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January 21, 2021


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My chicken boyfriend Episode 5

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episode 5



Writer’s pov
“where this girl cum go… na… ” Lovet asked
“♪if u ask… me na who i go ask…♪” Nancy replied witu a song pissing off Lovet

“pri.. pri.. pri.. wee wee wee… na so she go dey waka up and down

how fowl no go pursue her” Betty said

“Chicken… na chicken..” Nancy corrected
“mtcheew… chicken… fowl na the same thing” Betty said

“No be the same thing” Nancy argued

“toh … Teacher Nancy wetin be the differnce of fowl and chicken?” lovet asked causing an awkard silience to erupt.

“toh suit yourself” Nancy replied avoiding the question

“answer am… Nancy wetin be the difference” Betty pushed through

as Betty and Lovet stared truimphantly as if they’d won a giant car.

“Chicken na 4 oyibo while fowl na Nigeria…”Nancy stuttered making Lovet and Betty laugh out their lungs.

“ah… Nancy of no be say we attend the same school i for say which school you attend… ” Betty said admist laughter.

“abeg… lets sit outside and take fresh air…” Lovet said as they all concured.

“ah chicken again” Lovet said making us to see Lina running and the chicken behind her

“this is getting outta hand am gonna kill this chicken for pestering my friend’s life.” Nancy said getting a mopping stick

” Stop!!!!” Lina yelled holding the mopping stick as Lawrence narrowly escaped to the back yard.

“why you stop me na…” Nancy asked
“yes why you stop her na..” Lovet and Betty asked curious

“i don’t want you to kill it” Lina managed to say still panting heavily from the race Chicken Lawrence made her go through.

“why if i may ask” Betty asked keeping her hands like Akimbo

“that’s because we are noe friends” Lina said sending lots of laugh to her three friends.

“abeg shift make i see road you don craze” Nancy said pushing Lina away as she walked majestically to her plastic onr legged chair.

Immediately Lina left for the backyard in search of her CHICKEN BOYFRIEND.

“Law…” she called out afraid he might have been hitted by the mop
“Law…” she called out lowly.

“Am here” Lawrence said coming out from a block hole in the backyard.

“am so sorry” Lawrence apologized…

“look what am putting you through” he said as little tears drop down Lina’s face

“how did this happen” Lina asked in tears.

“Lina… abeg we’re hoing out for lunch i presume you’re not hungry sooo
see ya…” Betty shouted without waiting for Lina’s reply
“they’re gone let’s go in”Lina said carrying Lawrence

“i can’t believe my Lawrence which was once tall and masculine is now a mere chicken which i now carry like a pot of soup” Lina thought.

Lina’s pov

how did we get here… i mean how did this hap
pen… I was so excited that i’ve found you forgetting the fact that you’re now a chicken

I mean you acts that way.. excited that her man is a chicken…

What happened Law….

Lawrence’s pov
“it happened that night… i went out leaving you to get my phone on my way back

i saw a tiny light from a door in the building which i never noticed

Curiousity got the better part of me
i went into the room, it was all dark.. the tiny light hd gone further so i trailed the light and found myself in a place that looks like a library.

i saw a big book and a stick which looked like the one harry potter usually used

i opened the book not minding the black smoke that came out of the book when i opened it.
i picked up the stick and read a page from the book which caught my fantasy
“Transform into whatever you want and hid your identity… the world is yours seize your moment” it said and i laughed and this word.

into anything you want..
what nonsense…
so such place exist in this school and they’ve restricted us from entering…

what nonsense… but its strange… since wey i never taste chicken i for like exchange with one chicken… with dat one my christmas don bam…” those where my exact words.

I never knew i was still with the magic stick or whatever

and immediately i felt a sharp pain below my abdomen causing me to bend in pain

i felt lile my whole organs where bring taken out

i fell to the ground as i ft my bones breaking and reshaping as i screamed in pain

the pain moved to my hands as my bones made severe sound it felt like a great earthquake was taking place in my body

i felt my hairs sinking into my pores… as i screamrd the more the pain moved to my head…

and suddenly it stopped but my screams sounded like that of a chicken i tried to stand put i could’nt i managed to stand it then i realized what i’d become

out of fear i ran outside and found you… i tried talking to you but you were damn to scare

you are the only onr that can hear me talk probably because of our love, right now i can’t explain what really happened
and a solution of of this.

“i… need to use the bathroom ” Lina said staggering in tears without saying anyother word.

I feel really broken.

“ah… this chicken on top my bed” Lovet said as the three friends stumbled inside.

“hey… toh dis one na answered prayers oh
our christmas don bam!!! ” Betty said.

“go bring Knife” Nancy said.


Lawrence is in trouble ooh…
guys drop your lovely comments.
Love ya all…

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