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Melted heart Episode 19 & 20

( lost in your🎻world )
Episode 19 💛💛💛💛
” How many minutes will the ph0toshoot take ??” Ronnie asked Elvis on their way
” Maybe 1hour ” He replied
” Make it 30mins ,,I can’t stay that long ” Ronnie snapped
” But ,,Ronnie ,that is the specific time,,how can I change that?? ” Elvis asked feeling helpless in the situation
” Find any way ,,I have a lot of things to do ” Ronnie replied
” Okay ” Elvis replied with a sigh.
The guards opened the car for Ronnie and he [email protected]£ out looking as cute as always ,,Kim Nana on the other hand immediately smile the moment she saw Ronnie .
” He’s so adorable ” She said to herself.
Ronnie and His manager got to them ,,Elvis keep on doing the talk while Ronnie focus more on his phone.
Kim Nana decided to start a conversation since Ronnie doesn’t seem to have any interest either.
” Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves properly?? ” Kim said with a smile
” What does introduction have to do with ph0toshoot?? ” Ronnie asked without looking at her
” Ronnie ,,that’s harsh ,,, ” Elvis whispered ma-king Ronnie to scoff
” You should know who I am alre-ady ” He said
” I know,, but it’s my first time meeting you ” Kim said innocently
” I am Ronnie Silver ,,,,,” Ronnie said and Kim smiled,,,,
” Kim Nana ” She said bringing out her hand for a shake
” When is everything getting started?? Am not a patient person ” He said ignoring her hand
” We are starting now ” The director called out
They both walked over to where the first picture will be taken.
” You have to cling to each other like that ” The director told them
” Do we really have to do that?? ” Ronnie asked feeling uncomfortable
” Ronnie ,,,,it’s just a picture,, calm,,,, ”
Ronnie scoff as Kim Nana pressed her b©dy closer to him ,,,,,
” He smell so nice ,,,,” Kim thought
They were told to change into another outfit………..
” No ,,,not like that,,,, your face have to be closer ,,,,”
” Are we k!ss!ngor something?? ” Ronnie asked rolling his eyes
” Ronnie ,,just follow what he said ” Elvis said
” You look so handsome ” She whispered to Ronnie
” I know ” Ronnie snapped back
” You don’t have a girlfriend right?? ” she asked
” And if I don’t?? ”
” I will like to be the one ”
Ronnie scoff
” Sorry ,,,you’re not my type ” He replied
” What?? What is your type ,,,,,”
” 30mins ,,,I need to take my leave now ” Ronnie said loudly
” But it’s 1hour ” The director said
” Am sorry director,,, we have a lot of things to do Elvis pleaded
” Oh ,,it’s fine ,,,am glad he could make it ” The director smiled
” Did he leave because of me ??” Kim Nana asked .
” I don’t think so ” The director replied
❤ Silver Rings ❤
Elena walked with her phone in her hand ,,she look so disturbe-d. After her conversation with Ronnie the previous day ,she haven’t seen Ryan and she look worried.
” Is he okay ?? Did he saw me with Taylor?? ” She asked herself and suddenly she bu-mped into someone
” Oh ,,,Biane ” She bowed a little but the scent filled her nose ,,,I know who it is ,,she said inwardly and looked up
” Ryan ” She called with a smile
He gr-ab her hand and walked into one of the pri-vate [email protected] ,,,,
” Did Ronnie really told you that?? ” he asked
What ?? Why is he asking??
