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Melted heart season two episode 3 & 4

MELTED🎻HEART season 2 episode 3/4
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[ Season 2 ]
♡ Episode 3 ♡
Ronnie breath out after maintaining his breath un-der for water for about two minutes,,
” Where thefu-ck is she??” He asked no one in [email protected] and just then she appeared wearing a robe.
Is she wearing that robe to swim right now?? Ronnie asked in his mind
” I can see you’re eager to win ” Rose sm-irked
” I will count that as a joke ” Ronnie scoff
She chuckled and untied the robe. She re-moved it and was left with only a pink bikini
Ronnie stood still starring at her ,,,
” She’s perfect ” He muttered un-der his breath silently
Rose faced him and he almost [email protected],,,, she ignored his stare and jumped into the water. He continue starring at her ,,,his eyes went from her alre-ady w€t hair and then to her br**st ,,it moved down to her [email protected]!st and something caught his attention. A [email protected]!st bead ,,,,,
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” Is that,,,,,,, ” he st©pped
‘Preet is not the only one who uses [email protected]!st bead right?’ His mind said and he sighed
” You wanna say something?? ” Rose asked
” Never mind,, let’s just start ” He said and decided to take his eyes off her
” First to get to the other side and then back here ” Rose said like she was going to win
” Get re-ady for your lost ” Ronnie sm-irked
” I love that, ” She also sm-irked
Rose breath out as she finally swam to where Ronnie is ,,Ronnie couldn’t help but to laugh at her face
” What’s funny!!” she yelled
” Your face is funny” He continue laughing
” Psst,,,how can you swim like you owns the pool???!!”
” I told you I can swim fas-ter than a mermaid ” He win-ked
“you got lucky today ” Rose scoffed and moved closer
” Next time ,,am going to win,, do you get that ”
” Well,,there won’t be next time. I don’t know why I agreed in the first place ” He said and rou-ghed his w€t hair
He starred at the [email protected]!st bead again and decided to ask
” You also wear [email protected]!st beads ??” He asked
” Do you have someone who use it??” She asked
” Yeah,,,,” He replied and sighed
” Name ??”
” Why will I tell you her name?? ”
” I may know her ”
” I don’t have to tell you ,,,” He snapped
” Ronnie,,,you should st©p being cold. ” Rose spoke up
” Cold??”
” Yes,I mean,,,st©p thinking about her too much, you don’t have to feel sad anymore ” She said and keep on wondering why she’s saying it
” What do you mean??”
” Preet ,,,,,,,is,,,,,” she st©pped and looked up starring into his eyes
” What are you saying?? ” He asked
” Preet,,,,,” She tried to talk but bur-st into tears
” Why are you crying??? Tell me what you ,,,,”
” Preet is not dead !!” She shouted
” Are you crazy??? Do you even know who she is???”
” Yes ”
” How?? ” he asked
” Because,,, she’s me ” She said
” Now I know you’re crazy ,,,how can she ,,,,am so speechless ” Ronnie said and walked out of the pool
” Don’t try to follow me ,,,,don’t talk to me again either ” He said and went in
” I knew this was gonna happen,,,,, ” She said and put on her robe
She was about going in when she saw Elena
” Hey ” She called
” Hi,,” Elena smiled and moved closer to her
” You just took your bath??” She asked
” Pool ” Rose replied
” Oh,,,I missed so much. Can we just go back in again??? ” Elena asked immediately
” Are you always like this??” Rose asked and Elena st©pped
” What do you mean??” She asked
” ma-king friends with everyone?? ” Rose said
” Hey,,don’t get me wrong. Am only doing this because,,,,,,,,,,,,, I don’t have any best friend right now ” she said
” Why??”
” Don’t wanna talk about it ” She replied and turned to leave
” Elena ” Rose called ,she st©pped and faced her
” How did you know my name ??” She asked
” Elena,,,,I know it’s [email protected] to believe,,, but,,,,,it’s me,,Preet ” Rose said
Elena laughed
” Preet?? I know how she looks like,,don’t try to get close to Ronnie pretending to be Preet ,,”
” It’s really me,,,,I did a face surgery because my face was destroyed when Mrs Taylor saved me ” She said
” Wait,,,are you really saying,,, you’re Preet????” Elena asked
” Am telling you the truth Elena ,,,” She said in tears
” You’re Preet!!!” Elena shouted and hvgged her
” I missed you so much!! ” Rose said
” But why didn’t you come back home ??”
” I recovered my memories back just few days ago ”
” what’s happening,, have you told Ronnie about yourself??? ”
” He’s mad at me right now,,,he doesn’t believe me. I don’t know what to do right now ” She said
” I un-derstand him,,,” Elena sighed
” Come on,,we need to inform the others ” Elena shouted and [email protected]£d her hand
They went in and met everyone in the large living room .
