My prince charming Episode 7 to 10

💖 My prince charming 💖
👅 She’s feisty, he’s h0t 👅
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
💋Episode 7💋
Mom plea-se ion wanna go 😥
None of my business if you want to or not
“Lest I forget pack your things cos you are staying there for two weeks. That way you get to practice what I’ve been teaching you and what you’ve been learning at school” mom said sternly
Oh c’mon!!
“Why can’t you stay for two weeks” I asked
“I’ve a job to do at the hospital okay and your sister can’t stay home alone”
“I would gladly baby-sit Kelly mom plea-se” I begged
“Have made my decision and it’s final”
That’s what you get when you have a strict doctor as a mother. Who is h.ell bent on ma-king you the best nurse you’ve always told her you wanna be.
I might be crazy and all but I fear one person.
She’s just to strict
We eventually pu-ll-ed up in front of the Gold mansion. I must admit it’s quite hvge and expensive 😲
I was wowed.
Beautiful is an un-derstatement this house is magnificent
When I grow up I wanna be rich
“You are alre-ady grown up dummy you’d be 19 in a couple of months” my subconscious snapped
I sluggishly dragged my things with me as I moved towards the gigantic door
One thing is certain in this house, I am gonna have fun.
I just hope her son is not a j.erk
☺️Mrs Williams ☺️
I was happy that I got this job it’s a lot of cash and lesser work I actually signed Tiana as my personal nurse so she gets to follow me here.
It’s a good platform for her.
Besides her father is always on one business trip or the other so am the only one who put up with her troubles.
We were ushered in by the maids and Tiana bags were taken upstairs “at least I’ll be free from her troubles for a whole week
We were sitted watching TV when Mrs Gold walked in
“Thanks for coming” she said and I looked up to her and g@sped
” O my goodness” she shouted in surprise.
“Alicia is this you” she said hvgging me ti-ghtly leaving Tiana clueless
Jenny was my childhood best friend we were together till college but we lost contacts 5 years ago at LA
I was alre-ady enjoying the movie on displ@ywhen a middle aged woman walked in. She looks my mom’s age and you could tell she’s beautiful with riches radiating all over her but she looks quite familiar.
She looks like Harry I mean she has his kind of face.
Wait hope it’s not what am thinking.
She can’t be Harry’s mom
Can she?
Oh no! This is bad really bad.
How’d she feels when she finds out am the reason her son is sick.
“Is this Tiana oh my she’s grown to a beautiful young lady” she said coming towards me.
“Good afternoon ma’am” I said nervously
“Let’s go check on Harry” mom said and my heart skipped
” Erm can I go check my room I’ll check him later” I said nervously
“C’mon aren’t excited to see your “hairy” the you call him when were little” she said and I stare at her confused.
“Can’t you remember Jenny my bestie from LA 5years ago” mom said and I g@sp
So Harry was my pl@ybuddy at LA whom I usually mess with because of his height this is not a good thing at all
After much persuasion
I found myself standing at his door with two women catching old memories.
So great (note the sacarsm)
“Harry darling your doctor is here” she said
” Am coming mom” his sxy voice replied from his closet
He c@m£ out and was shocked to see me while smiled
“Tiana what are you doing here I thought I said we will see tomorrow” he said and I motion him to st©p does he want to implicate me🙄
“You alre-ady met?” His mom asked
” Yes she’s my girlfriend” she said and everyone g@sp
💋Episode 8💋
😋 Harry 😋
“We will leave you your selves” then mom said as she walked out with Tina’s mom
I’d pay a billion dollars to see the look on her face again
“You! how could you?” She yelled
“Cool down would you?” I stated calmly with a big grin on my face
She doesn’t have any idea what I have in stock for her
“Why would you like that am your girlfriend” she yelled angrily
“Whoa cool down tiger she’d be suspicious if am ordering you around or have you forgotten the deal my maid for two months or I’ll rat you out to your mom to find would you?” I asked and she shook her head slowly
“Good now be a good girl and coman mas-sage my back”
I grumpyly agreed and started stro-king his back gently
G0sh he’s got smooth skin
“Tiana dear I’ll be traveling for business so you’d have to stay with Harry alone okay” Mrs Gold said and as I opened my mouth to prostest Harry cut in immediately
“She could stay longer since it’s our last year in highschool she should stay with me after all she’s my girlfriend” he said and both of them chuckled
“But Mom”
“Not a word darling it’s a wonderful idea”
Oh kill me🤦
I’d kill Kelly cos she got me into this mess
👹 Maddie 👹
I eargely dressed up and make up as I prepare to Harry’s house
It’s Saturday and since am his sx buddy he’s always available for me
At least I have better chance with him than that btch called Tiana
If she tries to get close to him I won’t hesitate to kill her 😠
🤠 Harry 🤠
It’s evening and mom has alre-ady travelled
Mrs Williams has gone to attend to a patient at the hospital and she’s not coming back until tomorrow
Tiana has been eating and pla-ying games with her phone since
And am fking bored
So I went downstairs but st©pped to admire her beauty
She’s just too beautiful
She bec@m£ mine since the first day I set my eyes on her
Though ain’t re-ady to accept the feelings yet
She’s mine!
