My mind as a teenager episode 64 – 66

My mind as a teenager
Episode 64, 65, & 66
Ist September 2011.
Can I ever forget that day? I was on my way
home from mum’s shop when I st©pped at a
nearby shop to pick some junks I’ll take as
dinner. I walked into the shop and almost ran
into Ebuka. I “eyed” him devilishly and
walked into the shop without even an apology
(I was at fault).
I bought the things I nee-ded and left the
shop only to meet him outside. I walked past
him and he followed me. I got to my
house,opened the gate and surprisingly,he
still followed me in.
Me: What do you want?
Ebuka: Close the gate. We nee-d to talk.
Me: There is nothing to talk about. Get out of
this place.
Ebuka: You and I know that we nee-d to talk
things out. We’re just being enemies for
Me: Ebuka,leave this place before my
b©yfri£ndcomes here
I was expecting nob©dy o but I just said it.
Don’t know if it’s to make him jealous and
see that I’ve moved on or if its just to make
him get out of the house. Anyways, it didn’t
work on him as he took the padlock from my
hand and locked the gate himself.
Me: What do you want?
Ebuka: plea-se let’s go and sit down.
I led him to that same backyard where he
had willingly given me away. I dusted one of
the benches there and we both sat down.
Me: So?
Ebuka: This place brings back old memories.
Me: Just one. The day you betrayed my love
and willingly gave me out to someone I feel
nothing for. You’re very wicked.
He didn’t say anything. I excused myself and
went into the house,dropped my junk in the
kitchen,then went upstairs to change into a
go-wn. I went back downstairs and sat where
I could see his face clearly.
Ebuka; I know that I’ve hurt you badly but
you have to believe me,everything I did,I did
for us. If I had not let you be with Frank,my
life would be in danger because he has
connections that I don’t have. And if I had
stayed,its still going to be the same thing
because I’ll be tem-pted to keep coming to
you. I had no choice Rose. I had no choice.
I waited,wanting him to get to Vivian’s p@rt
but he didn’t.
Me; And when you c@m£ back,what did you
Frank: I c@m£ back here on the 18th of
January. I asked after you but I was told that
you had gone back to school. I even got to
find out about you and one guy that lives
near the church. I heard how serious you two
were and I knew I had lost you.
Me: How? I mean,from who did you hear that
Ebuka: Vivian of course.
It all began to make s-en-se but to prove
myself right,I had to speak more.
Me: So she gave you all this information for
you to sleep with her huh?
He looked at me and shook his head.
Ebuka: This is exactly what I want us to talk
Me: But its not my business what you
choose to do with your S£x life.
Ebuka: Listen nau. Vivian called me and
asked that I esc-rt her to go and see her
friend at old road. We both went there and
c@m£ back to her house to meet an empty
house. She told me that her mum may have
taken her dad to the hospital. She pla-yed
Adult movie and we started watching. Next
thing she was all over me. I told her that I
can’t sleep with a v!rg!nand she told me she
was no longer one. I too was turned on and
we were almost at it when we heard the honk
of a car at the gate so we dressed up.
Me: I don’t get.
Ebuka: I inser-ted my thing into her but the
horn c@m£ immediately I did that so I pu-ll-ed
I swear with my life that I didn’t Pour.
I watched his cheek blus-h and he  bent down.
Me: I still don’t believe you. Why will Vivian
then say that you’re responsible?
Ebuka: I don’t know.
Me: What are your people saying about this?
Ebuka: Surprisingly,my people aren’t aware.
She didn’t even tell her people I’m
responsible. I don’t know what her plan is but
I just nee-d you to trust me.
Me; Trust you? You must be joking. Do you
think I’ll ever believe anything that comes out
from your mouth ever again?
There was this awkward silence between us.
He c@m£ close to me and I remained in my
Ebuka: Sweetheart you’ll have to believe love for you can never be changed. I
loved you and still love you.
Me: You loved me yet you left me with that
beast? You knew how much I was really into
you. You knew how much I loved and
cherished you. You knew all this yet you left
me with him and disappeared to God knows
where only to come back and get my friend
The tears c@m£ as I spoke. Watching him
listen to me helplessly started stirring up old
He hvgged me suddenly and I let my tears
we-t his b©dy hvg polo.
Ebuka: I still love you Rose. I’m sorry if I ever
hurt you. I’m sorry for leaving you alone. I’m
sorry plea-se.
He held my head with his hands and placed
hisl-ips on mine. I slowly opened up to him
and we started k!ssing. We k!$$£d for a while
before I heard heavy ban-ging on the gate. We
broke off immediately and my first thought
was that my siblings were back. The ban-ging
didn’t come again so I heaved a sigh.
I looked at Ebuka and moved away from him
but he c@m£ close. He wra-pped his hands
behind my n£¢k and lowered his face to be in
line with my own. I looked into his eyes and
fell for the nee-d I saw in them.
We attacked each other’sl-ips once again,this
time,we were feeling each p@rt of our b©dy.
His hands st©pped on my brea-sts and he
slowly did a pl@yback to my shoulders and
pu-ll-ed down the hands of my go-wn.
My b0s0m covered in a br@ revealed
themselves immediately. He looked at my
b©dy lovingly and gently before he c@m£
back to k!ss!ngme again. He swirled his
ton-gue inside my mind and I willingly sU-
Cked on them.
He found his hands behind me and quic-kly
unclasped my br@ hooks. He took them off
still maintaining the k!ss.
He quic-kly attacked my left n!pple as soon as
my br@ fell off. I held unto his head while I
m0aned. He would switch from from one n!
pple to the other.
The ban-ging on the gate c@m£ again but this
time,as I stood up,Ebuka quic-kly turned me
over and I found myself bent over the bench
still standing. He pu-ll-ed up my go-wn and to-re
off my lace p@n-t. He opened up my we-t pu-ssy
using his hands and like a flash,his ton-gue
started sliding in and out of me. I screamed
out very loud but he didn’t st©p. My m0ans
and screams only added to his fierce l!çk!ng
and ton-gue- Bleeping of my c*nt. I cried out
in ecstasy as I felt my jui-ces explode inside
me and run down my legs.
I don’t know how it happened but I was still
recovering from the shock of my o—-m
when I felt his di-ck enter me from behind. It
filled me up and while I still got to accept the
johnny walker inside me,he held unto my
w@!st and started moving in and out of me in
quic-k stro-kes. I in turn,held unto the bench
for support. Hisfu-cking were matched with
long stro-kes and in no less than five
minutes,I felt my self ¢v-ming again. My walls
clenched ti-ghtly while i held unto the bench
for dear life. Ebuka started vibr@ted behind
me. In no time,he slumped on t©p of me and I fought ha-rd to carry his weight and mine.