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My best friend episode 36 & 37

MY ❤️
(Have been in love with him 🧑 but he never noticed 💔)
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
CHAPTER 36✌️✌️✌️
I stood in the hall waiting for Nick to return,I was so happy .
Happy that Nick now belongs to me and happy that he feels the same way i do.
But he was taking long,I thought as I began to walk around the empty hall
Just then I got a message but it wasn’t from Nick,It was from Dave
Saying that he wanted to see me and that I should come to the garden
I didn’t want to go because I was waiting for Nick return
‘If you won’t come,I will come look for
On seeing his other message, I decided to go him,Not because of the threat but because I didn’t want Nick to arrive and find him here
Quickly I went to the villa garden and I saw him there,Waiting for me
“This had better be for a good reason”I said as I walked towards him
He turned to stare at me and then he gave me a smile
“Wow,You are finally here”He said staggering a bit
“Tell me why you asked me to come here,I have things to do “I said
“I never had a chance right?”He asked gently
“I never had a chance with you,It’s been Nick all along “He said
“Dave I…….”
“No! Don’t! Don’t you say any thing,Have only heard but I haven’t seen it yet,I haven’t confirmed it with both my eyes so I will keep on pretending that I heard nothing “He said as he staggered towards me,It was then that I noticed that he was drunk
“Have you been drinking Dave?”I asked
“Just a bit,a little bit”He said as he stood in front of me,Starring down at me
Just then my phone rang and when I saw it was Nick,I quickly answered
“Where are you! Am at the hall waiting for you “He said
“I came out to do some thing, I will be there soon Nick”I said and cut the call
“Common Dave hold onto me,I will take you to your dorm”I said trying to take his arm but he pulled away and drew me close to him instead
“What are you doing Dave?”I asked in surprise
“Couldn’t you have liked me?” He asked softly
“Dave I……..”I couldn’t finish my word because he klzzed me
I tried to push him away but he was much stronger than me and he wouldn’t budge
So I stood p@ssive in his arms until he let me go
Unknown to the both of us, Some one had taken pictures of the klzz
“Just even as a fare well you could have klzzed me back Alexia”He said looking so hurt and instead of lashing out at him,I found myself understanding him
I wanted to say some thing when suddenly he pushed me away from him and began to stagger to his room
Feeling guilty,I decided to follow him,While he staggered off in front of me,I followed him gently
It got to a point where he fell and quickly I ran to him to help him up but he pushed me away
“Just leave me alone!”He said as he stood up
“No Dave!, You are drunk let me take you home”I said
“Just go away Alexia!!!”He yelled at me
“No I won’t? You are feeling this way because of me and I feel responsible for you,So no matter what I will take you to your dorm,That’s the least I can do for you”I said stubbornly
Putting his arm around me,I took him to the boys dorm
When we got to the dorm,There was h@rdly any one there,They were all at the game night
Getting to his room,I helped him into the room and took him to a bed to lie him down
As soon as we got to his bed,He was already sleeping,I decided to help him take off his shoes and then I removed the covers and covered him properly .
This is the least I could do for him,He had really liked me but I can’t be with him because my heart belongs to Nick.
With that thought in mind,I was about to leave when some thing was hit on my head,it was so painful that before I could turn to see the person,I lost consciousness.
I stood in the hall waiting for her to show up,Where could she be? I thought as I stared at my watch to see that its been over an hour since she called
Just then I heard footsteps,Thinking it was her,I turned to see Stella there
“Why are you here?”I asked
“Disasapointed right?”She asked
“Am leaving”I said moving past her
“I bet you are waiting for Alexia but let me tell you that she wouldn’t come”She said and i stopped to stare at her
“Why arent you asking me how I know why she wouldn’t come”She added
“It’s because I don’t want to know,She will tell me her self”I replied
“I doubt if she will be able to do that,After all she is in the arms of another guy right now”She said suddenly and feeling very angry,I walked back to her holding her collar
“What did you just say?”I asked
“That your pretty perfect Alexia isnt as perfect as you think “She said
“What are you trying to tell me?”I asked
“Look at this,I caught her doing this a while ago “She said showing me her phone
I saw Alexia in Dave arms klzzing.
“This is a lie”I said not wanting to believe the darn pictures
“Do you think that I will be lying about some thing like that !”She asked
“I caught them Myself Nick!”
