Melted heart season two episode 7 & 8

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 7/8
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[ Season Two ]
♡ Episode 7 ♡
Harry sighed out as he sit in front of his l@pt©p,,,he decided to check maybe he’s going to see Ronnie’s phone number on internet but he suddenly remembered that he’s a celebrity and it won’t be easy to get his number.
” Damn,what do I do??” He rou-ghed his hair
He made up his mind and checked,, he saw a number and immediately dialed it.
📲 Hello?? Who’s speaking??
The voice c@m£ up,, is that Ronnie’s voice?? He don’t even know since he have never heard him talking
📲 Hi,,,plea-se am I speaking with Ronnie??
📲 No,,it’s his manager,,,
📲 Can you give him the phone?? I nee-d to talk to him,it’s important
📲 He’s not here right now,but I will inform him since you said it’s important
📲 Thank you, I will call again
He hanged up,,he knew it’s not going to be easy but he hope his manager doesn’t forget about him .
” Mrs Taylor??” Ronnie called
” Ronnie?? You can come in ” She said with a smile
” Thanks ”
” Am sorry for neglecting you guys,, it’s work ” Mrs Taylor said telling Ronnie to sit down
” I un-derstand,,,, you must be a great surgeon to have saved Preet. I am really grateful,,,, you made my other p@rt come back to life,,,you just don’t know that ” Ronnie said and sat down
” You must love her so much to call her your other half ” She smiled and rou-ghed his hair
” You don’t know how much I love her,,,,,I thought I won’t see her again,,but you made it possible. Even if her face is not the same anymore ” Ronnie replied
” She told me you guys will be leaving soon ,,,,am really going to miss her so much ” Mrs Taylor sighed
” I know,,,, but her mom is probably still sad right now thinking her only daughter is dead. She can’t stay here forever,,, I hope you un-derstand ”
” Of course I do,,you don’t have to worry. I wish you guys good luck ”
” Ronnie!! Oh my God,, I’ve been waiting for you ” Preet shouted and hvgged him as he entered
Ronnie checked her out ,,she was only putting on a short and singlet,he smiled
” Waiting for me ??? Why???” Ronnie asked with a brow raised
” Oh,,,,it’s,,, because ”
” You want me ?? Now??” He whispered into her ear
” What?? I never said that, ”
” So you don’t want me???”
” No,,I don’t mean it that way,,I was saying,,,,” He immediately gr-ab her and k!$$£d her
” You don’t have to explain ,,,” he said and continue k!ss!ngher ,,,her back resting on the wall.
He left herl-ips and proceeded to her n£¢k,
” Oh my,,,,” She m0@n ed out like he got her weak point
He smiled on hearing her m0@n ,,,he st©pped and raised her cheek up starring into her eyes.
” Get dressed,,,am not going to be easy on you ” Ronnie said and pe-cked her cheek
She bite her bottoml-ips ,,,
” What do you mean by that??? ” She managed to ask
” You’re going to get hurt ” Ronnie replied
” I don’t mind,,okay??” She said
” You really want it now???”
” Yes,” She replied almost immediately
Ronnie smiled and looked away,,she wouldn’t say this if only she knew what he’s going to do to her
” So,,” Rose said
” So????” He asked
” Are you trying to leave like that?? Am telling the truth,, it won’t hurt me okay???” She said but Ronnie only stood still watching her,,
” It’s going to hurt ” He finally said
” I can’t believe this,, fine!!” She said and la-id on the be-d turning her back on him
” Are you angry??” Ronnie asked
” Don’t t©uçh me Ronnie ” She snapped
” Why won’t I t©uçh my girlfriend?? ”
” Am not your girlfriend,,, ”
Ronnie smiled,,
A call c@m£ on his phone,,
📲 Elvis??
📲 Sir,,,,there’s is an important call for you,,,it’s from a strange number though.
📲 Strange number??? Did he introduce himself???
📲 No,he only told me it’s important
📲 Okay,,,,s£nd him my pri-vate number. I will talk to him
📲 Okay.
He dropped the call and turned to Rose.
” I nee-d to go ” He said
” Why are you telling me ??”
” Sleep well,,I love you ” He said and k!$$£d her cheek before walking out of the room.
He went out of the mansion and went to sit by the pool waiting for the call,,soon his phone rang.
He picked up ,,
📲 It’s Ronnie
He said and the person seem to be happy somehow,,,
📲 Hi Ronnie,,,,am glad you picked up. We really nee-d to meet,,I have something to tell you,don’t say no
📲 What is it???.
📲 It’s about the death of your girlfriend
Ronnie g@sped
📲 What?? How did you know about that?? Who are you??
📲 Just give anywhere we can meet,,we can’t talk on phone,it’s dangerous for me.
📲 No,, you should choose somewhere
📲 Okay, I will text you the address tomorrow, bye for now.
Ronnie stood up looking disturbe-d,,, is he saying the truth or he’s deceiving him.
” Hey brother,, what’s wrong?? ” Romeo appeared at the back
” Nothing,,, where is Ryan??” He asked
” Ronnie,, I am your brother, Ryan is just your friend, ”
” He’s my Best friend ” Ronnie replied
” You love him more than your own brother??? ”
” What type of question is that???”
