My prince charming Episode 3 to 6

💖 My prince charming 💖
👅 She’s feisty, he’s h0t 👅
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
💋 Episode 3💋
I couldn’t help but laugh at the embarras-sed Harry because all eyes were on us being a popular kid murmurs were all re-ady going round.
👭Can’t believe the almighty harry is afraid of coackroches
👭She is just looking for his attention.
I heard them murmur tsk tsk bunch of fools 🙄
I turned to angry Harry if looks could kill I’d be a milimeter un-derground because the looks on his eyes were really dangerous and I was a little scared but surpressed it with a sm-irk, but all of a sudden he pu-ll-ed me up and dragged me outta the clas-s.
“Why are we here” I asked.
“Who told you am sacred of roaches” he asked angrily.
“So you dragged me here to ask a foolish question” I asked annoyed. like who does that.
” Answer my g0ddam question lady” he yelled.
” Ain’t owe you no explanation okay if wanna get answer how about you go to h.ell” I yelled back and earned some ohhs and ahhs from few students pas-sing by and he was visibly shocked to talk. So I walked out on him and went back to clas-s such an a$$h0le.
I went to my sit not without earning some death glare from the rude girl earlier I heard them call her Maddie.
“Why did you get home angry” she asked coming to my sit while I ignored her no time for btches 🙄
Seeing I am not replying her she went back to her sit embarras-sed
I paced round my hideout angrily to thinking of a way to get back at the girl the humiliation she caused me.
Then a plan crept to my mind she is so gonna be shocked.
It was lunch time and I was happy cos I was dam hungry. I couldn’t wait for Kelly cos she was busy with some clas-s works and besides we aren’t in the same clas-s.
Immediately I opened the cafeteria door I felt h0t chocolate and cheese rain on me
💋 Episode 4💋
Immediately I shouted Harry everyone in the cafeteria roared in laughter ma-king me look like a fool 😬
Just then the chocolate landed in my mouth and it tastes good 😋😋
So I started l!çk!ng it off my face.
While Harry’s jaw dropped in shock😲
This was supposed to be a prank but it just turned my lunch because by the time I was done l!çk!ng it I was full.
I li-cked myl-ips in satisfaction and walked out leaving everyone to sort their shock issues.
“Tee wait up” my annoying sister yelled trying to keep up with my pace.
“What is it this time”
“Are you seriously asking me that”
“🙄🙄What does it look like am doing before” I said folding my arms un-der my b00bs
“You went to the cafeteria without me”
“Duh 😒you weren’t done on clas-s and I couldn’t wait so why are you so worked up about it”
“You could not let me share in your chese and chocolate shower” she pouted
“Really??🙄 I can’t believe you you that was a prank right” I asked
“Yeah a delicious one at that ” she replied
“Seriously 🙄 ya crazy you know that?”
“Got it from you tho”
“You Are such a pain in my a$$”
“No am not”
* * * * * * * *
We kept on bickering at each other till I got to the restroom
Wait here I wanna clean this remain off my b©dy”I told Kelly
Few minutes I was done thank goodness I brou-ght a backup cloth
PS:I always go out with a backup cloth I am that crazy 😅
“How about we teach your crush some lessons” Kelly said grinning like an idi0t.
“He kinda embarras-sed you in front of the whole school”
” Okay so how”
“The pie method”
“What that’s extreme”
“You see you’ve fallen in love with him”
“No have not’
“Yes you have”
Oh c’mon
Since the first time my sister has seen that guy I knew she has fallen for him but she won’t admit it and Harry also likes her I’ve caught her countless times thinking about him.
And is always stealing glances at her.
She has been so into him she didn’t know we are in the same clas-s.
What a sister
😡 Maddie 😡
I was angry when the btch made fun outta the prank.
She was supposed to be humiliated.
But she turned it into something fun.
She’s gradually getting my Harry’s attention and I won’t allow that.
😕 Harry 😕
G0sh she’s just too cr@zy I mean what kinda girl li-cks chocolate off her own face obviously her royal cr@ziness Tiana Williams 😝 the way she li-cked herl-ips almost made me wanna pu-ll her over and kss the h.ell outta her
G0sh! She’s driving me crazy 😌
I walked out of the clas-s and went over to my car.
I nee-d to go clear my head.
Immediately I started the car it made some funny sounds and I hit annoyingly. And Inna flash pie blasted everywhere inside my car.
It entered everywhere in my b©dy how is that even possible
So I step out of my car and met the face of all the students they are supposed to be in clas-s the started taking videos and laughing 😝
Then it hit me.
I am allergic to pies oh no the pictures are least of my problem but my allergy oh God.
As if To add insult to my injury.
I saw hungry dogs coming towards me oh oh.
No one nee-ds to tell me what to do Temple run p@rt 2.
After few minutes of running
My eyelids bec@m£ heavy and I pas-sed out.
💋Episode 5💖
We were running after them (Kelly and I) g0sh ! Someone should remind not to listen to Kelly’s advice anymore. Now my annoying crush has pas-sed out with dog slime and goo all over his face 😣 di$gusting.
His unconscious self looks peaceful you won’t know is a pain in the a$$.
“So what are we gonna do now” I asked facing Kelly.
“We carry him” she replied simply
He is a guy and we are ladies so he obviously has lots if weight than the both of us even if merge together as one.
“Duh” she said in a bored tone.
“I can’t believe you right now”
“Will you quit yappin and let’s get to work”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We were still sitting at the hospital for like 2 hours now and he hasn’t woken up.
