Melted heart Episode 23 & 24

( Lost in your ♥ world )
♡ Episode 23 ♡
Preet got down from the car looking as tired as ever ,,today was really stressful, she thought but suddenly smiled when she remembered how Ronnie k!$$£d her in school.
” it was not totally stressful after all ” She smiled and walked in
” You’re welcome mam ” The maids greeted bowing their heads
She nodded with a smile and continue walking,, three maids went after her and she turned back
” Why??” She asked
” Mam,,,we arranged your suite ” One of them said and she look confused
” Sir Ronnie asked us to do that,,,, he told us you also nee-d your privacy and he asked us to arrange it well ,,so we are going to take you there right now ” Another one explained
A smile escape herl-ips and she nodded before walking behind them.
They finally entered the place ,,she wowed,,,,
” This is amazing ” She said out
” We arranged your clothes properly mam ” They said with a smile
” Clothes?? ” She asked and opened the wardrobe
It was filled with different clothes,,
” But,how did he know my size??” she asked in her mind but she was too excited to think de-eply
Different designs of shoes and bags also ,,everything,, just her taste
” Thank you all ,,,and trust me ,,I have a little gift for you guys ” She said
” What ?? Really??” They asked happily
” Yeah ,,remind me tomorrow,, I would have prepared it ,,” She win-ked
” Thank you mam,,you’re so kind and beautiful ” They said before rushing out of the room
” Awwn,, Ronnie is so sweet ” She said to herself and la-id on the queen sized be-d
She suddenly remember she’s got school works to do ,,she sighed and brou-ght out her l@pt©p and the text.
She cli-ck the pen on her cheek as she study the pages ,,,
She studied for two hours and closed the l@pt©p
” Oh my God,, am so tired ” She yawned and stood up
She put off her clothes and walked into the bathroom,,,
She entered the bathtub filled with warm water just what she wanted ,,she breath out as the water t©uçhed her b©dy . slowly her eyes got closed and she sle-pt off .
Ronnie drove in and smiled at the phone in his hand,, am sure she will be happy about this ,he said inwardly
” Welcome sir ” The guards greeted but he was too carried away to hear them
” What is he thinking about?? ” They asked among themselves
” Who else if not his girlfriend?? ” another one answered
” Am happy he finally find someone responsible ”
” Yeah me too,,,they so much love each other ”
” What about Preet ??” he asked the maids
” Her room ”
” Okay ” He replied and went upstairs
He knocked the door softly but no response,, he opened and went in but there’s no sign of Preet .
” Where did she go ??” He asked no one in p@rticular
” Preet??? Sweetheart?? Are you there?? ” He asked loudly
Maybe she’s in the bathroom,,,,,, he waited patiently for her to get out but it’s like she’s not coming any moment from now.
He opened the bathroom door and went in ,,,,
” What ??? Don’t tell me she fell asleep right here??” he asked and laughed
” She’s so full of dramas ” He said and sat on the bathtub watching her sleep peacefully
Her we-t hair scattered all over her face ,,herl-ips bec@m£ more red as a result of the water on them.
How can someone be as adorable as this??not only her face but her heart is also beautiful.
” She might get cold here ” He said and decided to carry her
He stood up and lifted her up ,,,he suddenly remember she’s n-ked. He shook his head and still carried her out,,, he took her into the room and la-id her on the be-d slowly so she won’t wake up .
He went back into the bathroom and took a towel and walked into the room again.
He sat down next to her ,,,he was starring at her all over ,he saw the w@!st bead and t©uçhed it .
” She’s so beautiful ” He said
His eyes caught with her br**st and he felt the urge to t©uçh it. He immediately shook his head and covered her up with the towel.
He stood up and went out of the room ,,
🎻 Jennie’s pov 🎻
” I can’t believe this ,,that girl is a long time witch ” Ava said
I only kept quiet as my blood boil with anger ,why can’t they just give up on each other?? Why!!!
