My nanny Episode 24 to 26

💋 My
🍨She’s my best friend🍨
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍓Episode 24🍓
Mr Ryan’s Pov:
Tears kept rushing down my cheeks.
Yes! She was my joy!!
My everything…
Joanna’s replica…..
She was not only my daughter but also my source of happiness.
Of all the death, why should she be burnt to ashes..
That I can’t even see her corpse.
And her nanny….
They died together….
I scratched my head in confusion…
Why is it that anyone important to me always dies?
First it was Joanna…. The love of my life and the mother of my daughter
Second it is my precious daughter….
And now her lovely nanny….
I watched the Nanny’s mother and sister Cindy cry their eyes out
Death is so cruel…
Actually today is their funeral service.
I still wonder how such a big mansion was bombe-d.
“Baby!” That was Betty’s voice.
I wiped my tears immediately.
I don’t like people being sympathetic towards me.
“What is it Betty?” I asked
“Calm down… This is not the end of the world for you! Am still here baby” She said and hvgged me.
I can’t even say a word…
My heart was broken 💔
And my soul shattered 👹
The thought of a life without those two people makes me go gaga.
My life is hell… 🔥
I watched the casket being rolled into the pit….
I walked foward with my two bunches of flowers.
I threw one into my daughter’s grave and the other into Julia’s grave.
I controlled myself.
But de-ep down, a p@rt of me died with them.
I filled my glas-s with rhum and gulped it down immediately.
I refilled the glas-s and continued drinking.
I kept on drinking and drinking.
My life was messed up and nothing makes me happy anymore.
I belched loudly and roared in laughter.
I continued laughing until I started weeping.
“Death why? Why didn’t you take me as well? Why my young little child and her most loving best friend and second mother?” I screamed as I quic-kly pushed the glas-s down and it broke into pieces.
I picked up another glas-s and filled it with another drink and continued drinking.
This is the best way for me to forget my problems….
“OMG! What’s going on here?” Betty said as she rushed into the bar.
“Let me be Betty! Stay away from me” I belched loudly.
“What are you doing to yourself Ryan?” She cried out.
“What am I living for? Why didn’t death take me as well?” I screamed
“No! God forbid… You are still important to me…” Betty said as she took the glas-s from me and helped me upstairs.
Betty’s Pov:
I watched him snore off…
I breathed heavily..
The feeling is killing me!
I thought that we will be happy together once Ella and her nanny are gone.
But hell no! His life just turned to a misery…
It’s ripping him off his happiness.
He has become a drun!k..
He no longer focuses or even go to work.
All he does is mourn in anguish for the nanny and his daughter.
This is not the best choice to make.
s£nding Ella and her nanny to early grave didn’t help matters.
I shook my head in disappointment.
I just have to make sure he becomes himself again.
Thought I doubt if he will ever be.
Uhh… Sonia’s idea isn’t the best..
Matters just wors£n for me.
As a matter of fact I feel so incomplete right now.
For the first time, I missed their pres£nce.
I kept staring de-ep at the shining stars and moon.
Unknown’s Pov:
I shake my f!ngersas I gradually f0rç£d my eyes open.
I tried talking but I couldn’t.
The room was so dark and I couldn’t see a thing.
I was feeling so weak and my face hurts.
“Da….ddy” I managed to say…
🍓Episode 25🍓
Unknown’s Pov:
I bec@m£ very scared due to the darkness of the room.
“Daddy…” I called again
But this time, my voice echoed in the room.
I was screaming alre-ady when the light was switched on.
Someone walked into the room….
The person was wearing a hood and I got more afraid.
“Who are you?” I shivered in fear.
She re-moved the hood…..
“Aunt Julia?” I called in shock.
Aunt Julia gradually took off the hood and I was stunned by her appearance.
A p@rt of her face was damaged….
Her very beautiful face was now scars and ugly.
I bur-st into fresh tears…
“Aunt Julia? What happened?” I asked as I stood up.
“Shhh…. Baby we should be happy that we survived” Aunt Julia said
She turned away her face because she doesn’t want me to cry.
“What really happened?” I asked
This is what really happened…” Aunt Julia said as she started telling me everything I nee-ded to know.
Actually, we were fast asleep in the room when the house caught fire.
But due to the smoke, I couldn’t even breathe.
I quic-kly coll@psed into aunt Julia’s arms.
She saved me and we got out of the house throu-gh the window with a rope.
It was an upstairs so on her attempt to escape with me, she fell from the rope and hit her face on the ground causing the scars.
Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.
Aunt Julia risked her life for me….
If she had left me in the room and escape, she won’t have injured her face and become ugly.
She quic-kly cu-mddled me ti-ghtly.
“Am sorry nanny! This is all my fault” I cried
“Come on Ella! It’s not your fault…. I just did what is right” She said and k!$$£d my forehead.
“Nanny! When are we going back to the mansion?” I asked anxiously.
She brou-ght out a newspaper and gave it to me.
I took it and re-ad the headings.
☺ Am just a little girl but I can re-ad fluently. ☺
“Nanny? Isn’t that our pictures there written “RIP”?” I asked in surprise
“Yes Ella! They all think we are dead and gone” Aunt Julia said.
