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Melted heart season two episode 9 & 10

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 9/10
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[ Season Two ]
♡ Episode 9 ♡
Ronnie stood up and went out of the room,,he entered Rose’s room,she was not in. He sat down on the be-d waiting for her,,soon she [email protected]£ out looking w€t ,she just took a bath.
” What do you want??” She asked rolling her eyes
” I’m sorry ” Ronnie said trying not to laugh
” You’re still laughing?? Do you think it’s funny?? I always died of heart break !!!” She yelled
” That’s why am saying sorry ” he replied
” Sorry won’t change anything, just let me be, okay??” Rose snapped and walked into the dressing room.
Ronnie stood up and went after her,,he hvgged her from the back and k!$$£d her ba-re back.
” Sorry sorry sorry sorry ”
” Fine,,,but don’t do that again. ” She said and faced him
” I won’t ” Ronnie replied with a smile
” But why are you not eating?? ” Rose asked as they both went out after she put on her pajamas,
” Rose,,,let’s leave tomorrow ” He suddenly said
” What??? Tomorrow?? But why?? ”
” You should be happy about this,,, get prepared, we are leaving. Okay?? Am going to tell the others now ” Ronnie said walking closer to the exit
Your mom is waiting for you Rose,don’t you wanna see her again??” Ronnie asked turning back to her.
” She’s expecting Preet,,,,not Rose,,and you expect me to be happy about going back to Korea??? You can’t un-derstand how I feel ,,you can’t ” she replied sitting down
” You’re blabbing rubbish right now,,,you explained everything to us and we un-derstood you,we accepted the fact that your face is not the same anymore,,and your mom is there feeling sad everyday thinking her only daughter is dead!!! You should just come back to your s-en-se,,, am doing all these to protect you, you will get hurt if you stay here any longer ” Ronnie said somehow angry and went out of the room.
Rose wipe her tears and fell on the pillow crying out more silently,,, nob©dy knows how she feel, having a different face and then going back to somewhere that her memories will hurt more is what she’s thinking about. Her mom will probably have tried forgetting about her,and then she will just appear from nowhere and tell her she’s Preet??
How will she take that??? Maybe she’s really blabbing rubbish but she’s really nervous than ever
” Wow ,that will be great!!” Ryan and Wyaat shouted
” Tomorrow?? Why so soon??” Michael asked
” We have a lot of things to do back in Korea and you know that ” Ronnie said
” Did you tell Rose?? Did she agree?? ” Romeo asked and Ronnie sighed
” Don’t worry about her,,just get prepared ” Ronnie said and went out of the room.
He stared at Rosé room and Sighed, he un-derstand how she feels. But staying here will only make it worst,,he need to do what the guy( Harry ) said. Since he will make the killer girl forget about him,and before she finds out where they are,they better go back to Korea tomorrow that’s the only solution
He was about going in when she [email protected]£ out of her room, she looks somehow surprised to see him there. And then the starring started,like nob©dy is re-ady to talk first.
” Am sorry ” They both said at the same time and a smile followed.
He immediately pu-ll-ed her closer giving her a warm hvg,,,
” Sorry for yelling at you,” Ronnie said
” It’s fine,,you did that because you don’t want me to get hurt,,,I love you so much ” She replied
” So,,,are you re-ady to leave tomorrow?? ” Ronnie asked
She replied with a nod.
” You can go in,,am going to see Mr’s Taylor ” Rose said
Ronnie nodded and went in.
Next Day
Mrs Taylor hvgged Rose for the last time, she have been preventing her tears from falling for so long. She just couldn’t help it,,Rose have being like a sister to her all throu-gh and now she’s leaving her?? She’s going to be alone again.
Her husband died a very long time ago and her only son is not staying in America,, she doesn’t really feel lonely because of her work. But since Rose [email protected]£ to her life,she discovered that she need someone to @ssociate with other than just working all the time.
” Make sure you come visit,,,” She said
” I will,,trust me ” Rose replied
She k!$$£d Rose’s hair and they all waved at her before going into their cars,with the guards also and Manager Park.
Will everything be the same anymore?? Rose asked herself
” Everything will be fine ” Ronnie whispered to her like he could hear her thought
She smiled and nodded before resting her head on his shoulder.
Akeelah broke into tears as she re-ad the message on her phone,,he’s leaving, leaving her again???
After a long time,she thought they will never be [email protected] again but it seems she’s wrong.
He have to leave,, he have his own career to face. Maybe she’s only being selfish thinking he will stay with her forever.
” Honey,,, what’s wrong??” Her mom asked
She always go to her parents house Every weekend, to spend time with them and all that.
