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June 23, 2021


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My mind as a teenager – episode 17

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My mind as  a teenager


episode 17

Check out that feeling that you get when you

say something and people will be like,”upon

she’s a prayer prefect”,or “look at prayer

prefect doing this thing.”

I faked smiles while I got my congratulations.

Lawrence came to my class and hugged me.

He said my certificate would be the best

since the principal and priest saw me holy

enough to be made the prayer prefect.


We were supposed to meet with the ss3s

that handled our posts for directions,but in

my case,my superior came to me..She

noticed how displeased I was with my post

and she tried her best to make me see the

brighter side of it.

School activities moved on in full speed,the

same way Lawrence paved his way into my

life with full speed. We went almost

everywhere together. He would force me to

go with him to a certain place. He would also

end up making me enjoy doing that activity

with him.

I became lively once more. The only thing

that was missing in my life was my friends. I

even forgot all about Ebuka. The only thing

that mattered to me then was how to get my

friends back. We were now seniors and I

didn’t know how there reasoning would be.


I went to Regina and apologised. Surprising,

it was easy to convince her that I’ll never

misbehave again because I cleared her

doubts by telling her

how Lawrence and I got

to be so close and she was so anxious to

hear all about it. She went with me to talking

to the other girls and before second term

exam was over,I had my friends back. That

was when I realised that I had missed out on

a lot. School became an interesting place

once again.

On the second day of our visiting day during

the first month of third term,I was informed

that I had a visitor. I was surprised because

mum had visited me the previous day. I wore

my day wear,my black belt and a flat slipper

and went out to see who my visitor was.


Immediately I stepped out of our dormitory,I

froze. Who did I see? Oh God! Not today and

not here.




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