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Melted heart season two episode 5 & 6

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 5/6
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[ Season 2
♡ Episode 5 ♡
Ronnie and Preet got down from the car and went in,,,
” Where is everyone??” Rose asked one of the maids
” They went out some minutes ago ” They replied
” Without us ??” Ronnie asked
” We also went out without them ” Rose replied and they laughed
” Am starving ” she added
” I will prepare something for you mam ”
” You should have told me so we can eat somewhere fun ,,,I feel guilty right now ”
” If you feel guilty then let’s do something fun ” She smiled
” What ??” Ronnie asked
” Am going to cook ,,so just stay and watch ” She win-ked
” Wow,,I will love that ” He said with a grin
Rose told the maids to leave and they left the kitchen,,,,
” Just sit over here and learn ,,,,”
” Sounding like a teacher right now ” Ronnie scoff
” Am your teacher and you’re the student,, don’t say anything unless I ask you ”
” Am sure you won’t like it when I keep quiet ” Ronnie said
” I love you ” Rose said and k!$$£d him before going to wash her hand and then wear a hand glove
She also tied her hair up in a ponytail,,
” Preet love packing her hair like this,,but Rose is different right now ??” Ronnie asked
Rose turned to face him,,
” I never change,, it’s still the same Preet. Just that I am a different person now ” she said
Ronnie nodded and sighed,
” Do you think something change about me?? ” She asked when Ronnie didn’t say anything
” I hope nothing changes ,,,,I really hope so ” Ronnie replied
” Are you worried??”
” You’ve stayed here for a year and I just think,,,,you won’t be the same anymore. I don’t know why am saying this but,,,, I love you ” He said
She sighed and continue what she was doing,,,
” Am going to help you,,don’t feel guilty for what I said,am only ma-king sure you’re still mine alone ” Ronnie said and also put on a glove
” Don’t think that way,,I will always love you and keep on loving you until the end ,nothing can change that ”
” I know ” He smiled and k!$$£d her hair
” I can’t believe you’re doing this,,, ”
” I use to be a cook back in the days ” Ronnie said even though he knew he was lying
” Really ??? Wow,,,I think I once met you ,,you were working in a restaurant known as Munchy right??” Rose asked
” Of course,,I can’t believe you still remember my face,,,”
” how can I forget your face,,,but Ronnie,,don’t you think you will look more cuter if you are a cook??” She whispered
” Like seriously,, I’ve been thinking of changing my profession and turn to a cook since am good in it,,,maybe am going to do it ” He smiled
” Can you hand over the curry and Thyme plea-se?? “She asked focused on what she was cooking
“oh,,,,,which one of them??” Ronnie asked
“How can a cook ask that question?? You don’t know which one is Curry and Thyme??”
” I wanted to tell you that I was kidding but you keep on adding to it,,it’s not my fault ” He said and Rose ended up laughing more [email protected] than she imagine
” Am sorry okay?? But I just wanted to support you in everything ” She said while laughing.
” Wow,,this taste so good!!! ” Ronnie said as he eat the fried rice
” I told you,,,I was born into this. Ooma is a great cook,,,,,” She said happily and suddenly her expression changed when she remember her mom
” Hey,,you don’t have to feel bad. She’s really doing fine ” Ronnie said trying to calm her down
” I know,,, I know you took care of her,,,,, but,,,,I really missed her so much ” She said trying to prevent her tears
” Preet,,, ” Ronnie called and she looked up surprised that he calls her that
” plea-se, can you st©p crying?? You’re hurting me ” He said
” Am sorry ” she wipe her tears and continue eating
” You’re the best ,,,why didn’t I notice this before ??” Ronnie asked
” That was because you were interested in something else” She replied
” Really ??? what?? ”
” Like,,,,why can’t I get enough of you ??? ” She asked in Ronnie’s voice and they Laughed
” I can’t believe this,,,was I that bad???”
” Not bad,,you’re worst ” She said
After eating they went upstairs still chatting and laughing,,,
” I really don’t want today to end ” Rose said
” It can end ,,because we will always be together this time. Nothing is going to separate us again,,, even if I have to protect you with my life ” Ronnie said as they entered his room
” I won’t like it when you protect me with your life,,,”
” Don’t worry ,,,,,yours is more important to me “he said
” And yours is more important to me,nothing is going to happen to us. ” she said
” Come over ” Ronnie said
She smiled and moved closer to him ,,he hvgged her inhaling her scent.