“You are only doing this because I broke up with you right,Making up a picture like this won’t make me leave Alexia” I said and turned to leave
“I knew you wouldn’t believe me,Come with me Nick,I will make you see the real truth”She said and at first I didn’t want to go but seeing the determined look on her face,I decided to confirm my suspicions
All through the way,I didn’t want to believe what she showed me,Alexia isn’t like that,I thought as she led me to the boys dorm
“Why are we here?”I asked
,”To get you to see the truth,Thanks to Isabel,I have this room spare key”She said opening the door and walking in
I went in with her and stood shocked when I saw what she wanted to show me
There was Alexia n@k£d in Dave arms,Cuddled close to each other
“I told you right?,She is not who you she is?”She said
“I had seen her coming here with Dave after they had shared the klzz and I had followed them”
Still reeling from the shock,I turned to leave the room and Stella ran after me
“Wait for me Nick!”She called behind me
Feeling so very angry,I turned to her “If you don’t leave me alone,I might forget you are a lady and hit you”I said and when she saw that I meant it,She moved away from me and I left her standing there.
The sun coming in through the window woke me up
I stretched a bit and when I opened my eyes,it was to find myself in a room,My head was throbbing a lot and I sat up to m@ssage it only to see Dave sprawled beside me n@k£d
Why is Dave here? I thought as I tried to remember what happened last night
I had helped him home because he was drunk and then some one had hit me with some thing at the back of my head and then every thing had blanked out
How the hell did I end up being in his bed,n@k£d with him,I thought as I took my clothes which was strewn over
I quickly began to wore it,Wanting to leave the room while Dave was still asleep
I was putting on my shoes when he woke up and when he saw me and saw himself n@k£d he stared at me waiting for an explanation
“I also don’t know how I got to your bed,The last thing I remember was bringing you to your room to sleep but it seems like some one wants to frame me”I answered giving him a response
“We didnt do it right?”He asked
“You were so drunk Dave and some one had hit some thing on my head and I had lost consciousness,so we couldn’t have done any thing,I have to find Nick”I said as I left the room quickly
When I got to Nick dorm,It was to find out that he wasn’t there
I went back to my dorm and was bombarded by questions from Mary and Jennifer who had been worried about my disappearance
I told them about what happened and at first they were shocked but they got over it and began to question me some more
“You two were set up”Mary said
“And it will surely be Stella,She is the only who would have a reason to do this”Mary added
“I don’t know but what I know is I have to talk to Nick,I don’t know where he is and he won’t pick up the phone”I said
” Why don’t I call him for you “Mary said
“What If Nick had seen you ?”Jennifer asked and I hoped that he hadn’t
“He said he is in the garden”Mary said as she walked in
“See,he had answered Mary calls but he ignored yours, Some thing is up with him,Go and see him”Jennifer said and immediately I left out room Heading to the garden
I just hope that Nick hasn’t seen or heard any thing ,I have to see him and tell him what happened last night,I thought as I head to the garden
CHAPTER 37✌️✌️✌️
I got to the garden only to find Dave there but where was Nick,Mary had said he was there.
Dave hadn’t seen me yet and I was about to leave when he called my name
“You left in a hurry and we weren’t able to talk properly “He said
“We can do that later but first I have to speak to Nick “I said
“Wouldn’t it best if we did it together, He might not want to believe you “He said
“Nick trust me and we both know that nothing happened, I know that he will believe me,Let me do this alone”I said about to leave when Dave pulled me back
“Can’t you just lie to him,Tell him that we really slept together,Tell him that you cheated on him and come to me instead “He said
“I love you Alexia,Can’t you try to love me back?”He asked still holding my hand
“Dave I love Nick,Nick have always been the one in my heart and you know that? You are hand some and Some day you will find a perfect girl, You deserve a girl who will love you the way you deserve,It can’t be me”I said
“Am being rejected again”He said looking sad,I held his hand trying to give him a bit of comfort
“Really! Did you have to do this out side too”Nick said behind us and quickly I let go of Dave
“Nick it’s not what you think,I can explain”I said
“And what do you have to explain ,I saw every thing myself,You don’t have to explain anything”
“Dave and I never……..”
