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my s£norita episode 7 & 8


Authoress FG…



Drake stared at me uncontrollably as I watched TV.

“Do you need anything? I feel uncomfortable with your stare” I uttered looking at him.

“Why are you uncomfortable? You can’t blame me for appreciating God’s creature. You’re beautiful s£norita” Drake said slowly and I glared at him.

What is he trying to imply here? I thought.

“Thank you for the compliment but can you look away, you’re ma-king it awkward” I [email protected] and he moved to where I was sitting.

“Now it feels like I’m not alone. Don’t mind me, you can watch your movie. Act like I’m not here” He said softly staring at me.

“How can I act like you’re not here when you can’t get your eyes off me” I fired and stood up to move to the other sofa but I almost tripped, Drake [email protected]£d me by the [email protected]!st so I wouldn’t fall and Angelo barged in.

“How dare you?” Angelo shouted and bounced on Drake then gave him a punch.

“How dare you [email protected] filthy hands on my s£norita?” Angelo squawked as he tried so [email protected] not to punch him again.

“She tr!pp£dand I caught her so she doesn’t fall but what’s with all the fury?” Drake asked holding his cheeks.

“What are you doing in my house? I thought we agreed to discuss about work at the office so what are you doing here?” Angelo asked seriously.

“We’re colleagues and [email protected] at work so what’s with the formalities, I don’t see anything wrong with discussing about work at home” Drake said sarcastically then sat down.

“If you wanted that, you would have invited me over to your house not the other way round. I didn’t agree for this” Angelo rebuked and I sat down gently.

“Thank goodness, I didn’t come without telling you. I told you I would be coming tonight so you can’t blame me for your amnesia. Will you be taking long on your [email protected]£?” Drake asked with a smile and I looked at Angelo.

“Angelo you were going on a [email protected]£?” I asked curiously and he looked at Drake.

“What’s that supposed to mean Drake? Why are you being nosy?” Angelo asked seriously and Drake laughed.

“Relax bro, why are you feeling guilty. s£norita is your little sister and she wouldn’t mind seeing her brother go on [email protected]£s so relax” Drake said smiling.

Why do I feel like he’s trying to sneer Angelo. I thought staring at Angelo.

“I wasn’t going anywhere. I just went out for a walk” Angelo cut in swiftly taking off his jacket.

“Went out for a walk with an outfit like that? Did you go out to walk on a red carpet” Drake sneered and Angelo glared at him.

“What’s wrong with my outfit? I always dress this way so can you st©p being nosy and concentrate on what brou-ght you here” Angelo said seriously and brou-ght out his [email protected]©p from un-der the table.

“What are your ideas? Looks like we will be putting everything together tonight” Angelo uttered as he fli-pped his [email protected]©p open but his phone started ringing.

“What’s wrong, can’t take your call? Your [email protected]£ is probably waiting for you. You’re not planning on keeping her there all night right” Drake muttered without even looking and Angelo switched off his phone.

“It’s not an important call, we can go ahead with our discussion so where were we?” Angelo asked but his eyes was still on his phone.

“Are you sure that’s not an important call? Angelo if it’s important you can go, you don’t have to stay up for this. I can handle this” I said and he looked at Drake.

“I can’t go out, leaving you with a stranger at home and it doesn’t seem like Drake will be leaving anytime soon so let’s just get this over and done with” Angelo said politely with his eyes in his [email protected]©p.

[email protected]’S POV

Angelo why are you not picking up? You can’t just run away at the last minute. We talked about this. I [email protected] in my head frustratedly as I tried calling him again but it wasn’t reaching.

[email protected] how can you trust your future with a guy who couldn’t even make it for your dinner? Angelo isn’t the one for you” Dad said seriously.

“He’s probably busy that’s why he couldn’t make it. He [email protected]£ here but an emergency [email protected]£ up so he had to go attend to it” I covered up.

[email protected], you and Angelo grew up together so I don’t think even an emergency of his mother been on a sick be-d will make him keep you waiting like this. Angelo doesn’t love you” Mum uttered and I ruffled my hair.

“OK fine what do you want me to do, I spoke to him like you instructed and he agreed on coming for dinner but an emergency [email protected]£ up and he left. What do you want me to say to you” I mumbled seriously.

“If this was your wedding so he would ditch you at the altar because of an emergency. [email protected] I thought I brou-ght up an intelligent daughter, what do you even see in Angelo?” Dad said.

“Dad, Mum to be honest with you, I’m not in a relationsh!pwith Angelo. We’re just best friends and I have no idea who told you Angelo and I had a thing” I blurted out and they flung their mouth open.

“For a moment I felt like I was on t©p of the world because I thought my daughter had one of the most handsome men in her possession and now this? What’s wrong with you [email protected]” Dad scolded.

“Dad what do you mean? I’m perfectly fine there’s nothing wrong with me” I argued and Mum hit my forehead.

