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my s£norita episode 27 & 28


Authoress FG…

EPISODE 27…..🤦


FLASHBACK*** On last night…

Angelo [email protected]£ into the room after pla-ying lovey-dovey with s£norita.

“You sounded jealous minutes ago. Don’t tell me you still have feelings for my girlfriend” Angelo inquired then I sat up.

“I wish I would be given an opportunity to keep that feeling but I didn’t even get the chance to mourn my unrequited love” I hissed.

“So you’re admitting the fact that you still have feelings for my s£norita. Drake don’t hurt yourself even more just forget about s£norita, she’s mine alre-ady” He reminded after sitting on the be-d.

“I would have loved it if it was that easy to forget love or let go of feelings you have for someone” I said in a low tone.

“But it’s not like you have any choice. I saw the news about you and [email protected], I didn’t believe my eyes after seeing it. Now I know the reason why the both of you [email protected]£ here this late at night” Angelo said [email protected]

“The both of us got on the news papers and TV channels without even knowing about anything. My dad can be so reckless sometimes” I giggled.

“Can be reckless in a serious way so that means you and [email protected] are definitely getting married. He made it the flash news so you don’t reject the proposal, you can’t ruin your father’s reputation because of this right? You and I know how much you treasure your dad’s reputation and [email protected] work. Why are you having doubts about getting married to [email protected]?” He asked curiously.

“I don’t want to ruin his image because of this but I also don’t want to get into what I will regret for the rest of my life” I said seriously.

“I don’t think you will regret getting married to [email protected] She’s a very nice girl from a wonderful family and lucky you, her parents like you so much alre-ady” Angelo said slowly.

“But why are they so obsessed with their daughter getting married. [email protected] is just 26years old and yet she’s been f0rç£d to get married, I don’t see a reason why she can’t make her own decision regarding who she should spend the rest of her life with” I uttered frustratedly.

“They’re not obsessed, they don’t just want their daughter to forget the home she’s coming from. I think they were soft with her because [email protected]’s mum got married to her dad when she was only 20 years old while her Dad was 26 years old when they got married so you can’t blame them for doing that” Angelo explained.

“I feel sorry for [email protected] because the both of us happened to be on same boat. I want to let go of the feelings I have for s£norita and that’s why I’m putting some thoughts into our folks’s decisions” I emphasized.

“You’ve got to forget about s£norita because we’re not [email protected] not anytime in the future and I wouldn’t like the idea of you having feelings for my s£norita when you’re married to my best friend so let’s talk about you. Why are you so scared of choosing [email protected]?” Angelo asked curiously and I looked at him.

“Marriage isn’t just some child’s pla-y, it’s a lifelong decision we need to make with a clear mind and [email protected] seem to be the bossy time. What if she [email protected]£s me after we get married? I do witness how she boss’s you around at the office and outside the office” I blurted and Angelo boost into laughter.

“Oh now I didn’t see that coming. Relax okay, [email protected] only behaves like that towards me because we’re like bros, I don’t think she would treat you that way if you get married and you don’t look like the type of guy, his wife will control his moves” Angelo tea-sed.

“Let’s just say it’s not a bad idea to get married at this my prime age to a modern girl” I murmured.

“Does that mean you’re accepting to be [email protected]’s groom?” Angelo asked curiously.

“It’s not like I have any other option and I would rather get married to [email protected] than inherit my dad’s company” I protested.

“Do you dislike inheriting your dad’s company that much? I think it’s not a bad idea, if I were in your shoes I would rather inherit the company than get married to a woman I’m not in love with” He said sarcastically.

“Are you trying to discourage me and everyone isn’t like you who love riches and wealth” I scoffed.

“Everyone loves riches and wealth. You and I wouldn’t have gotten to this point of our lives if we weren’t born into riches so don’t sound like riches mean nothing to you” Angelo sneered.

“I didn’t say that. You will be my best man at my wedding so hope you’re re-ady to stand next to me at the podium” I said bluntly and he stared at me with his eyes wi-de open.

