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Mine forever episode 21

💛 Mine forever 💛
( Attracted to each other )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 21
Alexander’s Pov~~
“How did this happen?” I asked Ashton while sitting on the couch. We had reached home today morning. Dad was sleeping and he is actually badly injured.
“I don’t know exactly but dad said that the car had lost its control and got crashed. The car has been sent to the garage for repair, I told them to do a thorough check upon it. “Ashton said while having a cup of coffee.
“So, as we all can see that love is in the air. Now what’s your future plans bro?” Ashton asked with a smile.
“Oh come on! I’m just taking it slow.” I replied thoughtfully.
“You will have to be very careful Alex. She is different from other girls. As far as I have seen and known her, she is a keep.
Don’t hurt her in any way and stay away from media as possible. You know how they are; they ruin everything in seconds for people like us.” He warned me and I nodded in response.
Sighing I thought about what he said, which is actually right and I have to be very careful. When we had arrived at the airport there was a media crew waiting for us.
They were swarming there, asking questions regarding our trip to Italy and our relationship status. Scarlet was so petrified seeing them in such large number that she immediately clung onto me.
I made sure no one get aggressive and hurt her like last time as I arranged security guards around us and we never said a word, just walked out from there and got into our car. I will give an official statement once everything is fine with dad.
I was about to drop Scarlet home as I could see she was too tired yet she accompanied me here to meet dad. Right now she is with Mom and Estelle; they are preparing lunch for us.
My niece and nephew love her a lot. I mean she is so much loved here by everyone that she is considered as family now.
Feels like I am the happiest man on earth now!
“Hmm…I think we should get security for all of us from now on. The accident that happened with dad, I don’t think it’s just an accident.
I feel like maybe it’s all planned by someone, maybe like a threat or something. We can’t risk our lives….Right?” Ashton said while thinking about what he said.
“Yes. We should have a security team assigned at home as well as a personal bodyguard should be provided for each member. I’ll call up Ray and ask him regarding it.” I said, while suddenly my cellphone started ringing.
I checked up on the screen and seeing the name on it made my blood boil.
I just ended the call. But then it again started ringing, so I thought maybe it’s important or something serious…
I went outside towards the garden area and attended the call.
A: “What do you want Cherry?”
C: ” Alex, I…I just….I heard about your dad. How is he now?”
A: “He is fine. Is that all you wanted to ask?”
C: “I actually wanted to talk to you… Can we meet over lunch please? I want to talk to you and it’s something which I want to tell you personally.”
A: “I am busy and…”
C: “Please Alexi… I’ll be waiting for you at Bliss Restaurant at 1:00. Please.
—Call ends—
What is it that she wants to talk about now? Her voice was a bit tensed and I think something is really not right with her. I should go.
As I entered home I saw mom talking with Ashton regarding something.
“Mom, what is the matter?” I asked her as she worriedly looked up at me.
“Alex I was just asking about this bodyguard thing. I mean, are we really in danger or something. I am worried you know and especially for kids.” She said with a stressful gesture and I went over to her.
Hugging I said,
“Don’t you worry…We will make sure everyone is protected. Calm down. Okay?” She nodded as a reply.
“Okay. I’ll go check up on your dad now.”
Mom headed towards their bedroom.
“Ash I actually need to go now won’t be staying for lunch. It’s Cherry.”
“Oh! What does she want now?” He asked me with a puzzled look.
“I don’t know. She said she want to talk personally to me regarding something important.”
“Are you going to tell Scarlet about your meeting with this ex?” He asked me quizzically.
“No…Not now. She might misunderstand or get all wrong thoughts about it. Better I’ll explain about it to her later.” I replied thinking upon it. I don’t want like last time when she saw me and Cherry together,
inside my office cabin. Besides, I know lying to her is not good but telling her that I am meeting my ex is never going to sit well with her.
“Explain me what?” Her voice pulled me out from my train of thoughts while I and Ashton, we both turned our heads to look at her.
“Well…” Ashton was amused right now with my situation and I cut him off from saying anything further.
