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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Melted heart season two episode 1 &!2

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( Become my ♛ Addiction )


Season Two

♡ Episode 1 /2


[ America ]
” Guys make sure you all use your facemask if you don’t want some crazy fans around you ” their manager said
” Give me that ” Ronnie said to Elvis
” Have it ” Elvis handed it to him
He used it and also used a glass,,,it’s difficult to know who he is right now.
They all stood up to walk out of the plane,, Elena immediately grabbed Ryan’s hand, He faced her and smiled before they both got down.
” Why are you smiling?? ” Elena asked even though some little smile was also playing on her lips
” You look beautiful ” Ryan replied
” I know ” She replied

” Then you’re ugly”
” I will count that as a joke ” She laughed
” Stop flirting and walk faster ” Their manager shouted
” Oh,,sorry. ” Ryan said and they both ran to the others

” What do you mean by there’s no hotel to book ??? It’s all filled ??” The Crystals asked looking confused
” I don’t understand either,, we checked before leaving this morning and it’s all settled ,,I don’t know what’s happening ” Manager Park said and they all faced each other in confusion
” So what are we gonna do?? It’s

late already,,” Ryan said
” I don’t know,,,,, I don’t know anybody here either ” He said and sighed
” I can’t believe this right now,,,,,” Ronnie roughed his hair

A knock came on their car and a lady in her early 30s showed up,,she look so beautiful still anyway.
Manager park went out of the car to attend to her .
” Hello ” She smiled
” Hi mam,,how may I help you?? ” Manager Park asked
She removed the glass and smiled,,,,
” I heard you can’t find any hotel here,,,so I was thinking maybe you can come over to my house,,,it’s quite big. And I will be glad to accommodate such important guests in my house ” She said with a grin

” Oh my God,, really???” Manager Park asked happily
” Of course,,, trust me ” She smiled
” I have to inform the boys ” He said and went into the car
” The woman outside is willing to help us guys,, she said we can stay in her house ” Manager Park said
” What??? We don’t even know her ” Ronnie said
” Does that really matter right now??? She only want to help,,we cant sleep in the car ” Romeo said
” We should thank her for that,,, ” Ryan said

Ronnie sighed
” Ronnie ,,,it’s gonna be fine ” Wyaat said stroking his hair
Manager Park went out again
” They agreed ,,and thank you for the help,,am Mr Park Their manager ” He

said with a smile
” Mrs Taylor” She said and they shook hands.
Mrs Taylor’s car drove in front while the Crystals followed
” You guys think this is a good idea??” Elena asked
” Do we have a choice right now?” Michael asked

” But don’t you all think it’s kind of weird?? ” Elena asked
” It’s Weird ” Ronnie replied
” How is it weird??” Ryan asked
” The fact that there’s no hotel ,,,,,on a normal day,,,every hotel will go crazy and do everything just to have you guys,,,, ” Elena explained
” I think you made a point ” Manager Park said
” Still we don’t have a choice,,that woman wanna help us ,,let’s have a positive mindset ” He added

The rest of the ride was silent,,,
Soon the car stopped and they all looked out ,,,they gasped at the type of mansion in front of them.
She’s really rich,,,
” Wow,,love the structure ” Elena said
” Yea me too ” They all agreed except Ronnie who was deep in thought with his headphone on.
They all got down from the car ,,,,the three guards they brought along carried their luggage and followed as Mrs Taylor leaded the way.

” You’re welcome to my Palace ” She smiled
” Thanks ” Manager Park replied on their behalf.
They finally entered,,, she turned to them
“you don’t have to worry about anything,,,, there are enough rooms for everyone of you but,,,,,” She stopped and took a glance at Ryan and Elena who were holding each other
” Don’t worry,,we are staying together ” Ryan said
” Cool ” She smiled and faced Ronnie who doesn’t seem to have interest in everything they are doing.

She started showing everyone their rooms,,
” There is no room left on this floor,,so I guess This handsome guy will have to stay on the third floor ” She said with a smile
” Alone??? Maybe I will have to go to the third floor also ” Romeo said
” No,,,you don’t have to worry,,, he’s not going to be the only one ” She replied and faced Ronnie as if she wanted him to agree
” Fine ” Ronnie finally said
She smiled

” Will you be okay?? The other members are here ” Manager Park said
” It’s even better ” Ronnie muttered
” Hey,,,that’s harsh ” Ryan yelled.
” Shut up and lock the damn door !!” Ronnie yelled back
” Boys stop!!! We are not in our ,,,,,,”
” It’s fine,,,,” Mrs Taylor said
Ronnie and Mrs Taylor went upstairs,,
” You’re welcome,,, Mr Ronnie or what ”
” Just call me Ronnie ” Ronnie replied

” Okay ,,Ronnie ,,,feel at home ” She said as they got to the room.
The room seem to be bigger than the rest though,,,
” Thank you ” Ronnie replied looking around the room
” You can take your bath and come down for dinner when you’re done ”
” Am not hungry ” He replied and closed the door
” He’s really what she describe him as ” Mrs Taylor smiled and went into Rose’s room.