“You couldn’t even win him over for so many years. You’ve been together for 16 good years and you didn’t even fall for him. Is your heart made of stone or Rock? You couldn’t even make him fall for you” Mum shouted as she stood up.

“What are you implying Mum? Why would I fall for my best friend, we’re just best friends and that’s it so plea-se get those thoughts off your head” I protested and Dad hit the table [email protected]

“You had such a handsome young man who has a good job and [email protected]£ from a well to do family, yet you couldn’t even make him your man. [email protected] you’re getting married this year and that’s final” Dad shouted.

“Why are you so upset and Angelo isn’t that much of a good guy so why the grudges? And dad you can’t just f0rç£ me to get married when I haven’t even made up my mind about that” I protested and Mum glared at me.

“Your dad have set up so many blind [email protected]£s for you so get re-ady to meet guys who’re re-ady to get married. Silly girl” Mum said seriously and picked her hand bag.

“What! Dad I’m totally against it. I hate blind [email protected]£s and there’s no way I would end up going to one” I rebuked and Mum hissed.

[email protected] do you want to dare me?” Dad uttered seriously.

“But dad….”

“Your mum will s£nd you the ph0tos and addresses where you meet your [email protected]£s and don’t be late. Let’s go honey” Dad [email protected] and stood up.

“Wait for my call” Mum said sarcastically and they left.

“$h!t!” I shouted and kicked the table.

“Angelo you will pay for this” I gro-an ed and gulped down a full [email protected] of water.

[email protected]! [email protected]!” Angelo called as he ran inside.

[email protected] I’m sorry I’m late, I got hooked up in something. Where are your parents?” Angelo asked curiously as he ran to me and I glared at him.

“All thanks to you I blew it all up and now I will be f0rç£d to go on blind [email protected]£s from now on. Happy now?” I uttered coldly and he held my hand.

“I’m sorry, Drake [email protected]£ to my place and I couldn’t just ditch him when s£norita was there. He’s such a per-vert I couldn’t leave him alone with her” He explained and I stared at him.

“s£norita? The young girl of the other night? How could you abandon your friend for a stranger?” I asked slowly and j£rked his hands off.

“And that’s why I said I’m sorry” He said calmly.

“You would have given me some other excuse but not this one. Angelo we’ve been friends for 16 years for goodness sake. In fact get out of my sight” I muttered and picked up my purse then walked away.

[email protected] I’m sorry” He apologized running after me.

“Don’t follow me” I [email protected] and walked to my car.


Authoress FG…



[email protected] got into her car then drove off angrily.

[email protected] I’m sorry okay. Drake is to be blamed for this, why’s he trying to put me in a ti-ght corner” Angelo gro-an ed as he watched [email protected] drove off.

I guess I should go do what I’m good at doing. Angelo thought and walked to his car then drove off to one of his usual clubhouse.

“Angelo, you look a bit down today. Did something happen today” Jessica one of Angelo’s admirers asked as she sat down with Angelo for a drink.

“Are you bored?” Angelo asked coldly as he gulped down one sh0t of whiskey.

“I’m not but looks like you need a company. Angelo I heard you got yourself a permanent girlfriend, that didn’t sound right at first but you haven’t been around lately” Jessica said softly feeling a bit jealous and Angelo placed his palm on hers then gave her a pe-ck at the back of her palm.

“Jessica what do you want?” Angelo asked s£dûçt!velyand she hesitated before speaking.

“What do you mean Angelo” She stuttered.

“I know you’ve always had a crush on me, I’m being nice right now so tell me what you want” Angelo said bluntly.

“Angelo I want you” Jessica [email protected] [email protected] and Angelo smiled.

“I can’t be your b©yfri£nd, you know [email protected]!ngisn’t my thing so what do you want to do with me?” Angelo asked with a smile then gulp down another sh0t.

“The question should be what do you want to do with me” Jessica said slowly as she bites herl-ips staring at Angelo in a s£dûçt!veway.

“Tell me it’s not what I’m thinking?” Angelo smiled.

“It’s exactly what you’re thinking. Having to share a be-d with you would be a dream come true, it doesn’t matter if you don’t go out with me” Jessica said softly and stood up as she dragged Angelo with her.

“I don’t appreciate such moments in the washroom, I’ve got a better place” Angelo whispered in her ears and they went out of the clubhouse.

I can’t take Jessica to my place, s£norita might have fallen asleep I wouldn’t want to wake her up but why am I thinking of her in my situation right now. I thought and waved the thought out of my head.

I drove Jessica to a five star h0tel.

“A room plea-se” Angelo uttered to the receptionist as he gave her his ATM card.

“For how many nights sir?” The receptionist asked and Angelo smiled.

“For one night, thank you” I said.

“Here’s your room card and thank you for patronizing us sir” The receptionist said softly handing the card to Angelo and he win-ked at her.

“Let’s go Jess” Angelo said smiling and they head for the elevator.

“Minnie he just win-ked at me, I can’t believe such a handsome dude would notice a girl like myself” The receptionist shouted in excitement.