“Dove, it’s just that I have an important meeting to attend now so won’t be there for lunch.” I said.
“But we just arrived here today morning and I am not aware of any such meeting. Who…” She asked but I interrupted and stood in front of her.
“Scarlet, just one of the important clients called me up a few minutes ago. So Ashton will drop you home and I’ll meet you in the evening, we’ll have dinner together.” I said with a smile, stole a peck from her, went over to Ashton patted on his shoulders and left home.
Well, now what I need to know is what my ex needs to talk with me so desperately.
After thirty minutes I reached the Bliss Restaurant. I entered inside and spotted her sitting in one of the tables, she was looking very simple. She wore blue jeans and white top.
I sat towards the opposite side of her and she immediately looked up at me with a small smile.
“I am sorry for troubling you like this and thank you for coming. I just wanted to see you Alexi and talk about an important matter.” She said with a heavy sigh.
“I wanted to talk to you about everything. I don’t have anyone else, I mean I do have friends and all but they aren’t that understanding. You know me very well so I came to you.” She said very thoughtfully with hand gestures.
“Can we go somewhere else….I am not comfortable here talking about it. We will have lunch and then we’ll go somewhere. Is that okay with you?”
She asked me with pleading eyes and I couldn’t say No to it. So I replied a yes, we ordered our food which got served after 5 minutes and our lunch was done within 15 minutes. Lunch was actually quiet and awkward. Yet we just had it anyways and left from there.
After lunch, we reached the Hudson River Park and Cherry went ahead and sat on the beach which faced the beautiful river view. The ambience over here is very peaceful and fresh feeling is always what you get when you visit here.
She sat on one of the benches;there were no much people around here so it was only me and her. She waslooking ahead towards the view and I waited patiently for her to speak
💛 Mine forever 💛
( Attracted to each other )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 22
Alexander’s Pov~~
“I am actually a fool. “She said looking at me and then looking once again towards the river she said in a thoughtful manner.
“I never thought I’ll end up like this. When I came here I had only one vision in my mind and that is to create my career, achieve great success, and become a role model for others and to find my soulmate.
Though I did excel in my career by being the top supermodel and made a fortune to live but I failed in my love life. I chose to live with the wrong person all together.”
“Alexi…I am truly very sorry.
Sorry for hurting you, for leaving you, for everything.” She said sobbingly with tears in her eyes.
“I realized that it was only you who loved me with your whole heart and soul. You took care of me and made me happy in your own little ways. But I was too blind and I was too selfish because I wanted more than that.
And it was my fault for not telling you what I need or how I wanted us to be together or how I felt all those times when you were away due to business reasons.”
“Cherry…” I was about to ask her why she was telling me all this but she interrupted and continued talking.
“No….Alexi let me speak. Please.”
I nodded in response and she continued again.
“I am the worst person on this planet right now. I am regretting all my decisions which I took that led me to my own sorrowful life.
I thought Antonio will make me happy but he only gave me scars, scars which will never heal. Instead it’s all a nightmare and I don’t know what to do now? I am all alone!”
This time I interrupted her and asked,
“What do you mean Antonio gave you scars?”
She held her face down and said in a fearful voice.
He…he…he…tortures me. One day he forced me to sleep with one of his new business partner. But I refused to do so and he beat me to death and stayed at one of my friend’s home that day.
He is always drunk and in that state he gets more violent and I am unable to protect myself from his torture. And one day I couldn’t take it anymore and left him.
But then he came to me saying that he won’t hurt me, that he loves me. But this time it was worse, he was selling me to some rich bastard for money.
When I became aware of his stupid plan I took help of the law and got a restraining order against him. I came back here to be away from all these issues and start a new life.
She was now crying and begging for my forgiveness.
She suddenly hugged me and I sighed and just kept my left hand over her shoulder to calm her down. I could sense that she really is hurt and finally found realization regarding whatever she has done in the past with me was wrong.
Besides that she is also having some problems in her personal life. Maybe loneliness is her problem. I could see that she is stressed and have lost some weight.