“Don’t you have friends, why are you ma-king me your best man? I really don’t like in the center of attention on occasions like that” Angelo protested and I smiled.

“I do have friends but you’re the only close friend I have so bear with me and you also advise me to accept her. Good night” I said with a smile and turn off the lights on my side of the be-d.


[email protected] I will marry you so will you marry me?” I asked with a smile.

“That’s so sudden, you blew me out of the blue. You were totally against the marriage thing last night” [email protected] uttered perplexed.

“What’s so wrong with having a change of mind, I’ve decided let’s cross the bridge together and that wasn’t supposed to be your response, I’m trying to be a gentleman so answer me, will you be my bride?” I asked with a smile and [email protected] overed her mouth with her palms.

“Why are you acting like you just got a proposal from your lover? Say yes alre-ady, it’s not like you’re actually true lovers” Angelo said sarcastically.

“And why does it sound like you’re jealous, don’t forget your girlfriend is right here” s£norita pouted as she [email protected]£d Angelo’s n£¢k.

“OK fine I’m sorry, [email protected] is still my best friend of course I should feel jealous for her. She’s getting married before me, that was never our plan. I thought I was going to get married before she does” Angelo [email protected] in a low tone.

“Enough, enough, [email protected] hasn’t said yes yet” s£norita reminded jovially.

“Oh sorry about that. Yes Drake, I will marry you” I smiled.

“This may be some sort of flash marriage but I’m pretty sure there will be so much work to do” s£norita reminded.

“But Mum and Dad will take care of that, they have been planning for my wedding for so long and finally it’s happening so I don’t think they will have a problem with that” [email protected] @ssured and a call [email protected]£ on my phone.

“Excuse me let me take this call” I uttered as I re-moved my gloves then walked to the balcony.

“Hello Dad” I said as I took the call.

“Drake, you and [email protected] with your friends should come for your engagement [email protected] tonight at our house. Go get yourself a nice suit and a beautiful dress for your bride to be, we will be waiting, don’t take long” Dad informed.

“But dad what about the engagement ring? I haven’t gotten any” I uttered and he sm-irked.

“I wouldn’t have called if everything wasn’t re-ady. Just get yourselves here, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Bye for now, see you soon” Dad said excitedly then hung up.

I walked back to the sitting room.

“My dad just called, he said an engagement [email protected] is been held for [email protected] and I. He said we don’t need to worry about a thing, we should just make it to the [email protected] with you guys” I said staring at the wall clock.

“If he’s inviting us then my parents are definitely going to be there and you guys need to look repres£ntable, your engagement [email protected] will appear on tomorrow’s news papers” Angelo [email protected] obviously impressed.

“Drake’s Dad sounds like one who doesn’t do things in a simple way” s£norita added with a smile.

“Should I be scared about that” [email protected] uttered a bit tense.

“What’s there to be scared of when you have me” I muttered and Angelo gave me a silly smile.

“We still have much time but for now let’s have breakfast then go for shopping” I announced and we all left for the dinning table.

After breakfast, we all freshened up and went for shopping. We all had a great time together at the shopping sites.

It was evening alre-ady, we all got re-ady and left for my engagement.

“Oh look who we have here” Dad said excitedly as we walked to them.

“Beautiful [email protected], you’re looking gorgeous in that dress” Dad complimented with a smile.

“Thank you Dad” [email protected] uttered and I looked at her in surprise.

“Dad meet my friend Angelo and his girlfriend s£norita” I introduced and Dad gave out his hand for an handshake.

“Good evening sir, it’s nice to meet you in person. I’m a hvge fan sir” Angelo said politely and Dad smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you too Angelo, your dad always talks about you” Dad said smiling.

“You know my dad?” Angelo asked pretending not be aware.

“We will talk about that later but for now let’s say hello to this beautiful young lady s£norita” Dad flattered.

“Good evening sir” s£norita said softly.