” He’s leaving mom,,,do you think I will be able to see him again??” She asked
Her mother smiled and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
” You love him right?? ” she asked
Akeelah nodded gently still in tears
” Then why don’t you just go after him??you can’t wait here forever, crying will only make things worst,,,” Her mother said
She looked up,,
” You want me to leave you?? I can’t do that ” She said
” You always see us during weekends,,,” Her mother chuckled
” That’s more better than not seeing you for a long time ” Akeehlah replied
” Come on,,when you get married,you will still leave us,,”
” But,,,,,no,,,I don’t think I can do that right now. Don’t worry,,I won’t cry again, and besides,we are going to talk on phone ” She said wiping her tears
” You’re being childish right now,,,” Her mom said before standing up and going out of her room.
Childish?? She asked no one in [email protected],
Harry sm-irked as he watched Olivia sighing angrily,he’s glad that all his plan are going well. She just discovered that Ronnie is no more in America,the map st©pped.
And she found out that she won’t be able to leave America for some time now,,
” What are you starring at!! Do you want to die!!??” she yelled at Harry who only laughed in return
” What’s funny??” She asked angrily
” Can you kill me??” Harry asked moving closer to her
” what??? Are you daring me right now??” She asked
” No,,,I know you can’t ” Harry replied and looked away
” I can’t believe this,,”
” Without your boys,,,,you’re nothing to me Olivia” Harry said with a light smile
” I can kill you within a second,,,but I can’t do that. Not because am sacred of you or something,,, I just can’t watch you get hurt ” Harry said
” Why can’t you kill me then?? ” Olivia asked
” You will soon find out,,,,when you quit looking for someone who doesn’t love you ” He replied and k!$$£d her cheek before going out.
She immediately t©uçhed her cheek
” Is he crazy???” she asked
” What the heck is he thinking right now!!!!” She shouted angrily
Hours Later
” Oh my gee!!!! Jennie!!! The news!! ” Ava shouted and Jennie rushed out
” What’s going on,why screaming that way??” She asked
” The Crystals arefu-cking back!!!!!!” She shouted
” What??!!” Jannie and Mia asked immediately
” It’s on the news,,they just arrived ,,,it’s Live news right now ” Ava said and they all turned to the TV
It’s true,,, they just arrived, a smile escape Jennie’s face as she watch them struggle with the fans ,they keep on taking their pictures and suddenly her eyes went to The girl beside Ronnie,,,
” That’s Elena” She said
” But,, who is the other girl??” She asked
” Who knows?? But she look so ,,pretty. She reminds me of Preet,,is she an American?? ” Mia asked
” Who knows??” Ava replied
Jennie let go of the thought and keep on starring,,, at Wyaat in [email protected] Maybe she will finally be able to thank him,,,
” They all look so amazing” Ava smiled
” Now,am jealous of Elena,,Ryan is so cute!!!!” Mia said
” You just know that??? Do you even have eyes??” Ava [email protected] her head
” But,, Jennie,,you’re starring at Wyaat,,do you like him??” Mia asked as she followed Jennie’s view which landed on Wyat
” Like?? Who said that?? ” Jennie asked
” Nob©dy said that, am just asking ”
” I never said I liked him ” She snapped
” But he’s also cute,and besides he always protect you from Romeo,,he’s really scary ” Ava said and they laughed
Romeo is cute,,but scary,,,,that word.
Jennie couldn’t help but to continue smiling when she remember Wyaat carrying her even when she was just on a towel,,, his hands are really safe.
” St©p thinking Jennie,” She [email protected] her head
” Am going to take a nap, call me when Elena get home ” She said and went upstairs
” When did she start caring about Elena?? ” Mia and Ava asked themselves
.Short Episode 🌼
♡ Episode 10 ♡
” Wow,,I can’t believe I am here!!! ” Rose shouted as she entered the mansion
The maids keep on murmuring among themselves like;
💋 Who is she?
💋 Is she his sister??
💋 Or girlfriend??
💋 Did he get a new girlfriend in America??
💋 Am so happy he’s back to his old self
💋 But she’s really pretty,
💋 More than Mam Preet,,,I just hope she’s also nice like her.
” Hi everyone ” Rose greeted since she heard everything they said
” You’re welcome here mam ,,we will show you around ” One of the maids said
” You don’t have to do that, thanks ” She smiled and went upstairs
” What just happened?? How did she know ,,,”
” She’s weird ”
” I agree with you ”
Just then Ronnie [email protected]£ in and they all kept quiet before bowing their heads
” You’re welcome sir!”
” Thank you ” He replied with a smile and went upstairs
” did he just smile??”
They shook their heads looking confused and finally went back to work.
