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My prince charming Episode 11 to 14

💖 My prince charming 💖
👅 She’s feisty he’s h0t 👅
✍️ Written by Lois ✍️
Episode 11
😋Tiana 😋
I continue brooding wheater to go or not but who could want to see me at the garden the gym
But That place is restricted
I kept tapping my feet on the floor waiting for the last teacher of the day to go out of the [email protected]
I dash out immediately she went out and started walking towards the garden
am I really going to do this
as I approached the garden I saw traits of roses and other beautiful flowers
a “wow” escaped myl-ips
then I saw a masculine figure backing me “huh”
“any one here” I shouted loud and he slowly turned around
Oh God its harry
But why is he here “he’s the person who dropped the note dummy” my subconscious yapped
“Tiana” he called calmy and softly giving me goosebu-mps
“ever since the first day I met you I felt connected I felt attracted but I got captured by your craziness” he said ma-king my heart flatter and my face flu-shed
“will you be my girlfriend?” he popped the question
Oh my geee☺️
What do I do
I can’t denial the fact that I also fell for him at first sight
Or that my heartbeats ra-pidly for him
Or that his t©uçh on my b©dy is quite effective
“am waiting” he said snapping me to reality
“erm” I stuttered
“I’ll take your silence as a yes then” he said with a grin
“what! No” I said with my voice clearly betraying me
“it’s a yes then c’mon girlfriend” he said yanking me off
“I haven’t even said yes” I pouted
“I answered for you now lets get going” he said and I chuckled
“what a crazy b©yfri£nd”
“really did you just admit am your b©yfri£nd” he said and I [email protected]
“did say that out loud” i thought
“Yeah you did” he replied
“How did you……”
“You said it out loud again” he cuts in
Arghhhh!!! I face palmed my self fustratedly
It’s been a week since our relationsh!pand I must say we are the most craziest couple in town
Our relationsh!phas [email protected]£ known to the whole school including Maddie
And trust me she did not take it lightly
But guess what! Ion give adman as well
Even most of the students didn’t accept the relationsh!p
Especially the girls
Some would gimme scornful looks and only few smile at me warmly
Hello! Who cares🙄
Kelly was crazily happy when she heard about it though I knew [email protected] of it was her hand work
She’s lucky I have not had her time she’d have been in de-ep sht
It was a sunny after noon on Friday and I was bored
Ken was in the bath tub washing his hair
I dyed it purple while he was slee-ping 😂
It looks Soo funny
I am bored 😥
Oh karooke ☺️
It’s been long I last sang
I quic-kly went to pick up the remote and position it like a micro phone 🎤🎤 and started singing and dancing
🎶Bounded to you
🎶Stuck together
🎶 Can’t leave without you
🎶I am tra-pped in your love
🎶Lost in your arms
🎶Am giving you loving
🎶Where ever you want it
🎶I don’t care
🎶I will follow you till the end
🎶 Thinking out loud
🎶 People make love in mysterious ways
🎶But ours was one of a kind
🎶 Crazy baby coozy honey
🎶I feel intoxicated by your love
I was still singing when I heard Harry’s melodious voice [email protected]£ throu-gh
🎶I feel safe in your heart
🎶 Safe guarded by your love
🎶 Swimming in the ocean of your love
🎶 You’re my love
🎶I am yours
🎶Cos am Bounded to you
🎶 Surrounded by your love
🎶I don’t really care
🎶 What ever people say
🎶All I want to know is how much you love me
🎶All I want you to know is that my heart beats for you…….
“Awwn 💖 never knew you had a good voice” I said
“Never knew you weren’t bad either”
“How did you know that song” I asked with my hands carefully folded un-der my brea$ts
“I was in a secret band and Lois was my favorite artist” he replied with his gaze on my b00bs
“What can’t I stare again”
“Nah ah”
“Wanna go gr-ab some lunch at the restaurant”
“Yay! Be right back”
At the restaurant
We were welcome warmly
And I must say this place is packed well
It’s an example of luxury
He lead us to the vvip table
And that place was a paradise of it’s own
Shortly after a waitress walked to us se.ductively
Hope she is not trying to se.duce Harry
Else she is going to get fired
“What would you like to eat she said facing me ”
“Some rice cakes and beef stew”
“How about you sir” she said smiling se.ductively to Harry slightly bitting her lowerl-ip
Okay she’s getting on my nerves ☹️
“Same thing she ordered” Harry replied
“Okay handsome” she said and turn to leave
“Excuse me lady you have something on your face” I said and she frowned
Before she could talked
I [email protected]£d Mac and cheese from the nearest table and emptied it in her
And Harry couldn’t help but bust into laughter 🤣🤣
I don’t share what’s mine .
