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my s£norita episode 29


Authoress FG….


[email protected]’S POV

“What did I just do?” I [email protected] in shock staring at my torn dress.

“Oh my goodness what do we do?” Angelo panicked.

“Torn wedding dress, I’ve never heard of such a thing. [email protected] what do we do now? It’s not like we have a backup wedding dress. Cara will lose it if she doesn’t see [email protected] in the dress she made herself” Drake panicked.

“You mean Cara the most popular wedding designer? This must be her latest wedding dress design, I don’t think she would have another one” My makeup artist uttered and I sat on the be-d frustratedly.

“Does this mean this wedding is over? I can’t believe my wedding is going to be cancelled because I tore my dress” I said sadly with my face down.

“Enough, enough! The wedding hasn’t started yet and you’ve alre-ady started jinxing it because of this little mistake. Let’s all st©p panicking and start thinking, very soon guests will begin to come in and say hello to the bride and that won’t happen if the bride isn’t dressed” s£norita said seriously and I sighed frustratedly.

“It’s over for me s£norita, it’s over” I screamed and s£norita pat my shoulders.

[email protected] let’s listen to what s£norita said. I think we should put our thoughts together” Drake cut in.

“Babe what’s your suggestion? I’m pretty sure you have something in mind” Angelo asked s£norita and she smiled.

“Firstly Drake you should call your friend Cara and explain the situation to her and like you said, she would lose it if [email protected] doesn’t wear the latest model she created so she must have another wedding dress. Every single latest model always have a sample” s£norita suggested.

“You mean to say, Cara must have a backup wedding dress as well?” Drake asked curiously.

“Exactly but before she arrives we should buy some time so our folks don’t freak out because of the torn wedding dress” Angelo muttered out and I nodded.

“I will put a call across to Cara immediately. She’s a good friend so she would un-derstand. Excuse me” Drake said and walked to the other side of the room.

“We’re sorry but we heard everything alre-ady” Drake’s Dad muttered from behind and we all shrinked in shock as Angelo and s£norita moved out of the way.

“Oh my goodness, [email protected] what happened here?” Mum panicked as she walked to me and I stared at her.

“It’s all my fault Mum, I used f0rç£ on the Zi-pper and that’s how my wedding dress tore” I explained almost in tears.

“Oh no this is not good” Drake’s Mum panicked.

“Hello, you have to make sure to get me the most beautiful wedding dress within 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter how much it cost just get me a professional. My daughter in-law is very fitted and I’m pretty sure getting her a wedding dress wouldn’t be a problem” Mr Dave ordered over the phone.

[email protected], it’s all fixed. Cara will be coming with the wedding dress in 15minutes time” Drake uttered and I smiled then ran into his [email protected]

“Thank you so much Drake” I said excitedly without realizing everyone’s eyes was on us.

“Of course it’s my duty to solve your problems and it’s all thanks to s£norita” Drake smiled and I broke the hvg feeling a bit awkward with all the eyes on us.

“Thank goodness Cara accepted to offer us her sample” s£norita said with a sigh of relief and I gave her a ti-ght hvg.

“It’s all thanks to you. You’re one brilliant friend s£norita, I wish I’ve known you longer than I did. Thank you Rita” I whispered in her ears and she pat my back gently.

“It’s okay [email protected], I will always have your back” s£norita said softly after the hvg.

“You silly girl, you scared the hell out of me. You should be careful, you were probably nervous and that’s why you vented on the Zi-pper” Angelo said jovially as he tapped my shoulders.

MINUTES later Cara delivered the wedding dress and I got changed.

I was seated at the welcoming room when Angelo’s hook ups [email protected]£ in at the same time.

“Wow, [email protected] you’re getting married. Who thought that would be happening anytime sooner” Princess sneered and I rolled my eyes.

“Why do you sound so hypocritical? Are you here to congratulate me or not?” I asked sarcastically.

“You and your temper… Don’t forget you’re getting married so you should reduce that temper of yours” Eve sm-irked.

“I’m not here to welcome you guys alone so if you’re done saying hello can you plea-se go out. It’s suddenly becoming stuffy in here” I said coldly.

[email protected] how did you do it? I never knew you and Drake would ever end up together because the both of you acted like strangers at the office or did you decide to get married to him after finding out about his background” Tracy mocked and I ti-ght£ñed my fist.

“Are you indirectly calling me a golddigger” I asked trying to hold back my anger.