♡ Episode 2 ♡


Ronnie walked out of the room ,he was bored. He put on his headphone and went downstairs, it’s like they’ve taken the dinner and no one is downstairs. He sighed and walked out of the living room,,,some guards immediately rushed to him.
” What do you want sir??”
” Am fine, am just taking a walk ” He replied and left.
He hum to the music as he move around,,he got to the pool. A body was swimming in the pool,,he rested his back on one of the large flowers planted all over the mansion.

He closed his eyes still listening to the music,, after a while he opened his eyes. The person swimming got out and he removed his headphone at that,,she look so ,,,,maybe beautiful??? His mind went to Preet and he sighed. The girl grab her towel and wrapped it around herself,, she took her phone and started walking toward him. His eyes following each moves,,, her walking step even look familiar,, her legs are really pretty.

” Am I seeing Preet right now ?” he roughed his hair
The girl walked away without seeing him, he immediately breath out in relief.
He also went back in after some minutes.
Rose couldn’t sleep,she was pacing round her room. She cant believe that Ronnie is in this house and they haven’t seen each other,, she sighed and decided to go downstairs to take a cup of orange juice maybe she’s going to sleep. She opened the door and went out,,she stared at the room Ronnie is staying which is just opposite hers and smiled.

She finally went downstairs,,, she have to pass the wine bar before getting to the kitchen,,she saw a body backing her ,he was about pouring the wine. Who is he??? She moved closer and discovered that it’s Ronnie,, she gasped when she saw that the wine is alcoholic. She didn’t even know when she ran to him and grab the bottle from him.

” What the f**k???” Ronnie said and faced her angrily
” It’s alcoholic,, ” She said calmly
” So??? Wait,,,,,,how did you know that I can’t drink That??’ Ronnie asked
” What??? Oh,,,just,,,,I think you should drink something else ” She smiled
” And who are you to tell me what to do??” Ronnie snapped
‘ am your girlfriend’ she said inwardly
” Am Rose,,nice meeting you ” She smiled stretching her hand for a shake

” What’s nice about this meeting??? Get lost ” He said and stood up
” Hey,,you shouldn’t be rude to strangers !” she said
” Don’t try to teach me anything okay??”
” Psst,,you’re so rude. I wonder how your girlfriend is taking this behavior of yours ” She said and Ronnie turned back to her angrily
” Don’t you ever mention her again,,,, I may hurt you next time ” He said ,,his eyes burning with anger

” Why will you hurt me just because of your girlfriend?? ” Rose asked and scoffed
” I am warning you,,”
” What’s happening here??” Ryan came down
” This friend of yours,, he’s rude. You should lend him some sense,,and how will he hurt me just because I mention his girlfriend?? Weird ” She said
Ronnie didn’t say anything,, he went upstairs
” You should be thankful he doesn’t hurt girls ” Ryan said and moved closer to her

” And why will he hurt me ??” Rose asked
” I don’t know why am telling you this,,, but ,,,,A year ago, his girlfriend died and since then,,he’s never being himself. Actually, he was like this before but after meeting Preet,,be changed into a lively person,,and now,, he’s back to his old self. He hardly talk,,,I just wish all these are dreams ,,” Ryan explained sipping from the wine he poured for himself
Rose sniffed in and wipe her tears
” Are you crying?? ” Ryan asked
” Cry? Am not,,,something actually fell into my eyes ” She replied with a smile

” Your voice sound familiar,,,, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this face before. What’s your name??” Ryan asked
” Rose ,,and you’re Ryan Oopa ” She replied
” Wait,,, you can speak Korea ??” he asked
” Sure,, am a Korean ” She replied and immediately regretted saying that
” Wow,,I can’t believe this. But,, you really look beautiful, you make me remember Preet ” He said sadly
” Was she that pretty? ” Rose asked

” Yeah,,just like you ” He smiled
” Oh,,,, ”
” Am going to bed ,,goodnight ” Ryan said
” You too ” she replied and also went her way.
She keep on thinking about what Ryan said and she bursted into tears
She sat down on the floor of her room with her back on the door
It must have been really hard for him to get himself after what happened.