Episode 12
😋 Harry 😋
I couldn’t help it but laugh.
The Waiter must have thought it’s one of my numerous things.
So she must have been thinking it will happen today.
“Hey! She’s right
She’s mine and don’t try fl1rting with me ever again” I said facing the alre-ady [email protected] waitress and by now all eyes were alre-ady on us
Serves her right 😏
The ride home was quite
Tiana didn’t bother to talk or look at me
I know she’s angry about what happened earlier
But it’s isn’t my fault am too handsome
“Babe am sorry”
“For what exactly”
“Because the waitresses drool on me” I said and she signed
“That’s not the point”
“Then what’s the point”
You guys have had something together right” she said looking very serious
“Yeah but that was in my pla-yboy era”
“Now am completely yours”I cooed tickling her ribs
“St©p it! It’s not funny” she said trying to control her laughter
“Have got a jealous girlfriend” I tea-sed
“As if you aren’t jealous”
“No am not”
“Yes you are”
“No am not”
“C’mon you are or should I prove it to you” she said smiling se.ductively at the driver who smiled back
“Face your job fool 😬” I thought gritting my teeth
“Just see how jealous you are just because he smiled at me”
“No I am not”
I didn’t even say anything
“But your facial expressions show it all”
By the time we were throu-gh with our argument the car has halted in front of the house
“Home sweet home” Tiana yelled excitedly
Yeah yeah leave your dreams baby😁
👺 Maddie 👺
I smiled happily after seeing my plans in motion
I’d k1ddnap her
Get her ra-pped and post it on the school blog
There by killing two birds with a stone
That way her relationsh!pwith Harry will be broken
And her reputation tarnished
And I will come in as the Caring friend to Harry
Cos i am going to apologise to him for the troubles
Fake apology though
Get on his good side make friends with him
Then he won’t suspect me at all😅
I am good
At school
“Hi Harry” I said immediately I saw him approaching but he ignored me
“plea-se wait up I just wanted to talk”
“And what makes you think I would ever want to talk to you”
plea-se wait I just wanted to apologise for everything” i said and he looked at me in shock
Yeah I know he never expected me to say sorry
It’s isn’t in my dictionary
But I’ll do it as far as it gets the btch and separated
“Did I just hear you say sorry?”🤨
“Yes I am really sorry let the $h!t between us get to my head
I un-derstand that you don’t love me and I have moved on I just hope we can be friends” I said looking nervously
“I have heard you” he said walking away without taking a second glance at me
It won’t be long before you get to be mine
I was heading towards the Hallway when I saw Maddie talking to my Harry whose face was like someone who had seen sheet
After two minutes I saw Harry walking towards my direction and I quic-kly hid in front of the janitor closet
“I know you are in there so just come out” he yelled
“Did you see me”
“Yeah I did and I also saw that you were looking at the discussion going on between I and Maddie” he said and I mouthed an oh
“What were you discussing” I asked trying [email protected] not to sound jealous cos he’s gonna tease me with it
“I know you are jealous Don’t try to hid it” he said and I fake glared at him
“just tell me what you were saying or rather what she was telling you”
“Can you believe she [email protected]£ to apologise to me” he said amused
“The Maddie I know never apologise even if she is wrong it’s obvious she is on to something”,
“Yeah I think so too”
“Maddie doesn’t give up that easily so something is fishy”
Episode 13
👿Maddie 👿
I dance happily swaying my @ss
Knowing fully well that my plan will eventually work today
Just then I sighted my brother coming in to the room
He’s my step brother actually
And I have a strong evidence against him ma-king him do all my bidding
He’s a bad boy though
And I’ve got him wra-pped on my f!nger😏
“Jeremy” I called lcking my fnger se.ductively
“What happened this time” he replied grumpily
“How about we do a quckie” I said sma-cking myl-ips
“But it’s wrong” he said
“Ion give a fk darling now do yourself good by removing your dam tr.ousers and get to work ion wanna be late for school” I said with authority
He’s got no choice
Tho he’s older than me with two months
I still control him…
“Oh that was good!!” I smiled in sati$faction after we were done.