” They even k!$$£d in school? Right now the news is all over the net,,,damn ” Mia said
” Jennie ,,you’re not saying anything ” Ava called
” Shut up ” I snapped and went into my room
How dare her make me look stupid?? She just c@m£ from nowhere and allow Ronnie fall in love with her
I hate her ,,
I took my phone and dialed Wilson number,, I cant take this anymore.
📲 Hello mam
📲 I got an important job for you ,,,am paying thrice your normal bill
📲 Anything for you mam
📲 Let’s meet somewhere safe ,,I will explain everything
📲 Okay mam
If I can’t have Ronnie ,,no one will have him, and that’s it ,,
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
I opened my eyes lazily,,, I can’t believe I sle-pt off. But wait,,, am laying on the be-d. I remember feeling dizzy in the bathtub so how did I get here?? I held my head until my eyes fell on Ronnie sitting just opposite me starring closely at me.
I g@sped immediately I saw that I was only wra-pped with a towel ,,,does that mean,,he saw my n-kedness????
Oh no ,,this is not happening right now .
I hold the duvet more ti-ghtly to myself and looked away feeling embarras-sed as he keep on starring at me.
” Why are you quiet ??” Ronnie asked and I cleared my throat
” You,,,carried me in??” I asked
” Yep,,,because I found you slee-ping in the bathroom ” he replied ma-king me feel more embarras-sed
” He really saw everything ” I said lowly
” Yeah ,,I saw everything,,,,, ” He said with a wi-nk
” That’s illegal and you know that ” I said and threw a pillow at him
” It wasn’t my fault,,I only tried to help ” He said with a smile
Damn,,why did I sle-pt off ??
” Nice shape anyway ” He said with a wi-nk
” St©p ” I said holding my ear
” And ,,Nice w@!st bead too ” He added
” Oh no!!” I covered my face with the duvet
I felt him beside me ,,
” Ronnie leave ” I said and he chuckled
” Only me can see that,,,, ”
” says who??”
” Says me ” He replied and I re-moved the duvet from my face turning to him
” Okay,,trust me I closed my eyes when I was taking you in ” He said with a smile
” Then how did you see the w@!st bead?? ”
” Oh,,,,that was,,,,,,,,fuc-k she caught me ” He bite hisl-ips and looked away
” Silly b©yfri£nd” I said and covered my face again
He slowly re-moved it and smiled cutely ,,,,
” Sweetheart?? ” He called and I faced him
” I love you ” He said
” I know ” I snapped and turned my back to him again even though I was smiling inwardly
” Okay am sorry okay?? I should have left you there,,,, ” I hit him with a pillow before he could finish his s£ntence
” You want me to catch cold ??” I asked
” That was why I carried you out ,,,,st©p complaining ”
” You know that’s a lie right ?? You wanted to see ,,,,,oh lord ” I felt embarras-sed again
He chuckled,,,,
” Okay am gonna tell you the truth ” He bite hisl-ips before he continued
” I really wanted to see ,,,,,” He said
” Ronnie st©p!!!” I screamed out and he laughed
” Now ,,,I’ve seen ,,,,but,, I want to t©uçh ” He win-ked
” Get out of my room right now ” I yelled but he keep on laughing
” Ronnie go out ,,I nee-d to put on my clothes ” I said
” You can do that while am here,,,,” He replied
” You’re really worst than I imagined ” I said and sat up but he pu-ll-ed me back to the be-d and c@m£ on t©p of me.
” Get off ,,,,” He interrupted me with a k!ss,,
” Ronnie ,,,,” he k!$$£d me again but this time it was longer and dee-per
I bec@m£ lost in the k!ss,,I don’t even know when I wra-pped my arms around his n£¢k asking for more
He unlocked from the k!ssand proceeded to my n£¢k,,oh not again . like he re-ad my mind,,, he left my n£¢k and k!$$£d down to my che-st .
He slowly re-moved the towel which covered my pointed br**st causing me to g@sped . he t©uçhed them softly and that made me went nut ,,I let out a silent m0@n . He re-moved his hand and to my surprise he moved hisl-ips to my br**st and su-cked it slowly.
