Melted heart Episode 21 & 22

( Lost in your 🎻 world )
Episode 21
The CRYSTALS all sat down waiting patiently for Ronnie ,,they forgot to tell him the previous day that they will be going for a dinner p@rty which was meant for celebrities in Korea .
” Are you sure he’s not going to get mad ??” Wyaat asked
” Ryan was the one who ,,,,”
” But I told Elvis ,,,why are you all blaming me??” Ryan asked and rou-ghed his hair
” He’s not gonna be mad ,,,” Romeo said and they all faced him looking surprised
Maybe he’s back to his normal self ,they thought.
Just then ,Ronnie walked in with Elvis beside him ,,he sat down beside Michael and continue pressing phone
” Can you just drop your phone for once?? ” Ryan asked
” Shut up Ryan ” Ronnie snapped and they chuckled
” You should get re-ady for,,,,”
” Am not gonna attend that ” Ronnie said immediately
” Why ?? Because we didn’t inform you earlier ?? We are sorry okay ?? We have to be complete and you know that ” Michael said
” Who Cares maybe I was informed earlier?? I am not attending because I don’t want to ” He replied and finally looked up
” Ronnie ”
” I don’t think it’s something important ” He said
” But we were invited,,,, so how can we turn them down??” Romeo asked
” Who asked you to turn them down??” Ronnie replied
” This dude is arrogant ” Ryan scoff
” Am arrogant?? I can’t blame you ,,after I helped you to tell your long time crush about,,,,” Ryan immediately rushed to him and covered his mouth
” Why do you choose to disgrace your best friend?? ” Ryan asked
” We were all there ” Wyaat replied and they all laughed
” Like seriously,, will you guys ever shut up ?? I was planning to tell her myself ” Ryan said
” That is what you’ve always said for the past 2 years ” Michael replied causing them to laugh again
” Okay guys,,, it’s okay ” Ryan shouted feeling frustrated
” Ronnie ,,,,you are going no matter what ” Ryan said
” Psst,,,,okay ” He said
” Really??!!! We are wearing matching outfits this time ,,” Ryan said with a wi-nk
” Yeah!! ” Wyaat shouted and danced
” Hey calm down Wyaat ,,I mean Ronnie and I ” Ryan said and they all laughed at Wyaat
” Why do you always disgrace me?? ” Wyaat asked and sat down
” Don’t worry ,,we can put on ours differently ” Michael said
” You and Romeo can do that,,, ” They all faced Romeo
” No ,,,three will be better ” He smiled
” Hmmm,,,I will be on my way ,,I have things to do ” Ronnie said and stood up
Romeo took a glance from him and sighed,,,,
” Hey Romeo,, we nee-d to talk ” Ronnie said and walked out of the room
Romeo also stood up and followed him
” Why did you come to my house without my notice?? ” Ronnie asked without facing Romeo
” Calm down ,I only,,,,,”
” Am warning you Romeo,, don’t get close to Preet ,,,,,who knows maybe you are planning another thing ,,,your plans won’t work and you know that,,, bye ” He said and took a step forward
” Don’t you think we should just settle our differences and move on?? Am not going to do anything to hurt you and you know that ” Romeo said
Ronnie scoff and Faced him
” You won’t do anything to hurt me?? When you hurt my girlfriend,, you also hurt me ,,do you get that?? ” Ronnie said
” And I am sorry okay?? Just forget it ,,or do you want me to apologize to Preet ??”
” Don’t do that,,,, we are good now ,,but I still don’t trust you ” He replied and went out .
