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My best friend episode 34 & 35

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
CHAPTER 34✌️✌️✌️
I layed on Nick starring down at him,I knew we were the centre of attraction because every one was starring at us
“Wow! Turns out we have made a couple”mark said as he walked towards us
I quickly stood up from him feeling a bit and he did the same too
“Not just one couple but two”the host continued as he starred at Stella and Dave who were both holding each other
Seems like they had also bumped into each other during the game
“Common let’s have our couple on the podium”Mark said
“No you have got it wrong,Am not his……we are not……”I starred at Nick to explain to him but he kept quiet
The others students cheered for us to go onto the podium
Reluctantly the four of us got on it
“This really isn’t necessary,that’s my boy friend over there and hers is the one standing beside me “Stella said pointing to Dave
“No….he is not my boyfriend,The both of them are not my boyfriend”I said quickly correcting what Stella said
“I know but this is just for fun right guys”the host asked the other students and they all screamed again
“So let’s play along,You stay with this handsome guy, While the other lady stay with hers”Mark said
“Are we ready for some game between these two couples”He yelled and every one responded screaming
The game started after he got our names “so now we want to test how strong both our guys are,So now both our guys will carry their partner for a while”Mark said
I was still recovering from learning what the first game is about when Nick suddenly pulled me to him carrying me in his arms
“You don’t ha…..”
“So Dave can get all the credit “He said interrupting me
“Just hold on to me,If you feel uncomfortable just think of me as a friend,After all we were friends before I confessed my feelings to you”He said and I could say nothing but to just hold onto him
“So now the beauties in each of our gentle man arms will do their best to distract them and I mean your best,We must know how strong your men are?”mark said
I didn’t know what to do to distract him,It would have been different if we hadn’t told each other of our feelings back when we still consider each other as friends,I would have find a way to distract but to do that now will certainly feel awkward
“Do some thing”Mark urged me when he saw that I wasn’t doing anything
“Be your self Alexia,Have told you to think of me as a friend not as some one who is in love with you”He said again
Gently I placed my arms around him and began to tickle him,I knew that was his weak point
“Hey,Just because you know that is my weak point,You are using it on me! Go easy on me,We are playing a game and we must win”He said
“Okay sorry!”I whispered lightly as I continued to tickle him some where else
I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I saw the look of restraint on his face
“You look so ugly”I laughed up at him.
“You will pay for this!”he warned smiling at me too
“Just show them how strong you are,You must win Dave right!”I asked as I kept on tickling him
“Stop it Alexia,Am going to lose with what you are doing”He said
“Okay then fine,I will use another method”I said and curving my hand around his neck I moved towards him intent on klzzing his cheek but at that precise moment he moved too and I ended up klzzing his l!ps.
Quickly I moved away,Starring at him in shock,He was so surprised by what I just did and I felt so embarr@ss
Quickly I got out of his arms making Dave and Stella the winner
The others wouldn’t have seen it but I was sure that Stella and Dave had seen it because Stella was giving me a evil glare
“So our winner right now is Dave and Stella”Mark announced
As soon as he did that I got down from the podium,Moving towards the other students.
How could I have been so foolish,I thought
For a while it was back to us just being friends and I had to make every thing awkward again,I thought.
Mark still kept Stella and Dave on the podium,Asking them to sing for us
Stella clearly refused making room for Dave,Dave took the mic and began to sing one of his songs.
when every one had been shown their room and had settled in.
We were asked to go to the hall because there was going to be a fun night game for every one
I didn’t want to go but I had to see Alexia,Ever since what happened during the game,She has been avoiding me.
We were getting along well until the klzz happened.
Why did I have to turn right at that moment,I thought as I went around looking for her
“Hey Nick aren’t you coming for the game night “Mary asked
“I only came because I had to see Alexia but I can’t find her anywhere”I said
“Well since you came because if Alexia,I will tell you where she is because I like you and am on your team”She said
“Alexia decided to stay in,She is in our room,room 14″She added
“Thanks Mary”I said as I went in search of her.
As soon as I got to room 14,I knocked twice before she came to the door
As soon as she saw that it was me she tried closing it back but I was quick to stop it
I got into the room,closing the bolt “why are you here Nick”She asked as she moved to the end of the room
“I came to check on you,Why aren’t you going to the game night?”I asked
“I don’t feel like it and besides am working on the song for the competition tomorrow”she answered
“Do you need my help?”I asked
“You know your help is the last thing I need right now,Please just leave” She said
“What if I say no”I replied
“Then I will scream,I will scream until some one comes “She said
“Am not leaving until we have talked”
“But I don’t want to talk to you,So please leave”She said
“You don’t have a choice Alexia,It’s either you listen or we both stay here locked up ”
“Fine then,since you won’t leave,you leave me no option but to scream”She said and in two strides I was in front of her putting my hand over her mouth.
“No screams from you I mean it”He said as he put his hand over my mouth,Standing so close to me
“You promise you won’t scream if I let go”He asked and I nodded in return
Just then some one knock on the door”who do you think that is”Nick whispered at me
I Shaked my head in return again “Alexia It’s me,Are you in there?”Dave called
“He just doesn’t give up,let him keep knocking,He will leave when no one answers”Nick said
Not wanting to be left alone with Nick and seeing Dave as the only way to get out of this mess,I pushed his hand away and was about to speak when Nick silenced me by klzzing me
I tried to pull away but Nick deepened the klzz,Holding me close.