” yes ,,,,” She replied
” That [email protected] ” Ryan muttered and rou-ghed his hair
” It’s not true right??? Was Ronnie lying?? ” Elena asked
” No ,,I didn’t mean it that way ,,,,but ,,,,I really wanted to tell you myself ” Ryan said
” When ??” She asked
” Soon ” He replied
” Soon ??? I see ,,so why did Ronnie [email protected]£ to tell me all of a sudden??” She asked wra-pping her arms on her che-st
” Well,,,that was because,,, we saw you chatting with Taylor ,,,and ,,,,,”
” You got jealous right?? ” Elena asked trying [email protected] not to laugh
” What ??? Jealous?? Of course not,,,, ” He said and looked away
” I also love you,,,,, I’ve always have a crush on you ,,,but you [email protected] talk to me ,,so I thought you don’t like me ” Elena said slowly
” I was always nervous to talk to you ” Ryan said and Elena blu-shed
” Am glad you feel the same Ryan,,, I really do love you a lot ” She said and hvgged him
‘ That [email protected] really helped me more than expected ‘Ryan thought within himself and smiled hvgging Elena more ti-ghtly.
🏯 Silver Mansion🏯
Ronnie drove in and the guards rushed to him like they are happy to see him,,
” Welcome sir ” They greeted
He smiled and waved at them a little before going in ,,he only [email protected]£ here for Molly and his mother especially.
” Oh ,,Ronnie ,,you’re here! ” Old Nanny rushed to him giving him a hvg
The maids all keep on murmuring among themselves,, some were blu-shing even though he wasn’t looking at them
” I missed you ” She said
” Same here ,,,,you look more beautiful ” He said with a smile
” St©p that ” Old Nanny said .
” Where is Ooma and Molly ?” he asked
” Molly will be in her room with her home teacher,,, she’s not getting any better ,,,but your mom went out with Mr Silver ” She said
” Thanks,, I will just see her ” Ronnie said and went
He opened the door to her room ,,,the little girl ran to hvg him the moment she saw him.
” Oopa!!!!!!” she screamed and hvgged him
The teacher [email protected] immediately she saw Ronnie’s face ,,,since she started coming here, she only see Romeo and now Ronnie is here ??
” Omg ,,,It’s really Ronnie ??” she asked still in shock
” Yeah I am ,,,” Ronnie replied with a sm-irk
” Wow ,,it’s really nice to meet you ,am a big fan,,can you sign an autogra-ph plea-se?? ” She asked
” Sure ” Ronnie replied
After signing ,he focused back to Molly
” Can you plea-se excuse us ??” he told the teacher who nodded happily and walked out
” Why are you not focusing on your studies?? You know I like serious people right?? ” He said and Molly nodded
” Am sorry,,,, “Molly said and bur-st into tears .
” Don’t cry ,,,come here ” He hvgged her again
” Now promise to t©p your [email protected] ” He said .
” I promise ” Molly said with a smile
” Then we will be good friends ” Ronnie smiled
” Yeah!! ” She shouted as they shook hands in agreement
” Dad seized my iPhone,,, I can’t even chat with you ,,and my friends ” Molly pouted
Ronnie smiled at her childishness,,,
” I got you another one ” Ronnie said and brou-ght out the phone .
” Omg!!!!! I love you brother ” She screamed
” Don’t allow father see that,,, he’s going to get mad ” He warned
” Don’t worry ,,am smart ” Molly win-ked
” t©p your [email protected],, don’t make me regret giving you this ” Ronnie said with a serious tone
” trust me brother ” She said
” Good ”
” What about Preet ?? I really want to see her ” She said
” Don’t call her Preet,,,, she’s my girlfriend now ,,Unnie will be better ” Ronnie said
” Oh ,,,sorry ” Molly laughed
” When you t©p your [email protected] ,,,I will take you to see her ” Ronnie said and k!$$£d her hair
” Okay ,,,”
” Am leaving,,,, listen to your teacher and don’t give her any problem ”
” Yes boss!!” she shouted
Ronnie laughed and went out of the room,,,
” Bye sir ,it’s nice seeing you ” The teacher said with a smile
” Thanks,,,, but,,,,can you plea-se don’t shout on her ?? ” Ronnie said
” I won’t,,, I promise ” She smiled
” Thank you ” Ronnie said with a wi-nk before going downstairs
” Omg ” The teacher [email protected] and fainted
” What happened!! Did you really faint??!! ” Molly shouted shaking her
” Did,,, Ronnie just win-ked at me ??” she asked with her eyes closed .
