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My mind as a teenager episode 67

My mind as a teenager
Episode 67
The banging at the gate got me jumping and
quickly putting on my cloth. Ebuka just had
to buckle up. I made to go for the gate but
Ebuka stopped me;
Ebuka; You love him enough for him to take
I looked at him in confusion.
Me: What do you mean?
Ebuka: Your virginity. You love him enough
to give it to him?
Was it guilt or confusion? How did I suddenly
forget my Raymond? How can I be so stupid
to let someone else touch me when I had my
Raymond? I hated Ebuka that instant. I felt
he threw that question at me to show me
how cheap I had become.
Me: I love him.
Ebuka: Yet you let me touch you? Tell me,is
it me or him you want?
I looked up as tears filled my eyes. I had
made the greatest mistake of my life and it
was already late to make amends.
Me: You walked out of my life when I was
beginning to grow fond of you,when I was
head over heels in love with you. You didn’t
care how I was going to feel or what would
happen to me and now that I’ve moved
on,you come back to ask me to choose
between yourself and Raymond?
Ebuka: I left for a reason.
Me: You had no reason. And I’ll never choose
you over Raymond.
He looked at me immediately and smiled.
Ebuka: You don’t have to choose actually. I’ll
keep coming for what he also gets. It was
you and I from the beginning and it’ll remain
that way. Raymond or no Raymond.
Me: You’ll keep coming for what?
Ebuka: Your wonderful p**sy. And better tell
him not to expand it or he’ll get to leave it for
myself alone.
I wanted an earthquake to happen and
swallow me. I wanted to hide myself.
Anything that will make me disappear. Tears
dropped from my eyes and I prayed a
Messiah would come and tell me that Ist of
September never happened.
Ebuka looked at me and came close. He
picked up his bag that was just at my feet
and gently rubbed my low cut hair.
Ebuka: Don’t get this wrong. I loved you. I
really did love you but things are not just
going the way I planned. As for Vivian,I’m not
responsible for her pregnancy okay?
I couldn’t say anything. I felt cheap. He asked
me to walk him to the gate. I stood up and
followed his trail. We got to the gate and he
Ebuka: I hope to get more from where this
short time came from. You better not change
your mind or else,Raymond gets to hear of
this and you know what it means.
More tears ran down my cheeks.
Me: Ebuka you’re wicked. I hate you .
Ebuka: I’m not wicked. Vivian wants to take
advantage of me and instead of trusting the
one who’s saying the truth,you chose to
belittle and insult me at any given
I’m a man and I need all the respect I can
get. The day you realise that Vivian is
wrong,that is the day you’ll read a new
meaning to life.
He removed the padlock from the bolt and
swung the gate open. Who did we see?
Another human being that made me realise
that once you make yourself open to a lot of
men,they will treat you the way they alone
deems fit…


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