” That hurt ” I g@sped with my eyes closed
I heard him chuckled even though he didn’t st©p,,he continue doing that and I can’t lie ,,it felt really good .
He st©pped and I opened my eyes ,,,,
” Can I continue?? ” He asked and I suddenly felt my heart beating fast ,,,but I still nodded. He smiled and looked away for a second .
” Don’t worry,, I will go easy on you ” He said and I nodded again
He k!$$£d me again ,,his hand fondling with my w@!st beads as he continue the k!ss,,
” The first male to see this must be your future husband ” I remembered my mom’s word
What if we don’t get married to each other??? But right now my mind is saying something else ,,,I don’t wanna st©p.
His hand moved gradually to my th!ghs and I suddenly bec@m£ scared ,,,,am I really re-ady for this?? Am gonna get hurt ,,,,oh no ,,why did I agree?
Just then ,his phone rang.
” Not now ” He gr0@nand ignored the call while I only chuckled
plea-se ring again ,,,plea-se just ring again!!
The phone rang again ,,,,,
” Damn!!! ” He gro-an ed louder and moved away from me
📲 Elvis ??
📲 What do you mean now??? I told you I don’t want to do that
📲fu-ck ,,I can’t believe you right now.
He rou-ghed his hair and faced me ,,I looked away and covered myself
📲 Okay ,,,,,fine
He hanged up,,,,,
” I nee-d to go ,,,,,its important ” He said and I nodded
” When I get back,,we’re gonna continue this,,don’t you dare try to sleep ” He sm-irked
I only nodded and smiled inwardly,,,
” here ,,,it’s for you. ” He handed over a new phone to be ,,,wow ,it’s the latest
” Thank you,,, I won’t throw it away ” I said and he laughed
” You can throw it when you get mad,,I will buy another one ” He said
he k!$$£d my hair before walking out
I rushed out of be-d and put on something,, I breath out and hvgged myself ,,,what would have happened?? Oh no,,,,Preet. Will he come back??
I coll@psed on the be-d ,,,,
♡ Episode 24 ♡
Preet la-id quietly on the be-d re-ading a text ,,until she bec@m£ tired ,,,
” Oh ,,,am so hungry ” She said and stood up
She walked out of the room and went downstairs,, she checked the wall clock and g@sped
” 9:20pm??” she screamed
Then why didn’t I know?? Maybe it’s because the lights are always on ,,but why is Ronnie not home yet?? Is he okay ??
” Mam ,,,we alre-ady arranged your dinner ” One of the maids said
She nodded but went back upstairs ,,,she unplug her phone,,,she switched it on ,,she immediately dialed Ronnie’s number since she knows it by heart,,
He picked up immediately,,
📲 Hey honey ,,worried ??
📲 Of course,, why are you not home ??
📲 Am sorry ,,am not coming home tonight
Ronnie replied and she suddenly bec@m£ sad
📲 Honey?? Are you there??
Ronnie’s voice could be heard but she alre-ady dropped the phone ,,
” He’s so mean ,,,” She whispered sadly and rou-ghed her hair
She stood up and walked out of the room going back downstairs,, she sat down while the maids helped her open the food ,,
She took a spoon and chew slowly,,
” It’s great ” She said
” Thank you mam ” They bowed
She suddenly felt sad again,,, how can Ronnie do that??
‘ Shouldn’t you be happy that he’s not coming?’ Her mind asked
She scoff and continue eating,,,after eating she went outside and sat beside the pool with her two legs in the water. She sighed out tapping the water with her legs ,,
” Just come home alre-ady ” She said silently
” Hey sweet ” Someone said behind her and she looked back
” Ronnie ??” She called happily
” Yeah ” He replied and walked closer
” Thought you said,,, ”
” I know,, but I was missing you too bad “he said and k!$$£d her cheek
” Really?? ”
” Of course ,,,come let’s go in ” He said
” Hold me ” She stretched her hand for him to hold
He ignored her hand and carried her ,,,.