Rose keep on going in and out from one room to the other,,,,
” I don’t really stay here after you left ” Ronnie said from behind
” Or maybe after I died??” she laughed
” But you were alive and I was here crying all day ,,,,,,,,I almost lost my heart ” Ronnie said tou-ching his che-st
” You won’t believe it if I tell you this ” She said and faced him
” What??”
” Each time you feel hurt,,,I always have the feelings in my heart and it’s going to hurt me so much that I will end up calling Ronnie in my sleep even though I can’t recognize your face ”
” I always have the same dream,of someone telling me he love me repeatedly,, we do things together and all that,,,, but the face was as blur as ever ” She said and Sighed
” So how did you remember?? ” Ronnie asked
” My friend showed me your pictures,,, she’s a great fan,,but she’s in love with Michael,,she can die for him ” She said laughing [email protected]
” Really?? Michael is really lucky to have someone who can die for him then ” He said
” Just like I can die for you ” He whispered into her ear
” St©p,,you won’t die okay!!” Rose yelled and they both laughed
” We didn’t want to inform the public about out arrival,,but unfortunately,,,,, the media got us Live,,it’s gonna be stressful these days. But before then,,,,,, we have to visit mom tomorrow,,, and then,,,am going to bring Molly here,she always talk about you ” Ronnie said
” She won’t know me ” Rose pouted
” Don’t worry,,she’s not dumb,,she will un-derstand than you will ever imagine ”
” Yeah,,I know she’s smart ” Rose replied and hvgged him
” Am nervous to go to mom tomorrow,,, can we postpone it plea-se?? ”
” No we can’t, I don’t want her to think I got a new girlfriend ” Ronnie replied
She sighed a little bit,,
” Let’s go in ” He said
They both entered Ronnie’s room ,,,
” It look more great,, did you change somethings here??” Rose asked
” Yeah,,,, ” Ronnie replied
” Don’t worry,,we will be leaving this place soon,,”
” What?? Why?? This mansion is beautiful ” Rose said
” What if we move to somewhere more beautiful?? ” he whispered
” Then,what will happen to this one??” She asked
” Nothing,,,, don’t ask me Rose. Why don’t you take your bath and have some rest ” He said
” Or do you want us to take a bath together?? ” Ronnie win-ked
” No!!!” she shouted and ran into the bathroom
Ronnie laughed, his phone suddenly rang. Wait,,it’s Molly. He smiled before picking the call
📞 Oopa,,you’re back
📞 Yes,,am back. Missed me??
📞 More than words could tell,,,,,you sound more happy ,,,am glad
She always talk like she’s older than him,what a girl??
📞 Yeah,,am back
📞 When will you come to see me?? Don’t say no ,,,I really miss you a lot
📞 Don’t cry,,,,,,am coming to bring you here tomorrow. You will love that right???
📞 Oh my God!!!! I can’t wait!!!
📞 Get re-ady ,,okay?? Love you
📞 I love you too,,muahh
Ronnie smiled and hanged up ,,,,
” Ronnie!!!!!!!!!” Rose shouted from the bathroom
” What ,,I should come over ??” Ronnie asked
” Yes,,,get me a towel !!” She shouted
” It’s there,,, ” Ronnie replied
” No,,I mean,,,gosh!! Never mind!!” She shouted again
” Why is she shouting that much??” Ronnie asked himself and laughed silently.
Soon,she [email protected]£ out the bathroom. Ronnie faced her,
” The towel,,, it’s short ” She said
” well,,I don’t think so. It’s cute ” He replied
” per-vert!! Get me a shi-t to wear ” She said
” Okay ” Ronnie chuckled and stood up
He [email protected]£ back with a shi-t,,
” This one is the best ” He said giving it to her
” Thanks ” She said
” Am going to get you new clothes tomorrow,,, trust me ” He whispered into her ear and bite it softly
” Get away ,,,” She said and walked into the dressing room.
” It’sfu-cking short,,,,” Rose said walking out of the dressing room. The shi-t [email protected] reach her th!ghs.
” Exactly what I want ” Ronnie cli-ck his ton-gue
He immediately gr-ab her and locked hisl-ips in hers.
He suddenly carried her up still k!ss!ngher,,,
Her legs wra-pped ti-ghtly around him,,Rose seem to be lost in the k!ss.
” I can Still st©p if you want ” Ronnie said looking straight into her eyes
” Don’t st©p ” She replied
” Are you sure?? Am not going to be easy with you ” He said
She gulped down thinking of her answer,,but she blurted out without thinking
” I don’t mind ” She said suddenly regretting saying that
Ronnie sm-irked and resumed k!ss!ngher ,,,,

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