Seeing her in that bu-mb sh0t wasn’t helping matters cause mere thought of it my dk was alre-ady je.rking off
I got rid of the thoughts and thought a way to taunt her
I saw how engrossed she is to her phone
So i snuck behind her stealthily
ma-king sure I didn’t make any sound
I snatched her phone and ran
“A$$h0le” she cussed and started chasing me round the room
“You can’t catch me” I taunt her
“You are going to be dead by the time I l@ymy hands on you” she rasp
I took turn and ran towards my room
“Aren’t you going to give up”
“Just give me my phone”
We were alre-ady in my room
But she didn’t st©p chasing me
She was closed to catching me when she suddenly stumbled on something
Causing us to fall on ourselves onto the b.ed
Now she was staring directly to my face and I didn’t break the contact
Her plump l-ips were just enticing that my br@in went blank as I took her l-ips in to mine
Oh God! She tastes good better than my other ksses
This feeling in want it to st©p
I was about trailing down her w
@ist when someone barge in😠😠
🌺 Episode 9🌺
“What on Earth is going on here” Maddie asked and I scoffed.
Why do she have to spoil our fun
I was about to reply her when Harry cuts in
“What are you doing here” Harry yelled angrily
“It’s Saturday” the btch replied
“So? Haven’t I warned you not to come over uninivited” he rasp
“I thought I told you it was only to fk nothing personal. Why are you coming over as if you are my girlfriend. If I don’t invite you, you don’t fking come” he cuts in angrily while she bur-sted into tears
“Now get out!” He said pointing to the door
“I said get out!!”
Embarras-sment of the highest order 😏
What a btch !
“Now where do we st©p” Harry said coming back to me on the be-d
“Where I was about to kill you for taking my phone”
“Oh plea-se” he said trailing his f!ngerson my b0dy
“Pe.rverted soul🙄 just gimme my phone and I will leave you in one peice” I said and made to stand up but he pinned me Back to the be-d and started tickling me
“You were saying” 😏
“Give……me…….my….. phone” I said in between laughter
“You don’t mean it” he was saying when someone entered
But this time it was my mom
Can this day get any better 🙄
“Mom I thought you weren’t coming back today” I said nervously
“Just c@m£ to check up on my son in law” she said wi-nking at Harry 😉
“But it seems like you are enjoying each other’s company
Oh my God 🙈
👹 Maddie 👹
Fumed as I paced angrily to and fro in my room how dare he
Humilate in front of that br@t
In school everyone thinks he’s my b©yfri£nd
Now she comes from no where to snatch him from me
Never it’s not happening
I’ll deal with her my own style
🏢Monday 🏢
I was dressing up in my room when Harry barge in
“C’mon what if I was n@ked”
“It’s not bad yunno we could do a qu!ckie” he said huskily eyeing my dress
“Get out”
“Be down soon can’t eat without you” he said in a sing song manner
“What a drama king”
” I’ve got the feeling he is up to something”
We were done and was alre-ady on our way to school
When we got to school I tried to open the door but it was opening
“Harry the door” I whinned childishly
“Am coming” he c@m£ down and opened the door like a gentleman
Scratch that he isn’t gentle
I g@sped when I saw all the students eyes boring into mine
Some we’re of surprise while some anger, some expression I couldn’t re-ad
As I want to walk Harry c@m£ and held my wa!st possessively
What’s wrong with this guy🙄
👥 She’s a $lut
👥 What is she doing with Maddie’s b©yfri£ndor aren’t they d@t!nganymore
👥No she snatched him from Maddie
👥She doesn’t have shame
👥Look at her ugly legs
I heard them cursing
Seems Maddie has bad mouthed me