I don’t know if I should forgive her or not. Because all she did was use me and wanted to be big.
Well, she did become so famous that now she is an important celebrity. When she left me to be with Antonio I thought she will be happy with him.
Never thought he will put her in this state. She is so much different now. Like a fragile body with so much baggage of emotions. But why did that bastard treat her so badly?
“What about your parents?” I asked.
“They are Divorced.”
“Alex…I am pregnant.” She said in a whisper voice.
“It’s Antonio’s child and I don’t know what to do? Where to go? How to manage? I am….just.” She started to panic and I consoled her by making her quiet while hugging her gently.
She was crying on my shoulder and I couldn’t see her crying so I said I’ll help her in every way.
Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she looked into my eyes holding many emotions which I couldn’t decipher. But somehow seeing her in a bit of relief made me feels at peace. She doesn’t deserve to be in such state.
“Have you visited the hospital for checkup?” I asked.
“Yes. I have met my personal doctor and a routine checkup chart is been given to me, along with that a diet chart as well.”
“I’ll arrange a person to take care of you at home. You don’t have to do any chores by yourself and no driving, no alcohol. You should be very careful at this time. I’ll arrange a driver as well.
Come I’ll drop you home for now. You need to rest.” I said with concern and mentally noted few things to be arranged for her, as well as saved the doc’s contact number.
After dropping her off at her apartment and headed towards Ray’s place i.e. Reney’s.
“Hey buddy! How’s our old man?” Ray came up and hugged me.
Greeted him back and said,
“Dad is a bit better now.”
We sat in one of the inner booth and talked about few general things first about work and all. Then I told him about the Italy business trip.
“Oh I knew it. You two will end up together….Lucky bastard.” Ray said in I-Knew-It-all look.
“Well, damn I am the luckiest, happiest man on earth right now.” I proudly said to him with a smile. I was thinking about her but soon my thoughts got replaced by Cherry’s face. Today’s meeting came into my mind.
“What’s the matter Alex?” Ray asked me and I discussed about Cherry with Ray. I told him all of the things that had happened today.
“Hmm…So she is pregnant and you’re going to help her out but Scarlet is unaware of all these things. Are you crazy?” Ray said in a serious tone.
“I know… but do you really think that if I tell Scarlet about Cherry, she will be fine with my decision?” I asked him while pondering upon the matter.
“She is different man and she will understand you. Besides you are just helping out Cherry so there is nothing wrong about it. But just be careful while being with that damn drama queen.
I don’t know, out of all people why did she approach you to discuss all of her emotional turmoil.” He said with a thought and now I was thinking about Scarlet.
Finally I decided that its better I talk about Cherry with my Dove.
I don’t want to have misunderstanding between us later on. Truth is I don’t want to lose her in any way.
She is my world.
Scarlet’s Pov~
“Sweetie I want to celebrate his birthday in a very special way. So would you come along with me for shopping today?”
Estelle asked me while we were preparing breakfast together at Mr. Pearce’s mansion. (Note: Estelle is Ashton’s wife and Ashton is Alex’s elder brother.
“Oh… Yes of course I will.” I replied with a huge smile.
“Aww thanks sweetheart. I am so very excited! She said with joy and suddenly everyone was screaming for food.
“Let’s just serve them breakfast quickly or else they will die of hunger.” I said and so we started to serve food to everyone at the dining hall. Sunday morning breakfast was a happy family time.
I could feel that being with family is such a blessing. Well, dad is almost fine now. He just has to do some physical exercise to get healthy.
Hence mom is also relieved of stress regarding his health. The twins are having a wonderful time with their uncle and dad.
I looked at Alex and I saw him being so childish with the kids. Playing with them and taking care of them. I must say he will be a cool dad in the future.
Suddenly I remembered what he said to me about Cherry.
” Scarlet….she is pregnant.
Its Antonio’s child and he is a bastard who gets drunk and tortures her like hell. He ruined her life due to which she is struggling a lot right now
I told her that I will take care of her. She is alone and I just couldn’t see her crying.
