My mind as a teenager – episode 44

My mind as a teenager
episode 44
I walked into the staff room and there he
was,looking Sekxy in a long black kaftan. He
was standing beside his table and fli-pping
throu-gh the pages of a book. My heart beat
increa-sed and it took the grace of God for me
to stand there and not fall. He was looking so
He smiled at me and started coming towards
Kelvin: You weren’t in clas-s when I c@m£.
What’s wrong?
Me: Nothing. I wanted to have a quiet time so
I went to the lab building.
Kelvin: Or you were trying to hide from me?
Me: If I had that in mind,I wouldn’t be here
Kelvin: Kelvin. Its Kelvin
Me: I’m sorry but its going to take some time
before I get used to it.
Kelvin: Sit down.
He pointed at his own seat and made way for
me. I sat down and he went and bolted the
door,he turned and started closing the blinds.
Kelvin; I want us to know ourselves better.
I didn’t know what he meant so I kept quiet.
He c@m£ and sat on the table
Kelvin; Tell me,I’ve heard about so many girls
that fantasize about me. Do you do that?
Me: No. I don’t have that kind of time.
Kelvin: Wow. You’re the kind of girl I admire.
Me: You’re saying it just to get me right?
Kelvin: No. How can you say that? I can get
any girl I want and you know it. I’ve sle-pt
with lots of your clas-smates and even some
teachers but I’m tired of pla-ying around. I
want to settle down with someone I can
trust,someone that I went for and not
someone that c@m£ for me. And like I said,we
won’t have S£x,believe me,I won’t take you
till you leave this school.
I looked at him and bec@m£ ton-gue tied. His
eyes were so innocent and the way he kept
on l!çk!ng his lower l!pgot me turned on;
Kelvin: What are you thinking?
Unconsciously, I let out a m0an. He looked at
me immediately and I bec@m£ ashamed.
What was wrong with me? What kind of
stupid hor-mones do I have? I bent my head
in shame and refused to look up. He c@m£
closer to me and lifted me up. He was taller
than me so he was looking down while I
looked up to him;
Kelvin: Baby,tell me what you’re thinking
I looked down immediately.
Kelvin; Its just the two of us now so feel free
to tell me anything.
Me: I’m fine.
Kelvin: I doubt.
He lifted me and sat me down on the table.
He lowered his head and rested hisl-ips in my
Kelvin: Does my voice turn you on?
I let out another m0an and I felt his ton-gue
swirl in my ear. He li-cked my ear and bit
them s-en-suously. I had never felt that way
He st©pped after sometime but his mouth
didn’t st©p whispering sweet nons-en-se into
my ear;
Kelvin; You’re so full of life. I bet your pu-ssy
will be so bleeping we-t right now.
I m0aned again and ached my back. He left
my ear and moved down to my n£¢k. He
k!$$£d and tickled my n£¢k and I didn’t even
know when I folded my hands behind his
I felt the Zi-p of my go-wn open and he slid my
hands out of the go-wn. He straitened out and
looked at my br@-cased b0s0m. He gro-an ed
and cu-mpped them with his two hands.
He felt them for a while before un-hooking my
br@ which had the hook in front. He re-leased
my bombs from the br@ and dropped the br@
on the floor. He stared at my b0s0m again
and pinched my left ti-ps;
Kelvin; You’ve got a beautiful stuff in here.
He quic-kly enclosed his mouth on my left ti-ps
and began sU-Cking away. He would take
time on each one and give the other a
ro-mantic sq££ze. I kept on m0an!ng into his
ears and it was like an encouragement to
The next few minutes were minutes of
feeding on my b0s0m. He st©pped after a
while and stood me up. He helped me
re-move my day wear entirely and next c@m£
my p@n-t.
He sniffed the crotch of my p@n-t and smiled.
He dropped them where he had dropped my
br@ and turned to look at me.
Kelvin; I promise,I won’t t©uçh you till you
ask me to. I’m just going to k!ssevery p@rt of
your b©dy and won’t go further okay?
I nodded and he asked me to lie down on the table
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