” Ronnie drop me ”
” Just stay still ” He replied
She smiled and buried her face in his che-st
” Mine or yours??” Ronnie asked
” Yours ” She replied
He smiled and nodded before going in ,,,
He dropped her and walked into the other room ,,,
Preet la-id on the be-d and took one of Ronnie’s phones ,,,
” What type of phone is this?? No games no movies,,then what does he use phones for ??” She asked no one in p@rticular
” Man can’t live by games alone,,am not a girl who watches Barbie ” Ronnie replied from where he is
” Who said barbie is for girls alone?? You should try to watch them,, they are wonderful ” Preet said
” You should try to watch action,,or horror movies too ” Ronnie replied
” Who said I can’t watch them ?? It’s nothing to me ” Preet replied with a scoff
” You really can watch horror??”
” Of course,,it’s nothing serious ” She replied
Ronnie laughed and went into the bathroom,, he took a cold bath and put on a night robe ,,after he’s done he walked back to the room and sat beside Preet ,
” You smell nice ” Preet win-ked
” You too ” He said
” Why don’t we watch the horror movie ??” He smiled
” What ?? Do you have one ??” Preet asked feeling uncomfortable alre-ady
” Not one ” he sm-irked
” Oh,,,well,,,don’t you think it’s too late to watch that?? ” Preet asked trying to convince him
” Best timing ” Ronnie sm-irked devishly knowing fully well that Preet is scared
” Oh,,,,,okay ” Preet replied
Ronnie inser-ted the disk and they both la-id on the be-d holding a pack of popcorn ,,,they covered half of their bodies with the duvet and then the movie started .
Ronnie turned to Preet and smiled ,Preet on the other hand was holding the duvet ti-ghtly.
” Oh no!!!!!” Preet screamed and jumped on Ronnie ,,He kept quiet and focused on the movie
” Honey,, re-move that disk ” Preet tapped him but he only kept quiet laughing inwardly
” Ronnie re-move that stuff!!”
” Why will I do that?? It’s amazing ” He replied and chewed the popcorn slowly
” Okay ,,am gonna re-move it myself ” She stood up and moved closer to the plasma .
The moment she got there,,,, the vampires were attacking a human which resulted into tearing off her skin ,,
” Oh no,,,” She said and fainted
” Preet !!! ” Ronnie screamed and ran to her shaking her
” Preet wake up !!! Okay,,am going to re-move it right now ,,” He immediately switched it off
” I switched it off ,,wake up ,,Preet ??? Sweetheart?? ” Still no response
“fu-ck ” He rou-ghed his hair and ran into the bathroom
He took a towel and made it we-t with cold water ,,he ran back in and lifted her up ,,he dropped her on the be-d and pressed her forehead with the towel.
……..5 minutes later
She opened her eyes ,,
” You’re awake !!” Ronnie shouted in excitement
” What happened?? ” Preet asked
Ronnie re-moved the towel from her head and threw it away ,,
” What type of girl are you?? How can you faint just because of a movie??” Ronnie asked
” It’s scary ” Preet said silently
” But you told me it’s nothing to you ” Ronnie said
” And you believed?? You’re so silly ” Preet sl@pped his hand
” Damn,,I was worried asfu-ck ” He said and sighed
” Good for you,,you should have re-moved it when I asked you to ” She replied
” You’re such a drama queen ” Ronnie said and smiled
” What are you smiling at ?? It’s not funny ” Preet rolled her eyes
” You’re my queen ” Ronnie whispered into her ears and k!$$£d her cheek
” I love you ” She said and closed her eyes
” I love you more ” Ronnie replied
She smiled and sle-pt off
( Melted Hearts @summer’s libr@ry. )
Kim Nana rolled on the be-d unable to sleep ,after the incident which happened two days ago,she felt somehow bad. Who was that girl?? Is she Ronnie’s girlfriend??
Why did Ronnie ran after her ?? She even got mad and left.