“What’s there to be excited about, he was only flir-ting with you. You can see he clearly [email protected]£ here to spend a night with a girl” Minnie the other receptionist [email protected] in jealousy.

“It doesn’t matter, he still noticed me. Oh my goodness he’s so good looking” The receptionist mesmerized.

Angelo got into their room.

He slowly undressed Jessica as he k!$$£d her n£¢k, [email protected]£ss!ngher bo-obs.

“I’m so re-ady for this Angelo, I can’t wait for your t©uçh and thrû-st” Jessica said as Angelo moved his hand un-der her Sk-irt, he ca-ressed her cli-toris throu-gh her [email protected] and she mo-aned silently.

“Do you like it?” Angelo asked s£dûçt!velyand she mo-aned.

“I love it” She mo-aned. Angelo made to k!$$£d her on thel-ips but s£norita’s face showed up suddenly and Angelo shaked his head to get it off his head.

“Jessica!” Angelo called slowly and she mo-aned as he tried to unZi-p her Sk-irt and s£norita kept on popping out in his vision and sight.

What’s wrong with me? Why am I thinking of her? Why does she keep popping out on my head. Angelo thought confused and he moved away from Jessica.

“Angelo what’s wrong? Why did you st©p?” Jessica asked curiously and Angelo stood up from the be-d.

“I’m sorry Jessica but I can’t make out with you tonight. I need to fix something, I will head home now” Angelo cut in and swiftly put on his jacket then left the room without hearing what Jessica will say.

Angelo [email protected]£ out of the elevator then head out of the h0tel.

“Bye sir…” The receptionist uttered but Angelo didn’t even give her a glance.

“I told you he was only flir-ting with you” Minnie mocked.

Angelo drove back home feeling down and confused about what happened tonight.

“She’s asleep alre-ady” Angelo smiled and covered up s£norita.

“I have no idea what you’re doing to my mind but if it’s what I’m thinking then you should st©p doing that” Angelo whispered then [email protected]£d himself some bottles of drink at the refrigerator.

Luckily, Drake is off my throat and that’s worth drinking for. Angelo thought and sat down at the couch in the balcony.

“Why’s the weather so good tonight when I just made my best friend mad” Angelo uttered concerned looking at the space.

Next morning..


I woke up and found a duvet on me..

I don’t remember covering myself up but when did I fall asleep. I thought as I yawned then stood up.

“What’s that delicious aroma?” I [email protected] out as I walked into the sitting room and I saw s£norita sweating all over as she placed some dishes on the dinning table.

“s£norita good morning and what are you doing?” I asked with a smile and walked to the dinning table and she wiped off the sweat on her forehead with a napkin.

“I can’t just seat like some log of wood while you do all the work and I noticed all your kitchen utensils are all brown new, you haven’t used any” s£norita said staring at her dishes.

“So how did you learn to cook? Oh sorry about that, I almost forgot you were a genius and things don’t get off your head easily but I hope this is good” I said with a smile as I sat down.

“I thought humans brush their teeth before having breakfast and you never can tell if this will be good” She said looking away.

“I really don’t like having sad breakfast so I hope this is good or I will be f0rç£d to make you move out quic-ker than I thought” I shrugged and she frowned.

“Are you trying to make me feel scared but this is my first try so you can’t judge me by my first try ” She pouted and I head to my be-droom.

“You don’t trust yourself, how do you expect me to trust you so you have to be a judge of your own first” I shrugged and went into my room.

Can’t believe s£norita made me breakfast. I thought and a smile appeared on myl-ips. I swiftly ran into the be-droom, brushed my teeth and head to the dinning table.

“That was fast” s£norita uttered staring at me as I sat down and di-pped my chopsticks into one of the dishes then into my mouth.

“How can you make such heavy meals for breakfast” I uttered looking at the delicious meals and s£norita hit the table then stood up.

“If you don’t want to then don’t eat it” She whined and [email protected]£d my bowl of rice but I held on to my bowl ti-ghtly.

“I’m not forcing you to eat with me, just don’t criticize me if you’re going to eat it” She pouted.

“I don’t want to be too straightforward, like you said this is your first cooking and I’m so honored to be the first person to eat your food, happy now” I said jovially and I continued eating but a knock [email protected]£ on the door.

“I will get the door” I said and stood up then head for the door.

I opened the door and [email protected] walked in looking all serious.

“So she’s still here, Angelo is she your new roommate” [email protected] said sarcastically and I gave her a confused look.

[email protected] about yesterday, I said am sorry so why are you still overreacting? I don’t get it why you’re acting this way [email protected], is there something you’re not telling me?” I asked curiously and she [email protected]£ closer to me.

“Why do you think I’m acting this way?” [email protected] asked looking at s£norita.

Am I the only one not getting her reaction and isn’t it too early for this. I thought confused.

[email protected] look how you want to ruin their beautiful morning 😤

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