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My mind as a teenager episode 61 – 63

My mind as a teenager
Episode 61, 62 & 63
That Sunday, Frank and I went out around
6:30pm. I was dressed in a white gucci
singlet and black satin trouser,matched with
a black and white sneaker. McDonalds has a
way of treating their customers well so every
J0yst!ck and harry loved to ho their. They
also had a club upstairs. Frank and I went
So many youngsters and married people
were there. We located a space very close to
the veranda and asked the waiters to get us
We sat down and Frank ordered for drinks. In
a few minutes,our order was brought to us.
I went for maltina with a plate of chicken
while Frank went for star,with a plate of
peppersoup. The music was loud so we
found it difficult to talk in hushed tones so
we chose the alternative which was to keep
quiet till we were through with our order.
After our meal,I started the conversation;
Me: This place is nice
I was actually shouting
Frank: Yea. Being here a couple of times.
Me: But the noise is too much. This is no
place for a conversation.
Frank; I know. We are here to hang out.
To catch some fun and not to talk.
I nodded and I focused my eyes to couples
dancing in our midst. I laughed at some and
were impressed with a few.
Some minutes later,Frank stood up and went
to the floor. He started grinding on a girl and
I watched them dance p@ssionately. The girl
didn’t mind at all. They danced for a while
before Frank started coming to me. He stood
me up and led me to the floor. We were
dancing our hearts out when I felt someone
grinding behind me. I turned around and it
was a guy,a little older than Frank.
I quietly danced away from him. He came
behind me again and this time,he was not
dancing,he was rubbing his £r£¢tion on me.
Frank didn’t know what was happening
because he was so into dancing with me.
I touched Frank and quietly went back to our
seat. Frank gave me an angry look but kept
on dancing. I brought out my phone and
started 2going(you know what I mean).
Few minutes later,this same guy walked up to
me and sat down. I looked at him and went
back to my business. I heard him talk but I
couldn’t figure out what he was saying
neither did I try to look up from my phone.
He started talking again. This time,he touched
me and the next thing I heard from him was
“#20000 for a night”. I looked at him with
disgust. I searched around for Frank and I
saw him with some guys staring in my
direction. He made a ” come here” sign and I
went to him.
He led me to the female’s toilet and started
asking me questions. I told him all the guy
was saying to me. He apologised and
promised not to get his attention away from
me. We went back and started dancing again.
Some minutes into the dancing,this guy came
again. He grabbed my butts and I jumped in
fright. Frank noticed him this time around.
I started shouting,asking him why he would
grab my butts. Frank heard that immediately
and attacked him. In a flash,the guys I had
seen Frank with surrounded this guy. They
used the legs of plastic tables and broken
bottles on him.
You should know by now that the dancers
have started running to safety but still the
music played on. There was blood on the
Frank looked at me and shouted that I go
downstairs. I was scared. I quickly ran
downstairs and stood amongst the people
feeding their eyes from downstairs.
There was a sudden gunshot in the air and
everyone started running. It was the mobile
police. The McDonald’s security had alerted
them. I ran towards the road,all the while
looking back to see if Frank will come out
and thankfully,I saw him jump down from the
veranda and I heaved a sigh. I watched him
look around and I started waving. He got to
me immediately and the next thing he said
was, ”RUN”
We started the race of life. He let me take the
lead,I think it was to watch my back or
something like that. Our bus stop was in
front of my house(was even surprised that I
ran that distance)I fiddled with the key and
when I finally opened the gate, we both fell
inside and I locked it back.
I felt relieved and used that moment to look
at Frank. He had blood stains on his trouser
and shirt. His right thumb was bleeding. I
took him into the house.
Me: Let me run a bath for you.
Frank: No. Thank you. I just need to rest for
a while before I go home.
Me: But look at you. You need a bath,a
thorough one.
Frank: Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. Just get me
water to wash my hand.
I quickly went into the kitchen and fetched a
bowl of water and took it to him;
Frank: Thank you.
He washed his hands and I took back the
bowl. I came back and sat beside him;
Me: Did you guys have to hit him that much?
Frank: Did he have to touch your butts?
I heaved a sigh
Frank: No nah tell me,its degrading
womanhood and its wrong.
I started laughing. I laughed out loud that
tears started forming at the edges of my eye;
Me: See who is talking. I’m glad that you still
have some s£nse in your head left.
Frank: What do you mean by that?
Me: You just talked about degrading
womanhood. What will you now say about
you that beats women?
He bent his head and refused to say
I watched him for sometime and continued;
Me: Frank,you have a sweet side inside of
you. I don’t know what your story is or what
your reason for beating women are but
Frank,its wrong. What if you had a sister
(they were just two boys and Frank is the
last)? What will be your reaction if you found
out that her boyfriend or husband is always
beating her up?
Frank; I don’t know Rose but I think its what
growing up watching my dad beat my mum
has done to me.
I didn’t want him to dwell on that so I
interrupted him;
Me: You know,I was scared when I heard the
gunshots. I thought it was going to be my
last minute.
He smiled and punched my arm
Frank: Fear fear. We’re used to such
situations nau.
Me: Ehe. talking about we,call your friends
nah and see if they are alright.
Frank: I’ll do that in the morning. Come and
see me off let me go.
We both walked to the gate,he gave me a
hug and I locked the gate after he left.
That was how a new relationship was
That day opened doors to many
outings,many home visits and no klzz or
Frank was really a lovely person but he was
no where close to my Raymond,the love of
my life.


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