My chicken b©yfri£ndEpisode 4

short story
Episode four
Lina’s pov
“Lina… Lina… baby” i heard my friennds calling me but it sounded like it was miles away.
Finally i opened my eyes slowly,
“abeg wake up jare… ” Nancy yelled my gosh!! who on earth wakes some one up like that.
what about the Chicken..
i asked as i tried to seat down on the be-d
“so na chicken make you faint like this?” Betty asked
“come this thing serious ooh ” Lovet said
Am telling you that this chicken talked and ….
i paused when i saw their facial expression.
they did’nt believe me, rolling their eyes… they think am crazy
“i think the abs£nce if Lawrence is really having great effect on you” Nancy said
as i remembered my Law….. but Lawrence has never behave like this.
Lawrence… Law.. i shouted running towards Lawrence as he walked strangely and aimlessly on the road.
Lawrence.. i dragged him aside with f0rç£ ma-king him to face me and explain the what this nons-en-se is about.
“come we-tin happen na… u be winch” the ma i ruthlessly dragged mistaking him for Law asked annoyed
sorry… am sorry… i stuttered
“no problem sha i no vex,
i no dey vex for fine girl” he said l!çk!ng his lowerel-ips
thank you i muttered and made to move full of regrets i ended up embarrasing myself
“wait na..” the young man said holding my hands
what is it i’ve apologize to you alre-ady for christ sake plea-se am sorry
i apologized again tying so ha-rd not to loose it.
i can’t let everyone know how crazy i am because i don package alre-ady before people come see fine aunty dey quarrel
“but think am na… you just drag me like that, na casting na…
for that you suppose drop something ” he ended his nons-en-se.
Come you dey mad abi?? you wan see crazy for here..
since i don dey calm down try beg you but you no wan gree…
we-tin dey work you na…
guy dey your dey, make i dey my dey
before i change am for you…
i said aas i raised my voice a little bit.
“sorry oh u harsh oh” he said letting go of my hand
sorry for yourself.
i muttered walking out of there frustrated… about the fact that Lawrence is no where to be found.
I think i’ll take this road its shorter and a bit lonely
less noise would allow me think.
I walked slowly doen the lonely Gorodu road… remincing how my life this past few days has been in few weeks time i’d be leaving for Abuja, to search for work
and the thought of Lawrence missing is just too much.
To me his as good as misding since his friends and no one has set their eyes on him since two days after the p@rty.
“Baaakku” i heard that sound i immediately turned and sightef the same chicken at my front.
Aaah…. i let out a scream and st©pped
as i summoned courage to ask this damn chicken what problem it had with me.
“Lilly.. Lilly” i heard as my heart melted
No one knew that…
Only Lawrence calls me that in pri-vate, he gave me as a pet name
while i called him Law
… the voice sounds just like Lawrence voice.
Law…. i call… out emotionally is that you in form of a chicken, with chicken legs and chicken feather?
“which kind question be that.. shebi you don start again
which one be chicken leg and chicken feather
sha chicken na chicken… ” he yelled
as i immediatly jumped for joy realizing that it was truly Lawrence my Law…
He had always hated it whenever i speak foolishly.
“sorry babe i should’nt have raise my voice on you” he apologized.
It’s alright babe. But how did you tranform into a chicken overnight, i asked confused.
“i can’t explain how it happened here, lets go to your ap@rtment ” he said
really Law… what would people say seeing me with a chicken, Baaakkku..
i said joking.
“really… Lina… so you think as i chicken i can’t i can’t hurt you, lets see about that” Lawrence said
i knew what was next so i startedthe marathon race i was trained for…
as the chicken ran after me….
unlike befor when i usually run with fear this time around i ran hapily because i knew it wa my Law…
so guys what do you think about this episode, don’t you think Lina took the fact that Lawrence bec@m£ a chicken too lightly?
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