“I can’t believe Dave accepted a girl from such a [email protected] to get married to his son. I heard she was once rumored to be a l£sblan. Drake deserves better, he’s getting married to a gold digger” Some women whispered to our hearing and I stared [email protected], she was on tears alre-ady.

Tears silently roll down her then [email protected] ran away feeling [email protected]

[email protected]!” I called running after her.


Authoress FG…..

EPISODE 28…..😲


[email protected]!” s£norita called about to run to [email protected] but Angelo held her back.

“I think Drake should talk to her” Angelo said slowly and Drake’s Dad ti-ght£ñed his fist angrily.

“Oh yes, I picked [email protected] for my son because she’s a good girl. Why would such rumor even come out of your mouth in the first place when you’ve never met her before. I’m still controlling myself because you’re ladies, if men were to be in your shoes I would have given them the piece of my mind. Look who’s calling one a golddigger when you’re one yourself. You’re only here because I invited your husbands and if you don’t want to ruin the relationsh!pI share with your husbands, just concentrate on what brou-ght here and st©p trying to be nosy” Dave said seriously then walked out on them.

“Everything’s settled now, let’s enjoy the [email protected]” Angelo smiled with his hand around s£norita’s shoulders.

“But why do people say ill about people just because they’re jealous” s£norita grimaced.

“That’s because she’s about to get married. If things like this doesn’t happen then Mr Dave probably isn’t famous but trust me in our engagement [email protected] no one would say ill of you because I will always be there to defend you when they plan on doing so” Angelo said smiling and s£norita peeked him.

If that were to happen, they would have lots of devious things to say because it seems like I’m the only one with dee-per secrets. s£norita muttered in her mind and suddenly waved the thought out of her head.

“That’s so sweet of you but when do you think we’re getting married?” s£norita asked jovially.

“Why are you suddenly interested in that t©pic? I don’t think it’s time yet for us to discuss about marriage, you’re still very young and we’ve got a long way ahead of us” Angelo said softly and s£norita smiled.

“You’re right about that” s£norita conquered as they walked about in the [email protected] hall.

Although I don’t have much time left, it’s better than hoping for the best than staying without hope. s£norita [email protected] in her head.


[email protected], why are you running away?” Drake asked nervously as he held [email protected]’s hand to st©p her from running away.

“St©p following me” [email protected] shouted.

“Why are you running away like a loser, it’s not like what they’re saying is the truth so why are you sobbing over silly talks like that?” Drake shouted and s£norita wiped off her tears.

“I wasn’t running away because I’m a loser. Do you know what I hate the most?”[email protected] asked seriously.

“You hate being humiliated, if that’s your weakness then that’s so visible. How are you supposed to be my bride if you’re scared of what people will say about you. I don’t mean to [email protected] but my dad is so famous and that makes me famous as well, you know so well how public figures gets criticized a lot by haters” Drake shouted.

“Why are you yelling? I’m the victim here and if you want to comfort me, you should do it in a more comforting manner. I didn’t grow up like this, I got humiliated a lot when I was in elementary and high school so I got traumatized because of that. I wasn’t running away because I was a loser” [email protected] corrected with a serious look.

“So are you changing your mind because of what those jobless women said?” Drake asked in a more calm tone and [email protected] stared at him in a puppy eyes.

“What do you take me for? I don’t go back on my words easily” [email protected] said with a half smile then she brushed Drake’s shoulder.

“Can’t you be a bit feminine. I will be your husband in a week time so why are you treating me like you treat Angelo” Drake pouted looking away.

“You won’t be a bad husband after all. Let’s go back to the [email protected] ground. We’re the ones hosting the [email protected] and yet we’re the ones who ran away. Let’s go back inside before our folks gets worried” [email protected] smiled.

“It’s not like I planned on leaving the [email protected] before it even started. Someone got traumatized and I couldn’t help it” Drake tea-sed.

“OK fine I get it, I acted like a coward so can you st©p ru-bbing it in my face” [email protected] murmured as they returned to the [email protected]

[email protected] are you okay?” s£norita asked softly.