📲 Hey Preet ,,,you have to come,, you’re the only friend I have ” Elena pouted begging Preet to go with her for the p@rty
📲 Are you crazy?? The p@rty is for only Celebrities,, I am just a citizen ” Preet said
📲 Come on ,,,,you can attend since you’re my friend and besides,,, the fans will also be there,, so there are lot of people who is gonna watch,,” Elena said and t©uçhed her cheek
📲 Kim Nana will be there right ??” She asked
📲 So ?? You don’t like her?? ” Elena asked
📲 Not that,,,, okay ,,am going with you
📲 Am picking you up
📲 Okay ,,I will get dressed
After hanging up ,Ronnie c@m£ in
” Hey ,,,,,you look tired ” She said and t©uçhed his head
” Am not tired ” Ronnie replied
” Really?? So what’s wrong?? Did something happen??” She asked
” Nothing ” Ronnie replied
” Are you keeping something from me ??” she frowned
” Like what?? ”
” Okay ,,am not going to ask again ” She said and sat down
” Okay ,,,Romeo actually wanted us to settle our differences,,,, but I don’t trust him,,what if the devil is planning something else??” He asked
” Don’t call him a devil,,he may truly be sorry,, aside that,, he’s your brother ” Preet said
” I know,, and I love him,,,but he behaves like,,,, ”
” A devil?? ” Preet completed it and they laughed
” Just forgive him,,,I can’t wait to see you guys chatting and laughing together,,, it’s gonna be cute!!!” She shouted
” St©p,,,” Ronnie said with a smile
” You’re going to that p@rty right ??” Preet suddenly asked
” Yeah ,,,,,I don’t wanna go anyway ” Ronnie scoffed
” You should,,, coz I will be there ” she win-ked
” You’re going with Elena ??” Ronnie asked and she nodded
” Wow ,,,I can’t believe this ,,how did she convince you?? ” He asked
” she’s my best friend,,, ”
” So you mean ,,you love your best friend more than your b©yfri£ndand future husband?? ” Ronnie tea-sed
” Yes ” Preet replied and ran into another room
” You deserve to be punish ,,and you know that ”
” Okay,,what’s my punishment?? ” Preet asked and c@m£ back to him
” You won’t wanna know, trust me ” Ronnie win-ked and checked his wrist watch
” You’re leaving alre-ady ??” Preet asked sadly
” I only c@m£ because I missed you,, am sure Ryan would be yelling alre-ady ” He said and stood up
” I will see you at the p@rty,,even though we are not gonna talk ” She pouted
” Who said we won’t talk??” Ronnie scoff
” You will probably be busy with your fans,, and I don’t wanna disturb that ” She win-ked
” I will see you,, bye ” Ronnie pe-cked her cheek and went out
🌹 p@rtY 🌹
” Why is Elena not here yet ??” Mia asked as they sat round the table for them
” Who cares maybe she attend??” Jennie snapped
” Oh,,,,it’s Kim Nana” Ava said and they all faced the entrance
” Oh my gee ,,my role model!! She’s so beautiful!! ” Jennie said
” Wow,,it’s the first time Jennie will compliment someone being pretty ” Mia said
👥 It’s Kim !!
👥 She looks so h0t!!!
👥 I love you Unnie!
She waved at them and catwalked to her seat with her two friends beside her
Soon The CRYSTALS also c@m£ in ,,
” Wow ,,they all look so h0t ” Mia smiled
” Yeah sure ”
Jennie eyes was all over Ronnie ,,
👥 Oopa!!!!!!
👥 Ronnie !!!!
👥 Ryan looks so handsome!!!
👥 Damn,,why are they so handsome??
👥 Am so jealous
” Did you see Ronnie?? He’s so handsome,, oh,,my,,,,,,” Kim said holding her blu-shing cheek
” He doesn’t even spare you a glance ” Tania said
” That’s because he haven’t seen me yet ” Kim replied
” Silly friend ” Joyce laughed
Fortunately for her They sat down beside them,, Ronnie was even the one my her side ,,she feels like she’s in heaven.
” Hey ” She called and Ronnie turned to her in shock
” Were you here when we c@m£ in??” he asked
” Of course,, even fate want us together ” She smiled and fl!pher hair backward
” Fate my foot ” Ronnie muttered
” I never knew Kim and Ronnie talk to each other,,, they look like they are close ” Mia said as they focus on Ronnie and Kim Nana
Elena and Preet finally got out of the car ,,
” We are late alre-ady ” Elena said and sighed
” It’s all your fault not mine ” Preet scoffed
” I have to look good okay??” Elena said
” For Ryan I guess ” Preet laughed
” St©p,,,” Elena said but also laughed
👥 Wow,,,its Elena!!
👥 Am surprised she didn’t come with her bandmates ,,but she’s really beautiful
👥 Who is that beside her??!!
👥 Wow,,she’s so pretty
👥 Who is she ??
👥 Is she also a model??
