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my s£norita finale


Authoress FG…



I watched s£norita ran out of the wedding venue in a hurry, I noticed something was off with the way she looked intense so I ran out of the wedding venue to go after her but I [email protected]£ and couldn’t find her around.

“Where did she go?” I asked looking around and I saw a janitor come out of the elevator.

“Sir plea-se excuse me, sir did you see any beautiful young lady putting on an handless sky blue dress around here?” I asked him.

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“Emm… Yeah I did, she was heading to the rooft©p” He informed and I smiled.

“Thank you sir” I said politely then ran into the elevator heading to the rooft©p.

I got to the rooft©p looking around but no sign of s£norita.

“s£norita!” I called looking around and I saw some piece of cloth from afar.

“What’s that!” I said slowly then ran to where it was.

This was the cloth s£norita was putting on but what’s it doing on the floor. I muttered in my mind as I picked the cloth up but a feather fell on the floor.

“s£norita no! plea-se tell me it’s not what I’m thinking” I [email protected] hvgging her clothe.

“Why do you have to leave now of all times? You promised to tell me before you leave, why did you leave without giving me a signal” I uttered out as tears roll down my cheeks with s£norita’s clothe in-between my arms.

“I’ll miss you so much. plea-se can I ask you for a favor? plea-se when are you coming back because I will lose my mind if you tell me I’m never going to see you again. It’s hurting like crazy alre-ady” I muttered out sobbing heavily and some elderly women [email protected]£ on the rooft©p then I turned to the other side so they don’t stare at me because I was sobbing.

“I can’t believe such an handsome young man is crying over a woman when we have thousand of women here in Korea” The women murmured to themselves to my hearing.

“If you’re just going to talk about what you have no idea what it is then leave, this rooft©p isn’t meant for gossipping so leave me alone!” I screamed and they shrinked in fear.

“He has really lost his mind… Let’s leave here” They said then left.

I sat on the floor and cried my eyes out.

~ Angelo where are you? Why can’t we find you and your girlfriend around? ~ Drake texted.

~ Bro where are you? You’re the best man, you shouldn’t be gone for too long. I can’t find s£norita either ~ Ivy texted.

“I also have no idea where my s£norita have gone to” I uttered in tears as I managed to stand up.

I shouldn’t be here, today’s my best friend’s wedding, I shouldn’t be sobbing. [email protected] and Drake needs me right now, I should go [email protected] with them. After the wedding then I can think of my s£norita because I know she’s safe wherever she is. I thought wiping off my tears.

I got back to the wedding venue and the [email protected] has begun alre-ady.

“Oh Angelo, where did you disappear to? And where’s s£norita?” Drake asked looking around and looked away.

“I went out to check on something. Wow, Drake you and [email protected] make a great couple. The both of you are discussing with each of your friends, ain’t you supposed to do that together?”I asked a bit confused and he gave me a silly smile.

“I don’t want [email protected] to think I’m being a bit clingy and possessive so I let her do her thing” Drake said with a half smile.

“Trust me, you will regret letting her do that. Go stand with her before you get a divorce immediately you get home” I forewarned.

“Angelo what do you mean?” He asked curiously.

“Can’t you notice [email protected] have been staring at you for a while now, hoping you come stand beside her. You need to upgrade your thinking bro, you’re married now so act like you’re in one” I advised tapping his shoulders then got myself a drink.

“Don’t you have anything stronger than this?” I asked the waitress.

“We do but it depends on your tolerance on alcohol because we only offer strong alcohol to special guests” The waitress said politely and I looked at her from her toes to her head.

“I’m really not in the mood for long talks so just go get me a stronger liquor and plea-se be fast about it” I ordered coldly and sat at a corner close to the bartender.

But wait a minute, who includes alcohol in a wedding reception. I thought and scoffed at the thought.

“I’m pretty sure, Drake’s parent would regret including it” I sm-irked as the waitress [email protected]£ back with the drink.

I gulped down two [email protected] at a go and everything [email protected]£ blurry.

“” Ivy called but it sounded like my name was being called in a slowmo.

“Exactly what I need right now, pour me another [email protected]” I ordered trying to keep my cool.

I gulped down another [email protected] and suddenly [email protected]

I woke up and it was morning alre-ady…

“Like seriously Angelo” Ivy nagged immediately I opened my eyes and I tried to get up but I was having a slight headache.

“What happened Ivy? Is it morning alre-ady or I just sle-pt for some hours?” I asked curiously brushing my hair backwards with my f!ngers.

“Bro you just [email protected] out in your best friend’s wedding. I can’t believe you, why would you drink so much. I was so [email protected] to the extent that I asked the Janitors to put you at the booth of your car” Ivy said bluntly.

“What! You threw me at the booth of my car? Why would you even do that, have you never seen a drun!kyoung man before. What made you so [email protected] because I still look cool even when I’m drun!k” I shouted as I stood up from my be-d.

“You wouldn’t be saying that if you remember the mess you made at the wedding reception yesterday” Ivy said and I scoffed.

