Million tears episode 15

😥💔(Sister’s Betrayal)😥💔
✍️✍️Episode 15✍️✍️
Williams no I can’t take this
You nee-d to see the kind of thing this woman gave birth to in the name of a baby
She looks like a lizard
My anger is that she did not even give birth to a boy
After so many years of waiting, she gave me a baby girl and not just a baby girl but a baby lizard. I can’t stay here to watch after her and that baby
They disgust me. Jimmy said and Williams shaked his head
James, you nee-d to un-derstand one thing
Your wife gave birth at 7 months which means her baby is premature that is why she is placed in an incubator and she will be there until after two months
Then after that two months, she will turn normal to a baby and looks beautiful and beside, having a baby girl as a first child isn’t bad
A child is a child
Ella nee-ds you this time more than anything
You nee-d to go there and comfort her
Pet her, pamper her and care for her
Going throu-gh CS and coming out alive is not that easy
You nee-d to thank God that both mother and baby are alive
Your baby will be fine
She will turn to a normal baby after 2months
Just be patient and stand by them
They are your family. Williams said and Jimmy ch!pped in
They are not my family
Williams, I am ashamed of that thing she gave me as a baby
I can’t stand and watch
It irritates me
How sure am I that I am even the one that impregnated her?
That baby doesn’t look like a baby that comes from me
I can’t proudly pres£nt her in public
I am ashamed of both of them
I hate Ella
If she wants, she can even remain in the hospital
I won’t pay the remaining balance and I am leaving this area
I am moving to another local government entirely
Where she will not find my where about
I am not happy with them at all
I am leaving
You can marry her
I dash them to you
Let me go and make money
When things get back, I will come back for my Mira
I miss her so much
Take care Williams
Jimmy said and left.
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy you can’t do this. He said staring at him but Jimmy ignored him and left
Hmmm, since the man of the house left his family, will I now stay and watch over them?
No way
The only way I can help Ella is going to Mira’s shop to tell her everything
Maybe she can help
But even if I am in her shoes, I won’t help but there is no harm in trial
Human being are different
She might feel for her sister
Beside she is still her sister. Williams said and left
Doctor I am hungry. Ella said in a weak tune
I haven’t seen your husband since morning
I have called his number and it isn’t connecting either
Though I called Williams his friend and he said he is coming
But I will tell the nurse to make you some h0t tea to take
Maybe when your husband comes, he will get you a light vegetable food. The doctor said and Ella nodded
Thank you doctor. She said and looked away
Where could he have went to?
He knows my condition and he left me and the baby here all alone
That’s so bad and unfair of him. Ella said as tears dropped her cheeks
I regret doing what I did
I never knew Jimmy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing
I regret ever taking over my sister’s home
It haven’t been easy with me since then
I haven’t known any joy since then
My biggest mistake was ever getting pregnant for my sister’s husband. Ella said till dropping tears
The nurse entered and handed her a cu-p of tea and left
She drank it and sle-pt back on the be-d
********* ********
Good afternoon Miranda
William greeted cheerfully
How my I help you Mr? I asked rolling my eyes
Seems like you don’t recognize me anymore! William said and I scoff
Of course I do recognize you but I don’t nee-d any of you in my life
I don’t want to have anything to do with all of you
You all are p@rt of my past and it is said that we should let go of our past so tell me what you want and get out of my shop. I said rolling my eyes
Miranda plea-se calm down
I un-derstand how you feel and I promise you that I never supported Jimmy for once
Even up till d@t£, I still blame him for what he did and I am sure karma is beginning to hit them. Williams said and I smiled
Who cares if you supported him or not
As long as you are Jimmy’s friend, all of you are p@rt of my past
plea-se tell me why you are here
I have customers waiting. I said and he scoffed
You are a ha-rd nut to crack Miranda
Anyways, I am here cos of your sister
Your sister gave birth to a premature baby and jimmy said the child is irritating him that he can’t stand and watch them
He said he have spent all his money on them but this time, he is moving far away from them
He refused to drop a dime for them and also cared less about what the hospital will do when its time to bill them and he is not there
He said he is tired of them.
He left!
He left and I don’t know where he headed but he said he is never coming back for them. Ella is in the hospital stranded and starving. He said and I felt really bad for Ella but she have caused me enough
She deserve whatever she is going throu-gh
And what does that have to do with me?
Anyway congrats to her but as far as I am concerned, Ella no longer exist in my life.
plea-se get out. I said and left him there
But Miranda, you can’t leave your sister to die no matter what she did to you right?
She is still your blood and I think you nee-d to forgive her
You have found a new guy more caring and handsome than Jimmy so why are you still angry with Ella?
Even if you can’t help cos of Ella plea-se do it for the sake of the innocent baby
plea-se help your sister
I don’t have any money on me
All they nee-d for now is just money for feeding
plea-se I believe you can help with that. Williams said and I felt bad and guilty
He is right
For the sake of my little niece
For the sake of the innocent baby, let me help
She is still my sister no matter what and I can’t watch her starve to death. I said and looked back at Williams
I will be back. I said and went to my draw, took some money and headed back to him
Here is a sum of 40,000 Naira
I believe It will go a long way for her to feed but plea-se, don’t come back here again to tell me a story about Ella
Ella stabbe-d me to my face and didn’t feel remorseful for her actions
She had the audacity to throw my belongings out of my matrimonial home
She deserve no mercy but I am doing this just for the sake of God who pays back and the sake of the innocent child.
Goodbye! I said and left and heard him saying
God bless you
You are real good. He said and left happily.
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