My mind as a teenager – episode 42

My mind as a teenager
episode 42
She saw the nee-d in my eyes and started
squee-zing my b0s0m. I m0aned slightly and
she didn’t st©p k!ss!ngor handling my
brea-sts. I in turn returned the k!sses like my
life depended on it. She slowly started k!ssing
my ear-lobe,then my n£¢k, she spent about
thirty seconds on my n£¢k before lowering
her mouth to my ti-ps. She sU-Ckled like a
new born s£nding me to cloud nine. She
would move to the other ti-p in turn giving
them equal attention. My breathe bec@m£
fast and loud.
She moved down and used her teeth to drag
on the hair of my c–t.She opened my legs
wi-de and looked at my we-t p_sy for a while before sticking her ton-gue in it. She
l@pped up my jui-ces and tickled my cl!t. I was
out of the world. She would use her ton-gue
to Bleep me this minute and in the next,she
would give a sweet bite to my swollen cl!t.
She worked on my pu-ssy for close to five
minutes while I m0aned loudly not caring if
anyb©dy heard me or not. After some
time,she re-moved her mouth and placed her
middle f!nger on the t©p of my cl!t and
started stro-king it. I had never experienced
the kind of wave that clouded my stomach
that moment. She didn’t have to stro-ke for
long cause I felt my jui-ces leave me and run
down her f!nger to the floor.
She stood up,smiled and called me a Dam.
With the list still in my system,I replaced our
positions and pushed her to the wall.
She was surprised at my move. I didn’t wait
for any pre intimacy,I just started sU-Cking
her b0s0m,moving from one big ti-p to the
She started j£rking and inser-ted a f!nger into
her pu-ssy. I brushed her hand off and
replaced it with mine. I worked my f!nger in
and out of her hole,at a point,I curved my
f!nger inside her b©dy and felt a rou-gh
patch,I started ru-bbing it and she started
shouting. I j£rked off and withdrew from her.
She didn’t seem to notice that I’ve left her
because her eyes were closed and she
started ma-king circular stro-kes on her cl!t.
Three to four seconds later,she started
peeing(squir-ting). I was irritated. She kept on
squir-ting and calling out my name. She
cu-ped a handful of it and poured it on me. I
felt like sl@pping her that minute but on a
closer look,it wasn’t the colour of pee,it was
milk in colour. She opened her eyes and
looked at me with a smile;
Chisom: Let me clean you up.
Me: No. Thanks. What was that?
Chisom; What?
Me: The milk stuff. You were peeing and
fuming at same time? Why will you even pour
it on me?
She started laughing.
Me: And you were very loud. People must
have heard you scream my name.
Chisom: Who cares?
Take your bath honey. And,I didn’t pee on
you,it is called Pour. I don’t Pour. I Pour.
Better get used to it.
She opened the door and walked out. It was
after she left that I started praying that
people shouldn’t be in the bathroom by the
time I’m throu-gh.
I left the bathroom and went to my hostel to
dress up for night prep. That was when I
remembered my appointment with maths
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