and placed them back inside.

“Good job, Mr. Whelan. Your money will be wired to you in a short while.”

“Thank you, Mr. Sanders.” He said and left the room.

I glanced at my wristwatch and made my way outside to my car. Once in, I slipped the black envelope into the seat beside me and placed the key inside the ignition.



I was only a few metres away from Damian’s house when I suddenly saw his car pull off the parking lot and into the street. My instincts told me to follow him and that was what I did.

I made sure to maintain a safe distance away from him. Damian kept driving until he made a stop along a deserted road. I parked my car a safe distance away from him and trailed behind him.

I lost him at some point. It was as though he suddenly disappeared. I’d been beating myself up about him when someone suddenly dragged me into a bush.

“What the…” I’d yelled but stopped when I felt a finger on my lip.

I came face to face with Damian.

“Damian, how could you have kidnapped Cleo!?”

“I didn’t and SHUSH!”

“What do you mean SHUSH!? What are you…” I’d tried arguing but ended up keeping quiet when a flashy red Ferrari slowly made its way by.

I couldn’t see the occupant(s) because of the tinted windows.

Once the vehicle made its way by and we were sure we were safe, Damian and I came out of the bush and back on the road.

“Now do you mind explaining why you followed me?”

“Do you mind explaining what the hell you’re doing here!?”

“Well I’m rescuing Cleo.”

“I’m doing the same thing too.” I replied.

“By following me!?”

“Yeah I thought you were the kidnapper!”

“I’m not! Why would you even think that!?”

“I don’t know. My mind just went to you.”

“Well it’s not me!”

“Then who is it!?”

“I have a lead so I’m coming here to check it out but I’m almost 100% sure that a Sierra Dalton is involved.”

“Sierra!? Oh my gosh! That totally makes sense. Sierra’s dad has a warehouse around this place. It was abandoned not too long ago.”

“Well let’s get going then.”

“Of course but shouldn’t we call the police first?”

“You can do that, I’ll go ahead.”

“Sure.” I brought out my phone and dialled 911. I told them our location and they promised to come fast. I caught up with Damian and we began making our way towards the warehouse. We were still observing for security or anything of the sort from a hiding spot close to the warehouse when a loud scream suddenly caught our ears.

“Cleo!” Damian and I muttered at the same time, rushing towards the warehouse, all hell be damned!



“Ahhhh!” I screamed, my whole body convulsing with pain. My whole body felt like it was on fire.

“Please make it stop! Please I beg you! Ahhh!” I screamed, tears running down my cheeks.

“Saying please doesn’t always get you what you want, baby doll. You know that.” Raphael remarked but I barely heard him.

My body burned and it hurt. It hurt so bad.

“Please make it stop! I beg you! Please make it stop!”

Raphael nodded and Ian stabbed my leg with the syringe and passed the drug into my system. The burning cooled and I was able to breathe.

“Wh-why are you doing this? You doing this doesn’t change anything.” I said drowsily.

“You have no idea how glad it makes me to see you in pain, Cleo. I feel on top of the world right now!” Ian answered gleefully.

“Why Ian? It never had to be this way!”

“Oh it didn’t. After all, after that high school shit, I was content never seeing your face ever again but little Miss Playgirl couldn’t stay away now, could she? You ruined my life Cleo…and now I’m going to make sure you pay.” He said devilishly, a syringe in hand.

“No! No! Please don’t! Ahhhhh!” I yelled as he injected me.

The pain returned this time double fold and I screamed like never before as I jerked and shook. I tried breaking free but it was impossible. I’m not sure I’d ever felt so much pain in my entire life.

“Ian, I think it’s enough. You’ve had your fun. I think it’s time I had mine.” Raphael said meaningfully.

He made his way over to me and injected me. The pain subsided and I became drowsy and tired once again.

“No. Stop. Leave me alone.” I muttered as I tried fighting against Raphael who was undressing me but it was no use so I gave up.

This would be how I was going to end. Tears burned in my eyes as regrets flooded my mind. My thoughts and drowsiness didn’t let me notice what was going on in front of me until it was over.

I glanced up through bleary eyes just in time to see Raphael fall to a heap on the floor. I tried raising my head up but my body resisted and I slumped forward instead.

I heard the rattling of chains and all of a sudden, I got loose and fell forward…right into a set of warm arms.

“You’re safe. You’re safe.” Those were the last words I heard as my world went black.

Safe. Safe…………..


(💙When two players fall in love💞)

🥀Episode 29🥀



“Oh my gosh! What have I done?” I asked myself as I watched the news report, my mouth wide open.

Cleona Reynolds. Found. Hospital. Serious condition.

Those were the few words I’d been able to pick before turning off the TV and plopping down on a sofa, my phone still in hand. I brought it to my face and watched the video for the umpteenth time that day.

A part of me wanted to believe that the video was edited but another part knew it was true.

I still couldn’t believe that I really did let a guy destroy I and my best friend’s relationship and I took it one step further and got her kidnapped. I placed her in the hands of criminals and psychopaths.

Oh my gosh! I’m such a monster! I put Cleo’s life in danger just to get my sick twisted version of revenge!

What do I do now!? What!?

“I can’t believe this. Damn it!” I groaned, palming myself in the face again.



I awoke with a start. My body felt drained and I felt so weak.

“Where am I? Where am I?” I asked myself as I took note of my surroundings.

“No need to worry. You’re safe, honey and that’s all that matters.” I heard Andre say, placing a peck on my forehead.

“Andre! How did you… Ian! Raphael! We’re not safe. We’re not…”

“Calm down Cleo. They can’t hurt you or anybody else again. They’re in jail, okay? Calm down.”

“Okay. Okay. I’m calm. How did you find me?”

“With a friend’s help, Damian.”

“Damian!? A friend?”

Andre chuckled. “Yes Damian. A friend… Now, you should get some rest. We’ll talk when you wake up.”


“I love you.” He said pecking me on my forehead.

“Love you too, Andre.” I replied, drifting to sleep as he left the room.


A few weeks passed since I was kidnapped and things slowly eased back to normal. Sierra, Ian and Raphael were all arrested and sent to jail for a very long time.

Reyna and Ariadne were also revealed to have been aware of the kidnapping so they were also arrested as accomplices but were only given community service and minor jail terms.

I was still hospital bound but I healed quickly. It was the emotional wounds that was harder to heal. I went back to seeing a psychiatrist due to the incident. I never wanted to but Andre forced me to.

Speaking of Andre, he’s been a blessing. He’s always been there for me and throughout my stay, he made sure that I didn’t want or lack anything.

God, I love him so much!

Anyways, things had been going good until the arrival of the surprise visitor a few days before I was to be discharged.

I’d been talking with Andre as usual when he suddenly got a message on his phone. He glanced at it and took an excuse. I found it strange but thought nothing of it.

I’d been playing a game on my phone while I waited when I heard a knock on the door. Taking it to be Damian, I chuckled and said “Come on in, Dam. It’s not locked.”

“Actually, it’s not Dam.” I heard a vaguely familiar voice say.

I raised my head up to see who it was and to my shock, at the door stood someone who I never thought and hoped to see again…

“What are YOU doing here?!?!?!” I asked venomously…………….

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