👥 She looks so beautiful like Kim Nana
👥 I bet she’s prettier than Kim
” I told you,, you’re pretty ” Elena win-ked as they find somewhere to sit
” Wow ,,Am really jealous right now,,she’s so beautiful ” Wyaat said starring at Preet
” Get you eyes off ,,Ronnie will kill you ” Ryan whispered into his ear
” Then I can just go for Elena ” Wyaat smiled
” You must be joking ” Ryan laughed
” But don’t you think, Kim is flir-ting with Ronnie too much??” Michael asked
” Am sure he’s not comfortable ” Ryan said
Preet on the other hand was getting really mad ,,,how can she be so clingy ??
” Are you sure you’re okay??” Elena asked
” I really don’t wanna come here ,,I knew am gonna see these ” She replied and looked else where
” Am sorry,I was the one who f0rç£d you ” Elena said and held her hand
Meanwhile,,Jennie seem to enjoy the drama going on. She smiled when she saw Preet’s face and then turned back to Kim and Ronnie
” Well ,,I guess three can pl@ythe game instead ” She spoke out with a sm-irk
” What are you planning this time??” Mia asked
” Just watch the drama ” She sm-irked and stood up walking to somewhere they don’t know
” Don’t you think Jennie is up to something?? ” Ava asked
” Who cares,? I love dramas” Mia laughed
” I will be back ” Ronnie told the others as his phone rang
” What’s wrong?? ” Ryan asked
“You don’t have to worry about me ” He replied and went out .
Soon ,,Kim’s phone also rang out ,,,,
She immediately excused herself and went out ,,,,,,
📲 Hello ?? Hi??
” Oops ,,,what’s wrong?? ” She sighed and turned to leave when suddenly someone pushed her down the stairs
” Oh my God!!! ” She screamed but thankfully ,someone caught her
” Oh my God ” She said again breathing ha-rd as she opened her eyes
” Ronnie?? ” She called in surprise
” Don’t feel happy,,I only helped because you can’t die this way ” Ronnie said and re-leased her
She immediately hvgged him ,,
” get off me !!” he yelled trying to get away from her
” Ronnie ,,,don’t yell at me ,,,just let me stay here a little bit ” She said
📨 Come out right now
A message c@m£ on Preet’s phone
” Come out right now??” Elena asked with a scoff
” I don’t know who the person is ” Preet said looking confused
” It may be Ronnie ,,,you should go ” Elena said and she nodded before standing up
But can Ronnie use the word “right now” ,,,,she pas-sed the stair case looking around to see the anonymous who s£nt the message when suddenly she saw Ronnie and Kim hvgging each other,,,,,
The phone fell from her hand which suddenly caught Ronnie’s attention,,, he immediately pu-ll-ed Kim away from himself and ran After Preet who alre-ady ran off .
” Preet !!! Preet wait!!! ” He shouted still running after her
He finally caught her ,,
” What do you want?? ” She asked trying ha-rd not to cry
” What you saw was nothing okay??? Just believe me ” Ronnie said
” Did I see anything?? I just want to be alone ,,,,don’t follow me ” She said and turned to leave
” Don’t leave ,,,,,let me just explain okay??”
” Don’t t©uçh me Ronnie ,,,,,okay,,,I believe you ,,,,but I just want to be alone !!!” she yelled and bur-st into tears
“fu-ck ” Ronnie muttered and rou-ghed his hair
He knew someone set them up ,,,the first person his mind went to was Romeo
” That devil” He said folding his fist
” Am going home ,,don’t try looking for me ” Preet said and walked out
” Sir ,,are you okay??” One of the guards asked him
” Shut the hell up !!” he yelled angrily
” Am sorry sir ”
” Tell the others that we are leaving right now!”
” Okay sir” The guard ran in to deliver his message
♥♥ Episode 22 ♥♥
” What happened?? Why are you suddenly going home ??” Michael asked as they all walked out of the venue
” I think someone,,, set me up,,,,, Preet caught Kim and I hvgging each other,,, but I didn’t even hvgged her,,she actually f0rç£d herself on me ” Ronnie replied and rou-ghed his hair ha-rder
” What?? What about Preet ??” Ryan asked
” She left,,,,where is that motherfv¢ker called Romeo?? ” He asked
” Are you saying Romeo did that?? ” Wyaat asked looking confused
” Who else?? I got a damn call and it was fake ,,, that was the reason why I c@m£ out in the first place ” Ronnie said
” Calm down Ronnie,,,,,”
Ronnie hit his leg on the car tyre angrily,,,
” Tell me where Romeo is !!!” He yelled
Romeo suddenly appeared walking closer to them,,Ronnie saw him and rushed to him hitting him right on the face ,,Ryan immediately ran after him and hold him back
” why do you keep on hurting me ??? What the hell have I done to you?? You told me you’ve changed and I was so stupid to believe your bull$h!t!! ” Ronnie yelled struggling from Ryan’s grip
” Ronnie ,,let’s leave ” Ryan said dragging him to the car
” When you see me ,,you should run or am gonna kill you!! ” Ronnie yelled as Ryan finally succeeded in getting him into the car.
