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my s£norita episode 11 & 12


Authoress FG…




s£norita walked to the sitting room with her full concentration on her phone, she acted like I wasn’t even there.

“Hmm….” I fidgeted staring at her but she kept mute.

I stood up and kicked my leg at the couch and winced in pretence.

“Ouch!” I shouted and sat down, s£norita didn’t even give me a glance. Her concentration was still on her phone.

“s£norita!” I pouted and she gave me an half smile.

“I saw all that so can you go ahead and tell me what you want I’m really busy right now” s£norita uttered as she kept her phone aside.

“Why are you sounding so polite? What could be more important than me” I asked faking to be upset.

“I have to earn money for my monthly bills remember” She muttered and went back to her phone.

FLASHBACK*** Days after the pregnancy incident months ago.

“s£norita you’re a very smart girl, you know that right” I said and she nodded.

“It would be a waste to have such a great talent like yours and still don’t do anything about it so what do you plan on doing with your future? It doesn’t look like you will be turning into a bird anytime soon” I uttered looking away.

“I can do anything so what do you want me to do?” She asked and I smiled.

“You have to start earning a living s£norita, you can’t keep on living off me. I’m not trying to be petty, I just don’t want you to always feel like you’re sponging off me. You can live in my house but you have to pay monthly bills. Go throu-gh the internet, I’m pretty sure you would find a job that will suit your status and taste” I explained and she nodded.

“Alright Angelo” She said politely.

“Why are you no longer calling me Gelo?” I asked curiously and she smiled.

“You’re now my boss and I can’t abbreviate my boss’s name” She smiled and left the sitting room. *** FLASHBACK ENDS.

Her last statement hurt my feelings a little bit. I thought.

“OK fine, you’ve been earning a living but you haven’t told me what kind of job you do. You’re always on your phone, don’t tell me you’re a fraudster” I asked staring at her and she smiled.

Her smile is the only expression I haven’t learnt what it means. Did she smile because my question was ridiculous or my question was an interesting one. I [email protected] in my head confused.

“Don’t worry I don’t sell my b©dy to earn money” She said sarcastically.

“Then what do you do exactly?” I asked curiously because the suspense is killing me.

“Why do you care so much? I pay my monthly bills don’t I?” She asked and I scoffed.

“Of course I care, I’m your guardian remember. I have to make sure you’re always safe, how do you expect me to believe that you’re not doing anything dangerous” I nagged and she rolled her eyes.

“I’m a relationsh!pthera-pist and a counselor, I go on blind [email protected]£s as well to comfort people” She explained with her eyes on her phone.

“How can you be a relationsh!pthera-pist when you haven’t been in one” I laughed and she frowned.

“I told you what my job is and now you’re laughing at me” She frowned and stood up from where she was sitting.

“I’m sorry but is it really necessary for you to go on blind [email protected]£s? Most men don’t know what they go after as long as she’s putting on a Sk-irt” I said bluntly and she chuckled.

“Exactly and you’re no exception” She scoffed and went inside the room.

“What! s£norita what’s that supposed to mean? Why do I have the feeling you’re upset with me” I [email protected] as I followed her into the room.

“Guilty conscience” She uttered.

“I don’t remember doing anything to upset you” I hinted.

“Whatever. Can you plea-se go out, I want to change” She said politely.

Whatever? What does she mean by that? She definitely sounds upset that’s why she has been giving me cold-shoulders lately but what did I do to offend her? I uttered in my mind as I went out of the room.

“s£norita I’m sorry, I’m late” I apologized as I rushed back home.

“Did you really go out for a business trip or that was just an excuse?” s£norita asked with a blank expression.

“Yeah but why are you asking?” I asked staring at the dishes on the dinning table.

“I spent four hours preparing dinner for us. If you were going to be home late you would have just messaged me than giving false hope that you will be back soon” She said coldly.

“s£norita I’m sorry okay. You would have told me you were preparing dinner? I lost track of time” I explained and she stood up.

“This was supposed to be a surprise because I got paid today but it’s a waste now. I shouldn’t have bothered” She uttered coldly and went to the balcony without waiting for my response. *** FLASHBACK ENDS.

“She didn’t probably see me k!ss!ngAngelo outside the house that day right” I whispered then I went to the refrigerator.

I took out a bottle of water then s£norita [email protected]£ out of the be-droom.

“You’re looking so beautiful. Are you heading somewhere?” I asked with a smile.

“I’m going on a blind [email protected]£ so I won’t be coming back home early, don’t stay up late” She said calmly.

“You’re going on a blind [email protected]£? Your [email protected]£s are becoming a bit too much. You’re only 22, how can you make blind [email protected]£s something normal and usual” I nagged.

“It’s my job to give listening ears to my clients and I don’t just go there to sit and enjoy the view, I get paid for every minute I sit there” She explained staring at me.

