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my s£norita episode 9 & 10

💘😻…… MY

Authoress FG…



[email protected] doesn’t seem to be in a good mood. Did I do something bad to her perhaps. I thought confused.

“Hello s£norita” [email protected] said with a weird smile as she walked to me.

“Hi [email protected], come have breakfast with us. You don’t mind right?” I asked with a smile and she sat down.

“Oh delicious, you’re such a great cook s£norita maybe that’s why Angelo is so used you” She mumbled as she began to eat and Angelo [email protected]£ back to his chair.

“How’s your preparation on your blind [email protected]£s?” Angelo asked with his face on his meal.

“I don’t know but all thanks to you I have to go to one. You’re not going to the office today?” [email protected] asked looking at Angelo.

“Are you that upset? Today is Saturday for goodness sake. I might be a workaholic but I know when it’s time to rest and by the way why are you still upset with me?” Angelo asked and I stood up.

“I will give you two some space. Excuse me” I cut in and went into the be-droom then locked the door.

“It would have been super awkward if I stayed there any longer” I [email protected] out and sat on the be-d.

Angelo dropped this phone for me yesterday, I was so sleepy last night that I couldn’t go throu-gh it. I uttered in my mind as I picked the phone from the mirror table.

“It’s beautiful” I muttered out as I switched the phone on.

[email protected]’S POV

“What do you mean Angelo?” I asked looking at him and he dropped his chopsticks.

“I have no idea why you’re still upset with me, in the past if we had an argument the next day we’re all good like nothing happened so why are you trying to make this a big deal” Angelo whined.

“Angelo we’ve been friends for so long and you stood me up for s£norita, one of your one night stand” I protested and he looked at me tiredly.

“Yes we’ve been friends for so long but doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to change my mind on certain decisions and again, s£norita isn’t any of my one night stands okay. I haven’t t©uçhed her not even once” Angelo explained and my eyes went wi-de open.

“If you haven’t made out with her then what’s she doing in your house because she doesn’t look like a house help, she’s too pretty for that” I confessed and Angelo smiled.

“It’s a long story so I will just cut it short, I’m now her guardian and it’s my duty to look after her not matter what. How sure are you, your parents would have changed their minds about forcing you on a blind [email protected]£ if I stood for you” He said and scoffed.

“They would have totally fall for it, they desperately wanted us to be together” I uttered.

“That’s impossible, why would they want such a thing when we’re not even a match” Angelo scoffed and I felt a bit offended with his s£ntence.

“Everyone keeps saying we’re a perfect match but why do you think we’re not close to perfect match? What’s so wrong about me” I whined seriously and stared at me confused about my reaction.

[email protected] relax okay, I didn’t mean it that way so can you st©p sounding like we’re some kind of lovers and remember what you said to me when we were in highschool?” Angelo reminded.

FLASHBACK*** “Angelo you are not allowed to see me as a woman, you have to treat me like your fellow buddy. When I realize you have some silly feelings for me then it’s going to be busted, we’re not a perfect match and we’re not anything close to that” I said seriously looking away.

“Why are you lashing it out on me? I was only repeating what our [email protected] have been saying”. Angelo stuttered.

“And I was only reminding you so you don’t start putting much thought into what they’re saying” I said bluntly.***FLASHBACK ENDS.

“You once said so and now you’re complaining. [email protected] we’re buddies, you shouldn’t be offended to hear that” Angelo said sarcastically and I kicked him.

“Why do you have to live a simple life without thinking much about things” I shouted jovially as I held him ti-ght by the n£¢k.

“If I start thinking much about things, I wouldn’t be me anymore so you should be thankful I’m this way” He said smiling and the door bell rang.

“You have a visitor” I [email protected] and re-leased Angelo from my grip then he head to the door.

“You!” Angelo shouted obviously frustrated as he opened the door.

“Hi Angelo!” Drake greeted jovially and [email protected]£ inside.