” Romeo, why thefu-ck did you do that?? You should know that Ronnie loves Preet a lot ?? I can’t believe you did that ” Michael said and walked away
” What the hell is happening ??” Romeo asked tou-ching his alre-ady red face
” You don’t know what happened?? Someone set Ronnie and Preet up ma-king her believe Ronnie is having an affair with Kim,,you’re the number one suspect ” Wyaat said and also walked away
Romeo rou-ghed his hair trying to calm down,,.
” Jennie ,,, that bit-ch !!!” He immediately ran in
He called one of the guards
” Call Jennie right now,,tell her Ronnie calls for her ” He told the guard
” But,,,,”
” You really want to get fired?!!!” He yelled at him
” Am so sorry,I will go now ” The guard apologized and ran in
” What? Ronnie wanna see me??” Jennie asked again and the guard nodded
” Oh my,,,I can’t believe this!!” she screamed and followed the guard
Romeo immediately gr@bb£d her hand and pu-ll-ed her into one of the empty rooms
” What?? Romeo?? What are you doing?? ” She asked
” Why did you do that?? ” He asked
” What are you talking about?? ”
” Tell me why youfu-cking set Ronnie and Preet up ma-king it look like I did it!! ” he yelled
” Oh,,Ronnie thought it was you?? Well maybe that’s because you’re not different ” She win-ked
” Are you crazy?? Jennie ,,,am warning you,, stay away from Ronnie ,,amfu-cking trying to gain his trust but you keep on adding more salt to my wound!!”
” Let go of me right now or I scream ” Jennie said
Romeo laughed
” You think you can threaten me?? I can kill you right now and hide your b©dy ,,,it’s a talent ” He sm-irked and re-leased her before walking out of the room
” Thank you,,, you can leave ” Preet told the guards who brou-ght her home
” But,,mam,,,”
” I am fine ,,,,” She cut them off
” Okay mam” they bowed and got into the car ,,,she breath out watching them as they drove off.
She walked in,, feeling her mom’s pres£nce in the kitchen,, she wipe her tears and went in hvgging her from the back.
” Oh my God!! You scared me ” The woman said holding her che-st
“I’m sorry ” She smiled and hvgged her again
” Preet,,,,I’ve missed you so much ” Her mother said and k!$$£d her cheek
” I also missed you mom ” She replied
” But,,,why are you here??” She asked curiously
” I c@m£ here because I ,,,missed you ” Preet replied and looked away
” You’re lying,, did something happen? ” Her mother asked
” Nothing happened mom ,,,am fine,,, ” She replied
” And Ronnie ??”
” He’s fine mom,,,I really nee-d to sleep ,goodnight “Preet said and went in
” Didn’t she said that she missed me just now??” Her mother asked herself
Preet entered her room and bur-st into more tears,,,she didn’t want to believe what she saw but it look too obvious,,, is it because she’s more expo-sed than me?? Is she prettier ???
” I trust him,,, he can never hurt me ,,,,but I just could not prevent myself from getting hurt ” She said and wipe her tears again
She sniffed in and took off her dress,,,,her eyes fell on the w@!st bead ,,she t©uçhed it and sighed.
She walked into the bathroom and took a cold bath which also helped her to calm down.
…….. Ronnie’s House
” She’s not Here Sir ” The guards told him
He nodded and went in feeling as sad as ever ,,,he tried calling her but he remember her phone falling down and they don’t even bother to pick it up .