And it’s not because she is my ex and it’s not that I still harbor any feeling for her or anything as such. Being a human I am just helping her as she reached out to me.
So….I hope you will support me in this decision of mine. ”
I carefully listened to him and replied a yes. He kissed me on my forehead and then we hugged each other. I trust him hence I don’t have to worry about anything.
I am happy that he told me about her.
But deep down somewhere I feel like something is wrong. I am worried for him.
And why did she approach him out of all the people? I have so many questions but the questions can be answered only by her not him.
I was pulled out of my thoughts by Estelle’s voice.
“Hey Alex I am taking Scarlet with me for shopping after some time. Okay?”
“Yeah it’s fine.” He replied with a smile.
An hour later, I and Estelle were in the mall. We were looking for a beautiful gown for her. After looking for two hours we finally found a perfect one, a teal chiffon gown in which she looked beautiful.
“Scarlet, look this dress will be perfect for you.” Estelle said while holding the dress for me to take a look at it.
It was beautiful though I don’t know what color it is. Maybe light violet or lavender or lilac. I don’t know but I can’t have it.
“Oh no…I don’t need…” she interrupted me.
“Sweetie I am buying this for you. This is so perfect and you will look gorgeous.” She was adamant to buy it so I smiled and said a yes to her.
Above is the picture of the strapless dress for Scarlet.
We also looked for matching shoes and accessories for it. After shopping all the needed things we headed over to the men’s section and got gifts for Ashton.
After all the purchase we headed straight towards the food court.
Estelle got a call from Ashton and so I went ahead towards the counter to order food for both of us.
“Scarlet.” I heard someone calling my name while I stood in the que, so I turned around.
“You…” I was not expecting to meet this person anytime in my life.
“What…” I was interrupted.
“Scarlet please I want to talk to you. Can you meet me tomorrow afternoon at the park? I will be waiting for you. Please, it’s a request.”
(Note: Vince D’costa was the new Senior Assistant Manager for Pearce Industries projects who later got fired. He had first appeared in chapter 11.)
“Thank you. See you tomorrow.” He said and left quickly without giving a backward glance.
I don’t know why he wants to meet me or what is that he wants to talk about. After that last incident at office, I never thought he will meet me again like this.
Keeping these thoughts at the back of my mind I moved forward ordered up food and went towards Estelle. She was still on call talking with her husband.
Estelle is such a beautiful person. I really like her company. She always has this sweet smile and positive attitude for everything.
After her phone call we talked about a lot of things while having our food. Now it was time for us to head back home so we took all our shopping bags, got into the car and left.
She dropped me at my apartment and thanked me for accompanying her. Lorry was home but she was busy in the kitchen.
Derek’s home got renovated fully and hence he is no more staying with us. He is our neighbor who is always busy with his work or several dates.
I was so damn tired now so I lay down on my comfy bed. Pulled out my phone to check and saw few texts from Alex and my sister Sera. I smiled and opened the messages and read them one by one.
Message 1
I miss you!
When will you be back?
Message 2
Love you.
Message 3
Hey SIS,
How are you?
I miss you a lot.
Exams are such a pain in the ass.
But I will do my best.
Wish me luck. Tc. Love you!😁
– Sera ~xoxo~
First I texted back Alex and then to Sera but immediately I got a text from him and with a wide smile I read his message.
A: ” Missed me?”
Me: “Honestly, No.”
A: “Oh you’re such a lair. So how was your shopping with Estelle?”
Me: “It was fun. I really enjoyed it.”
A: I want you to be with me damn right now.
I was about to reply to his text but I got a new text message from an unknown number and I checked it.
Unknown message
I will wait for you tomorrow at the park during noon. Please do meet me.
It’s him, Vince again. How did he get my number this time? I don’t know why I am getting a weird feeling about him. But I do want to know, what is that he wants to talk about. I hope, he is still not having any feelings for me even now.
Sighing I kept my cellphone away and slept off.
TBC 💛💛


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