“I don’t want to hear about it. It’s not like I was myself when I did it. Where’s s£norita? Tell her to plea-se fix something for breakfast. I’m really famished” I said with a smile as I head to the bathroom and Ivy followed me.

“What happened between the both of you? Where’s s£norita? You threw a tantrum because of that” Ivy uttered and I looked at her.

“What do you mean? What did I do exactly?” I asked curiously and she sm-irked.

“Firstly you went on stage saying you wanted to sing for s£norita so she would come back but immediately you started singing you bust into tears, Drake successfully dragged you out of the stage. That wasn’t enough, you sat on the floor rolling from end to end, sobbing heavily and begging s£norita to come back. Every single girl you saw putting on a sky blue dress, you run after them addressing them as s£norita” Ivy explained and it all [email protected]£ as flashes on my head. I couldn’t stand on my feet anymore so I held the door for support.

“I’m finished, I can’t believe I did all those things. What was Mum and dad’s reaction?” I asked slowly.

“They probably felt bad although it’s not because of your drun!kenness but because you said s£norita left you” She uttered and I ruffled my hair in frustration as all the pain I was feeling yesterday flew back in.

“Ivy can you home now, I really want to be left alone” I said coldly.

“But at least can you tell me what happened between you and s£norita? I didn’t see her around during the reception” She inquired and I glared at her.

“I said I want to be left alone and plea-se don’t let me repeat myself” I shouted then went into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

“Angelo your phone is ringing. It’s a call from [email protected]” Ivy shouted so I could hear her.

“I said leave!” I shouted.

“I don’t know if I can ever get better because as it stands I’m losing my mind alre-ady” I said slowly as tears roll down my cheeks.


Months [email protected] by and I still got no news about s£norita.
She left without leaving me any trace to look for her, how can she be so cruel towards me when she knows how much I love her…

11 MONTHS after s£norita’s disappearance….

I went for a visit to Drake’s place.

“Poor Angelo, you still haven’t heard any news about s£norita?” Drake asked curiously.

“s£norita is really cruel. Why would she leave without saying good bye, I thought we were suppose to be best friends” [email protected] sobbe-d as she drew out a tissue from the tissue box because she was having a runny nose.

“Don’t cry [email protected], it’s not healthy for the baby” Drake advised patting her back.

Luckily Drake and [email protected] were so un-derstanding after I explained to them, s£norita’s real identity.

“Drake you’re such a per-vert” I said sarcastically and he glared at me.

“Why are you still calling me a per-vert? I’m a married man now” He fired and I scoffed.

“You didn’t even wait for your marriage to last up to a year before you start ma-king babies, I can’t believe you’re still a per-vert even after getting married to my best friend” I hissed.

“Don’t get me wrong okay, it was [email protected]’s idea we should start ma-king babies because of her parents and I couldn’t say no because that’s exactly what my folks wanted” Drake explained as we both laughed together.

“Angelo why are you still laughing when you haven’t found my best friend yet? She’s probably waiting for you to come for her and here you are laughing, I can’t believe you still got the nerve” [email protected] shouted and I shrinked in shock.

“Drake are one of these, pregnancy symptoms?” I whispered to Drake and she rolled her eyes.

Of course, I think about s£norita every single day of my life but I just need to smile so I don’t forget how to do it.
Tomorrow’s new year and I have no idea, what my new year will be like. [email protected]ûghty Ivy ran to my dad’s to stay with him, leaving me all alone…

“Drake, [email protected] what are your plans for the new year?”I asked curiously with a smile.

“The doctor advised we shouldn’t go out to busy places because [email protected]’s pregnancy is clocking seven months next month so I don’t think we have much on our plate” Drake answered and I smiled.

I got back home and spent the whole night watching the snowdrops at my balcony.

Next morning I got so many wishes and invites for the new year [email protected] but I declined it all.

I’m sorry Dad and Mum but I really want to spend the new year alone. You guys have fun, I will visit tomorrow. I said over the video call.

“Make sure to call us if you need anything okay” Mum said softly.

“It’s snowing heavily outside so don’t go out okay, bye son” Dad said and I hung up.

Thank goodness they got back together. They also deserve to be happy. I muttered in my mind and I heard a knock at the balcony’s door.

“What’s that?” I uttered then slowly walked to the door and opened it slowly.

“You’re not planning on [email protected] your New Year alone right?” s£norita asked softly as she ran inside.

“s£norita!” I shouted then gave her a ti-ght hvg.

“You’re lucky my Mum allowed me to be a full human” s£norita said excitedly.

“I missed you like I was losing my mind, plea-se don’t leave me again” I said as tears roll down my cheeks.

“I won’t give you an opportunity to miss me because I will always be here with you”


Authoress FG…


After some few days s£norita and Angelo went for a visit to [email protected]’s place.

“Oh my goodness, is this s£norita?” [email protected] asked curiously staring at her.

“It’s me [email protected] How’ve you been?” s£norita asked in a teary eyes.

“Rita how can you be this heartless, you left without saying goodbye. I thought we were best friends” [email protected] sobbe-d and s£norita hvgged her swiftly.

“I’m sorry, my mum showed up out of the blue and took me away, I’m sorry” s£norita sobbe-d as well.