They started cur$ing me loudly and was about to throw things at me when Harry spoke
🤦 Don’t tell me he wants to add to my injury
“She’s my girlfriend” he announced and they looked at me in shock
👥What about Maddie did you guys break up
A girl said giving me a bad glare
“We were never together PS she was never my girlfriend” he dropped the bomb and the students faced Maddie who I didn’t know was around before
I opened my mouth to protest
But was shut up by Harry’sl-ips
🙈🙈He’s kssing me publicly 🙈🙈
Oh my g0sh berries🤤🤤🤤
Episode 10
After the kss outside I have been avoiding Harry’s gaze
But that didn’t st©p him from piercing his gaze at me
Though I had been receiving some scornful looks from the girls and lvstful ones from the guys I didn’t give a damn
Today has been great
Maddie didn’t get to come to clas-s today
I guess she’s pretty embarras-sed
I’d advise her not come cos this students are going to rip her ap@rt for dare lying to them
I signed loudly getting bored of the clas-s
I fking hate geometry 🙄
And the teacher isn’t helping either.
So is Harry he’s been ma-king use of every slight opportunity to t0uch my b0dy “pe.rvert”
I was about to ask a question when a message popped up on my phone
“Don’t ever think you can escape my pawn Barbie doll” it says and I wondered who the s£nder is
I turn to Harry to see if he’s the one pla-ying pranks with me but I discovered he’s not even with his phone
Okay it seems someone wants to get on my bad list
I deleted the message instantly
Clas-s was over and I made my way to the locker room
I saw Maddie’s friends vennessa and Lisa giving me a death glare while I just rolled my eyes 🙄
I’ve got no time for fked btches 🖕🖕
I opened my locker and found a letter
📜Meet me at the garden behind the gym 🙄
I have never been so embarras-sed my whole life
All this happened because of that btch😡
I will make sure she hates her
I had received a report from my besties on how she was behaving like a queen at school today
I couldn’t face the embarras-sment I left school
But am going back after I carried out my plan
📲 Hello sister what do you want from me
📲Your help
📲 What makes you think I’d wanna help you
📲I know you wouldn’t like your secrets getting out do you
📲 Fine what do you want
📲Meet me at home
I said and cut the call
watch your back btch I am coming for you
I swayed my a$$ happily when Mom told me Tiana would be leaving with Harry
I just got back from LA I went to visit dad but mom’s news got me dancing
I just want my big sister to be happy
There had been a chemistry between them since we’re young
I knew Tiana wouldn’t recognize Harry that’s why I advice her about the prank
She has suffered lots of heartbreaks
And I just hope this works out
I have been planning this with Adrian my b©yfri£nd😍
And am glad it’s working
I was more thri-lled when I saw the video of him kssing her today at school
She’s sure gonna have an earful tommorow 😉
🤗Mrs Williams 🤗
“I want your daughter for my son” Jenny said
“I love that too”
“I can’t believe our young pact is actually coming to life”
“What pact?”
“The one we made at sixth grade”
“Yeah that our children would marry each other”☺️
“Awwn 💖 good old days” I said remenicing the past
I couldn’t get her off my mind since the kss
I wanted her to be officially mine
I don’t want Any guy around her
Though how we met was a Lil bit bu-mpy
I am re-ady to give it a sh0t
My heart lept as I saw her coming from afar
“Any one here”
“Hey” I said waving
” Will you be my girlfriend” I cut in
Oh my gee😁
Harry finally poped the question
Who do you think s£nt the message
What’s Maddie planning