” I can’t believe I didn’t hold you for so long,, I thought I was never going to survive it ” Ronnie said closing his eyes still hvgging her
” Thank God you survived,,,so I will have to live without you??? ” She asked and he unlock from the hvg
” You can’t live without me?? ” he asked
Rose shook her head
” Same way I can’t live without you,,,,, ” He said
” I know,,,,, oh my God,,,, I want to sleep so bad ” she fell on the king sized be-d
” Me too ,,,” Ronnie said and la-id beside her also
She wra-pped her hand around him and rest her head on his che-st ,,they both sle-pt off peacefully
Akeelah breathed out,, she’s alre-ady getting cold waiting for Michael,why is he not coming?? He asked them to meet here and now he’s nowhere??
She put her cold hand into her hood still waiting patiently for him,,,
Minutes later ,,,
” I guess he forgot about this ,,,,maybe I really don’t mean anything to him ” she said in tears and stood up from the bench.
Her hands were as cold as ever,,her feet have become red also. She was alre-ady sneezing,,, she didn’t come with her car just because of him and now he’s not here??
” Akeelah?? ” A voice called and she turned back
He was standing there with guilt written all over his face,,
At that moment ,she could not control her tears any longer,she let them flow down freely as she stare at him.
“Am,,so sorry,,,,,,,” He said not really knowing what to say
” You forgot ” She said and he rou-ghed his hair
She turned to leave but he immediately ran to her and hvgged her .
” I am really sorry ” he said,,she only kept quiet in his arm feeling his warmth
” You’re freezing ” He suddenly said and faced her
” Are you okay??” He asked again but she alre-ady lost conscious
“Akeelah,, Akeelah!!!!” he screamed out and immediately carried her rushing into the car. He dropped her and entered the driving side,,he started the car hoping to see a hospital nearby.
Luckily for him,,there was one right in front of them, he drove in r0ûghly and carried her in his arm running into the hospital.
The nurses rushed to him immediately,,
” What’s wrong??” They asked
” she fainted,,,, I think she’s got cold ” He explained sadly
” We will take care of her ” They said and took her away .
He sighed not knowing what to think,,,he have never felt as guilty as this before. How could he forget that they planned to meet ??? She waited for him too much that she stayed in the cold with snows all over her b©dy??? Why did she have to stay that long????
” She’s fine now,,,,” The doctor said with a smile
” She only got cold as you said but she’s fine now ”
” Thank you,,can I take her from here now??”
” Of Course,, it’s nothing serious ”
He nodded and gave the cashier his black card ,,,,
” Take it ,,,don’t worry about the rest,thanks for saving her ” He said
” Oh my God!!!! I can’t believe this,,,thank you sir!!!’
He smiled and walked into the ward ,,,she immediately stood up as he entered
” Can we leave?? I hate hospitals ” Akeelah said
He nodded and carried her
” You can drop me,,,,I can walk” She said
” Just let me do this ” He replied and she kept quiet.
He dropped her in the car and he also went in,,,,,he re-moved her jacket and also re-moved his.
He put it around her,,
” That one is w€t ,,,,you can take this one ” He said
” Thanks” she said
“Why did you have to wait??? You should have just left when I wasn’t coming, That was dangerous and you know that right??” he asked and faced her
” If I had left then you won’t see me when you [email protected]£ ” She replied
” Does that really matter ?? We would have fixed another day,,,why did you endangered your self?? ”
” Because I love you ” She replied
♡ Episode 6 ♡
Michael was shocked the moment she said that,,,,
” Love??” He asked to be sure
” Yes,,do you think I just want to be your friend??? I want more than just friendsh!p,, I really love you a lot!” She shouted in tears
Michael blinked his eyes looking more shocked
No one have ever tell him that face to face,,but this lady just confessed her love for him
” You’re not going to say anything??? ” Akeelah asked and he [email protected]£ back to reality
” You see Akeelah,,,,”
” You don’t feel the same,,, that’s what you are going to say. If that’s it,,then just pretend like you didn’t hear it ” She said and closed her eyes
Michael sighed and started the car,
” Where do you live??” He asked
” Just drive,,I will direct the way ” She replied
She sm-irked as she walked out of the plane ,,she just arrived in America.