I walked into his ward after Kelly had gone to get us something to eat.
“Why do you have to be soo cute and at the same time annoying huh” I ask no one in p@rticular.
I brou-ght my head close to his face admiring his cute plump oill-ips when I suddenly felt a strong arm pu-ll me close to him and before I knew it his l-ips were alre-ady on mine.
“Harry is actually kssing me” mind b!own but wait o he is awake.
He pu-ll-ed out after ten minutes with a sm-irk on his face whih I returned with a glare.
He just took my first kss and he’s sm-irking tho it was a long kss snap outta it tee I scolded myself mentally before facing him back.
“Did you realize what you just did” I asked furiously.
“What?” He asked forming an innocent face to hich looks so adorable (get a grip tee)
“Do I look like am joking”
“Well it does to me” he replied shurgging.
“You are Soo annoying”
“And love me like that” he tea-sed.
“No I don’t” I argued
” Yes you do”
” NO! I don’t”
” Yes you do”
“Awwn 💖 you guys looks so cute together” we heard someone say and we turned to the direction only to find Kelly and his friend grinning foolishly.
Then i remembered the kss thinking they might have seen us and I couldn’t help but blus-h.
“Awwn she’s blu-shing 😊😊” Harry’s friend pointed out
“No am not”
“Yes you were”
“No I was not”
“Yes you did”
“Okay will you guys st©p this childish argument and let the coward boy rest” Kelly yelled.
Tired of our sharade.
“Did you just called me coward c’mon” Harry asked.
“Aren’t you one” she taunted further.
“You try racing bull dogs you will know the definition of a being br@ve” Harry snapped
😎 Harry 😎
I had woken up long time ago but I was enjoying Tiana peaceful company that’s why I didn’t open my eyes but I couldn’t contend it when I felt her h0t breathe on my face.
So I gr@bb£d the opportunity to kss her tho am still gonna get back at her for what she did.
But seriously her pranks are always too extreme.
Doesn’t she know am allergic to pies that’s was the main reason I pas-sed out.
To make it worse moi stupid friend and her cr@zy sister are here.
Actually I have known Kelly for a long time now tho I didn’t know she has a crazier version of her as a sister I have always known Kelly to be crazy but Tiana is super crazy.
The secret is that she and my bestie are d@t!ngthat’s how I got to know her.
I was still lost in my thoughts when the doctor walked in bringing me back to earth.
“He nee-ds absolute care and regular use of drugs so he nee-ds someone beside him all times. Beside he fractures his legs a little”. The doctor concluded before walking out
While I wore a dev!lish smile on my face facing Tiana
With the look on his face
No doubt I am not going to like his next action.
💋Episode 6💋
😋 Tiana 😋
🙄 “When are you thinking you j.erk” i yelled facing him
“Take it easy Barbie am a patient remember 😏” he said calmly
“Barbie? Is that a new nickname now 🙄”
“You like it”he asked with a sm-irk
“You don’t st©p sm-irking I’ll disfigure your handsome face” I yelled angry trying so ha-rd not to blus-h
“Okay since you are the reason am on this be-d” he stated lowly
“Huh huh so what” I sneered
“And am sure you will not want me have you sued to court for attem-pted murder”
“Wait what I didn’t attempt to kill you…erm…you….just….em.. happened to almost die…. throu-gh….the prank… besides you are not dead…..but how was I supposed to know you were allergic to pie…..I mean who doesn’t love pie” I stuttered
“It’s none of my concern anyways and am sure you don’t wanna be expelled ejther” he said a again what does he want again
“Yeah mom will be so mad at me” I replied i mean gold high is her last hope and she said once I get expelled I am not going to school again
“Good then you’ll have to be my personal maid for two months” he shrugged
“What! No! I can’t do that” I yelled and he picked up his phone
” What do you think you are doing
” Calling the cops duh”
“No plea-se but I can’t be your personal maid you even be paying me” I said
“Decide now before I make the call” he said smiling “I am so going to kill that girl I called my sister today” I muttered silently
“Okay I will do it” I said sadly
“Can I go now”
“No wait I nee-d your digits so I can call you when I leave here” he said
“Arrogant pompous j£rk” I cussed silently as I give him my number
I felt Happy that she’ll be around me for two months at least she’d be by my side as much as I don’t want to admit it my heart beats fas-ter when she’s by side
The truth is that I have fallen for her craziness but am not gonna admit it.
Besides she hates my gut so I’ll keep trying anything to keep with me
👹 Madison 👹
I paced about fuming angrily how dare she embarras-s my Harry like that
I am going to deal with her thor0ûghly it’s a promise
First she took the attention of the day by her flawless beauty now she wants to take Harry from me never
Though I and Harry had fv¢ked each other a couple of times I still had a better sh0t at d@t!nghim besides she’s not his type
I smiled as a plan crept to my mind
Just then my annoying brother c@m£ in
“Jeremy what are you doing here I thought you were in LA”
” Well am back now shouldn’t you be happy” he said smiling
Oh God
👩Mrs Williams👩
“Yes ma’am okay no problem I’ll be right over” I replied as I hanged up.
“Yes Mom what did I do this time?
“We are going out”.
I received a call from my boss he said Mrs Jenny Gold wants a personal nurse for his nurse for two weeks he isn’t feeling well so he called me and you are going with me.
“What no”
“Why can’t Kelly go with you”
“Because she is not an aspiring doctor like you are.
“You are going with me and that is final.
“No mom plea-se”.
“Meet me in the car” I said finally walking out