“What’s so wrong with that? Every girl is a golddigger so I don’t think I said the wrong word” Princess said coldly and s£norita [email protected]£ inside then brushed princess’s shoulder.

“Can’t you see, how mannerless you can’t even say the word sorry” princess barked and s£norita glared at her.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t see anyone there. I thought it was the bride’s flower stand” s£norita sm-irked.

“How rude” Eve gro-an ed.

“What are you girls still waiting for? You should get going. You can see [email protected] is too busy to spend her happiest day with you girls. If you’re attending another wedding, you should go with only well wishes not jealousy” s£norita said seriously and they scoffed then went out.

“Oh on I forgot to say something” s£norita [email protected] then ran to the door.

“And again I almost threw up when I walked in because the perfume you girls are putting on defines how disgusting it stinks from where you’re coming from. plea-se don’t ruin our occasion” s£norita shouted then ran back to me. I couldn’t help it but boost into laughter.

“Oh my goodness s£norita that was harsh. You totally ruined their day” I laughed.

“Serves them right for trying to ruin your mood on this special day. scre-w those girls and I really needed to get back at them for forcing themselves on my Angelo” She said seriously.

“Don’t worry s£norita, I don’t think they will get anywhere close to Angelo because he has you now and whoever is with you, wouldn’t ask for more so why would Angelo trade gold over a empty plastic bottle” I said with a smile and she stared at me with a wi-de smile.

“You definitely got me with that” She grinned.

[email protected] we should get going the wedding is about to begin” Mum reminded as she [email protected]£ in with Maryanne.

“OMG, mum is this my sister or you exchanged [email protected] with someone else” Maryanne asked with a wi-de smile.

“Thank you for the compliment troublesome Ann” I tea-sed.

“All your teasing are allowed as long as you’re beautiful but too bad I will have to prepare in advance when to see you or not” She said sadly.

“Isn’t that a good thing, you’ve always loved to have dad’s house all to yourself” I said smiling.

“I only acted and said those things because I knew no matter what you would still come back but this is different, you’re leaving for good. You will only come visiting” Maryanne said and tears escaped her eyes.

“Don’t cry, I’m not going for good. I will always come visit, you won’t even notice I’m married” I @ssured as I hvgged her.

“You know so well that’s not true. When you start having babies you won’t visit often anymore. Home will be so empty without you, I miss you sis” Maryanne said sobbing and I couldn’t help it but sob as well.

“What’s wrong with you girls? St©p sobbing, [email protected] you will ruin your makeup” Mum said sobbing herself as she pat my back.

“It’s okay, I promise to always come visiting” I said with a smile wiping off my tears as we broke the hvg and Maryanne smiled.

“But thank goodness you’re getting married to handsome Drake, I’ve always wanted such a man for you sis” She smiled and I ca-ressed her hair.

“Thank you Maryanne but can we go now. Mum where’s Dad?” I asked as I stood up.

“He’s outside the door. Come here [email protected]” Mum said and gave me a ti-ght hvg.

“This is the last hvg I will give you as my daughter” Mum sobbe-d.

“What are you saying Mum? Of course I will always be your daughter” I said holding back my tears.

“Minutes later you will be someone else’s responsibility but you have to promise me one thing and that’s you’ll be a good wife, mother and daughter in-law” Mum said after the hvg and I nodded.

“I promise Mum” I @ssured with a smile as I wiped off her tears.

I went out of the room and Dad walked me to the wedding venue and Dad walked me down the aisle. Everyone put on beautiful smiles on their faces as Drake and I stood in front of each other.


[email protected] and Drake exchanged their vows.

“I do” [email protected] confessed.

A beep [email protected]£ on my phone and Angelo signaled me to look at my phone.

What’s he up to. I thought with a smile.

~ s£norita you mean the world to me… I love you like crazy ~ Angelo texted and I smiled.

~ Awwn that’s sweet… I was about replying but Mum appeared from no where.

“Mum..!” I called in shock and I ran out of the wedding venue to the rooft©p using the elevator.

“Mum plea-se give me more days, I promise to go back willingly. plea-se mum” I pleaded but she shaked her head in disapproval and swiftly I transformed back into a bird and she took me with her.

The only trace of me was the clothes I was putting on.

I’m sorry Angelo, I’m sorry I’m leaving so soon. I [email protected] in my head as tears roll down my eyes.

Guess nothing lasts for long 😭

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