My mind as a teenager episode 67

My mind as a teenager
Episode 67
The ban-ging at the gate got me jumping and
quic-kly putting on my cloth. Ebuka just had
to buckle up. I made to go for the gate but
Ebuka st©pped me;
Ebuka; You love him enough for him to take
I looked at him in confusion.
Me: What do you mean?
Ebuka: Your vir-ginity. You love him enough
to give it to him?
Was it guilt or confusion? How did I suddenly
forget my Raymond? How can I be so stupid
to let someone else t©uçh me when I had my
Raymond? I hated Ebuka that instant. I felt
he threw that question at me to show me
how cheap I had become.
Me: I love him.
Ebuka: Yet you let me t©uçh you? Tell me,is
it me or him you want?
I looked up as tears filled my eyes. I had
made the greatest mistake of my life and it
was alre-ady late to make amends.
Me: You walked out of my life when I was
beginning to grow fond of you,when I was
head over heels in love with you. You didn’t
care how I was going to feel or what would
happen to me and now that I’ve moved
on,you come back to ask me to choose
between yourself and Raymond?
Ebuka: I left for a reason.
Me: You had no reason. And I’ll never choose
you over Raymond.
He looked at me immediately and smiled.
Ebuka: You don’t have to choose actually. I’ll
keep coming for what he also gets. It was
you and I from the beginning and it’ll remain
that way. Raymond or no Raymond.
Me: You’ll keep coming for what?
Ebuka: Your wonderful pu-ssy. And better tell
him not to expand it or he’ll get to leave it for
myself alone.
I wanted an earthquake to happen and
swallow me. I wanted to hide myself.
Anything that will make me disappear. Tears
dropped from my eyes and I prayed a
Messiah would come and tell me that Ist of
September never happened.
Ebuka looked at me and c@m£ close. He
picked up his bag that was just at my feet
and gently ru-bbe-d my low cut hair.
Ebuka: Don’t get this wrong. I loved you. I
really did love you but things are not just
going the way I planned. As for Vivian,I’m not
responsible for her pregnancy okay?
I couldn’t say anything. I felt cheap. He asked
me to walk him to the gate. I stood up and
followed his trail. We got to the gate and he
Ebuka: I hope to get more from where this
short time c@m£ from. You better not change
your mind or else,Raymond gets to hear of
this and you know what it means.
More tears ran down my cheeks.
Me: Ebuka you’re wicked. I hate you .
Ebuka: I’m not wicked. Vivian wants to take
advantage of me and instead of trusting the
one who’s saying the truth,you chose to
belittle and insult me at any given
I’m a man and I nee-d all the respect I can
get. The day you realise that Vivian is
wrong,that is the day you’ll re-ad a new
meaning to life.
He re-moved the padlock from the bolt and
swung the gate open. Who did we see?
Another human being that made me realise
that once you make yourself open to a lot of
men,they will treat you the way they alone
deems fit…