” Silly teacher ” Molly said inwardly and ignored her
Preet smiled as she got down from the car ,,she can’t wait to see Ronnie ,she missed him a lot.
” Is he in ??” SHe asked the guard
” No ,,,,he’s not back mam ”
” Oh,,I will just wait ” She said and went in
” You’re welcome mam ” The maids all bowed their head
” Thanks ” She smiled and went upstairs
She entered Ronnie’s Suite,she opened the door and went into the be-droom,,,
” Damn,am so h0t ” She said and took off her clothes,,she walked into the bathroom and took her bath, after that she put on a singlet and a short ,,,she packed her long hair and used a hair band to tie it .
she la-id on the be-d and decided to check her phone ,,she’s not add!çted to phone unlike Ronnie ,she smiled at her own thought .
Her eyes caught with a picture ,,,,it’s Ronnie and the popular model ,,,why are they looking like they are some couples ? She immediately felt jealous but ignored it ,,,
You should be re-ady for all these if you’re really Ronnie’s girlfriend Preet,,she said to herself.
Ronnie got down from the car and the guards told him about Preet who is inside alre-ady.
” She’s in ??” he asked and his face suddenly brighten
” Yes ”
He smiled and went in ,,he opened the door and grinned the moment he saw her ,,
” I thought I wasn’t gonna see you again ” He tea-sed .
” And you’re fine with that?? ” Preet laughed
” I was planning to come to take you from wherever you are ” Ronnie replied and hvgged her ti-ghtly like she’s running away
” I really missed you ” Preet said between the hvg
” I also missed you ” Ronnie replied
” You do ??” Preet asked .
” Of course ”
” How was your day ??” Preet asked
” Boring ” He replied with a scoff when he remembered everything especially Kim
” How can it be boring ??”
” Trust me ,,it was really boring ” Ronnie said but st©pped when he saw her phone ,,,she saw the pictures.
” You saw those?? ” he pointed at the phone
” Of course,, I know her ,,Kim Nana right?? ” She asked and he nodded .
” That was nothing actually,, just a ph0to stuff ” Ronnie tried to explain
” I know,, ” She smiled and pe-cked hisl-ips
” That’s just it ??” Ronnie sm-irked
” Omg,,you’re so spoilt ” Preet laughed
Ronnie immediately pu-ll-ed her softly to the wall and k!$$£d her,,,
” Damn ,,why can’t I get enough of you ??” Ronnie whispered into her ear and then k!$$£d her n£¢k
” I don’t know,,” She replied as a slight [email protected] escape herl-ips from the k!sspressing on her n£¢k
” You don’t know?? ” he asked this time pressing hisl-ips on her br**st ,,,
” Oh my God,,,Ronnie ” She said almost in a whisper
” Tell me so I can leave you ” He said and bite her n**ple softly ma-king her scream
” Oh,,” She [email protected] ed closing her eyes as he do his things
He liftted her and proceeded to the be-d ,,,he dropped her and continue k!ss!ngher all over.
” Did anything happen in school today ??” he asked after he st©pped
” no,,like what?? ” Preet asked and opened her eyes
” Did you see Romeo ??” he asked
” No ”
” That’s better ,,make sure he doesn’t see you closely ” He said and she nodded
” Just know,,you’re mine alone ,,I don’t share what’s mine ” He whispered to her and k!$$£d her again
” Really??”
” That’s the truth Okay?? ” He smiled and get off her
” Don’t worry,,am not gonna do anything to you,,,,,maybe for now ” He said with a sm-irk
” For now ???” Preet tea-sed
” Yeah ,,,,,or do you want me now??” he win-ked
” Don’t come closer ,,” Preet blurted out
” I know,,,” He laughed before going into the dressing room.