She got out of be-d and walked into the bathroom,, she sli-pped out of her night dress and went un-der the shower to cool her mind ,,
The water dropped from her hair down to her leg,, she traced the water from her head as it poured on her ,,,she dropped her hand and sighed out. If Ronnie really have a girlfriend,, then she have to let go of Ronnie ,,even though she loves him,,she’s not someone who flir-t with other people’s b©yfri£nd.
‘ I should apologize to Ronnie ‘ she said to herself
She immediately gave it a thought that she will just apologize to his girlfriend also ,,maybe they could be friends,, she’s pretty anyway .
Finally getting to the conclusion, she off the shower and walked out of the bathroom,,
” The shower wasn’t bad after all ” She smiled and la-id back on the be-d
She closed her eyes and finally sle-pt off
Next day
Michael took a last glance at the letter in his hand and sighed ,,she didn’t even drop her contact,, how do I find her ??
Since she wrote the letter to him ,,he suddenly find himself thinking about her every single day.
Will he ever see her again?? Even though she’s a black ,,she still look so beautiful, she doesn’t look black though.
” Hey Michael come out ,,you’ve stayed indoor for the past one hour” Wyaat entered his room
” I feel sad,,,, do you think she will show up again??” Michael asked and faced Wyaat
” If it’s your fate to be with each other,, then you will meet again somehow, anyhow ” Wyaat replied with a sm-irk
As for him,,he doesn’t have any love in his heart right now,,,maybe love is not really for him ,,
” When will you get a girlfriend??? ” Michael asked
” Don’t you think we should just talk about something else?? Am not into girls right now ” He replied
” Let’s go downstairs ” He said
” Is Ronnie there?? ” Michael asked
” Yes ,,he’s waiting ” Wyaat replied
They both walked out of the room and went downstairs,,,
Romeo and Ryan were pla-ying video game,,
” You told me Ronnie is here ” Michael turned to Wyaat
” I only said that to persuade you ” Wyaat replied and sat down
” Do you want something from Ronnie??” Ryan asked
” Nope ”
” You should know Ronnie is always busy ,,,and when he’s not busy ,,he presses phone ” Ryan replied and they all laughed.
” It’s his second add!çtion ” Wyaat replied
” What’s the first?? ” Michael asked
” You should know ” Ryan said
” Preet right?? ” Michael said
” Never knew you guys always gossip about me ” Ronnie said walking in ,he sat down
” Oh,,,you’re here ” Ryan dropped the video c@m£ and went to sit with him
” Am here,,so ?? You want to give me something?? ” Ronnie asked
” Don’t be harsh ,,” Ryan said and pu-ll-ed his head backward
” St©p behaving like his twin ,,,” Wyaat said and Ryan faced Romeo who was busy doing something on his phone
” Okay,,like seriously, you guys nee-d to st©p being childish, am sure Mrs Silver is not happy about these ” Ryan said
” Ronnie is taking everything wrongly” Wyaat spoke up
“He should try to believe Romeo” Wyaat added
” Yeah ,,I support Wyaat ” Michael said
” Sorry Ronnie I can’t support you this time ” Ryan said
” Who cares who you support ?? ” Ronnie muttered
” We are going to leave you guys so you could talk ”
They all went upstairs,,,,, There was total silence between the two brothers for a long time until Ronnie broke the silence
” I am sorry,,,maybe I misun-derstood you ,,,,” Ronnie said
” I know it’s ha-rd to trust me again ,,,,but ,,,even if I am not the type of brother you like ,,,,but i love you and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you ,,,I hope you can believe me ” Romeo said with a sigh
” It’s fine ,,let’s just forget everything and act normal from now ” Ronnie said
” Remember when we were kids???” Romeo asked and Ronnie smiled
They both stood up and hvgged each other warmly
” That was great!!! ” The three friends cl@pped as they walked downstairs
” Were you listening all throu-gh?? ” Romeo asked
” Trust me ” Ryan win-ked
” Am glad you guys are back together again,,, friends forever?? ”
” Friends Forever ” They chorused