A call c@m£ on his phone ,,
” How dare him call me ??? ” He asked getting more mad
He threw the phone away angrily,,
” Sir ,,,,,take it easy ” Elvis told him
” Just shut up ” He snapped and went upstairs
He entered his room and coll@psed on the be-d
……….Next Day …
Ronnie and the other members drove into the school at the same time,,, they were glad the students are all in the clas-s alre-ady,,,
They walked into the pri-vate clas-s quietly,,,
Soon ,,Romeo also c@m£ in . Ronnie sh0t him an angry glare ,,,still can’t believe he did that after telling him he changed
” Ronnie ,,we nee-d to talk ” Romeo said calmly with his two hands in his pocket
” I don’t want to say anything to you ,,,just leave me alone ” Ronnie replied and faced what he was doing
” You should at least listen to what he have to say ” Ryan whispered
” I said no! Don’t you un-derstand?? I may end up beating the hell out of him ”
” I didn’t do that ,,” Romeo said
” And you expect me to believe you???” Ronnie asked
” You have to believe me okay ?? I am your brother ”
” Brother my foot ,,do you even care about me?? Huh??? Do you ever care about how I feel??” Ronnie asked pointing to himself
The other member decided to excuse the two ,,,
” I know I was selfish,,, but now ,,,I really want us to end these fight,,,, ”
” Then why did you made Preet believe I was having an affair with Kim ?? Tell me !!”
” I didn’t do that Ronnie ,,I alre-ady told you ,,why can’t you un-derstand ” Romeo said
” I don’t have to un-derstand,,, I know you’re the one ,,you’ve always wanted to separate us ,,,,why ?? ”
” Damn,,,you’re such a fool ” Romeo snapped and walked out of the clas-s
Ronnie threw the new phone he got away and the poor phone broke into pieces,,,
” St©p transferring your anger on the poor phone,,,, you just got that and now you’ve broken it again??” Ryan asked as they entered
” Am I really a fool??? Of course,, I am a fool to have believed him ,,,,” He said silently and went out
Preet also left the clas-s when she couldn’t concentrate on whatever the teacher was teaching,,,,,, she suddenly bu-mped into someone.
” Am so sorry ” She immediately said without looking up ,she was about leaving when the person called her
” Preet ” The person called and she looked back
She g@sped when she saw Romeo standing in front of her
” Ro,,,Romeo??? ” She called in fear
” Am not hurting you,,,,, am just gonna tell you this,,,,Ronnie is really a mess right now ,,you should see him before he do something silly to himself and besides,,, you should not believe any rumor,,he’s not the type who cheat ” Romeo said
Preet could not say anything,,, no word c@m£ out of her mouth
Actually she was alre-ady planning to talk to him but she just couldn’t find any word
Romeo smiled a little before walking out of her sight. ,,,,she breath out and turn to leave ,she suddenly met Ronnie standing in front of her
They both stare at each other like it’s a competition,,,,,,
” I’m sorry ” They said at the same time
A smile escape Preet’sl-ips even though her eyes was filled with tears
She immediately hvgged him forgetting that they were in school and that they students can see them .
Ronnie embr@ced her ti-ghtly not letting her go ,,
” I am so sorry I hurt you,,, am really sorry ” Ronnie said
” I’m sorry I got mad and I didn’t allow you talk ,,,,,am really sorry ,,I love you so much,,, I really love you a lot ” She bur-st into tears
Ronnie pu-ll-ed away from the hvg and wipe her tears
” You’re so beautiful ” Ronnie said with a smile before pressing hisl-ips on hers
She responded to the k!sslike she was waiting for that alre-ady,,, theirl-ips fighting for entrance,,, they totally forgot they are in school.
👥 Omg!!! It’s Ronnie Oopa and his girlfriend!
👥Get that!!!
👥 They look so cute together!!
👥 I wish am the girl!!
” Oh $h!t ,,,,” Ronnie muttered and rou-ghed his hair
” Am sorry ,,I just lost control ” He said ,
Preet only nodded and tried to hide her red cheek
He immediately gr-ab her hand and walked away from where the students were.
” I love you Ronnie ” Preet suddenly blurted out ma-king Ronnie st©p and faced her
” You should know I can’t live without you ,,,don’t ever run away from me again ” Ronnie said and she nodded
” You can’t allow Kim destroy our relationsh!p,, she’s just a pest ,,,,I don’t even like her ” Ronnie said
” But,,she’s beautiful ” Preet pouted
” You’re are more beautiful,,, and besides I love this ” Ronnie said and win-ked describing a figure 8 with his hand
Preet sl@pped his hand ,,
” You’re so spolt honey ” Preet said shyly
” You don’t have to tell me ,,I know ” He smiled and hvgged her