” Guys,,, guess what !!!!!” Elena screamed and they all turned to them
” What ??” Michael asked
” Okay,,calm down ” She said silently and looked up with a smile
” She’s Preet ” Elena broke the bombshell and they all faced Rose
” Are you crazy ?? How can she suddenly turn to Preet ??” Ryan asked
” That’s the truth ” A voice said from the back and they turned
Mrs Taylor walked in ,,
” But,,,how is that possible??? ” Romeo asked
” Am sorry I didn’t tell you,,,I am a surgeon,,,,, and a year ago,I saved Her just before the car exploded. But unfortunately her face was destroyed because of the acid poured all over her. The other surgeon almost gave up,,,but we were able to change her face and she’s fine. That’s the story,,,and besides, she recovered her memory some days ago,,,she keep on screaming out Ronnie ,Ronnie ,Ronnie for the past one year. That was why,,when I discovered that you guys are coming to America, I booked the whole h0tel in America just to make you stay here ” She explained and they all [email protected]£ silent
” She’s,,,,, really Preet???? ” A voice said coming downstairs
Mrs Taylor nodded ,,,
” Am sorry,,,,,am sorry I remembered so late,,,I’m so sorry ” Rose said in tears and hvgged Ronnie
” Sorry?? You don’t know how much I’ve missed you ” Ronnie said trying not to tear up
” Am sorry for yelling at you ,,,,” He said and dis£ngaged from the hvg
” That shows that you love me ,,,,,” She smiled out tears and hvgged him again
” We also deserve a hvg” Wyaat said
Rose nodded and hvgged them all,,,,,
“Hmmm,,,she looks more pretty than before right??” Michael asked and they all nodded
” Bess,,,I can’t tell you how much am happy right now” Elena said and hvgged her ti-ghtly
[ Season 2 ]
♡ Episode 4 ♡
[ Korea: Seoul ]
She walked into the large building, she look so cool ,putting on all black ,a black face cap also which prevented anyone from seeing how she looks like.
The men bowed their heads as she entered.
” You’re welcome mam ” They all chorused
She kept quiet and ignored their greetings, she keep on walking and finally sat down on the chair with her legs crossed on each other.
” Why didn’t you guys inform me about the Crystals leaving Korea??” she asked calmly
” We are sorry mam,,we thought you heard about it since it was all over the news ” One of the men replied and she sh0t him an angry glare
” Do I have to listen to some silly andfu-cking news?!!!!!” She yelled
” We are sorry mam ” They all bowed
Fear written all over their faces,( But how can a lady have so much effect on these men ??? Well,,,she’s the only daughter of the drug Lord known as Samuel ,,you dare her and you are gone )
” When are they coming back ???” She asked
” Nob©dy knows ”
” Prepare my flight,,am leaving for America tomorrow,,,, I can’t stay here. I need to get closer to Ronnie no matter what !!!’ She yelled and stood up
” But mam,,,how ”
” How dare you ask me that question??? Do you want to die ???” She faced the guy
” No mam ,,am so sorry ”
” You’re Harry right???? It’s better go stay cool or am gonna get you killed ” She said with a sm-irk before walking out
” Hey dude,,you should get over any silly feelings you have for her,,she’s not the right person for you or your short life will become more short ” one of the men told Harry and they all laughed before walking out.
That’s right,, he’s in love with her. She’s the evil killer,even worst than her own father, the difference is that she have never killed with her own hand,she always s£nd her men to do the killing . and he stupidly fell in love with this lady?? She’s going to do anything to get Ronnie to notice her and he wonder what is so important about this Ronnie of a guy ???
He sighed,,,
‘ Am gonna destroy any plan she have,,,I won’t allow her get close to him no matter what’ he said in his mind and also went out to his position.
Jennie stood up from her queen sized be-d and walked into the bathroom,, she faced the large mirror in the bathroom starring at herself as she took her bath. Her eyes suddenly went to her n£¢k ,,it still have the mark there. Romeo ,,,,,how can someone be as wicked as that?? He doesn’t even care if she died.
But,,how can he think she was the one behind Preet’s death???
Okay,yes ,she hates and detest her so much because Ronnie fell in love with her and she got so mad that she began to hate her so much. But that doesn’t make her a killer ,,she can do anything to have Ronnie to herself but definitely not my killing Preet,,she knew it’s going to hurt Ronnie and she hate it when Ronnie is hurt,that’s how much she loves him.
Thinking about it makes her wanna cry,,right now she’s also seeing herself as a killer. Maybe she should have just let them be,, like she’s doing right now.
