My mind as a teenager – episode 43

My mind as a teenager
episode 43
I didn’t go near the ss3 block that night. I
was ashamed,guilty and scared. I went to the
lab building and sat there. So many thoughts
kept on coming to my head; the girls that
asked me out that I st©pped talking to, how
will they see me? Chidimma,what will she
think of me? What if the management gets
wind of it and expels me? I cried. What has
my life become? My thoughts went back to
Lawrence, I wouldn’t have being in this
school if he had not pla-yed me. I hated him
all over again. I was lost in my world that I
didn’t hear someone call me;
Chidimma: Rose!
She now screamed.
I jumped out of my thoughts.
Chidimma: What are you doing here?
Me: Nothing. I just want to be alone
Chidimma: It looks like you’re in two troubles
I bec@m£ scared immediately.
Me: How?
Chidimma: The girls said someone was
masturbating with your name in the
Me: What?
A p@rt of me was happy about their thinking.
Chidimma; Yes o.
Me: But who could that person be?
Chidimma: Some said that Chisom walked
out of the bathroom that your name was
heard. But wait o,did Chisom ask you out?
Me: No.
Chidimma: Anyways,that one is their
business. Your second trouble is that maths
master c@m£ to the clas-s with a cane to look
for you.
Chei! This guy is a real nigga.
Me: Ha! Cane kwa?
Chidimma: Yes my dear o. I’ll advice you go
and meet him o before he embarras-ses you
Me; That’s what I will do.
Chidimma: And plea-se eh,if any of this stupid
girls come and ask you about anything,if its
possible,sl@p out Lucifer from the person.
I laughed heartily.
Me; Lucifer kwa?
Chidimma: Yes nah. This girls are crazy.
Me: I’ve heard you. Let me rush to the staff
room plea-se.
Chidimma: See you soon.
I left for the staff room immediately.
My heart beat was fast but I managed to
calm myself down before walking into the staff room.
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