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My nanny Episode 29 & 30

🍨She’s my best friend🍨
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍓Episode 29🍓
Angie’s Pov:
I picked up an empty [email protected] on t©p of the table.
Immediately I heard what Betty said, I was so gobsma-cked.
I didn’t even know when the [email protected] fell from my hand.
And broke into pieces.
I was startled…
“You clumsy animal! How dare you?” Betty flared up as she gave me a resounding [email protected]
I held my cheeks in tears….
I wanted to retaliate but I remembered why I was here in the first place.
I gulped…
“Am sorry ma’am! It was a mistake” I lied stammering
“Mistake? Was it really a mistake or did you hear something?” Sonia asked staring wickedly at me.
“Hear something? Of course not ma’am… I wasn’t listening to you” I lied again
“You are such an idiot! Clear this mess and get your freaking fvcking self outta my sight” Betty yelled at me as I rushed out of the room.
“Gosh! This good for nothing girl is so annoying” They said to each other.
I rushed into my room and bur-st into tears.
So it was Betty all along.
She was the one that wanted Ella and I dead.
And to add it up, she’s getting married to Sir Ryan this weekend.
Oh no! What do I do?
I really need to st©p this wedding.
It musn’t happen….
I can’t let this happen!
It will not only hurt me but also my little.
And she said she’s pregnant!
Is that even true?
I have to find out….
Betty’s Pov:
I fit my legs into the expensive shoes and roared in laughter.
“Oh my jingles girl! You look absolutely gorgeous” Sonia said as I sat on the couch.
I catwalked around and smiled excitedly.
“By the time I walk down the aisle on this shoes, Ryan will definitely fall in love with me” I said happily
“Of course Betty and it’s quite expensive” Sonia said and I sneered.
“Expensive? You call that expensive? When am getting married to a billionaire” I said with a smile.
“I envy you girl… All your obstacles are gone now so you own the mansion all to yourself” Sonia said
“Am so happy… I can’t wait to become his wife and to be become the general ma’am in the mansion” I [email protected]
“But can I ask you a question?” Sonia asked anxiously
“Am all ears” I said checking out the jewelry section.
“What if Ella and Julia suddenly show up on your wedding day?” Sonia asked and I flin-ched.
I quic-kly turned around and eyed her.
“And what’s the meaning of that?” I flared up.
“Uhmm… That’s not what I meant! I was just saying…” Sonia stammered
“Enough! Don’t you dare ruin in my moment” I barked at her.
“It’s just a “what-if” and nothing more” Sonia shook her head.
“Keep that to yourself! I’d rather die than watch them ruin in my day” I said
“Of course girl! You are definitely going to marry him” Sonia brightened up.
“That’s my girl!” I said happily as we high five.
Mr Ryan’s Pov:
“Damn! Mehn am hooked to that crazy girl” I screamed as I ban-ged the table.
“You really are but Ryan I thought you loved and [email protected]£d Betty?” my friend asked
“Yes I did! But I never really loved her” I said
“Too bad! She’s with your child” He said
“I just wish it never happened…. Why do I have to end up with Betty!” I rolled my eyes.
“so tell me Ryan, who do you really love? Like after your late wife Joanna, who did you love genuinely?” He asked
“Come on bro! This is just going to open the healing wound” I exhaled sharply.
“Tell me Ryan…” He insisted
“It was Julia… My daughter’s nanny” I said as he [email protected] in shock.
“What?” He shouted
Angie’s Pov:
I sat in front of the mirror.
Tears gradually dropped down my face.
The fact that my face has been disfigured made me feel worst.
Even if I st©p sir Ryan from marrying Betty.. Will he even like me?
With this kind of ugly face….
I took off my hood and wiped my tears.
Starring at my face in the mirror made me cry the more.
Just then, my door throw open and Veronica walked in.
I quic-kly covered my face.
“How may I help you?” I said sharply but she looked at me surprised.
“JULIA….?” She screamed as my jaw dropped in shock……
🍓Episode 30🍓
Angie’s Pov:
I [email protected] as I turned quic-kly.
“Julia? So it’s you?” Veronica asked sharply.
I quic-kly placed my index f!nger in between myl-ips.
“Shhh… Keep your voice down Veronica!” I said as she covered her mouth with her palms.
“How did this happen? I don’t un-derstand!” She asked anxiously.
Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.
“We didn’t die Veronica!” I bur-st into tears
“We? You mean Ella too?” She asked
“Yes Vero! Am sorry for keeping this away from you but I had to” I said as she quic-kly hvgged me ti-ghtly.