“Are you meeting up with a male or female” I asked looking away.

“It’s one of my business policies, I don’t dispose the gender of my clients to anyone so bye” s£norita said swiftly and ran out.

“She’s definitely meeting up with a man, else why would she be running out of the house” I [email protected] out and placed the bottle of water back to the refrigerator then went into my room.

I’m your guardian so it’s only right, I know what you’ve been up to. I thought and swiftly put on my jacket then head of the house.

My phone started ringing, it’s a call from Drake.

“Why’s he calling me? I really don’t have time for this” I muttered out and ignored the call.

The phone kept on ringing multi-ple of times asi got into the elevator.

“Drake you plea-se st©p disrupting me. What do you have to say that’s so important” I uttered frustratedly and took the call.

“Mr Drake what the hell do you want? You can see I’m very busy right now” I said seriously over the phone.

“I’m outside your building, I saw s£norita getting into a very flashy car and she looked well dressed” Drake said and I wi-de-ned my eyes.

“Are they gone alre-ady?” I asked curiously.

“They’re about to…. Oh they’re leaving now” Drake shouted and the elevator opened as I got to the first floor.

“I will be with you in a minute, don’t lose track of them” I said swiftly as I ran of the entrance door then I saw Drake’s car across the road.

“Let’s go after them” I said seriously as I got into his car and he drove off.

“Why would you even think of letting s£norita go on a blind [email protected]£ with someone? How can you be so helpless in a time like this” Drake scolded and I glared at him.

“Why are you scolding me, it’s not like I can f0rç£ her to stay at home. Why are you here by the way?” I asked and he looked away.

“Why are you quiet?”I asked seriously.

“Why else do you think I would come to your house, of course I [email protected]£ to visit s£norita. I have no idea what she did to me but she has captured my fragile heart” Drake said softly with a smile and I frowned.

“You’ve lost your mind and how can you be so cheesy. What’s with those lines? You would never get a chance with s£norita so st©p thinking about it” I said seriously feeling a bit jealous.

“I should be saying that to you instead, you’ve been living together for the past one month now and you still haven’t done nothing. You can’t blame me for having feelings for pretty s£norita” Drake said laughing.

“pu-ll over, they st©pped at that restaurant” I shouted and he pu-ll-ed over across the fancy restaurant.

“s£norita sure do have certain taste in guys” Drake uttered with a smile as we [email protected]£ out of the car.

“Why do I find your words annoying? Can you plea-se st©p talking” I gro-an ed and went into the restaurant.

s£norita and a fine looking guy sat at a pri-vate table.

“What happened?” Drake asked in a whisper as we sat in a table a bit far from theirs.

s£norita ca-ressed the guy’s hair and he held her other hand ma-king a puppy eyes.

“Such a per-vert” Drake and I said angrily as we stood up about to head to their table and Angela called me from behind.

If s£norita really sees us together, she will feel even more upset with me. What to do what to do? I thought as I covered my face with my palms. Suddenly an idea [email protected]£ on my head.

I ran into Drake’s arm, giving him a ti-ght hvg.
He tried to j£rk me off but I held on ti-ghtly.

“Angelo let go of me”He shouted feeling so [email protected]


Authoress FG….



“Hope you’re a very good man and you should never forget that” I advised as I ca-ressed his hair and he wiped his tears off.

“Let go of me” someone shouted and I turned around.

“Drake!” I called out in surprise as I stood up.

“s£norita” Drake uttered with a silly smile and Angelo turned around.

“Angelo!” I called out.

“s£norita, what a coincidence”Angelo said smiling.

What are they doing here? Why do I feel like this isn’t a some kind of coincidence. Why are they here, they didn’t possibly followed me all the way here. I thought staring at the both of them.

“s£norita you know them?” Hope asked curiously.

I can’t let my clients know my real personality or connection. I thought.

“Yeah, they’re my clients. They needed counseling for their unrequited love but now they’ve [email protected]£ their challenges all thanks to my counseling so Hope you have to trust yourself” I lied, Drake and Angelo stared at each other in grimace.

“Wow, you’re so amazing Lady S. I would really love to listen to their own [email protected] of the story, if they don’t mind” Hope uttered excitedly and an Angelo nodded in disagreement.

“It wouldn’t be necessary Mr. She’s the best and don’t fail to abide by her advice and again no physical contacts plea-se” Angelo said with a smile.

“Let’s go baby” Angelo said to Drake as he held his hand and he frowned.

This is going to be fun. I [email protected] in my head and a smile appeared on my face.

“Come on Drake, don’t leave yet. Hope you want to also the sweetness of this beautiful couples right” I smiled and Angelo stepped on Drake’s toes.

“Drake plea-se can you stay, let’s have coffee together” Hope insisted.

“Angelo!” A young lady called as she walked to us.