( Lost in your 🎻 world )
Episode 20 ♥♥♥♥
Kim Nana got down from the car and walked majestically into the mall with her two best friends Tania and Joyce , according to history, she’s one of the riche-st and most beautiful model in Korea ,no one have ever won her in any beauty contest and she’s not looking forward to see any match to her.
” Am sure Ronnie saw how beautiful I am ,but he doesn’t seem to care ,what type of guy is he??” Kim Nana asked and sighed
” Well,,,maybe you are not really his type as he said ” Tania replied as they continue checking out the dresses
” I am every guy’s type Tania and you know that,,, but do you think he have a girlfriend?? ” Nana asked curiously
” Well,,,I don’t think so ” Joyce replied
” What if he have one but doesn’t want a public view??” Tania asked
” Am gonna find out,,,, and I guess we will be seeing each other more often these days ” Nana said with a smile and brou-ght out a cloth
” Wow ,,I love this ” She said
” That is the latest fashion mam,,,it’s the only one in stock now ” The mall attendant said
” you see I have a good eyes for fashion ” She win-ked at her friends
” This dinner will actually be the best in history ,,,” Joyce said as she also brou-ght out her taste
” But why do I feel jealous that Kim Nana will be have the best look ??” Tania pouted
” What do you expect?? She have always won in every modeling award ”
” You don’t have to be jealous,,,, you’re also pretty ” She smiled
” But Kim,,what if Ronnie have a girlfriend?? ”
” I don’t want to imagine that,,,, I’ve always admire him so much,,but after meeting him yesterday,, I fell in love right away ” She said dreamily
” The world can be unfair sometimes ,,how can a guy be as handsome as that?? ” Joyce asked and breath out
” He’s really adorable ” Kim agreed
After getting everything they all walked out of the mall ,,,
👥 Oh my God!! Is that not Kim Nana !!
👥 You look so beautiful!!
👥 My role model!!
👥 I love you so much!!
She smiled and pose as they take her pictures,, she’s surely the public view ,,
She has been rated as number one most beautiful model and she’s still keeping that,,,
” Bye ,,I love you all ” She said and blew the fans a flying k!ssas she entered the car ,,,
Preet adjusted her turtlen£¢k sweater well ,,she’s actually feeling so h0t but she can’t put it off due to the hic-keys visible all over his n£¢k thanks to Ronnie ,,,she made sure her n£¢k was well covered to prevent people from talking.
She put on a short jean Sk-irt ,and also a black snickers,, her hair was also losed,,which made her even more prettier.
👥 Ronnie Oopa is here !!!
👥 Set the [email protected]£ras!!
” oh no ,what do I do?? They thought it’s Ronnie ” She said and t©uçhed her cheek
” Mam,,you don’t have to worry,,we will protect you from them ” The guards said
She nodded even though she’s still uncomfortable with everything.
The guards [email protected]£ out and car and proceeded to open the door for her ,,,she took a step out and there was total silence from the students. She finally [email protected]£ out ,,
👥 Who is that??
👥 That is Ronnie’s girlfriend!!
👥 Capture her face closely!!!
👥 Oh gee ,,she’s so beautiful even with sweater
👥 Can you tell us who you are?? plea-se!!
She walked fas-ter as the guards tried protecting her from the crowd
” But ,mam Why don’t you just introduce yourself to them ??” one of the guards asked
” They know who I am ,,I don’t un-derstand why they don’t recognize me ” She replied
” That’s because you’re so beautiful mam ”
” Thank you ” She smiled
” Guys do you know what is going on right now ??” Ava asked running into the pri-vate [email protected]
Elena scoff ,,she’s the newscaster of this band
” What is it Ava ” Jennie asked sounding uninterested
” It’s Preet ,,,,now everyone is aware that she’s Ronnie’s girlfriend, she even [email protected]£ to school in Ronnie’s favorite car” she said and Jennie faced her angrily
” I alre-ady told you ,,That commoner is not Ronnie’s girlfriend ” She said and stood up
” You better take it or leave it ,,,,,you’re only jealous of my friend. But how do you expect Ronnie to be yours after everything you’ve done to him?? Finally he’s got the right person for him and you’re blabbing,,,, fools ” Elena said and walked out of the [email protected]
She immediately called Preet’s number
📲 Hey Elena
📲Where are you right now ??
