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June 18, 2021


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My mind As a teenager – episode 16

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My mind as a teenager

episode 16

I stopped crying but refused to open the

door. I prayed silently that she should leave

before I use some cold words on her.


She stopped knocking. I didn’t hear her voice

again. About five-six minutes later,I heard a

knock on the door to my room. I couldn’t

come out because I didn’t know if it was

Vivian’s plot to get me out of the bathroom.

Vivian: Rose,am leaving o. Your brother said

that you’re needed downstairs. I’ll come back


I had to sound good so she won’t suspect I

was avoiding her.

Me: Nne,am purging.

Vivian: Eiyaa. You would have told me earlier

than keeping quiet. Mind what you eat inugo

(you hear)?

Me: Thank you. Greet your mum for me.

Vivian: Okay.


I heard the door close. I said a quick prayer

and turned on the shower and let the water

calm my nerves. I came out of the

bathroom,dressed up and went downstairs.

The rest of the week went by immediately

and before I knew it,I was on my wat back to

school,with dad on the wheel and me,just

beside him.

He loved taking me to school at the beginning

of a new class.

The journey was a smooth one.You will agree

with me that travelling in a public transport is

nothing compared to travelling in private



Daddy didn’t waste time in my school. He

dropped me,went through the normal ritual of

giving me words

of advice and most

importantly,my pocket money before driving

off. Before he took off,I had told him that I

won’t be coming home till after ss2. He didn’t

agree with me at first,but after I reminded

him of how my uncle takes care of me,he

reluctantly agreed but also promised that

they won’t fail to come and see me during

the visiting days.

Ss2 was a tough class. I made up my mind

not to let anyone come between my books

and I.


Lawrence tried on so many occasions to get

me to talk to him. I was reluctant at first but

after I realised that he only wanted us to be

friends, I gave up fighting his friendship. He

became my first official male friend. I told

him my love story and he said that Ebuka

was lucky to have me. I felt the jealousy in

those words but I didn’t let them last long on

my thoughts.


Rumour started going round that Lawrence

and I were now a couple. Lawrence was of

course,very happy but me,I resorted to being

angry with myself for letting Lawrence into

my life.


To him,things were going the way he wanted

with or without my consent. Rose against

ss2 students,where was I going to start doing

the convincing? I just had to let everything



Second term came and it was time to hand


Read more stories or post your stories @:-
posts to us since the ss3s will be

commencing waec soon. Lawrence was

made the labour prefect while I was made the

prayer prefect. I wasn’t happy. The post was

a small and stress free one but still,I didn’t

like it.

My classmates were all congratulating me.


To them,I would be the closest to the school

priest and

the principal which would put me

in their good books.




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