“Drake what are you doing here?” Angelo asked seriously.

“Hi [email protected], you’re here too” Drake said as he walked to the sitting room.

“Drake why are you here?” I asked curiously as I walked to him.

“Drake I thought we’re done with the project and don’t you think it’s too early to come visiting” Angelo shouted and Drake sat down.

“Why are you so upset to see me? I thought we’ve become brothers or should I say brother in law” Drake said smiling.

“Shut your tra-p and tell me what you want so you can leave, I don’t accept visitors on weekends” Angelo protested.

“What’s going on here? Drake I thought you used to find Angelo annoying so why the sudden friendly attitude?”I asked a bit confused.

“They said true friends grow from enemies so there’s nothing wrong with my sudden change. Angelo what are you having for breakfast?” Drake asked curiously looking around and Angelo ruffled his hair in frustration.

“Leave my house, I’m not in the mood for this. [email protected] you were about to leave right? Can you plea-se take Drake along with you. The both of you are planning on ruining my weekend” Angelo gro-an ed and I sat down.

“Do you have other plans for this weekend? What’s so wrong with having friends around during the weekend” I said with a smile.

“Where’s your sister s£norita? I can’t find her around” Drake cut in looking around.

“She’s not home, why are you asking for her?” Angelo asked seriously.

“What are you saying Angelo, s£norita is in her room but what do you mean by sister?” I asked curiously.

“s£norita is Angelo’s little sister” Drake [email protected] and I chuckled.

“s£norita isn’t my sister” Angelo clarified and Drake walked closer to him.

“Now I see the reason why you’re been so over protective of her but hopefully it’s not what I’m thinking” Drake said seriously as they exchanged glares.

“s£norita!” I called out and they both stared at me.

“Is there something you’re not telling me or we can leave that for some other time” I ch!pped in and Angelo sat down.

“s£norita good morning” Drake greeted softly as s£norita [email protected]£ out of the room.

“Hi Drake, what brings you here?” s£norita asked politely.

“I couldn’t spend the weekend alone so I decided to come spend it with you and of course Angelo” Drake said smiling.

“You’re not invited” Angelo said seriously as he rolled his eyes.
s£norita tried to take a step but she missed a step and held the door for support.

“s£norita are you okay?” Angelo and I asked curiously.

“I’m fine, excuse me for a minute plea-se” She said with a smile and went back into the be-droom.

“Angelo do you think everything is okay? Looks like she’s having an headache” Drake cut in concerned.

This is the first time I’m seeing him this concerned.

“I will go check up on her” Angelo [email protected] and went into his be-droom.


I walked into the room but s£norita wasn’t there, she was in the bathroom.

“s£norita are you okay?” I asked curiously as I knocked on the door and she [email protected]£ out wiping herl-ips with the back of her palm.

“You look weak, are you sure you’re fine?” I asked curiously as I helped her to the be-d.

“Angelo I think I’m pregnant” She [email protected] and I got shocked to the bone.

“You’re what?”

“Do you even know what you’re talking about?” I asked [email protected] and she nodded with her face on the ground.

“What?” I shouted in shock staring at her.

💘😻……. MY

Authoress FG….



Angelo held his [email protected]!st with his left hand and his other hand at his head as he tried to process everything s£norita said.

“But s£norita do you even know what pregnancy is?” Angelo asked curiously.

“A growing human inside of you right?” s£norita asked looking at Angelo and he sat down on the be-d.

“How the hell did that happen? Did you sleep with anyone? But you’ve only been a human for a few days or did you sleep with a fellow bird when you were a bird?” Angelo asked curiously.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about but I’m having the symptoms of a pregnant woman” s£norita [email protected] and Angelo ruffled his hair.

“We shouldn’t just sit here and jump to conclusions, let’s just go to the hospital, we have technology now so what’s there to be scared of” Angelo uttered with a nervous smile.

