My chicken b©yfri£ndEpisode 6

Short story
♠ MY
Episode 6
Lina’s pov
I can’t process it… Lawrence a chicken.. at first when i found him i was so excited and blinded with would i say love
that i did’nt realize he was really a chicken untill he told me how it all happened.
why should dis happen… it just sounds like a folktale, magical stick… spell book… unbelievable…
I wish it was one of the story i do re-ad online from my favourite writer
and also my name sake..
Lina Sam…. if it was one of them i would have just erased it…
but unfortunately it’s not.
What bothers me is that he does’nt know what really happened
i can’t believe this… and this decided to happen after my graduation
when i’ll be leaving for home very soon.
Gosh!!! it’s all my fault if only i’d not dragged him to that restricted building….
I gulp in nothing as i tried to hold back the tears that flowed freeing down my face
i immediately cleaned my face as i heard my fruends voice
it had’nt been long when Lawrence voice followed with a scream
Oh no… i muttered and quic-kly rushed outside
Nancy!!! don’t you dare… i screamed,
rushed and immediately took Lawrence out of their hands…
As my heart p@n-ted on seeing the knife on Lawrence’s throat. they were about to slit his throat when i c@m£ in.
“what’s the problem na… see chicken wey we for use cook food u ¢v-m dey st©p us” Lovet queried
This chicken don become my friend, anything una do am na my trouble u dey fine be dat…
i yelled freaking them out i’ve never been so aggressive, i just could’nt process anything at that point.
“well if you’re not gonna let us kill this chicken why then where u afraid of it” Lovet asked confused
“and why are u angry” Betty asked
Am sorry for yelling you… am just stress out about Lawrence disapperance
and while searching for him i found this lovely chicken
i discovered it just wanted to be my friend thats all!!! i lied hoping they’d believe,
“no problem we un-derstand but i don tell u say Lawrence no dey miss…
if e dey miss his family suppose report to police… maybe e don carry one babe waka” Betty said as they changing into something comfortable.
Mtcheew…. Madam adviser where ur advise don carry go abeg shift
make me and my new friend go stroll…
i said, walling outside
“see as they resemble theirself… chicken , Baaaakuu!!” Lovet tea-sed as i walked out not re-ady for he tantrums.
“Am sorry” Lawrence said breaking the silience as we walked down the road.
“i put you into a difficult situation” he apologised
It’s actually my fault… if i had’nt drag you to that
restricted building
we would’nt be in such mess!!!
“we?” he asked
yes we… we are in this together i can’t abandon you when you nwed me most
“I love you” he muttered i could feel his voice break….. Same here baby, i replied.
why don’t we go back and check the restricted building probably we would get solution there…
“No Lina… no try am abeg.. na there i don chicken and nw u wan go there…
i no want you to turm to chicken ooh abeg..” he saod in one breathe,
i could feel fear in his voice i smiled inwardly s-en-sing fear in his voice
it shows he really loves me.
No worry i no go again… i said calming him down
“but you know you can’t remain a chicken forever, you just graduated with a first clas-s result…
and nw this??? i’d be leaving for Abuja very soon
your mom is also gonna be worried, i said thinking of all the problem this woukd cause us
and yet we’re clueless on what to do…
“hey…. st©p there na… what’s your name” one of the area boys harrased me… sorry us… i forgot to count my Law.. when we reached the lonely road
“how many times i don warn you make u no dey follow shortcut especially this road you no dey hear word…
nw i no get leg and hand to fight for you… ” Lawrence nagged
i no even know when i follow dis road oh, i tried explaining
“even if i be human i go allow dem beat you small before i fight for you, as u no dey hear word” Lawrence continued nagging
” ¢v-m see dis gal oh i dey talk to you… instead of you to folliw me talk you dey talk with this chicken, ordinary chicken” the hvge man cursed
“na me e dey call ordinaey chicken??” Lawrence asked
As na u nko?? as if u fit beat am on a norms… i tea-sed.
“common come here” the hvge man said dragging me r0ûghly thereby ma-king Lawrence fall from my hands…
as i winced in pain… if only my sharp mouth can save me…
Am sorry sir… i did’nt meab to offend you… i apologized totally scared
.. i coukd pee right now
if not that am string hearted i would have peed in my p@n-ts… i thought trying to encourage myself
“Aaah….” the bre-ad who called himself an Area boy abi Area Man screamed and ran away
when Lawrence jumped or should i say fly on him scratching his face with its claws and hitting him with his beck…
i never knew Law had learn some chicken skills……
wait na if u no say u get mind… ¢v-m make i change am for u… bolobolo… Baloon.. i rained curses on him as he ran…
I immediately gr-ab my Law from the ground.
“eh insult am… make e ¢v-m back na you go hear am… your b©dy go tell you..
see as you dey use english beg am the time wey he gr-ab ur hand
na you dey rake…” Lawrence mocked…
this was the p@rt i dislike about lawrence…
Other boys go support their girl… rake.. dem go even hail dem bt ur own dey different…
“See we-tin your moyth don cause he dey ¢v-m back” Lawrence said as i turned and sighted the Bre-ad or should i sau Baloon running back towards me.
buckle your seatbealt i warned Lawrence as i began my usual Marathon race…
as Lawrence yelled using his chicken tone each time i ran into gallop…
As motor dey enter gallop na so human being dey enter gallop too..
i yelled as am unknown hand gr@bb£d me
guys… what do you think would happen to Lawrence…
Lina can’t seem to find a solution would he remain a chicken for life????