She suddenly wish she can go and tell Ronnie right now that she’s Preet,,,,,but it’s Preet’s face he loves, not this one. No matter what,,he have to fall in love with this new face before she can open up and she’s going to make sure of that.
She stood up and laid on the bed and soon she slept off.

The Crystals all decided to go out,,just to see some places in America. As usual ,Ronnie didn’t go with them. He wanted to be alone,,
” We will be back ” Romeo told him and walked out of his room
They went downstairs and all entered the car including Elena ,,,
After driving for some minutes,, they stopped and decided to go into the restaurant. They all got down from the car

” Wow,,America is not really bad ” Wyaat said with a smirk
” I know ” Romeo said with a smile
” Let’s eat something guys ” Ryan said
They all agreed
” I will join you guys,, I want to check something ” Michael told them and left.
He saw a nearby mall and decided to check some stuffs,,he entered
” You’re welcome here sir ,,,,,” a lady attended to him
” Hi,,,” He smiled
” Am sorry,,,but you look familiar,,, ” She said

He smiled and removed his facemask,,,the lady gasped and immediately covered her mouth with her palm
” Don’t shout,, am just here to get something ” He said and used the mask back
” Come with me sir ” She said still feeling shocked
He followed silently,,,after some minutes ,he paid for everything he bought and went out.

Suddenly he bumped into a girl coming into the mall,,,,
” Oh,,am so sorry ” The girl said bowing her head
” It’s fine ” He said
She looked up and Michael widen his eyes immediately,,, it’s the black girl!!!!
She was about leaving when he grab her hand making her moved back to him
” Is there anything wrong?? ” She asked
He removed his facemask immediately and she gasped,,,,
” Mich???” she said looking surprised

” It’s nice meeting you again,, anonymous ” Michael said
” Am not an anonymous ” She said with a blushing face
” You didn’t even add you contact maybe I can call,,,,,,thank God I meet you now ” Michael said
” Oh,,,,sorry about that ” She said
” We need to talk,,, but not now,my friends are waiting,, give me your phone ” He requested
” My phone?? For what??” She asked

” Just give me ” He stretched his hand
” No,,,I can’t ” She continue to hide it
” What are you hiding?? ” He hijacked the phone from her
” Wow,,,,you even used my picture as your wallpaper??? That’s why you’re hiding it?? It’s cute ” He smiled
She immediately looked away feeling embarrassed
” Have it,,, that’s my contact,,,I will give you a call bye ” He said and ran off

” What just happened??” she asked herself
” Okay,,breath In and out Akeelah ,,,,he did not even ask for my name! ” She said and went into the mall.

A knock came on Ronnie’s door
” Come in ” His cool voice spoke out and Rose went in
” What do you want this time?? ” He asked
She smiled and sat down on the bed,,,he faced her with a confuse face
” Your friends are all out and you are here??”
” So??”
” Let’s go have fun” She smiled
” Am not interested,, close the door when you walk out ” Ronnie replied
” Ryan Oopa,,,told me what happened to your girlfriend,, am sorry for blabbing rubbish last night,, so let’s be friends ” She said

” Not interested ” He snapped
” No hard feelings,, just friends ” She pouted
” No hard feelings?? You’re already in love with me so just go out,,I don’t need a girlfriend ” He replied and put on his headphone
” I don’t need a boyfriend either ” Rose said and he faced her again
” What do you mean?? Are you saying you don’t have a boyfriend??? ” he asked
Rose nodded

” Then go and have one and stop disturbing my life ” He said pointing at the door
” You are available so why telling me to go out?? ” she asked
” Because I love someone else not you ”
” You can still love me ,,,but I don’t love you either. Let’s just go and have fun ” She pouted
” still not interested ”
” Okay,,how about swimming??? Wanna compete??” she asked
” You’re match to me ,,” Ronnie scoff and put off his headphone

” That sounds like a joke,,,I am a great swimmer ”
” Great my foot,,,,”
” Then let’s go ” She smiled
” You lost and you’re in trouble,, trust me ” Ronnie said and stood up
” Are you going to swim like that?? ” She asked pointing at his hood and trouser
” Stop your rubbish thought,,,,you can leave,,I will change ” He said

She only smiled and went out,,,

” I can’t believe am doing this,,who is she to convince me easily??” he asked himself and walked out of the room ready for swimming



TBC 🏊🏊🏊

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