Symptoms of a pregnant woman? She has never been pregnant before so how does she know the symptoms. I shouldn’t ask her a question like that, she’s too intelligent to be asked such a question but I really hope she’s not pregnant. Angelo thought and stood up.

“We’re heading to the hospital right now?” s£norita asked curiously.

“Yeah, we need to go to the hospital and confirm this. It will be ridiculous if we just rely on your suspicions” Angelo said and s£norita stood up from the be-d.

“s£norita how do you feel right now” Angelo asked curiously.

“I feel uncomfortable, I feel like my belly isn’t been its real self” s£norita whined and they went out to the sitting room.

“s£norita is everything okay?” Drake asked curiously as he walked to her and she held her stomach.

“I’m pregnant” s£norita announced and Drake glared at Angelo with grimace.

“You’re what?” [email protected] screamed in shock.

“s£norita I thought we agreed on going to the hospital, you didn’t have to announce it when we’re not even sure yet” Angelo said slowly and Drake [email protected]£d him by the collar.

“How can you be so careless and such a flir-t? How dare you pregnant her? She’s same age with your kid sister” Drake barked and Angelo j£rked him off.

“What do you mean? You can see how my weekend turned out so can you leave now so I can take s£norita to the hospital to confirm this news” Angelo said seriously.

“Angelo how did this happen? You used to be so careful when it comes to things or mistakes like this so what happened?” [email protected] asked feeling so hurt by the news.

“Angelo isn’t….” s£norita uttered and Angelo cut in swiftly.

“Nob©dy is perfect and I have sincere feelings for her so there’s nothing to be scared. s£norita didn’t mean to blurt it out like that until we confirmed the news” Angelo explained and s£norita stared at him confused.

“Why do I have the feeling you’ve never t©uçhed s£norita before, are you trying to cover up something. We all know you don’t go for one girl twice so what changed” Drake asked staring at Angelo suspiciously.

“Let’s go to the hospital, I don’t have time for this” Angelo covered up as he held s£norita’s hand and they head for the door.

“Angelo if this news happens to be true, I will really lose my mind” [email protected] forewarned and went out.

“Same here so let’s get going” Drake said and went out.

“Why are the both of you coming with us, this is a family issue” Angelo gro-an ed as he went out with s£norita then locked the door.

“Angelo since when did we st©p being a family, are you trying to kick us out of this misun-derstanding because there’s definitely a misun-derstanding” [email protected] blurted and we all went into the elevator.

Everyone kept mute, no one uttered a word. They [email protected]£ out of the elevator.

“What are you doing?” Angelo asked frustratedly as they all followed him to his car.

“We can’t go with our personal cars, what if you trick us into going somewhere else. We can only trust you if we tag along in your car, let’s get in [email protected]” Drake cut in swiftly.

“Drake why are you acting like you’re my brother-in-law or something, we’re not even that close to begin with so why are you being so nosy” Angelo uttered frustratedly.

“Let’s get going Angelo” s£norita reminded as he stood outside frustratedly.

I have no idea why I’m going throu-gh this, what if we get to the hospital and the doctor says she’s pregnant then what? I’m not re-ady to shoulder the responsibilities of some j£rk’s child. He should come take care of his responsibilities. Angelo thought with a frown as he got into the car then drove off.

Everyone looks so distressed about this, Angelo doesn’t seem to be happy about that either. I thought this used to be a great news to those on the TV. Am I sure I’m pregnant? But I’ve been feeling weird since last night, I have an headache, I feel feverish and I have an abd0m£n pain and what again, I feel itchy in my tummy. s£norita [email protected] in her mind as she held her stomach.

“Angelo when we get to a supermarket, plea-se can you get me something delicious” s£norita requested and Angelo smiled.

“I can only get snacks at the supermarket, you don’t mind having junkies right?” Angelo asked with his eyes on the road.

“Exactly what I feel like having” s£norita smiled.