She’s the girl of the other day. What’s she doing here? I can’t believe Angelo [email protected]£ out just to meet her. What was I even thinking, what was I expecting? A per-vert will never cease from been one. I thought and glared at her.

“Angela, what are you doing here?” Angelo asked with a silly smile.

You still got the nerve to smile at her. I thought seriously.

“I dropped by after seeing you come in here, I have no idea you had a company” She said smiling wi-dely.

“Oh I see” Angelo said softly and Hope’s phone started ringing.

“Excuse me, I need to take this call” He said and went out.

“Angelo you’re been rude, you should introduce us don’t you think?” I asked seriously glaring at her.

“Sorry my bad. s£norita meet my business [email protected] Angela. Angela meet s£norita my friend and Drake” Angelo said slowly.

Business [email protected] or one of one night stand girls. I [email protected] in my head seriously.

“Nice to meet you s£norita and I crossed path with Drake some time ago at the company” Angela said with a smile.

“Yeah” Drake affirmed.

“Too bad I’m having a business meeting with my client, I would have invited you to have dinner with us” I said politely and Hope [email protected]£ back to our table.

“Lady S can I have a word with you plea-se” He requested and I walked with him to the other side.

“Hope everything is ok right” I asked curiously.

“Thank you so much Lady S. I got a call from my betterhalf and I took out your instructions. She has agreed to get back with me” He announced and I smiled.

“That’s great news, I’m so happy for you Hope” I said with a smile.

“Thank you so much Lady S. I will make sure to repay you greatly” Hope said excitedly and gave me a hvg.

“Excuse me” Angelo said seriously as he broke our hvg.

“Mr Angelo is everything okay?” Hope asked a bit confused.

“Nothing really, I just wanted to speak with Lady S for a second” Angelo said with a half smile.

“Oh okay. Lady S I will take my leave now, she’s waiting for me at home. Thank you so much” Hope said feeling so grateful.

“You’re welcome, you can go ahead” I said softly and he left.

“s£norita you told me, you don’t sell your b©dy to make money but what was that” Angelo asked seriously.

“What was what? Do I look like I sell my b©dy to earn a living so why are you been so dramatic” I blurted and he walked closer to me.

“You have to st©p the line of business, I don’t have a good feeling about it. You were publicly hvgging your client, does that ring any bell to you” He nagged.

“He just hvgged me, it wasn’t an inti-mate one if that’s what you were implying. I’m a counselor and it’s my job to be friendly to my clients so can you st©p nagging” I uttered and he held my hand.

“You’re very smart but how can you be so naive at the same time, like I said to you before not all men have good intentions so st©p having physical contacts with your male clients” He advised and I chuckled.

“Are you that worried for me?” I asked with a smile.

“Of course I’m worried, going on blind [email protected]£s with certain [email protected] and caliber of men really doesn’t feel right and that’s why I’m against this job. s£norita you have quit this job” Angelo said seriously and I j£rked his hands off.

“You advised me to go earn a living and now I’m doing that, you want me to quit. Are you been serious like right now Angelo?” I asked seriously.

“I can take care of the both of us so quit your job. I prefer the simple and innocent s£norita” He said and looked straight into his eyes.

“I’m no longer the innocent birdie you rescued so tell me what are my to you? What are my to you for you to shoulder both our responsibilities” I asked seriously.

“I’m your guardian so of course you’re like a sister to me” He said in a low tone and I felt a pain at my palm.

“s£norita is everything okay? Why’s your palm pleading?” Angelo asked curiously and I opened my palms.

My left palm was bleeding because I lost another feather. The feather was covered with my blood.

“You lost a feather again” Angelo [email protected] in shock as he held my hand.

“It’s probably no big deal” I uttered and j£rked his hands off.

Why do I keep losing feathers? Something doesn’t feel right. I muttered in my mind.

“Why would you say this isn’t a big deal? You’re bleeding for goodness sake. The feather you lost a month ago didn’t make you bleed so there’s definitely something wrong” Angelo muttered as he held my hand again, staring at my bleeding hand.

This is trying to tell me something but what is it exactly? I lost a feather a month ago in a middle of an argument and I lost consciousness but why did I feel pain this time around. Does this mean I’m missing out a hvge detail about my life? I thought confused staring at an empty space.

“s£norita invincible feathers keeps appearing on your palm, don’t you think we look into that first” Angelo suggested and I stared at him.

What if it’s something serious? I [email protected] in my head.

“Don’t worry I will take care of this. You should go attend to your business [email protected], she probably needs you right now than I do so I will get going now” I said about to walk away but he held my hand.

“s£norita” He called and I turned around.

“You have to quit your job, you must quit your job” Angelo said seriously and I j£rked my hands off then walked to the table Drake was.

I picked my purse and brushed Angela’s shoulders then walked away.

I should go look into my reason for existence first. This is no longer funny. I [email protected] in my head and went out of the restaurant.

s£norita you might as well need help from Angelo 😩

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