“Just stop it Alexia,You make me sick with your excuses”He yelled at me
“You don’t have to yell at her,Listen to her first”Dave said behind me
“Bastard”Nick said and walked towards Dave giving him a punch on the face
“Nick don’t!!”I yelled as I ran towards them
Quickly I stood in front of him Obstructing his path
“Get out of the way Alexia”He said looking so very angry
Quickly I hugged him,Holding him tight” Please don’t Nick, Please”I pleaded as the tears began to fall
“Before jumping into conclusion,You better listen to her”Dave said and he moved again wanting to hit Dave but I held him tight
“Go Dave,please leave”I said to Dave and with one last look at Nick,He left the garden
As soon as he left,Nick pushed me away from him
“I don’t want to be tainted with that body of yours”He said
“Nick! “I said surprised by his harsh words
“What? Aren’t I right? To me you were the most purest girl ever but after seeing you in Dave arms,I realised you are not one,Tell me since when have you been doing that with Dave,Who knows Dave might not be the only one enjoying your body”He said and I slapped him h@rd on the face
“Look I know that you are hurt and you want to hurt me back but………”
“Hurt? Me hurt? You must be kidding your self, Why would I be hurt because of a thing like you”
“Nick you are hurting me with your words”I said softly
“I don’t love you,What ever I did and told you last night was just to get you into my bed, You see I thought you were a v!rg!n and have never been with one before,So I decided that I must try you out but it turns out that you were nothing but a slut,Thank God I realised that sooner”He said
“You are lying Nick! I don’t believe a word you say”I said
“You of all people know that am a play boy,I move from one female to another but you were so gullible that you fell into my trap when I told you that I love you”
“Stop it Nick! You are saying all this to hurt me,To punish me for what happened but it won’t work”I replied
“Really? You must have really believed that I loved you,You are such a fool”He said as I kept on crying
“Nick I love you,You can’t really mean all this “I said holding onto his hand but he jerked his hand away
“I mean every little thing I said Alexia, I don’t love you,I never did”He said and walked off leaving me.
As I turned to leave I felt my heart being ripped apart,I didn’t mean what I said but I had to hurt her,I had to hurt her back the way she hurt me
Alexia have been the only girl to drive me crazy,the only girl who had taught me what love was,The only girl who I will love for the rest of my life and the only one who betrayed me in the worst way ever
Why did I let myself fall this deeply,Why didn’t I just resist her and continued with my womanising ways.
“Nick are you okay” Stella said as she came to stand beside me
“Get lost”I said in anger
“How can you tell me to do that,You look a mess Nick “She said trying to touch my face
I held her staring at her with so much anger “Have told you to get lost “I said
“Well am sorry,I just can’t leave you knowing you are like this”She said
“Since you won’t leave,I will”I said wanting to move past her but what she said to me made me stop
“Do you want to get back at her?”
“I can help you Nick,All you have to do is to follow my lead”She said and before I could stop her,She klzzed me.
I left the garden,Not wanting things to end this way
I love Nick and I know he loves me, he only said those things in a fit of rage,I thought as I followed the path he went through
I did see him but he wasn’t alone,He was with Stella and they were talking
Stella stared at me and then said some thing to Nick and then she was klzzing him
I stood there expecting him to push her away,To do some thing to stop the klzz but instead he kept on klzzing her back
He doesn’t love me,He doesn’t really love me,I thought sadly
“Alexia”Dave called as he came to stand beside me
“I gave it a thought,I should be here with you Trying to convince Nick that you are innocent but I ………..”He stopped when he saw that I wasn’t looking at him
He turned only to see what I was looking at “does this jerk really loves you ?”He asked harshly
I didn’t answer because I was watching Nick,Stella stepped away from him and said some thing to him
Immediately he turned to look at me.
“Should I straighten his face for you ?”Dave asked beside me
I couldn’t answer because I was in a lot of pain.
“Alexia I……………..”I didn’t wait to hear what he was saying because I ran back to the garden
I heard him calling my name but I didn’t answer,I kept on running while the tears poured from my eyes.
I wasn’t watching where I was going when I collided with some one
“Are you okay”He asked and I could only nod,My head was bent and so I didn’t look at the face of the person that was talking to me
“I have to go”I said wanting to leave but he held me back
“Alexia!”He called my name softly and I looked up only to see Hugo Madison starring down at me
“It’s really you!”He said smiling down at me
“You don’t know how much have missed you,When Isabel told me that you were part of the students in success high,I let them use my villa,Just so I could see you my child” He said wanting to hold my hand but I pulled away from him
“Don’t you dare touch me !”I yelled at him
“Child? Really! am your child now”I asked in anger
“You must really hate Me for what I did to you and your mother “He said
“You have no idea how much “I said
“Alexia I…………”
“No don’t! We have nothing to talk about”I said moving back
I turned to leave only to see Nick there,The two of them are the last person I wanted to see right now
“Alexia we have to……….”
“You heard what I told him right? I don’t have any thing to say to you too”I said and moved past him.
I was getting off the stairs that led to our dorm when I held Nick calling my name, Not wanting to talk to him or anyone,j began to get off fast only for me to make a mistake and before I knew it I tripped and fell through the rest of the stairs
My hand was sprained and i hurt all over,I couldn’t even move or call out to any one for help
“ALEXIA!!!” Nick called and judging by the way he had called my name,I knew that he had seen me
He knelt down beside me and lifted me in his arms
“Are you okay Alexia,Are you okay?”He asked again but I couldn’t speak
“Stay awake,Just stay awake for me my love”He said as he carried me into his arms
His pleas were the last thing I heard before losing conciousness
What will happen next 🤔🤔🤔


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