Angelo saw a supermarket along the road so he st©pped by.

[email protected] can you help me with the shopping?” Angelo asked with a smile.

“Of course, let’s go” [email protected] uttered.

“Can I come along?” s£norita asked cutely and Angelo stared at her.

“Don’t worry yourself out. [email protected] will do” Angelo said and [email protected]£ down from the car with [email protected]

They head into the supermarket, Angelo picked so many junkies.

[email protected] can you help me go look around at the other side” Angelo requested.

“Sure” [email protected] said and Angelo ran to the cashier.

“plea-se can you make it snappy?” Angelo requested looking out for [email protected] and swiftly the cashier was done then Angelo ran out of the supermarket to the car.

“Where’s [email protected]?” Drake asked curiously as Angelo entered his car.

“She will be out in a minute. Drake can you help me with something in my booth” Angelo requested.

“Okay” Drake uttered and went out. Swiftly Angelo drove off in a hurry.

“Angelo!” [email protected] and Drake shouted.

“Gelo why did you do that?” s£norita asked a bit confused.

“What did you just call me?” Angelo asked with a smile.

“Gelo” s£norita said slowly and Angelo smiled wi-dely.

“That’s the first time, someone’s calling me in such a lovely way. s£norita don’t worry okay, I’ll take you to the hospital and you will be fine” Angelo uttered smiling.

Angelo drove to the hospital and they head to Angelo’s personal doc’s office.

“Doc, do you think she’s pregnant?” Angelo asked curiously.

“And why would you come up with such a conclusion?” Doctor asked with a smile.

“I don’t quite get you doc. What do you mean?” Angelo asked curiously.

“According to the physical test, I did on her just now. She’s not pregnant” The doctor said and Angelo stood up from where he was sitting.

“Doc so s£norita isn’t pregnant?” Angelo asked again to be sure.

“Yes she’s not pregnant” The doctor said smiling.

“If I’m not pregnant doc then why am I having such uncomfortable symptoms?” s£norita asked curiously.

“Exactly doc” Angelo questioned.

“Is this your first time?” Doc asked staring at s£norita.

“First time?” s£norita and Angelo asked curiously.

“You were having menstrual cramps, those are the symptoms of your menstrual cycle” Doc explained and Angelo felt so relieved.

“Angelo what are menstrual cycle and cramps?” s£norita whispered in Angelo’s ears as she stood up.

“I will explain that to you later but for now, let’s get going” Angelo whispered feeling so awkward.

“Thank you doctor” Angelo said with a smile and s£norita head to the door but her dress got stained alre-ady.

Oh my goodness, is that blood? Angelo [email protected] in his head in shock.

“Doc plea-se do you have sanitary pads” Angelo whispered feeling so [email protected]

“Angelo come on, I’m a man for goodness sake” the doctor mumbled as he chuckled.

“Go take care of her” Doc advised and Angelo nodded.

“s£norita don’t go out yet” Angelo shouted and ran to her then re-moved his jacket and tied it on her [email protected]!st.

“Gelo” s£norita called not getting what he was doing.

“We can go now but you have to keep the jacket on” Angelo instructed and opened the door.

How on earth do I get her a sanitary pad, oh my goodness this so awkward. Angelo thought and ruffled his hair in frustration as they got to his car.

“Angelo what’s menstrual cycle and cramps?” s£norita asked curiously ma-king it more awkward.

“You’re becoming a human. Menstrual cycle are what women go throu-gh every month, they re-lease blood fluid and that’s what you’re going throu-gh right now and that’s why you got stained so I have to go get you a ….” Angelo uttered and pursed as he felt more [email protected]

“I will right back” Angelo [email protected] out and ran to the convenience store across the hospital.

How do I do this? I heard this only happens in movies. This is the moment where I need [email protected] Angelo thought almost in tears as he stood next to sanitary pads shelf.

😂😂😂 Angelo good luck with that..

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