“But why would she do that, it’s not like you transformed in your own will” [email protected] inquired.

“I had to transform back into a bird because my work was over, she said I transformed into a human to show Angelo how important a person can be to him. I had to return because Angelo couldn’t st©p crying over me even in a day” s£norita said crying and laughing.

“Angelo you turned into a crybaby” Drake tea-sed.

“No I didn’t” Angelo pouted.

“It’s over now, thanks goodness you’re back s£norita. Now you can be my child’s godmother” [email protected] smiled.

“No way, I think I’m way too young for that. I can’t be called a godmother yet, it makes me look old” s£norita protested and [email protected] held her hand ti-ghtly.

“Do you still think you can’t be called a godmother?” [email protected] asked seriously glaring at s£norita.

“Fine, I give in. I will be his godmother. Oh my goodness, [email protected] you [email protected]£ even more stronger. Your baby is definitely a boy” s£norita [email protected] ru-bbing her hand as [email protected] let her go.

“I also thought of such” Angelo concurred and Drake smiled.

“I’ve always wished for my first child to be a boy” Drake smiled.

“That’s weird, every guy prays for his first child to be a girl, you’re the first person I’m seeing saying the opposite” Angelo said looking at [email protected]

“I don’t want my first child to a boy, I don’t think I’m re-ady to have a military man in my house” [email protected] murmured almost in tears.

“Why do you think, you will give birth to a military man?” s£norita asked with a smile.

“Because I’m so strong and he’s always kicking me so [email protected][email protected] said and boost into tears.

“It’s okay [email protected] I will deal with him if he tries to mess with you” Drake comforted as he ran to [email protected] patting her back.

“They look quite lovely together” s£norita whispered to Angelo and he smiled.

“Their folks didn’t make a bad decision after all” Angelo whispered back.

“I think I have an idea” [email protected] shouted suddenly wiping off her tears.

“Your mood swings is really scary” Drake murmured holding his che-st.

“What’s your idea?” s£norita asked curiously.

“If I give birth to a boy then s£norita, you have to get married to Angelo that month but if I give birth to a girl, you have to wait a year before getting married to Angelo” [email protected] suggested with a smile.

“That same month? What if we’re not re-ady yet? And why do we have to wait up to a year if you give birth to a girl?” Angelo asked not satisfied with either of the suggestion.

“Because if it’s a boy, he would need a [email protected] but if she’s a girl, s£norita and I would be more than available to keep her company” [email protected] smiled.

“But I’m not re-ady to be a Mum” s£norita protested and Angelo hvgged her.

“Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a junior Angelo and little s£norita at home whenever I come back from work just like how Drake would be in a few months time” Angelo uttered with a silly smile and s£norita smiled at the thought.

“I won’t quit my job for you Drake so we’ll have to create a shift for our baby” [email protected] said seriously.

She’s really one bossy lady. Drake muttered in his mind.

“Of course, anything for you [email protected]” Drake uttered with a fake smile.

“I hope she gives birth to a baby boy” Angelo whispered to s£norita then win-ked at her.


[email protected]’s at the labour room putting to be-d.
Drake, Angelo and s£norita are outside the labour room [email protected] hoping [email protected] puts to be-d safely.

The doctor [email protected]£ out with a smile requesting for her husband.

“It’s me doctor” Drake [email protected] anxiously then ran into the labour room.

Drake went in then [email protected]£ out with a frown.

“What’s wrong Drake?” Angelo and s£norita asked curiously.

“I guess the both of you will be getting married next year” Drake uttered slowly looking away.

“It’s all, looks like [email protected] got to call the sh0t in our relationsh!p” Angelo uttered sadly.

“Joke! You’re definitely getting married this month” Drake shouted in excitement and Angelo carried s£norita in his arms in excitement.

“Congratulations Drake” s£norita said smiling wi-dely.

“Congratulations bro” Angelo said smiling as he brou-ght s£norita down.

“Let’s go have a look at my handsome baby boy” Drake announced smiling and they all rushed into the room.

“Congratulations bestie” s£norita shouted excitedly as she gave [email protected] a hvg.

“Congratulations best friend” Angelo said with a wi-de smile.

“He looks so handsome” s£norita said smiling staring at the baby and Angelo knelt down behind s£norita, bringing out a ring from his pocket.

“s£norita!” Angelo called out and she turned around.

“s£norita I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I feel like getting married to you right now if possible. Will you marry me?” Angelo proposed on his knees.

“What are you waiting for? Say yes” [email protected] said smiling.

“Yes Angelo, I will marry you. I also want to spend the rest of my life with you” s£norita said and Angelo wore her the ring then stood up.

“Woooh…!” [email protected] and Drake shouted [email protected] for them as Angelo gave s£norita a [email protected] k!ss.

“Wedding it is but why are you not showing any importance to my son” [email protected] pouted and everyone laughed.

“Come here baby boy” Angelo said after the k!ssas he carried him in his arms.

Months later s£norita was scanned and it showed that she was carrying two fetus inside of her.


They really make a wonderful couple. They ended up with beautiful kids just like themselves.


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