Even though he won’t admit it he loves doing me
I stood up and went to the bathroom to clean up before heading to school
😎 Jeremy 😎
Though I know she’s blackmailing me to do her bidding but on the inside I want all she’s asking of me
I could fk her a day without getting tired
She’s a btch no doubt
I called the guys that will be doing the k1dnap to make sure everything is set
I won’t mind dealing the lady giving my sister an [email protected] time
I prepared hurridely packing all my things
If there is one thing Harry dislikes
It’s being late
School was going well today
I received lesser glares today
And Maddie was smiling sheeplessly at Harry and I
Harry look disgusted at her sight
And u couldn’t help but chuckle
What a btch
I was about to text Harry since we weren’t allowed to discuss when a teacher is in [email protected]
It’s not as I’d be punished though
Duh my b©yfri£ndowns the damn school
But I am trying to be a good girl 😁
But then a message pooped up
It’s from an unknown number
📜 Don’t forget I’ve got my eyes on you
Enjoy your relationsh!pwhile it lasts 📜
It says and I shivered
Ion know if I should tell Harry about this
But who the h.ell is trying to get to me
I shrugged it off and faced the board though my mind was wondering away
🎻 Kelly 🎻
I sighted my sis far away and ran over to her
“Tee girl” I called but she didn’t answer
She looks bothered 🤔
“Earth to you tia” I yelled and she snapped out of her thoughts
“What were you thinking”
“Nothing important”
“You could just tell me he handled you quite well” I said and Her face flu-shed in [email protected]
“Go$h kel ya so dirty I wonder how you got to be my sister” she said with an eye roll
I was about to say something when her phone rang so she left me standing
What a great sister
I signed facing my book after Tiana he left for the hospital
Someone call saying her attention is needed by her mom
But I have a feeling something is wrong some where
Why can’t her mom call her herself
I was about going when Maddie approach me
Btch 🙄
“Hey” she said smiling
“What do you want”
“Just wanna say hi that’s all”
I hissed and walked [email protected] her
Good riddance
I rushed out of the school
In great speed the least I want now is mom shouting angrily at me for coming late
Then I saw a cab coming
Right timing
“Bright hospital”
I didn’t even wait to Know if he was going before entering
I am in a hurry
Just then I noticed we were taking another route
Excuse me you are going the wrong way
The [email protected]£nger in front turned back that was when I noticed that both him and the driver are wearing masks
“plea-se drop me I am no longer going”
“Sorry hun not happening” was all I heard before I blacked out
I can see he sprayed something
Episode 14
😞 Harry 😞
I felt restless
I have a feeling that something is wrong somewhere
I have been trying her number since it’s not available
I decided to call Kelly
But just then her mom’s call [email protected]£ in
📲 Good evening ma’am
📲 Evening son how are you doing
📲Am fine ma
📲Can you plea-se give the phone tiana she isn’t picking up
📲But I thought she’d be at your place someone called that you needed her attention so she’s has gone since noon and isn’t back yet
📲What! I never s£nt anyone to call her
I didn’t even need her help earlier today
📲Sht! Something is definitely wrong
I ended the call abruptly
If Maddie has anything to do with this
I $wear I won’t spare her😠😠
I picked my car keys and dash out
📲 Kelly
📲Howdy amigo
📲Am not joking 😠 is your sister with you
📲She went to see mom
📲She is not with her!
I yelled throwing my phone away running my hands throu-gh my hair fustratedly
I diverted my direction to Maddie’s house
I will kill someone today
I woke up with ban-ging headache
This place doesn’t look familiar at all
I tried standing up before I realized that I was chained
Who is here?
Help me plea-se!!
Someb©dy help me!
I kept yelling but I got no reply
It was dark and every where seems scary
Only ch!pping sounds of birds and toads were heard
The breeze was quite cold
Indicating am somewhere near a river
My heart was beating furiously
All I could think of was getting out of here
Someone help me plea-se
👹 Maddie 👹
I dance happily after finding out my plan worked
She’s going to suffer for taking away Harry from me
I had given Jeremy a good job ban-g
Earlier and it was sweet😋😋
All I need to do is do a good girl facade for Harry
No doubt am gonna win this it’s a promise
She crossed the line
I paused my car in the middle of nowhere
If am to catch-up with Maddie
I have to catch her red handed
Because going to her house to threaten her won’t yield any results
If my inutition is true about her knowing the whereabouts of Tiana
Then I have to [email protected] on her own game
I turned back and went home
How am I going to sleep without my miss crazy beside me
I got home not to long only to have met almost All if the family with two s£nior cops
I totally forget to call the cops first
My mom, my cousin, Tiana’s mom Kelly and Adrian
They were all looking sad
It’s obvious she was k1dnapped
The cops promised to investigate quic-k on the issue
I won’t spare whosoever did this
🏢At school 🏢
I didn’t feel alive going to school but I had to
Just so I could see Maddie
I walked like a zombie
Moi heart was hurting
Where could she be
Then I saw the devil coming with a sorry face it’s fake obviously
“Harry! Am so sorry I heard what happened” she faking a concern face
“I can’t find her” I sobbe-d hvgging her
But I sm-irked seeing she fell forIt 😏😏
By the time am done with her she’d be sorry
Watch your back Maddie cos ou don’t hurt what’s mine

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