Million tears episode 14

💔😥(Sister’s Betrayal)💔😥
✍️✍️Episode 14✍️✍️
Our wedding d@t£ has been fixed and I am so happy cos everything is working out
Sometimes, I go to Fred’s house to spend the weekend with him
I keep wondering why you are yet to get a car darling and you have the money
Why don’t you have a car and why are you not even talking about getting one? I asked and he smiled
I don’t rush things
And besides, I am waiting for our wedding day cos my club member’s gift to us is a new br@nd Toyota Camry
So I don’t want to waste money to buy car
I would rather use it to buy something more important to me. He said and I smiled
I quic-kly felt a cramps on my l@ps and it was exactly mensuration cramps and that was when it dawned on me that I didn’t see my period last month and this month is about to end and I haven’t seen it to
Sweetheart, something just crossed my mind right now.
I missed my period for almost two months now
I really nee-d to go for test
Who knows it might be bacteria or typhoid fever. I said and Fred smiled
Typhoid or infection you said?
What makes you think so?
You have forgotten pregnancy can also make one miss her period
He said and I bur-st out laughing out so loudly
You are very funny
Very very funny
How can that be possible?
We just met twice and……….
He interrupted me
And I re-leased everything inside
Don’t you think you might be pregnant? Fred asked and I kept laughing
You amuse me like seriously
What makes you think so?
What exactly?
I sle-pt with my husband for seven years and he kept re-leasing everything inside even extra but I never got pregnant and you sle-pt with me just twice and…..
He interrupted me again
That was just because you guys are not meant to be
St©p doubting me babe
I trust us together
You might be pregnant
Let’s go to test together
We can use your car. He said and I was confused but stood up to go with him
You just want to waste your time
Cos I am not even having any symptoms of early pregnancy at all
I said and Fred smiled
Don’t doubt me
Just follow me. He said and I nodded funnily and followed him
We got to the hospital and waited for like 18 to 20 minutes before the test c@m£ out
The nurse c@m£ out smiling and handed the result to me
Congratulations madam
The test showed that you are pregnant. She said and I was shocked
After a momentarily while, I bur-st out laughing
You are so funny
How? I asked confusedly
I expected you to be happy
Sorry I broke the news that way
I never knew you don’t nee-d the child
Our doctor is also good at performing D&C in case if you nee-d one but I would advice and suggest you keep the baby cos so many people are direly in nee-d of babies. She said and Fred smiled
No no nurse! That’s not what we mean
She is just surprised cos we have been childless for years
Thanks anyway
We gat to go now
Or babe, do you want to us to conduct another test on you? Fred asked and I shaked my head in disagreement
Let’s go to another hospital
I replied and he nodded
Fine. He said and we both got to the car and drove off
We got to another hospital and its the same thing
I was so surprised cos I don’t believe it
How can this happen miraculously
I think I nee-d to go to scan to confirm this. I said and Fred nodded
Supported. He replied and we both left
We went for scan and waited patiently for the result
The result c@m£ and I was told I am 7weeks pregnant
7weeks? Fred and I exclaimed at the same time
Yes madam
You are seven weeks pregnant
Congratulations to you both. He said and I hvgged Fred so happily
Oh my!
I am pregnant!
Oh God you are so wonderful
I said shedding tears of joy uncontrollably
This is so unbelievable to me
God you are too much
Is this how you do your own things?
Thank you for putting smile on my face again. I said waving my hands up the sky still shedding tears and Fred hvgged me
I am so happy honey
Honestly I am so happy
I said it that you are a golden treasure
You don’t deserve that dog you married at the first place
I can’t wait to officially walk you down the aisle so we can be together forever. Fred said wiping my tears and I nodded
Madam you can start going now okay,
Others are waiting to come in
Congratulations to you both. He said and we both stood up and left
Today is the happiest day of my life
So finally I am going to feel like a woman
God I thank you. I said still waving my hand to the sky
And I am also going to be a father. Fred said and we both smiled
Sweetheart plea-se do the driving
I am too excited to drive. I said and he nodded
He collected the key from Me and we drove off
********** **********
Mr Jimmy, you wife is still 32 weeks pregnant which is 7 months but she is in labor
The only way we can save her life and that of her baby’s life is throu-gh carrying out CS. Doctor said and Jimmy hitted his hand in his face..
All this whole issue is getting complicated
What is it exactly
Doctor I don’t have money for CS
Is there no other way?
Jimmy asked and the doctor shakes his head
No other way Mr Jimmy
And plea-se we have to act fast
The total is 250,000 naira but you have to pay a deposit of 100,000 before the surgery can be carried out. No nee-d of negotiating Mr Jimmy
That is the amount we use for Cesarean sections (CS)
You can go now
He said and Jimmy stood up frustratedly and headed outside
Mr Williams, what kinda of life is this?
Honestly I am sick and tired of all these
Ever since this witch c@m£ into my life, it have been from one problem to the other
The only money remaining in my account is 200k and the doctor said he is taking just 250k
Where do I look for such money?
I don’t have goods in my shop
And I have sold my car to settle other debts
My wife is doing nothing but eating and eating like a goat all day
She have finished everything I have
Jimmy said and William tapped his shoulder
I would have blamed you for all these but I have seen that you truly nee-d encouragement and not putting all blames on you
You brou-ght all these upon yourself
I un-derstand your pain but for the sake of the lives involved in this matter, I think you should pay the deposit first then we will know how to sort the remaining one out
Go pay the deposit first. Williams said and jimmy left ru-bbing his hand on his head
If only he listened to me
I pity the both of them cos karma is just starting
Look at the way they threw an innocent woman out and took over her sweat and they thought they would go scot free
No way
Things don’t happen that way
Now the woman is happy and sharing her wedding invitation all over
Karma plea-se have mercy on them. Williams soliloquized and sat down waiting for Jimmy
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