Pl@ymy heart Episode 27

(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 27🥀
I exhaled sharply as I watched Cleo disappear round a corner. I sighed sadly where I stood, the box burning a hole in my pocket. I reached in and gr@bb£d it, opening it to displ@ya large diamond ring set on a silver band.
That’d been my surprise. I was about to propose to her. I was going to propose to her. It would happen during her speech and I was sure she would say yes.
Now… I wasn’t so sure anymore.
I wouldn’t want to either if I saw her in the arms of another man. In fact, I hadn’t even want to speak to her after what happened with that prick, c@m£ron and now the very same thing had happened to me… Speaking of which…
I turned around suddenly as though remembering something and I angrily marched away in the direction of my office.
There I met Ariadne sitting in the room, staring out the window as though nothing had happened.
“What was that about!?” I yelled, gr-abbing her wrist.
“Oww! You’re hurting me. Let go!” She whined but I didn’t budge.
“Not until you tell me why you k!$$£d me, and in front of Cleo, no less!?”
She sighed and gro-an ed. “Why are you so angry about that? We all knew it was only a matter of time before you dumped her.”
“What? Why would you say that?”
“Because…you’re a pla-yer, Andre AND if you knew what your girlfriend did, you might not like her so much anymore.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, eyeing her suspiciously.
She snickered and said “Cleo is a who-re and she proved it by slee-ping with her own step dad…not to mention jumping in be-d with every Tom, d!¢k and Harry when in high school and even afterwards. pla-ygirl she says (Scoff), pla-ygirl my foot! Cleo is a slut throu-gh and throu-gh.”
“One, I changed. I changed for Cleo and I wasn’t going to abandon her. Two, Cleo didn’t sleep with her stepfather. He R@p£d and m©l£st£dher. Three, she only sle-pt with Ian because she thought she loved him and that would make him stay. Four, Cleo is one of the honorable woman I know, unlike you, and I doubt she sle-pt with everyone of her conquests and if she did, I wouldn’t judge her for it. Five…how dare you!? I can’t believe you’ve been lying to Cleo all this while. You never forgave her. You only pretended to so you could hurt her the same way she did you.”
“Congrats on figuring that out, Captain Obvious!” She said with a roll of her eyes.
“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t throw you off this building!” I growled leaning in.
“You wouldn’t do that.” She retorted even though her eyes reflected her fear.
“Try me!” I threatened, sm-irking when she gulped.
“But I won’t.” I eventually said, re-leasing my grip on her hand. “Get out and stay away from Cleo and I.”
“With plea-sure!” She glared at me, favoring her wrist as she headed towards the door.
“And Ariadne… I’m s£nding a video to you. You should check it out.”
“Whatever!” She turned and left the room.
I coll@psed into my chair with a sigh and a gro-an . I can’t believe Ariadne. I only hope she sees the error in her ways soon. Hopefully the video I s£nt her will do that.
I wonder where Cleo is right now. Did she go back to the house? Is she packing up right now?
Maybe I’ll should call her… Or no! I shouldn’t do that. She nee-ds time and I’ll give her just that!
In the meantime, I should leave her a message that she can stay at the house tonight. I’ll sleep in my office tonight.
I do that and turn off my phone, plopping it on my table with a sigh as I leaned backwards into my chair. Can my life get any worse?
Early the next morning, I made my way into the house silently. I nee-ded to get a few clothes so I could go to work. I looked around but saw no sign that anyone had come in.
“I guess Cleo had been too tired to clean up. Maybe I should check up on her just in case.” I thought to myself on my way upstairs.
Inwardly, I knew that this was just an excuse to see Cleo’s face but still…
I climbe-d up the stairs and checked Cleo’s room. She wasn’t there. Next I checked my room but she wasn’t there too. I then proceeded to check all the rooms in the house but Cleo was nowhere to be found. And there was no sign that any of the be-ds had been sle-pt in.
Something was definitely going on.
On my way downstairs, I decided to call Kyla. She said Cleo wasn’t with her.
“Why would she be with me? Did you two have an argument?” She’d asked but I could risk explaining so I just told her it was complicated and hung up with only one question in my mind.
“Where the heck is Cleo?”
I was at the beach with my mom and dad. I was six and I was happy. We were happy together. We were laughing until all of a sudden, rain clouds gathered and everywhere bec@m£ dark.
My mom took my hand and beckoned on me to hurry up so we could go. I looked around but my dad was gone. He’d disappeared.
Suddenly I saw myself as a ten year old girl. My mom was going on another trip and even though I really wanted her to stay, I didn’t say anything. She k!$$£d me on my forehead and left.
Day turned to night and I was in my be-d, covered in a blanket as rain fell outside and thun-der and lightening struck. I was trying to sleep but I couldn’t. Then I heard a creak. My door opened and a shadow appeared at the door, slowly ma-king its way towards me. I sh0t up and moved towards a corner, whimpering and shivering.
“plea-se! plea-se! Don’t!” Little me begged but soon my hand was gr@bb£d and I was yanked away from the corner, the shadow soon covering me.
I closed my eyes and opened them to find sixteen year old me walking down the hallway, the center of everyone’s attention and not necessarily the good kind. Everyone was jeering and pointing at me as I walked by, clutching my books to my che-st.
I stumbled into someone and fell on the floor. I glanced up to see dark blue eyes looking at me. Said person glanced at me and bur-st into laughter. Tears pooled in my eyes as I stood up and ran, the laughter echoing in my ear as I did.
I suddenly st©pped as I met the sight of Andre and Ariadne k!ssing. I tried moving and calling out to them to st©p but I couldn’t. I yelled and screamed as I struggled to move but they didn’t hear me.
Soon I felt myself slowly falling into a dark abyss. I tried screaming and calling for help from the people who stood above the abyss but no sound c@m£ out. Instead they were laughing hauntingly, the very sound echoing in my eyes as I kept falling and falling and falling until………………..
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” I awoke with a scream, p@n-ting heavily as I st©pped to look around my surroundings.
“Where the heck am I and why am I tied?” I asked myself but no answer c@m£ forth.
Suddenly I heard a rattling sound like keys as the door was opened and someone walked in. It was dark but the light seeping in from outside was enough for me to see and remember.
“Ian!” I said with a g@sp.
“Glad you remembered me. That’ll mean you’ll remember him as well!”
In walked the son of all bit-ches, ra-phael!
“Y-you!” I said with a g@sp and a shudder, various memories rushing back.
“I take it you still remember!”
“What am I doing here? What do you want? Why aren’t you in prison?” I asked, doing my best to sound br@ve despite how scared I was.
“Well it’s simple, baby girl. We’ve missed you a lot…” ra-phael said, his eyes fl!çk!ng over my expo-sed cle-avageappreciatively, “…plus we also thought we’d get payback!”
“Payback! For what!?”
“Well you have hurt the all of us very de-eply, baby doll.”
“Wha-what do y-you m-mean all of you?” I stuttered, shivering from the look in his eyes.
At that point, someone sauntered in, a sm-irk on her face.
“Well well well! How the mighty have fallen!”
“YOU!!!” I yelled vehemently………………..
T B C 🤨🤨
Ian and ra-phael are back now and they’ve kidnapped Cleo with someone’s help…
Who could that be?
Could Ariadne be on their side as well?
Will Andre find and rescue Cleo on time?