She was crying as well… Tears of joy ☺
“My gosh! Am so happy!!” She said with excitement
I frowned again….
“What is it?” Veronica asked
“But my face….” I said blinking [email protected] to prevent tears.
“Tch! That’s not a big deal Angie I mean Julia…” She smiled
“It really is… I look very ugly now” I said as I bowed my head in sadness.
“You don’t! Plastic surgery will do the magic” She said as I brightened my face with hope.
“I know! Anyways Vero we have a big problem…” I said depressed
“About what?” She asked
“I just found out who wanted to kill Ella and I” I cried
She wi-de-ned her eyes in shock.
“I knew it! I knew it wasn’t really a coincidence… Tell me who?” Veronica asked eagerly
“It was ma’am Betty!” I wailed
“What? My God!” She said
“And she’s getting married to Sir Ryan this weekend” I added
Veronica [email protected]….
“The wedding must not happen!” She snapped.
I nodded my head in agreement.
Ella’s Pov:
I scooped some rice cakes into my mouth with my palms.
“You like?” Cindy asked smiling broadly at me.
“Yes sis… I really love!” I said smiling
“I know you are gonna love it! You know your aunt Julia likes that a lot especially when h0t!” Mother said.
I’ve grown to love them so much.
Yes! They are not wealthy neither are they [email protected], but they are very nice people.
Just like my nanny, her mom and sister are very friendly.
That I don’t even want to go back to the mansion again.
There was a loud knock on the door.
“I’ll get the door” Cindy said as she walked towards the door and opened the door.
“Baby….” That was my aunt Julia’s voice.
I sprang up in excitement.
“Aunt Julia?” I screamed in delight as I hvgged her ti-ghtly.
She pe-cked my forehead.
“Aunt Julia! Why are you here?” I asked anxiously.
Just then, someone walked in too.
It was aunt Veronica.
I [email protected] and turned to aunt Julia.
“Aunt Julia does she know?” I asked anxiously
Aunt Julia smiled and nodded her head.
I quic-kly hvgged Veronica.
I’ve missed her so much… She was one of my best among the maids.
“What? Daddy is going to marry Betty?” I snapped
“Yes Ella! And they are getting married by the weekend… Just two days to go!” Aunt Julia said.
“Impossible! This isn’t happening… We need to st©p them!” I cried
“Of course baby! We won’t let it happen! But we need your help to st©p them!” Veronica said.
“My help? How?” I asked
“I’ll tell you!” Aunt Julia said.
I heaved a sigh of relief.
Mr Ryan’s Pov:
“Brighten your face Ryan! St©p looking as if you were f0rç£d to go on a [email protected]£ with me” Betty sneered
“It should be obvious that I didn’t come here willingly” I said as I eyed her.
“You have to! Else I’d get rid of this thing” She said tou-ching her tummy.
“You won’t dare do that!” I said as the waitress [email protected]£ in sharply.
“Uhmm… Mr Ryan Ramirez you have a phone call at the reception office” She said calmly.
“A call?” I furrowed my eyebrows
“Yes Sir!” She nodded
“Should be work I guess! Excuse me!” I said as I stood up to go.
“Don’t keep me waiting Ryan!” Betty grinned.
I tut as I walked away furiously.
I hate her guts….
I walked into the reception office and the telephone was handed to me.
☎ Hello… How may I help you?… I asked anxiously
☎ Daddy? Is that you?… That was my princess’s voice.
I [email protected]£ stunned.
☎ Ella? Baby?… I called as tears rolled down my cheeks.
☎ Yes daddy! It’s me!!… She skrie-ked in excitement.
☎ My gosh! I hope this isn’t a dream… I said in shock
☎ Daddy! I have something very ess£ntial to tell you… Go behind the restaurant by the left, am right there!…. She said
☎ Baby I…. I tried speaking but she hung up.
I quic-kly kept the telephone and rushed out of the restaurant.
I rushed straight to where she directed.
But I didn’t see her anywhere.
“Is this a joke or something?” I said getting annoyed.
I sluggishly turned to leave.
“Daddy?” That was her voice again.
My heart [email protected]£ overjoyed as I turned around sharply.
Lo and behold, my very beautiful little daughter Ella.
We ran into each others arms in excitement.
I pe-cked her cheek and she blu-shed.
“Daddy I missed you” She said as tears rolled down my face.
“I missed you more my angel! Where have you been?” I asked anxiously as someone walked in.