She should have accepted her fate that Ronnie is never gonna be hers,,,, she should have focused more on herself. She remember how Wyaat always save her from Romeo and she finally smiled as the water keep on flowing all over her b©dy.
She sighed out,,,she really wanted to say thank you to him but he never seems to care about that.
Could he possibly be a [email protected]?? But is that really possible?? Maybe he just don’t like girls,,,
” Jennie,,st©p thinking about someone who doesn’t even like you ” She said and walked out of the bathroom.
Her b©dy still w€t and water dropping down from her Head.
She wipe the water with her towel,, she used the hairdryer and then rub her b©dy with the cream. She Walked to her wardrobe and brou-ght out a short go-wn,,after wearing her un-derwear, she put on the go-wn.
She packed her hair in a messy bund and used a littlel-ipstick,, she wore a snickers and took her phone . she walked out of her room and went downstairs.
” Wow,,you look simple ”
” But beautiful ” Mia and Ava smiled
” Thanks ” She replied shortly
” We spoke with Elena some minutes ago,,, you guys should make up everything before it’s too late ” Mia said
” Am going out and I may come back late ” she said ignoring what Mia said.
She took one of the car keys and went out.
” Don’t you think Jennie changed?? ” Ava asked
” A lot ,,I hope she’s okay ” Mia sighed
[ America ]
Ronnie keep on smiling as he drives ,,,he continue stealing gazes from Preet who is now known as Rose. He still couldn’t believe it,,,,
” You are blu-shing ” Rose said
” I won’t denial that,,,, I can’t believe you’re here ,,even though you have a different face right now ” He said
” You don’t like this face??” she asked starring into his eyes as she always do .
” You still look beautiful,,,, or,,more beautiful?? ” she laughed
” You really think Rose is Prettier than Preet ??”
” No,,,,you’re the same. I don’t fall in love with face alone remember?? ” He win-ked
” St©p being [email protected]ûghty ” She [email protected] her arm a little
” You don’t know how I’ve been quiet for one year now,, it hurt to even think that you don’t even remember that there’s someone called Ronnie ” He said sounding sad
” Am sorry,,,,,but even though I didn’t remember your face, your name was always in myl-ips,,,,,,,,,” She said with a smile
” I love you ” Ronnie said
” I love you more ” She replied with smile
” Did you see that ice cream shop?? Let’s go get some ” Rose said and he st©pped the car.
The car coming behind them also st©pped ,,four b©dyguards immediately [email protected]£ to cover them up to prevent the paparazzi. They both walked hand in hand ,,,,Ronnie suddenly excused himself and went to tell one of the guards something
” Oh my God,,, it’s Rose ,,,,am your fan ,,,,am so happy to have you here !!” The lady attending to them said
” Thank you for being a fan ” Rose said with a light smile
” Hey ,,,you’re not done ??” Ronnie walked over and the lady [email protected] ,,,,
” Ro,,,,Ronnie ???” She asked with her eye socket almost popping out
” Hi ” Ronnie said in his sweet voice
” Oh no” She said and fainted
” What???” Ronnie immediately ran to hold her from falling
” We will take care of her ” A guard said and they carried her up
” What the h**k ??” Ronnie asked and rou-ghed his hair
” Maybe am gonna faint too if you keep on acting cute ” Rose said
” You’re unbelievable right now ” Ronnie said
” Hi,,,am going to attend to you ” Another attendant said ma-king sure she doesn’t make eye contact with Ronnie
” She’s avoiding my gaze ” Ronnie whispered to Rose
” She won’t want to faint ” Rose whispered back .
He only shook his head and smile.
After getting what they want,,they walked out. Thank God for the guards with them,,, the people keep on screaming their names.
” You’re even more popular than me here,,,,can you st©p being cut?? Am jealous,, you should only be cute for me alone ” Rose said and pouted
” I will take that as a joke ” Ronnie said and k!$$£d her cheek.
👥 Oh my !!!!!! He k!$$£d her cheek!!!!!!
Rose blu-shed and immediately covered her face with her long hair.
” You don’t have to hide your face,you look more cute when you blush ” Ronnie whispered to her.
They entered the car ,,,
” The ice cream is gonna melt!!!!!” They shouted at the same time and then bur-st into laughter
” Were you re-ading my mind???’ Rose asked
” Or maybe you are the one re-ading my mind ” Ronnie replied as they started munching on the ice cream cutely.
Thank God it was a driver that is driving this time.
” You got ice cream on youl-ips ” Ronnie said.
” Oh,,,” She said
” Don’t worry,,am going to help ” He smiled and pu-ll-ed her closer before taking herl-ips in.
The driver on the other hand immediately turned the [email protected] away from them before he loses focus.

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