My nanny Episode 27 & 28

🍨She’s my best friend🍨
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍓Chapter 27🍓
Betty’s Pov:
I sat on the couch with my legs crossed.
As I sipped my wine and ate the pop corn.
Actually, I want to hire more maids in the house cos I want more.
It’s not like they are not many but actually I want a lot of them especially now that I know I might be pregnant.
“Next!” I screamed as a lady walked in.
She was on ex-posing clothes… Clas-sy!
I rolled my eyes.
This one is just going to snatch my Ryan from me.
“Good day ma’am! My name is Janella and…” She said as I tut.
“Tch! Get away I can’t hire… You’re disqualified!” I said with hatred
Mere sight of her makes me think she has alre-ady stolen my man from me.
“But ma’am…” She said as I barked at her.
“I said get lost!” I shouted as she quic-kly left.
I don’t see any decency in that freaking lady.
The next person walked in with a broad smile.
I sneered at her.
What’s ma-king her so excited?
I don’t like her as well…. She could s£dûç£my Ryan with her smiles.
“I don’t want you!” I said as I sipped my wine.
The wine glas-s was alre-ady empty.
“Refill this…” I ordered as Celine quic-kly refilled my glas-s.
Am the boss around here…
The girl frowned as she stepped out of the house.
They kept trooping in and in but I don’t like any of them.
They seems to have one problem or the other.
The last person walked in.
She was covering her face with a hood.
She walked to me gradually.
I smiled within me.
I think she’s the right one.
“Take off that hood” I ordered as she took it off.
Eww.. She’s so ugly!
This is the kind of people I want.
She’s too ugly for my Ryan to notice her pres£nce.
She covered her face again.
“What’s your name?” I asked as I snorted.
“Am Angie ma’am!” She said in the most soft voice I’ve ever heard.
“Angie?” I asked with a smile and nodded
“Yes ma’am!” She replied calmly still covering her ugly face.
“You are hired” I said as she jumped for joy.
“Take her to the servants quarters” I ordered as I stood up and headed out of the sitting room.
Mr Ryan’s Pov:
It was alre-ady late.
I walked straight to the dinning to eat when I saw a strange girl.
She served the food for me.
“Who are you?” I asked anxiously
“My name is Angie Sir!” She said softly
I can’t remember having any Angie as a maid.
And she had a hood covering her face.
“Angie? Who the heck brou-ght you in here?” I asked anxiously.
“Uhmm… Sir Ryan…. I mean Sir I was employed as a maid…” She stammered
Her voice sounded so familiar.
She even called me “Sir Ryan” ….
That was how Julia addresses me.
“You can leave!” I said as I ate my food.
I walked into the room angrily.
Betty was busy sitting in front of the dressing mirror cleaning her makeups.
“Betty! Who’s that Angie girl downstairs?” I asked fuming with anger.
Betty looked at me and scoffed as she faced the mirror again.
“Isn’t it obvious? She’s my new personal maid” She said.
“What? How dare you?” I asked furiously
“What’s your problem with that Ryan?” Betty sighed loudly
“This is my house Betty!” I screamed
“And so?” Betty rolled her eyes
“So I have the right to know whatever that is going on in my house” I said
“Seriously? Well you are no longer the only owner of this house” She said
“What’s the meaning of that?” I asked anxiously
“You really wanna know right? Fine! I’ll tell you!” She said as she stood up angrily and walked towards me.
She picked up an envelope and threw it on my face.
“That’s why” She said pointing at the envelope
I breathed heavily as I quic-kly picked the envelope from the ground.
Still glaring ha-rd at her.
I opened the envelope.
There was a piece of paper in it.
I unfolded it and re-ad.
“Pregnant… Positive…” I said in shock as the paper fall from my hand.
My jaw dropped….
🍓Episode 28🍓
Angie’s Pov:
I walked into the servants quarters room I was given and heaved a sigh of relief.
I took off my hood staring at myself at the mirror.
Tears dropped down my face.
I looked really very ugly….
I used to be a very pretty and beautiful damsel until this happened.
I have to find out who did this to us.
I was still lost in thought when I heard a knock on my door.
I quic-kly wiped off my tears.
“plea-se come in” I said with a cold voice.
The door was opened and Veronica c@m£ in.
I held my breath so ti-ght.
Because I was afraid Veronica would recognize me.
She have been my very good friend and close one at that.
“Uhmm… Angie right?” She smiled
“Yes…” I replied
“OK! Your food is at the slab in the kitchen” She said nicely.
I smiled at her still holding my hood.
“Thank you Veronica” I said as I quic-kly got back to my s-en-ses.
I held my breath in anxiety.
I was new and am not supposed to know her name.
She stared at me surprisingly as she turned her face away.
“How did you know my name?” She asked anxiously
“Actually I heard ma’am call you that!” I lied.
She laughed heartily.
“You must be a sharp learner!” She joked
She turned to leave but turned back again.
“You remind me of someone though” She said as I smiled.
“Oh really?” I said not knowing exactly what to say.
“Yes… See you later!” She said and walked out of the room.
I breathed heavily.
Thank goodness! She didn’t suspect anything.
I continued with my thoughts.
Mr Ryan’s Pov:
My feet couldn’t carry me again.
I sat heavily on the be-d in shock.
“How is this even possible?” that was all I could say.
“Ask yourself that!” Betty added
I couldn’t say anymore word.
Betty is pregnant and am responsible….
This simply means that am tied up to her.
She blew her gum noisily and exhaled de-eply.
What do I do now?
I don’t really love Betty…
How can I do this with her?
I got up and rushed out of the room.
She didn’t even care.
“Just start ma-king wedding plans” Betty said as I stormed out of the room.
I walked into my late daughter’s room.
I kept staring at her pictures and that of her nanny.
I wish they were alive and with me.
This isn’t what I wished for.
Betty is a gold digger and a devil.
Betty’s Pov:
I turned on the volume of the music so loudly.
Sonia and I were celebr@ting our victory.
I don’t care how Ryan feels about me anymore because I know he will definitely come back for his child in my wo-mb.
😂 If there is any 😂
“Angie! Angie!!” I called loudly
As she rushed into the room.
She almost stumbled and I scoffed.
“Clumsy fool… Go get me two glas-ses and a can of fruit jui-ce” I said wickedly as she left the room immediately.
“Betty! Girl isn’t that maid of yours too ugly?” Sonia ch!pped in.
“Well that’s how I want them! So they won’t s£dûç£my Ryan!” I said and Sonia roared in laughter.
Shortly, she c@m£ back and pas-sed the jui-ce and glas-ses to us.
She turned to leave but I called her back.
“Hey! Arrange those clothes into my wardrobe” I ordered
She quic-kly hurried up and started doing what I ordered her to do.
“You know what girl? I can’t wait to become the maid of honor on your wedding day” Sonia said happily.
“Of course! So after everything, Ryan and I will finally get married” I rejoiced
“Are you sure you don’t have more enemies?” Sonia sneered
“I don’t think so… The only enemies I have, I have s£nt them to meet their ancestors” I laughed
“You mean Ella and her nanny Julia?” Sonia asked lowering her voice.
“Of course! Those ones I’ve kept where they should be” I laughed.
Immediately, the glas-s fell from Angie’s hands in shock…..