I covered my mouth with my palms.
“Oh no! What do we do aunt?” I cried
“We have to find out how the house caught fire in the first place….” Aunt Julia said as I nodded my head.
I quic-kly hvgged her ti-ghtly.
Betty’s Pov:
I sat heavily on the couch.
“Congratulations girl” Sonia skrie-ked in excitement.
I sighed loudly and rolled my eyes
“Congratulations for what?” I asked with a frown
“Really? Are you really asking me that?” She said
“Yes I am!” I said dejectedly.
“Isn’t it obvious? You now have the house all to yourself” Sonia said as she sipped her wine.
“Oh plea-se Sonia! My life is not getting any better” I said as I snorted
“What do you mean by that? I thought you wanted both of them out of your way?” She asked
“Yes I wanted that but now I realize that isn’t the best thing to do” I said as I yawned tiredly and shook my head.
“What? Why?” Sonia asked
“He has become so cold and mean…. He doesn’t even have time for me! And he has been acting up lately, i think he might even break up with me” I sobbe-d
Sonia breathed heavily.
“My goodness! Not after your suffering” Sonia said
“I wish I never hurt his precious daughter” I said in tears.
“Come on girlfriend! Don’t you trust me? Of course am always here to save your as-s” Sonia said
“What do you suggest?” I asked anxiously
“Make him glued to you no matter what” Sonia smiled mischievously
“How?” I furrowed my eyebrows
She sat closer to me and whispered something.
“Oh my gosh! You’re really a bad girl” I laughed so ha-rd
“That’s it girl!” Sonia said as we clink the glas-ses together.
I quic-kly put on my skimpy nightie….
it was so revea-ling and S-xy….
I filled the glas-s with a can of milk.
I smiled mischievously as I brou-ght out a substance and added to the milk.
I waited patiently for Ryan to come home.
Some minutes later, he rushed into the room.
“Good evening baby” I greeted sweetly.
He only nodded his head not even looking at my face.
I walked to him with the glas-s of milk as I helped him take off his suit.
“Thank you!” He said as he took the milk and gulped it down immediately.
I laughed within me.
It was ba-rely ten minutes, he started staggering.
“It’s working” I smiled to myself
I quic-kly walked closer to him and started s£dûç!ng him.
I drew myl-ips close to his and k!$$£d him hungrily 💋……
🍓Episode 26🍓
Mr Ryan’s Pov:
I tossed from one side of the be-d to another as I yawned tiredly.
I gradually opened my very weak eyes.
Stretching my muscles …
To my greatest surprise, I saw Betty lying beside me n-ked.
I bec@m£ puzzled.
I was also n-ked….
“Good heavens! I hope this didn’t happen” I said un-der my breath.
“Betty! Betty!!” I shook her vigorously as she opened her eyes and ru-bbe-d her eyes.
She yawned smiling broadly at me.
“What happened Betty? Why are you….” I asked anxiously but she scoffed.
“Are you for real? Like you don’t know what happened between us?” She asked as she quic-kly sat up and covered herself with the duvet.
“Betty how did this happen? I don’t get it! What happened?” I stammered
“You really wanna know? Fine! Something happened between us… That’s it!” She said as I breathed heavily in disappointment.
“What? You are such a loosed woman” I yelled in anger.
She bur-st into tears and screamed aloud.
“You animal! This is not the first time we are ma-king love to each other!” She said screaming
“Yes Betty! But this is the first time we are doing it unprotected and drun!k” I said trying ha-rd to control my anger.
“So what? This is my fault! You bounced on me and f0rç£d yourself on me with your stench of alcohol… You used me and now you want to blame me?” She cried out
I wi-de-ned my eyes in shock.
“Did I do that?” I asked surprised
Actually I can’t remember a thing that happened last night.
“Ask your ungrateful self that question!” She sneered at me as she quic-kly wra-pped the duvet around her and rushed into the bathroom sobbing.
I scratched my head in confusion.
“Damn! How could this have happened? Just when I wanted to end all ties” I said to myself.
I walked downstairs to the dinning.
The maids alre-ady served breakfast.
I sat on the dinning.
“Good morning Sir…” The maids chorused
“Mmhhh….” I said… That’s my way of replying their greetings.
“What’s for breakfast?” I asked sternly as I kept my suitcase on the table.
“Uhmm… Sir it’s not cereal for today! It’s tea and…” Veronica said but I cut her off.
“Fine!” I said coldly as she pas-sed the tin of milk and box of sugar to me.
I prepared the cu-p of tea by myself as I took some slices of bre-ad.
I stirred the tea and sipped it from the spoon.
I was about to eat when I heard Betty’s voice from the stairs.
“Veronica! Veronica!! Where is that crazy girl?” She screamed aloud as she walked downstairs.
I quic-kly turned my face away.
I quic-kly picked up my suitcase leaving the breakfast I was about to take.
“Clear the table!” I said as I turned to leave.
“But sir! You’ve ba-rely t©uçhed the food” one of the maids Celine said
“Just clear the table..” I said and stormed out of the house.