” Hey Ronnie,,here I come ” She said to herself
Harry smiled inwardly, she just made a big mistake by bringing him along,he’s going to destroy all her plans,,
” Guys,,let’s go ” She said to the four guards she brou-ght along which include Harry.
They all entered into the car which was waiting for them alre-ady.
Her name is Oliver ,,,,she looks pretty but her heart is something else,full of evil with her ever evil sm-irk.
They drove into the mansion,,, her father built this mansion here in America so it’s easy for her to come here anytime.
” You can take care of yourself,, and if anyone of you try to do $h!t,,prepare to die soon ” She sm-irked and went upstairs
Harry scoffed,,,
He really need to find Ronnie before her or his plan will be ruined,but where can he find Ronnie right now??
Ronnie opened his eyes and turned to Rose who was slee-ping soundly like a cute baby,, he smiled and t©uçhed her poutedl-ips.
She opened her eyes when she felt his hand,,
” Sorry to wake you up ” He said
” You’re sorry but I can see you smiling right now,you seem glad that am awake ” She said
“Okay you caught me ” He said and stood up
” Where are you going?? ” she asked immediately
” You can sleep,,I have to work on something ” He replied and took his [email protected]©p
” He will never change ” Rose muttered
” I heard that ” Ronnie said without turning
” Who cares?? ” she yelled hoping he will just come back
” If you want me beside you,,you only have to say the word and I will be there ” He said
” Okay,,can you just come over,,” She pouted
” Of course ” He replied and went to sit beside her
” We will be leaving soon,,,” He said
” Oh,,,,”
” Don’t tell me you don’t want to leave??” Ronnie asked
” Not that,,, but am really going to miss Mrs Taylor so much and ,,,everything ” She said
” I know,,, but this place is not your home. Your mother is in Korea,,and you have to show her yourself ” Ronnie said
” Why am I having a feeling that she won’t love me because of my new face??”
” What do you mean?? Your face doesn’t matter right now,,,,it’s still Preet ”
” You think so???”
” I know well,,,,just calm down okay???” Ronnie said and k!$$£d her hair.
” But what are you working on??” Rose asked
” Am trying to figure out the person who tried to hurt you,,,, I think am getting some things,,, but I don’t seem to un-derstand, just keep quiet and don’t ask yet until everything is fine ” He said while Rose nodded
” We are finally here ” Michael said as he drove into the compound
” Thank you ” Akeelah said and got down
” Hey wait ” Michael ran after her
” What do you want ??”
” Will you be fine by yourself?? ” he asked
” I’ve always stayed alone so why are you suddenly concerned ??” She asked
” Are you mad at me ??” He asked
” Why will I be mad at you??”
” Never mind,,am going to stay with you ” He said with a smile
” Do you think staying with me is enough?? Just leave ”
” No,,,,am not leaving ” He said
” You’re really stubborn ” Akeelah said and went in while he followed
” This place is amazing ” Michael said
Akeelah kept quiet
” Will you just st©p being quiet and say something to me?? ”
” I don’t have anything to say to you Michael ” she replied going upstairs
” Do you really want me to leave?? ” he asked
” That’s what will happen anyway,,you can just leave now ”
” You’re unbelievable,, I thought you said you love me so why the sudden change??? ”
She ignored him and went upstairs,,,
Michael Sighed,,,,what should he do right now??
He don’t even know maybe he love her back,, what if he doesn’t?? But he always think about her back in Korea right?? Does that mean he loves her ???
Akeelah stood backing the door waiting for him to come in and tell her what she want to hear but it’s like he’s not going to come. She sighed and went into the bathroom,,she took her bath and walked back into the dressing room. Just then she heard a knock,,could that possibly be Michael??
She ran out forgetting that she’s not dressed ,,she opened the door and Michael showed up.
He stood still starring at her ,,she suddenly remember that she was only on towel,,,
” Oh,,,,,I ,,,I had to open the door,,,,,that’s why am,,,,” before she could finish her statement, he gr-ab her and k!$$£d her like his life depended on it. She was out of breath that she just have to pu-ll him away from herself to catch her breath.
” Am sorry,,” Michael said
She looked away trying to hide her flushing cheek
” I will just ,put on some, thing ” She said nervously and went back into the dressing room.
A call [email protected]£ on his phone,,
📞 Hey Wyaat
📞 Where the h**k are you?? Everyone is worried!!