It was Angie the new maid.
I flin-ched in shock.
“Who is she to you baby? Angie what are you doing here?” I asked anxiously
“I’ve been with her daddy! It isn’t Angie… That is not her real name” Ella smiled
“You know her baby?” I asked
“Yes daddy! and you know her too” Ella eyed me
“Yeah I know her! she’s Angie the scar face maid” I replied sharply
“No daddy! She’s my one and only aunt Julia! Who got ugly just because she wants to save me” Ella said as my jaw dropped in shock.
“Julia?” I said as Angie took off her hood.
I flared up angrily.
“So it was Betty all along… She wanted you both dead?” I yelled angrily
“Yes daddy and one more thing, she isn’t pregnant for real” Ella said
My eyes wi-de-ned in surprise.
“You know of her pregnancy?” I asked anxiously
“Her fake pregnancy rather!” Julia added
“Huh? She isn’t pregnant?” I shook my head
“Yes daddy! We confirmed it!” Ella said as I sat heavily on the chair tiredly.
As they pla-yed the record for me.
Betty must pay for all this.
Ella’s Pov:
I sm-irked happily.
Our plans are falling into place ☺
Finally, Dad have realized how wicked and heartless Betty is.
Are you surprised how we found out about Betty’s fake pregnancy? 😂
I’ll tell you though 😗😗
“Just tell us the fvcking truth… 5 million pesos is at stake here” Veronica laughed as she sat close to Sonia with her phone recording.written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.
“I can’t betray my best friend” Sonia said
“Not with such amount of money sli-pping off your f!ngers” Veronica grinned
“5 million is too small” Sonia rolled her eyes.
“OK… 7 million pesos!” Veronica offered
Sonia laughed heartily.
“I’ll tell you but that’s after I get my alert!” Sonia said
“Sure!” Veronica sm-irked
Sonia’s phone beeped and she smiled.
“My friend is not pregnant… Betty isn’t pregnant , she just wants to have Ryan all to herself that’s why she killed Julia and Ella so as to get full access to everything” Sonia laughed as she blew her gum noisily.
Tears dropped down my face as aunt Julia was lead into the the theatre.
A plastic surgery was going to be performed on her.
She air k!$$£d me and I f0rç£d a smile as I hvgged my dad.
I can’t wait for my nanny to be beautiful again.
Betty’s Pov:
The D-day finally [email protected]£…
I was bejeweled and adorned in pure gold.
I can’t wait to be Mrs Betty Ryan Ramirez.
I laughed so [email protected]
I looked out of the car’s louvers as the beautiful sun shone.
But I was worried.
Why isn’t Sonia yet here?
I got to the church and got down from the car.
To my greatest surprise, the church was locked.
And Ryan was not yet here.
I gro-an ed in pain as I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number but he wasn’t picking up.
I waited impatiently for an hour before some cars drove in.
Ryan got down from one of the cars and I brightened up.
“You kept me waiting” I rolled my eyes.
Ryan smiled at me.
“Did I? Am sorry if I did!” He said as snapped with his f!nger.
Suddenly, the police surrounded the area and walked towards me.
“What’s happening? what’s going on?” I asked confused
“Miss Betty! You are un-der arrest for the attem-pted murder of miss Julia Roberts and miss Ella Ramirez” The officer said and I flin-ched.
“Let me go! Ryan your baby… Ryan am pregnant” I screamed crazily
Ryan laughed as he brou-ght out his phone and pla-yed a record for me.written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.
Tears welled down my face.
“Sonia? Sonia? You witch! How could you betray me?” I shouted
“One more thing, your Sonia is alre-ady out of the country” Ryan said as I yelled angrily.
Just then the other car was opened and to my greatest surprise, Julia [email protected]£ out of the car in her immaculate white wedding go-wn.
She looked absolutely gorgeous in her expensive wear.
My mouth opened in surprise.
Ella also [email protected]£ down with a basket of flowers and beautiful ribbons tied on her hair.
Veronica also [email protected]£ down too.
That was when guests started trooping in.. In groups.
OMG! 😱 😱
Ryan and Julia are getting married?
I kept struggling and yelling for the police to let go but they didn’t.
“Ta-ta Betty!” ElLA waved at me with a mischievous smile.
“I hate you Ella! I screamed
“We hate you too” Julia sm-irked.
I gro-an ed in pain.
As I watched Ryan and Julia hold hands together and walked down the aisle.
The police led me away.
I was jailed…
And I died in jail.
Julia and Ryan lived happily ever after…

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