I didn’t hesitate to hop into my car and speed out of the compound.
I really can’t stand seeing Betty right now!
Betty’s Pov:
I watched him walk out of the house.
💭 You can’t sl!paway from my f!ngersRyan! By the time I unleash my plans, you will have no choice but to proceed with the marriage arrangement 💭 I sm-irked mischievously.
“Ma’am you called me?” Veronica asked as she rushed to me.
I gave her a dirty sl@p on her cheek and she held her cheek in tears
“You stupid girl! Are you deaf or something?” I yelled at her.
“Sorry ma’am! I was actually attending to Sir Ryan” She said with her head bowed.
Of course I’ve warned them never to talk to me looking straight in my face.
The maids should speak to me looking at the ground cos that’s where the belong… un-der my feet.
“Keep your mouth shut! So because you were attending to Ryan, you should neglect me right?” I roared angrily.
“No ma’am! Am sorry” She said
“Sorry for yourself and for your blocked twisted ears! Go upstairs now and wash those my undies in my bathroom” I ordered
“Yes ma’am!” She said as I pushed her r0ûghly and swayed my h!ps.
She quic-kly rushed upstairs.
“Good for nothing freak!” I rolled my eyes as I sat on the dinning.
Celine quic-kly pas-sed the tin of milk to me.
“Have you gone nuts?” I yelled at her as she flin-ched.
“No Ma” She shook her head.
“You are nuts silly! So you expect me to make myself a cu-p of tea while you stand there moping at me like a statue huh?” I snapped.
She looked at me and gulped as she started ma-king the tea.
“Don’t look at me! I don’t wanna correct you again” I warned
She handed the mug on the saucer to me.
I quic-kly stirred the tea sipped.
“Oh my gosh!” I let out a sharp scream as quic-kly spat out the tea.
“What happened ma’am?” She asked anxiously.
I glared ha-rd at her.
“Really? You have the nerve to ask me what happened? I said as I threw the h0t tea all over her.
She cried in agony!
I bet her soft skin must be peeling right now.
Serves her right 😏
“Do you want to poison me huh? Don’t you know how to add a lot of milk in a tea?” I said in annoyance
“Am sorry ma’am! I’ll prepare another one…I was…” She said as I cut her off.
“Shut up! I don’t want tea anymore… I want chicken sauce and pasta!” I rolled my eyes.
“But it’s really going to take time and….” She said
“In five minutes….” I added sharply
“How am I going to do that?” She cried
“I don’t care how you do it! Don’t keep me waiting… Like I said five minutes” I said as I picked up my cell phone and started pressing.
“But ma’am…” She wailed
“Scram! Get lost! Your time starts now” I said as she sluggishly cleared the table and left.
I smiled mischievously.
This is how it feels to be the boss……
This is still the beginning for those useless maids, by the time I become Mrs Betty Ryan Ramirez… I’ll make sure they go throu-gh hell.
I laughed so ha-rd .
Julia’s Pov:
Ella and I sat on the old chair in the dusty log cabin house.
As we had a quiet breakfast.
Actually I’ve been trying very ha-rd for us to make a living.
And believe me, it have been so tough.
For the meantime, I hawk dry fish everyday to be able to foot Ella’s school fees and our feeding expenses.
I ate hungrily… I was super famished.
But then I noticed Ella wasn’t eating, she kept on hitting her spoon on the plate abs£ntmindedly.
“Baby! Why are you not eating? Don’t you like the dry fish and Irish potato?” I asked with a mouthful of the food.
“Aunt when is this ever gonna end?” She asked as exhaled slowly.
“Very soon Ella! real soon” I said
“I don’t believe that aunt! Just look at your face… It looks absolutely ugly! How then is my plans of ma-king my daddy marry you going to work?” She said with a teary voice.
I gulped nervously… I almost shed tears but I had to hold myself back.
“Come on baby! By the time we find out who wants us dead and finally go back to the mansion, I’ll become beautiful again” I said forcing a smile.
But sincerely, I don’t see any hope in what I just said.
“Really aunt?” She skrie-ked in excitement
“Of course baby” I smiled broadly
“That’s very nice” She said happily.
Am glad she’s happy now.
“Uhmm…Again I’ll be traveling by next week” I said
“Where to aunt?” She asked anxiously
“To Manila….But you won’t be going with me” I said calmly.
She bur-st into tears again.
“Why aunt? Where am I going to be?” She cried
“I’ll take you to live with my mother and sister in the province” I said
“What for? Aunt I want to go with you to Manila” She said
“Listen! Am going to work in your daddy’s mansion as a maid cos that is the easiest way to find out who wants us dead” I said
She looked at me puzzled.
“But won’t daddy recognize you?” She asked
“With my scar face… He won’t! I have to make sure that we will be safe when we go back to the mansion again” I said.
Ella smiled in excitement.
“That’s good nanny! But I’ll miss you! She said
“I’ll miss you too my darling” I said as she hvgged me ti-ghtly.
Now the game has just began 😎😎….
Are we set to the plan strike? 😬😬
This is gonna be tough you know 🙁🙁
Your time is almost up 🙃
Tick tock! 🕒