“I’m fine now, so how’s the [email protected] going? Where are my parents?” [email protected] asked looking around.

“They’re at the other side of the [email protected], let’s go say hello before you and Drake get called to the stage” s£norita suggested and they all left for the other side of the [email protected]

They all exchanged their plea-santries before Drake and [email protected] was called up to the stage.

[email protected] other’s decision doesn’t really matter, what really matters is accepting what we would become after today and that’s why I’m confidently asking you if you would marry me?” Drake asked with his eyes fixed on [email protected]

“I will marry you Drake” [email protected] uttered with a smile and Drake wore her the engagement ring.

“What are they waiting for? They should hvg each other or even k!ssif possible” Dave murmured with his f!nger on his ear.

“Drake everyone’s watching, let’s do something” [email protected] whispered to Drake and swiftly he gave a her a [email protected] hvg.

“Wooh!” Everyone [email protected] in excitement.

“Honey, we finally did it” [email protected]’s dad whispered to his wife in excitement.

“Yes honey” Susan smiled.

“They look great together, don’t they?” Angelo uttered and s£norita nodded.

“Poor [email protected], she’s free from her parents nagging about getting married” s£norita muttered out with a sigh of relief.

“Sounds like you were feeling for her, don’t forget [email protected] is still my best friend so don’t even think about taking her away from me” Angelo joked with a mean look.

“She’s been taken away alre-ady so go get yourself a male bestie. What’s wrong with kids nowadays, why would you call an opposite s-x your best friend. Two opposite gender can’t be best friends” s£norita mentioned feeling a bit jealous.

“Can’t you just be jealous for once. It’s really [email protected] to see you jealous or don’t you love me that much” Angelo questioned and s£norita stepped in his foot.

“Ouchh!” Angelo winced.

“Speak for yourself, I don’t show it out doesn’t mean I don’t get jealous so put your act together” s£norita scolded as she moved away but Angelo followed her.

“I’m sorry about earlier okay” Angelo apologized softly and s£norita pretended to be upset.

“I’m sorry…” Angelo repeated tickling her.

“OK fine, I’ve heard you so can you st©p being clingy, we’re in a [email protected] for goodness sake” s£norita laughed.

“It’s so lovely seeing you laugh like this, it makes my heart flutter” Angelo confessed and s£norita smiled wi-dely.


Everyone was running about in MI five star h0tel as the venue for Drake and [email protected]’s wedding is being arranged.

“Honey I can’t believe, we finally made it to MI [email protected] in Seoul. Honey I feel like I’m flying” Susan said excitedly looking around with her hand across her husband’s.

“Honey this is what we call heaven on earth but honey why haven’t we ever thought of coming here for a vacation” Lucky uttered with so much joy.

“Susan hope you like the decorations? I couldn’t order much expensive things because the wedding is so sudden” Drake’s Mum said calmly as she walked to them.

“What! Are you trying to say all these aren’t expensive enough?” Susan uttered in shock.

“Yeah, Drake is our only son so I think he deserves a more expensive wedding but nevertheless we can make up for that on their anniversary. Oh plea-se excuse me, I have to go check if things are going well over there” Drake’s Mum [email protected] then left.

Lucky’s jaw dropped as she left.

“I’ve always seen myself as a wealthy man but this family is blessed with great fortune” Lucky [email protected]


[email protected] are you done?” s£norita asked fixing her makeup at the mirror.

“Not yet” [email protected] uttered struggling to put on her wedding dress with the makeup artist beside her.

“Why’s it not fitting in?” The makeup artist asked as she helped [email protected]

“What’s going on [email protected]? Are you having a problem putting on your wedding dress?” s£norita asked then she stood up from where she was sitting.

“I will do it myself” [email protected] said seriously then pu-ll-ed out the Zi-pper by f0rç£ and the wedding dress teared.

Everyone’s eyes wi-de-ned in shock and sweat roll over [email protected]’s pretty face.

[email protected]!” Drake called out in shock as he [email protected]£ in with Angelo.


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