Million tears episode 16

💔😥(Sister’s Betrayal)💔😥
✍️✍️Episode 16✍️✍️
So I explained everything to your sister and she gave me this 40,000 naira to give to you for feeding
Williams said and Ella kept shedding uncontrollable tears
Do I still deserve any mercy, pity or even a help from my sister?
After everything I did to her?
After paying her evil with good
After all the pains and tears I caused her
After taking away her only source of joy from her, she still care for me?
O’God will I ever be forgiven?
Is this karma hitting me?
Jimmy left me and my baby here in the hospital without thinking about out well being
This is too much for me
I can’t bear this
Ella said in de-ep tears
Ella, this is no time for regrets and tears
Let bygone be bygone
Forget about what happened in he past
Just try and make some amendment and go apologize to your sister
You dont nee-d this now
Your condition is still critical
You nee-d rest
Maybe when you get out of this place, we will find way to make peace with your sister.
Williams said and Ella looked up at him
Will that ever be possible?
Will she find a place in her heart to forgive me?
Do I still deserve a second chance after everything I did to her?
Ella asked in de-ep tears
My dear, calm down, relax and rest,
Your sister has a soft heart
I am sure she is going to forgive you
For her to still s£nd some money to you shows that she still cares a little about you
Do not panic
I will help you talk s-en-se to her
For now you nee-d rest
I will be back in a short while
Williams said and left
Jimmy, it will never be well with you wherever you are
I cause you with the scar in my tummy that you will come back crawling to me
You will know no joy wherever you are. Ella said in de-ep tears and she kept thinking about her life
****** ****** ******
Mira I swear you f–k up big time
Your sister is coming back to destroy you since you can’t learn your lesson at the first place. Make sure Joyce doesn’t hear this at all if not, she will cut off the friendsh!pwith you
Glory said angrily
But she is still my sister
I said feeling bad
Sister my foot
Did she consider you a sister before she stabbe-d you to your front?
If she had gotten the chance to take over your shop, she would have done that without having a rethink
Have you forgotten all that she said to you?
Have you forgotten how she threw your things out of your own matrimonial home?
How come you forget things so easily?
Glory said angrily as tears kept flowing my cheeks slowly
I know mom Glory but this is a matter of life and death
She just survived death
Its true that she caused me lot of pains but I can’t just watch her starve to death
You have to un-derstand my point too mom Glory. I said and she stood up angrily carrying her bag
I am done with this conversation
She said and left
I am sorry mom Glory. I said loudly but she ignored
What have I done wrong here?
I don’t feel bad for helping my sister anyway and I am sure my sweetheart wont feel bad too. I said and sat back
Our wedding c@m£ and pas-sed and I finally moved in with Fred
Fred is so caring and sometimes ask God here he was when stupid Jimmy c@m£ to marry me.
I haven’t hear from Ella since the last time Williams c@m£ but I kept praying to God to keep her and the little baby safe.
I am 8months gone and Fred and I are patiently waiting for the day we will officially become a parent
According to scan, I was told I am going to have a baby boy and Fred and I was so happy
We should go shopping for my little blue me in the wo-mb. Fred said and I laughed
What else do we still nee-d to buy?
We have gotten everything we nee-ded. I said smiling
Let’s go get more things like shoes, clothes and others
Buying those things gives me a lot of joy.
Fred said and I nodded happily
Let’s go. I said changing my dress
Are we going with your car or mine? Fred asked
Anyone is OK by me. I replied and we both laughed
We headed to the car and Fred drove off
We got to a p@rticular junction and met a crowd of people gathered round a laying lifeless b©dy
A woman was shouting on t©p of her voice
Emergency! Emergency!
I pleaded with Fred to st©p the car and he did
I think she nee-ds help
Let’s help her plea-se. I pleaded
I have told you to st©p being too soft hearted
You don’t know her and you want to help.
Fred said looking straight into my eyes
But the woman down there is dying
Look at the way they are pouring water on her just for her not to die
I promise after today, I won’t ask for help again
plea-se sweetheart
This is a matter of life and death
Let’s save the woman’s life plea-se
I pleaded almost shedding tears and Fred hissed and got down from the car
What happened to the woman? Fred asked
She Hawks sachet water along the express and I called her from the other side of the road to come sell water to me
Just as she was about crossing the road, a speeding vehicle knocked her down and escaped
Her little baby is dead but she is still breathing
plea-se let’s help her.
The woman narrated crying heavily and Fred looked at me and I stared back with a pleading look
Tell them to bring her to the car. Fred said and not so long, 2 guys carried her into the car and we drove off.
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