📲 Elevator
📲 Don’t come out,,I am coming right now
📲 Okay ,, am waiting
She smiled inwardly and ran further,,,,
” Don’t run too much ” A voice said behind her and she st©pped
” Where are you going?? ” The voice said
She turned back and hvgged him
” Elevator ” She said
” Why ??”
” Preet is there and I want to talk to her ” She smiled
” You can just talk to me ” Ryan pouted and Elena laughed
” You are not jealous of my friend right?? I will be back ,,” She said and pe-cked hisl-ips before running off.
” Hey Romeo ” Someone called ,Romeo looked back and was surprised to see Jennie standing behind him in tears
” What happened?? Why are you crying?? And why are you here??” asked and stood up with his two hands in his pocket
” I need your help ” Jennie said and wipe her tears before moving closer to him
” What help??” He asked
” I want you to help me get Ronnie back ,,,I know I hurt him ,,but I still love him a lot and you’re the only one who can help me ” She said
” How will I be the only one who can help you?? ” Romeo asked
” You’re his brother,,, you can convince him ” She said
” Sorry ,,I can’t help you. You two can solve your difference between each other ” Romeo replied and turned to leave
” I know you like Preet ,,are you just going to let Ronnie take her away from you?? Just like that?? ” Jennie called after him
” I don’t like her okay?!! St©pfu-cking talking about her !!” Romeo yelled
” You can’t lie to me Romeo,,,, I can see it in your eyes ” Jennie sm-irked
” Hey bit-ch ” Romeo yelled and pinned her to the wall with his hands around his n£¢k
” Don’t you get?? I don’t do love,,,I don’t love anyone,, I only wanted to get into her [email protected] ,,but she’s Ronnie’s girlfriend now ,,so st©pfu-cking up trying to ask for my help ” He says ti-ght£ñing his grip on her n£¢k
” Romeo,,, you’re,, hurting me ” Jennie cried
” Then die ,,you don’t know how much I hate you right?? You shouldn’t have come to me ,,,,if I was Ronnie ,,I would have killed you!!!!!” he yelled
” Romeo st©p!!!!” someone pushed him away from the back
” Jennie ,,are you okay ??” Wyaat asked shaking Jennie to make sure she’s fine
” Am okay ” Jennie replied and took a glance at Remeo.
Wyaat helped her up and she walked out of the [email protected]
” What is wrong with you?? Why are you using your frustration on everyb©dy ??” Wyaat asked
” Shut your mouth Wyaat ” Romeo snapped
” You almost killed her !! What if I didn’t show up??”
” I told you to keep shut!!!” Romeo shouted and walked out
” What the hell is wrong with him??” Wyaat asked himself and sighed out
🏩 Ronnie’s Mansion 🏩
Romeo drove into the mansion ,,,he st©pped the car and got down.
” is he in??” He asked one of the guards
” No,,,,but Mam Preet is in ” The guard replied
” Oh,,,,” He replied and went in
He opened the door slowly and watch her as she chat with one of the maids ,,,,she look so beautiful. He closed the door back and went out .
He got back into his car and drove out at once,,,he remember what Jennie told him . even if he’s not in good terms with his brother,,,he will never [email protected] Jennie’s tune.