Through every thing I could hear Dave knocking and calling for me but I was lost in Nick klzzes
Wrapping my arms around Nick neck,I klzzed him back fiercely
We stayed in each other arms like that until finally reality descended on the both of us
“I told you not to scream”Nick muttered staring at me
“But Dave was at the door”I whispered
“To heck with Dave and every one else one,You belong to me and only me”He said as he held me closer
“Nick I……”
“I will do it,I will break up with Stella tonight,That will bring you to me right! That will make you accept me”He asked
“You really will?”I asked
“Yes,Its you I love and I don’t want us to be apart any more,I just can’t take it each time you ignore me or each time you get close to Dave,I hate it ”
“Dave is just a friend”
“A friend who wants you, I don’t like it Alexia”He said
Then he let go of me and pulled off the necklace Stella had given him
“I will call this off and as soon as it’s done, That will make you my girlfriend,From now hence fourth you are mine and mine alone”He said and pulled me into his arms klzzing me again
And feeling so happy and excited,I klzzed him back
CHAPTER 35✌️✌️✌️
“I thought you said you weren’t going to come to the show”Stella said as she walked towards me
“I came out so I can talk to you”I replied as I took her hand and took her to some where quiet
“What’s this,Are you planning on seducing me”She asked
“No”I replied and gently I pulled off the necklace
“What are you doing?”She asked
“Stella you are a beautiful girl,Am sure that you will find some one better,Some one who will love you very much and who will take care of you but am not…….”
“What rubbish are you saying?”She asked interrupting me
“I already have you and we both love each other and I ……”
“Wrong! I don’t love you anymore Stella”I said
“I will pretend you didnt say that,Let’s go back,They will be looking for us”She said
“I meant what I said Stella,I don’t love you any mor…….”
I couldn’t finish what I was saying because she slapped me
“Hurt me but that won’t change any thing ” Taking her hand I put the necklace in her hand
“Let’s break up”I said
” Its all because of her right?”She asked
“Yes,I love Alexia”I replied and she threw the necklace at me
“You bastard,I hate you”She yelled at me
“Calling me names won’t change a thing, You deserve to be with some one who loves and cherish you,Am not that guy, Goodbye Stella”I said and walk off
Why am I feeling hurt,I knew this day would come,I got involved with Nick just to help Dave get back at Him
But Dave backed out on me and fell in love with that stupid girl.
I don’t love Nick,So why am I feeling this hurt.
‘its because you love him’ my conscience taunted
I do love Nick, The stupid thing that happened to Dave also happened to me
Just knowing that he is In love with Alexia makes me feel so angry
“You just can’t lose him to her”Some one said behind me and I turned to see Isabel Madison
“Were you eaves dropping”I asked
“I was just p@ssing by and I couldn’t help but to listen to your conversation”She said
“Its none of your business”I said turning to leave
“Don’t you think it’s unfair that those two hunks are bewitched by that Alexia”She said and i stopped to stare at her
“What does it have to do with you? Don’t tell me that you like those hunks as you call them”I asked
“I only like them as a fan but who I don’t like is Alexia” She said with so much hatred
“Why do I feel like you hate her more than I do”I asked
She took my hand and sat me down and then she began to tell me why she hated Alexia
“So you are saying,She is the daughter of your father and that she is back to have a share in the inheritance”I asked
“Yes,And that’s some thing I will never allow,You hate her and I hate her,Why don’t we work together”She said
“And what makes you think that I will work with you”I asked
“Because you want Nick and he is in love with Alexia,The only to have him is by getting Alexia out of the way and I know just what to do”She replied
“I think i like you already”I said giving her a evil smile
“What are you doing here Alexia? I thought you said you weren’t coming”Jennifer asked amongst the scream of the students
“I changed my mind”I replied as I looked around the crowd,Searching for Nick
Ever since he left me,Have been wondering if he will really call it off with Stella..
Staying locked up made me think a whole lot of things and I decided to come spend some time with the others,That way I will stop thinking.
Just then my phone beeped and I got a message.
‘come meet me at the Hall’
Seeing that it was a message from him,I quickly made up an excuse and went to the hall where the competition had been taken earlier
The lights were on and I saw him standing in front of a huge gl@ss window
“Nick!”I called softly and he turned to stare at me
The first thing I noticed was that the necklace was no longer on his neck.
He did it,He broke up with her,I thought happily and I ran towards him
Hugging him fiercely,He hugged me back and then released me
“I broke up with her,I told you I will right”He said and I nodded my head
He klzzed me and I klzzed him back,Enjoying the moment
“Now you are my girlfriend,Mine and mine alone”He whispered softly
“Am yours alone”I whispered and he klzzed me again
He released me and brought out two necklace
It was the necklace that had both our names,The one I had given him back
“Its the right time to put it back on right?”He asked and I nodded
Turning around,He put the necklace with his name written on it on my neck and then I put mine on his and we both stared at the necklace
“Nothing will ever bring us apart,”He said as he pulled me back into his arms
“Nothing”I replied
“I love you”he whispered and I felt so happy.
Have waited a long time to hear him say those words to me and just hearing it from him tonight brought me to tears
“Hey what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”
“Its nothing,Am just happy, Do you know how long I waited to hear you say those words to me”I asked and he smiled
“Am sorry it took me so long,I love you,I love you and I will forever love you,These words will be constant in my mouth “He said and I smiled in return
“I love you too”I said and klzzed him
Just then his phone rang and he starred at me
“What’s wrong?”I asked
“I don’t know why but the music teacher is calling me “He said
“Go to him”I replied
“But I don’t want to leave you”He said
“Why don’t we do this,I will be waiting for you right here,So go quickly and come back to me”I said
“Fine then”he replied and gave me a klzz before running off
I feel like the most happiest girl in the world,I finally got the love of my life,What more can I ask for,I thought to myself
If only I had known that some thing is being cooked up to ruin our happiness,I would not be feeling like the most happiest girl right now
What do you guys think will happen☺️


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