” Hey Guys,,what are you doing without me ??” Ryan asked as he got to them
Ronnie looked at Romeo and then back to Ryan,
” I got a call from a stranger just now” Ronnie said
” Really?? What did the person say??”
” I think he knows who tried to hurt Preet ” he said
” What????? Oh my,,so what are you planning to do right now???”
” Am going to meet him tomorrow ” He replied
” You can’t go alone,, I will go with you ” Ryan said
” You can’t come with me,,am going alone. I don’t want to cause any problem for you,,” Ronnie said
” Am your friend okay??? Not like am going to follow you to where he is,,I will just stay somewhere in case something went wrong,,Romeo can also come along ” Ryan said and tapped Romeo’s back
” Sure” He smiled
” I have something to do,,see you later ” Ryan said and turned to leave
Romeo also followed him,,
” Romeo ” Ronnie suddenly called and he st©pped and faced him
” I don’t love Ryan more than you,,,and I don’t love you more either,, you two are just like brothers to me. Don’t make me choose between you guys ” Ronnie said and walked away.
” I can’t believe non of you have been able to know where Ronnie is,,why are you all useless??? ” Olivia yelled angrily
” Mam,,we are really trying our best. But it’s ha-rd ,,,this is America not Korea,” One of the men said
” What??? This is America not Korea??? Are you crazy?? Am giving you just two days !!! Find out where Ronnie is!!” She shouted
” You!!!! Harry !!! Come with me !!” She shouted
Harry nodded and followed her ,,
” Don’t try to do anything stupid,,am watching you ” Olivia said
” Do you think am going to do something stupid??” Harry asked and she turned to face him
” You won’t dare do that,, trust me ” she replied
” You look scared,,,” Harry sm-irked
” Scared??? How can I be scared of you???!! Move !!!”
” You should be cool to me,,,,” Harry smiled and t©uçhed her hair before tucking it behind her ear.
” What the hell are you doing??” She asked
” You look more beautiful when you don’t shout,,,” He smiled and left
” What just happened??? ” she asked herself
Did she just allow him t©uçh her??
♡ Episode 8 ♡
The drive was silent until Ryan broke the silence,,
” It’s taking really long ” He said
” Am sure he won’t try any ru-bbish,,, ” Ronnie replied
” The map just beeped,,he’s here ” Romeo said showing them the tracker
” I told you,,” Ronnie said and got down from the car
His phone rang almost immediately,,
📞 I can see you ,,,just move a little bit closer.
📞 Okay.
He replied and hanged up.
” Am over here,,,” The person waved at him
He sighed and walked over to him.
” Hi,,,am Harry,,” The guy said with his face covered with face cap
” Okay,,can we just go straight to the point??” Ronnie asked
” You should be nice to me,,I am doing a dangerous thing right now,” Harry said
” What do you mean?? ” Ronnie asked
” The person who killed your girlfriend,,,,,,,, am working un-der her ” Harry said and Ronnie eyes wi-den at that
” You’re working for a killer??? Then why do you choose to betray him?? No,,,,her?? She’s a girl???” Ronnie asked full of surprise
” It’s the least I could do,,to have her ” Harry said
” Have her??? ”
” She’s in love with you,, that’s why she’s doing everything just to get you. She s£nt one of her men to kill your girlfriend,,,, and now,She’s in America right now,looking for a way to meet you. I don’t want you guys to meet,,” Harry said
” How am I sure ,you’re not the one she s£nt to kill her??” Ronnie said
” No,,,not me,,,,”
” You don’t want us to meet??? Tell me where the hell she is,,am getting her arrested right now!!” Ronnie shouted bringing out his phone
” What are you trying to do??” Harry asked
” Am calling the cops” he replied
Harry immediately gr-ab the phone from him,
” Are you crazy?? Am going to be involved if you call the police,,, ” Harry said
” Who cares,,,, you are also a killer ” Ronnie scoffed
” Ronnie,,we can just settle this without anyone getting hurt ”
” Without anyone getting hurt?? She killed my girlfriend!!! ” He yelled
” I know,,,,,but,,,,,,”
” Don’t ever think of that,,I will never forgive her. Just tell me where the hell she is” Ronnie said and took his phone back
” You’re really going to arrest her??”