📞 I should have called,,am sorry. I won’t be coming home tonight,,,
📞 What?? The last time I checked, you don’t know anyb©dy here,
📞 You should check again,,I have someone
📞 Punk!!
📞 Bye
He hanged up and Akeelah [email protected]£ out still feeling [email protected]
” Why are you not saying anything?? Do you feel sad because I k!$$£d you?? Or you don’t want me to do that?? ” Michael asked
” No,,it’s not,, am just ,,,”
” You’re surprised?? ”
” Maybe ” She said
” Why ??” Michael asked standing up
He moved closer to her pu-ll-ed her to himself by the [email protected]!st ,,a [email protected] escape herl-ips.
” Should I tell you something??? ” he whispered into her ear
” what is it???” She asked
” You really want to know???”
” Yes,,,”
” I love you too ” He whispered and k!$$£d her n£¢k
” You do???” She asked looking shocked
” Yes,,,,so will you be my girlfriend?? ”
” Do you have to ask that??? Am all yours s” she smiled
He grinned and immediately captured herl-ips with his,,,,,
” Where do you think that [email protected] is??” Ryan asked as they all sat down
” I told you he’s probably somewhere with that girlfriend of his ” Ronnie said
” Michael Oopa,have a girlfriend??? ” Rose asked
” Yes ”
” Oh no,,,my friend will be hurt to hear that ” She pouted
” Your friend?? ” Romeo asked
” Yeah,,she’s crushing on him
” Wow,,,” Ryan said
” Hmmm,,,,” Elena said and they laughed
” What’s that?? I only said wow,am not planning to meet her ” Ryan said
” He’s not a pla-yboy okay??” Romeo said
” but you are ” Ronnie said referring to Romeo
” Not anymore,,,” He laughed
” Oopa,,,there’s a rumour that you’re a [email protected],is that true??” Elena asked Wyaat
” That’s true ,,am [email protected] ” He replied
” What??????!!!” Elena screamed
” Babe,,he’s lying okay,don’t freak out ” Ryan said
” I don’t care about rumours,,not having a girlfriend doesn’t make me a [email protected] ” Wyaat said
” I know,, but you don’t hang out with girls either,, wait,, are you afraid of asking ladies out??” Elena asked
” What?? How can I be afraid of asking a girl out ??” Wyaat said
” She’s just wondering if you’re like Ryan ” Ronnie said
” Shut up!!!!!” Ryan yelled and they laughed
” Hmm,,,I still love him that way. ” Elena said and pe-cked Ryan’s cheek
” Why won’t you love him?? Don’t forget I was the one who [email protected]£ to,,,”
” Can you just shut your mouth??” Ryan ran to cover Ronnie’s mouth
” Rose?? Tell us how he asked you out ,” Elena said
” What???” Rose asked
” Tell us how Ronnie asked you out and let’s see maybe he’s a way different from his friends ” She win-ked
” Don’t worry babe,,tell them ” Ronnie said with confident
” he’s the best ” Rose smiled
” Tell us ”
” He went to my mom ” She said
” Oh my God,,,like,,,like seriously??? ” Ryan asked
” Yeah,,,,and he asked me to be his girlfriend,,,, I accepted ” Rose said
” You forgot to add that mom gave you to me even without asking ”
” Shut up” She laughed
” And ,,you only accepted after two days. I even have to kidnap you,,,I really need to take my revenge ” Ronnie said
” Awwwn,,he’s so cool ” Elena said
” I can go and meet your parents too ” Ryan said
” You can’t even talk to her ,how will you talk to her parents?? ” Romeo asked
” Trust me ,,I’ve learned” Ryan win-ked
” From me ” Ronnie blurted out
Ryan stood up to beat the hell out of him,,Ronnie immediately stood up and ran away.
” you should tell your b©yfri£ndto respect me !!!” Ryan yelled at Rose
” Am scared” She said with a pout
” How dare you try to scare my Girlfriend?? ” Ronnie appeared from the stairs
” Am going to beat you and your girlfriend together, ” Ryan said
” He’s not joking ” Elena whispered
” Am leaving for you guys ” Rose said and went to meet Ronnie.
” We should go and get a girlfriend,,, life is boring ” Romeo said to Wyaat
” I concur ” Wyaat replied and they went in.

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