.🌃 Night 🌃
” Welcome boss ” The guards greeted with a bow
” Thank you,, is Pretty home?? ” He asked
“Yes sir,,,, Sir Romeo [email protected]£ over some hours ago ”
Ronnie turned back to them when they mentioned Romeo
” Romeo ?? He [email protected]£ here ??? ” he asked
” Yes sir ”
” Preet was home when he [email protected]£ over?? ” he asked immediately
” Yes sir ”
” Are you guysfu-cking me right now ?? Did he go in ??” he asked and they nodded nervously
” You all are dead,, trust me !!” He said and ran inside
He met no one downstairs,,, he immediately took the stairs and ran up ,,,,he ban-ged into his suite and met Preet lying on the be-d
” Preet !!” he shouted and ran to her
She woke up after hearing his scream
” Hey ,,you’re back ” She smiled and hvgged him,,she pu-ll away when she discovered that he’s not hvgging her back
” What’s wrong?? ” She asked
” Are you okay ??” Ronnie asked
” Of course,, am fine ” She replied
” I heard Romeo [email protected]£ here,,he didn’t t©uçh you?? Did he try any rubbish?? Tell me so I can teach him a lesson !!”
” What are you talking about ??Romeo [email protected]£ here ??” preet asked looking confused
” You didn’t see him??” Ronnie asked looking more confused
” I did not ,,he didn’t come here trust me ” She said.
” Oh,,,,okay,,it’s fine ,,,,am glad you didn’t see him ” He smiled and hvgged her even though he’s still wondering,, how can Romeo come here and she doesn’t notice?
” You don’t have to worry too much about me okay ?? Nothing is happening ” Preet said with a smile
” I know,,,, I was just,,,,,,,, I love you ” He said
” I love you more ” She replied
Ronnie k!$$£d her cheek and walked into the dressing room ,,,he took off his clothes and went into the bathroom, after taking his bath ,,he went back into the room .
” You’re not asleep??” he asked and sat down on the be-d .
” I missed you so much and you expect me to sleep ??” Preet pouted and hvgged him
He smiled and k!$$£d her ,,,,,suddenly his phone rang ,,,he left her and picked the call
📲 Hi,,,am I speaking with Ronnie??
The voice [email protected]£ up
📲 Yeah,, who is this??
📲 It’s Me ,,Kim Nana
📲 What ?? How did you get this number ??
📲 Am sorry ,,I know it’s your pri-vate number and I have to disturb your manager before he gave me this,
📲 What do you want??
📲 Can we see each other again plea-se?? I really want to talk to you
📲 I don’t have time ,,,okay ??
He Hang up the call and faced Preet,,
” Who was that?? ” She asked
” No one ” He replied
” Tell me ”
” Okay,,Its Kim ,,,I don’t know what she want from me right now ” Ronnie said
” Oh,,,,,,,” Preet said shortly
” Hey,,don’t be mad ,,,am not going to see her ” Ronnie laughed and hvgged her on the be-d
” I still can’t believe you were the one who told Elena about Ryan,, it’s funny ” Preset said and chuckled
” He’s my friend okay?? Don’t you dare mock him ” Ronnie said and Preet laughed out
” Do you know I alre-ady told Elena to meet Ryan himself?? I guess we are their helper ” Preet said
” Am the helper,,I was the one who settled everything not you ”
” Hmmm,,,,,,okay ,you won ” Preet smiled k!$$£d him
” You’re becoming [email protected]ûghty and you know that right ??” Ronnie smiled
” No ,,,am a good girl ” She replied
” Should I turn you to a bad girl then?? ”
” Don’t you dare ” She spatted with a smile
” Ronnie ,,did you see my n£¢k??” she asked showing him the hic-keys
” I did that right ??” Ronnie sm-irked
” why are you happy about this?? I could not open my n£¢k today ,,,” She said and he k!$$£d her n£¢k
” It’s fine ,,,since they are from me ” He whispered and k!$$£d her n£¢k again
” Honey st©p ”
” Should I k!sssomewhere else??” He win-ked
[email protected]ûghty ” She smiled
He pu-ll-ed her face closer to his and k!$$£d her forehead,,,,
” I need to do something,,, so you can sleep ” He said and took his [email protected]©p
” Goodnight” Preet whispered and closed her eyes.

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