” Yes,,and if you don’t tell me her destination right now,,you will also be arrested ” Ronnie threatened
” Okay,,,,but ,,,,,,plea-se don’t make her go to jail ” Harry pleaded
” Why?? ”
” Because,,, I love her ”
” You love a killer??? She won’t go to jail,,but she’s going to see hell,trust me ” Ronnie replied
” I can’t believe this,,,you can’t make her suffer that way ” Harry shouted
” Suffer??Do you know what I want to do to her??? I want her to die,,,,I want to pour acid all over her and destroy her ugly face,,I want her dead. Am only trying to calm down because you’re helping me. Begging me will only add to her pain ” Ronnie said
” I un-derstand your pains ,,but she did all that because she loves you,,she’s only being desperate “. Harry said
“fu-ck her love ”
” You should also feel guilty,,, your girlfriend have to die ,because of you!!! Just forget about dealing with her,, I am alre-ady planning on how to destroy any of her plans,,, just go back to Korea and continue your life. I alre-ady destroyed her access to flight, she won’t be able to leave America. And I will make sure she Fall in love with me and forget about you before we come back to Korea,,so plea-se. Let this go ,,am begging you. You’re going to hurt me too,if something happen to her ” Harry said
Ronnie kept quiet and walked away,,
The words keep on ringing in his ear,,
” You should also feel guilty, your girlfriend died because of you!!! ”
That’s true,,she had to go all throu-gh that pain because of him,,,,a tear dropped from his eyes.
” Finally you’re back,,so how is it?? Did he give you the details??” Ryan asked
” Let’s leave ” He replied
” Romeo,, you should drive ” He said and entered to the back seat.
Romeo knew something was wrong,, he nodded and started the car
Minutes Later
The car drove into the mansion,Ronnie got down from the car and just like that, he went in leaving Ryan and Romeo behind.
” What’s up with him??” Ryan asked
” Maybe something happened,,, ” Romeo replied
” Why is he not telling us what the person said?? We might help ” Ryan said
” Just let him be ” Romeo replied and they both went in
” Finally you’re back ” Elena said and hvgged Ryan
” what happened to Ronnie?? Did you guys have a fight? ” Michael asked
” When did you get back from where you went to??” Romeo asked
” I asked a question ” He said
” I don’t know what’s wrong with him ” Ryan said and sat down
” He look sad when he entered,, he just went up without talking to anyone ” Elena said
” Where’s Rose ??” Romeo asked
” She got a shoot ” Elena replied.
Night 🌇
Rose walked in looking exhausted,, she just did her last ph0to shoot,,and she resigned. She will be leaving soon,so she just have to resign,the companies were not happy about it though.
She’s one of the most beautiful models, and now she’s leaving.
” Hey,Rose,,you’re back. Join us ” Elena waved at her to come
” Wow,,,I am really starving ” she grinned and ran to sit down
She served herself and started eating hungrily
” You should take it easy ” Romeo said
” Don’t worry,I won’t choke ” She smiled
” You resigned??” Wyaat asked and she nodded
” Am sorry about that ” Michael said
” You don’t have to be sorry,,if I had gained my memories earlier, I won’t be doing this” she said and continue eating
” You won’t ask for Ronnie??” Ryan asked and she suddenly st©pped eating
” Where is he?? Why is he not eating? Is he skipping meals again,,damn,,what do I do about that guy ” She said shaking her head and they all bur-st into laughter
” Someone suddenly bec@m£ worried after almost eating the whole house ” Elena said
” I was just ,,,,but where is he??” She asked
” His room,,,he look somehow sad ” Romeo answered
Sad?? Why is he sad?? Is it because she ignored him?? Oh no,,
” I have to go ” She said and drank a glas-s of water before taking her bag and ran upstairs
She opened the door and went in,,Ronnie was slee-ping with his back,,even in his sleep,his expression looks sad. She suddenly felt guilty,, she dropped her bag and la-id on the be-d beside him. She continue starring at his cute face like a movie,,how can someone look so beautiful?? No,,handsome rather. Even in his sleep??
She moved her face closer and k!$$£d his softl-ips,,, he closed his eyes more like he doesn’t want to wake up. She smiled and k!$$£d him again,,
He gr-ab her by the w@!st and pu-ll-ed her closer to himself without opening his eyes.
” Can you just open that eyes of yours?? ” Rose said
” Am sorry ” He said
” Why are you sorry??” She asked in total confusion
Ronnie opened his eyes,,,
” Am sorry,,for everything you went throu-gh, it’s all my fault. I should have protected you more than that, ” He said and bite hisl-ips
” What?? It’s not your fault okay?? ” She said
” You can’t un-derstand,,,, but always remember I love you ” Ronnie said
” What are you saying?? You’re scaring me” Rose said almost in tears
” Am sorry,,, but,,,we can’t continue this relationsh!panymore ” Ronnie blurted out and her jaws dropped
” Why???? You,, don’t love ,,me anymore??? Tell me,,,,is it because,,, I’ve not,,, given my b©dy to you,,??? I told you last night,,I was really re-ady,,,, you were the one who refused,,,,and now ,,you’re saying we can’t continue with the relationsh!p????” she said in tears
” Am sorry for ignoring you,,,,, am really sorry,,,don’t leave me,,I love you so much,,,, ” She said crying more
Ronnie couldn’t control his laughter anymore, he laughed so ha-rd that he fell from the be-d.
” Why are you laughing?? ” Rose asked still in tears
” Because,, I was only joking Rose,,,” He said still laughing
” What?? You were really joking?? ” She asked
” Yes,,,,and you cried this much??’ He asked
” I can’t believe this!!!!!! Don’t you dare follow me!!!” She shouted and went out
” Drama Queen ” Ronnie said remembering how she cried and bur-sted into another laughter.