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June 20, 2021


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My mind as a teenager – episode 18

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My mind as a teenager


episode 18

He was carrying a small Ghana must go bag.

There was a smile on his face.

Frank: Baby, come and give me a hug or ain’t

you happy to see me?

I still failed to believe that he was my visitor.

Me: What are you doing here?

Frank: To see you of course. I have missed

you a lot since you stopped coming home.

There was something strange about him. He

no longer had that rugged look. He even had

a normal hair cut instead of the long Mohawk

he was known for.

Me: What if my parents were here?

Frank: I knew that they won’t be here.

Me: How?

Frank: I wanted to come yesterday but your

brother told me your mum was already on

the way.

Me: You talked to junior?

Frank: Yes nah. He became my paddy after

he delivered your letter.

Me: Okay. So,what’s with your innocent look?

He laughed and I continued.

“Because I don’t Want anybody that will

make me run back to my hostel without

looking back”

He wanted to laugh,but seeing the straight

look i was giving him,he buried the laughter.

Frank: I won’t do that

Me: Yes you won’t ,because there are lots of

security personnel here to tame you.

Frank: Not even that. I’ve come to realise that

. . . . . . .


He was interrupted by Regina. She was with

Lawrence and I remembered quickly that


were to go somewhere.

Regina: Exactly who we were looking for.

Me: Lawrence, what are you doing in front of

the girls hostel?

Lawrence: I followed Regina so she can call

you out for me and then we’ll head to the

school. Didn’t know you had a visitor.

My courtesy senses came back to

functioning again.

Me: Ah! Forgive me.

I quickly introduced each of them to one

another.Regina as my best friend,Frank,as a

friend from home and Lawrence,as my real

back man. They all laughed at the way I

called Lawrence my back man. Lawrence

used his eye to ask me if it was the Frank in

my story and I nodded.

Me: Reg,please help me send this bag


Regina: Okay. Nice meeting you Frank and

welcome to our school.

Frank: Thank you dear.

Regina: Law,later nah.

Law: Okay my dear. Thank you.

Regina carried the bag and excused herself.

Law: Rose dear,I’ll be in the school. Let me

go and start working on it and I’ll wait for

you there.

Me: Thank you.


He walked away. I was supposed to to

redress the school grotto and Lawrence

agreed to help me since he was good with

decorations. Now he was going to do it


Frank: Rose,this one you’re looking at him

that way,is he your boyfriend?

The question made me realise that I had

being staring for long.

Me: I wish he were.





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