Melted heart season two episode 11 & 12

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 11/12
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[ Season Two ]
♡ Episode 11 ♡
Elena walked into the band mansion,,the guards all bowed their heads ,they seem happy to see her again. She smiled and waved at them all before proceeding inside. She was surprised to meet Ava and Mia in the living room even though they are lost in the movie that they didn’t notice her pres£nce.
” What movie is this?? ” she asked
” Disneys ” Mia replied without looking back
” Wait,,who asked that question??” Ava and Mia turned to each other and then faced the back at the same time,,
” Oh my God!!!! Elena !!!” They shouted and ran to hvg her immediately
” I can’t breath” Elena said as they almost chocked her
” Sorry,,we are just too happy to see you again ”
” Am happy to see you too,,what about Jennie??” she asked
” Oh,,,let me go and call her ” Ava said
” No,,,I will go to her ” Elena replied before taking the stairs
She went upstairs and knocked on Jennie’s room,,,
” Come in ” Jennie said from inside
Elena opened the door and went in,,
” Am back!!” She shouted
” Elena ??”
” Yeah,,it’s me ” She smiled and hvgged Jennie, she also hvgged her back.
” Good to see you again,,,” Jennie said
” Am so happy to be here,,,I missed you all ” Elena said lying on Jennie’s be-d
” It’s crazy,but I also missed you. No one to fight with” Jennie said and they both laughed
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” Well,,am back now,,you can fight with me ” Elena said with a wi-nk
” Good,,,so what did you bring for us?? “Jennie asked
” Sorry,,,nothing. But,,let’s go for shopping tomorrow,,, all on me ” Elena said
” Wow!!!!!! That will be great,,I can’t wait ” Jennie said dancing
” I will just go and take my bath,,I wanna sleep ” Elena said walking out of the room
” Don’t forget tomorrow!! ” Jennie shouted after her
” Sure,” She replied and went out finally.
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The k!sswas becoming more intense, Rose almost lost her breath that she have to unlock from the k!ssto catch her breath. She stared straight into his eyes and all she could see was love and affection.
She’s not even sure of what she’s doing right now,,
” I can still st©p ” Ronnie said repeating what he told her some minutes ago
She didn’t reply him,instead she k!$$£d him again,,she know it’s gonna hurt but she doesn’t want to keep it anymore.
Ronnie smiled in between the k!ssand dropped her on the king sized be-d,,,
He started losing the few bu-ttons on the shi-t she was putting on ,her eyes closed as he do that which made him sm-irked. After taking off the shi-t,,she was only left with the p@n-ties ,she bec@m£ suddenly shy and she immediately hvgged him .
” What are you covering?? ” Ronnie asked and pu-ll-ed her back
” Open your eyes ” He said and she opened
He smiled and moved closer to her face and pe-cked herl-ips a little.
He left herl-ips and lock his ton-gue on her ni**ple ,,,
A soft m0@n escape herl-ips immediately he did that,,, he bite it softly and she g@sped
” Oh my,,” She said silently
He s**ked on her left br**st while his hand tickled the other one.
Rose was enjoying every bit of it and doesn’t want him to st©p.
She even wra-pped her arms around his n£¢k telling him to do it more,,she have never felt that way before,,but Ronnie is ma-king her feel it right now.
He st©pped and she almost asked why he st©pped,,,Ronnie sm-irked and moved his hand to her th!gh,,she felt some spark in her b©dy when his hand t©uçhed there.
He pu-ll-ed her p@n-ties off,,,just the w@!st bead left. She’s now completely n-ked in front of Ronnie Silver??? She covered her face with her palm ma-king Ronnie to chuckle out,,,
He slowly re-moved her hand but her eyes were closed,,she can’t even look at him straight.
He bent over and captured herl-ips again,,she reciprocate immediately, she seem to enjoy it until she felt something inside her va**na ,,she unlocked from the k!ssand opened her eyes,,
She discovered that he just inser-ted his f!nger into her ,,,he re-moved it and inser-ted it again,,
” Oh no” She m0@n ed softly,,
And then he added another,,
” Oh my,,Ronnie,,” This time ,it was painful
He immediately re-moved it,,,,she bec@m£ calm a little ,,but he inser-ted it again bringing back the pain
” Wait!!” she screamed out
Ronnie k!$$£d her preventing her from shouting any longer ,,,
The next time he inser-ted the two f!ngers,,it was more fas-ter and dee-per,, all the plea-sure she was feeling was gone,now it was pain.
He keep on f!ngerfu-cking her until she re-leased everything all over his hand.
She breath out ha-rd ly,,some traces of tears could be seen on her face,,
She felt him leaving her and she opened her eyes,,he was taking off his shi-t. He was about taking off his trou-ser when she closed her eyes back,,
” You should open your eyes,,,” Ronnie said but she didn’t.
He moved back to her and k!$$£d her softl-ips,,,,
” sweetheart?? ” he called and she opened her eyes wi-dely
” It’s gonna hurt,,,but I can’t st©p anymore ” He whispered into her ear
She only nodded and could not utter any word,,
She felt his di-ck teasing her pu-ssy and she inhale out a little.
He looked straight into her eyes before thrû-sting in,,,,
” Oh no ” She almost shouted
” Open your eyes ” Ronnie told her
She shook her head but she still opened,,
He keep on thrû-sting dee-per since she’s too ti-ght,,,
” No!!! ” She cried out
” Ronnie wait,,,st©p!!” She shouted and broke down
What thefu-ck was she thinking when she was saying she’s re-ady?? That was what keep on ringing in her mind
” Do you remember when I asked you out??” Ronnie asked
She nodded ,,she couldn’t talk
” You remember right?? Just say the word ”
” Yes,,,,yes,,I rem,,ember ,” She said in tears
Ronnie smiled and pu-ll-ed out,,,
” You remember ma-king me wait for two days right?? ” he asked
She nodded,,
He pu-ll-ed back into her
” What do you have to say about that?? ”
” Am sorry!!!” She cried out
” Just st©p!!,,,,plea-se,,,, ” She cried more
” You’re sorry??” Ronnie asked thrû-sting in and out more fas-ter this time
” Oh,,,no,,,,,” She shouted in pain
” You’re hurting me,,,” She said closing her eyes more dee-per
She was trying to push him away ,but he was more stronger,,,
” Ronnie,,,,,,,plea-se,, that’s enough ” She said in tears
” I told you am not taking it easy,,but you insisted ” Ronnie whispered
He even pu-ll-ed in more dee-per ,,,
” Oh my God,,,, itfu-cking hurt ” She shouted ,,more tears poring down her eyes
” I promise to always listen to you,,,,,,,just st©p,,,plea-se ” She shouted and Ronnie almost laughed
Is this not the same person trying to s£dûç£him to make love with her back in America??
” I love you ” Ronnie said
She could not respond,, Ronnie pu-ll-ed back into her and she screamed
” I love you too,,,,,,,oh no!!”
Ronnie smiled and k!$$£d her before pu-lling out,,,not after re-leasing his seed into her.
She cried out slowly and pas-sed out,
Ronnie chuckled and covered her with duvet,,,,,,,
He wanted to be easy with her,,,,but he couldn’t st©p himself,, his little punishment. He pe-cked her forehead and also closed his eyes ,,